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Twenty-five words or leas,
One Time 25 cents, Three Times
60 cents. Biz Times $1.00.
All advertisement over twenty?
five words prorata for each ad
ditional word. Rates on 1,000
words to be used In a mouth
made on application.
No advertisement taken for
lese than 25 cents, cash In ad
If your name appears In we
telephone directory you can tele,
phono your want ad to 321 and a
bill will be malled after ita In
ter ion tor prompt payment
WANTED-A nice furnished house
for six months or a year by a very
desirable party. Address "M" care
Tho Inttolligoncer. - 10-28-3t
WANTED-Thirty homo loving peo
ple to read our doily ada in this
paper. We have something that
you want, and our proposition ls
splendid. Linley ft Watson, Phone
647. 10-24-tf
WHEAT MEAL A breakfast food.
Health restoring. Recommended by
physicians. Made from native grain.
Has a Uno flavor. Serve ns o' :cr
cereals. Burriss Milling Co,
WANTED-A good farr- for on of
oar customers. If you heve a ; trm
for eale we will be glad to consider
It Linley ft Watson, (Jno. Linley
. . W. E. Watson.)
WANTED-Eva ry huuso keeper in An
derson to try a loaf ot '/Aunt Mary's
Cream Bread." It's made at home
.and your grocer keeps it. Ander
son Pure ^0oil Co. ' S-16-Dtf
O'" ??'?
spotted setter dog. Reward for re
turn or information leading to re
covo ry. Rev. W. H. Frazer.
FOB BALE-1 flvo passenger Hudson,
model. 33, la perfect condition, 1 five
passenger M18 Ford practically
new, lextra fine ladles' buggy horso,
qualities perfect, known as the
Lownoy McGee horse, recently own
ed, by Malcolm McFall, 1 tanby
. driving horse,, recently owned by
Fletcher McClure; 1 nice top buggy
and' brand new harness. Sadler VJ
. Gavage, Phono 053. lO-28-0t.
FOB SALE-?-Forty aerea of land in
'. Hopewell Township, 3 room house,
, new two small housea on public
. road. Land fairly level and 1B of
fered, for one thousand dollars. W.
-N. Walker.
JFOB SALE-Onion sota; White Pearl,
Bermuda, Prise Taker, Silver, Skin,
. Yellow, Danvers, and Multipliers.
Thia ls planting season. Forman
Smith, Seedsman.
FOB SALE-Everything u tho line ot
. fresh fruits that aro in season:
. **?ftrs,. apples, beasBfts, grapes,
oranges, lemons, cocoanuts, nuts ot
al! kind*, ?gd ?andInn that BM??BS
your mouth water, and at prices
thst ics't .siake you sick either. J.
. K. Manoa. - .
BUY YOUR gasoline and motor oil
from the man that needs your pat?
< ronago. Caudle, Corner of Mn lu and
Earl Btreots.
FOR' SALE-Ono hm.jred shoats and
. pigs for sale. Correspondence so-j
licitad. Cordon lt. Lane, Lisbon
Georgia.' 10-26-6tp.
SCYPE WRITERS-300 new, rebuilt,
*- shop-worn' and second band type
Writers, all makes $10.00 up. Easy
' ternis if ?desired. Tell us what you
want. J. E. Cray ton ft Co., Charlotte,
ff?. C. C. C Dargan, Local Repre
sentativo. 10-7-18t
v Flour, horse, stock, poultry and hog
feeds of all kinds, including hay,
alfalfa and cyclone feeding meal;
Te Wo, and Rising Bun Self Rising
i noars, too; and St prices to ault, G.
EL Turner at P. ft. ^Freight sta
tion. -.'.-'?
?A-T?7'_v ..?,;.?_ ' 1
WILL ARRIVE ?bout November 1st
. a car bf good mules; best to bo .\ad.
prices and terms right Will pay you
{:j|<Uo'8ee un If in aced of a mule. Thu
Fretwell Co. 10-24-et
%?&9f^ touring esr,
??ectric ' lights , and hom. Stewart
apeodoinctsr, ' mohair seat covers, es
?^pa eaaing and tuba mounted on ex
tra rim,-in Amt class'condition and
appearance,; driven lesai . tSaa 12,000
miles. Will sell cheap for cash or
r ' bA credit, or win exchange for real
or pcraonal property, Costs com
plete $1,500.00. Apply to C. Gadi
des Sayre.., ?.r-22-3t
Italy MIM od Caruso.
I (Tr.? Philadelphia Public Ledger.)
Close friends of Caruso say iie had
en inside tip from the Italian govern
ment to leave that countrys ix weeks
' before lt began war on Austria. Italy
didn't want a Teutonic bullet to cleave
its way through that golden throat,
and had Caruso remained at homo ho
would have had to go to Che frost.
From South America thc great ten
or wroto to Carl Bloomlugdalo, of
this city: "They say back In Paris
that I aught to luivo gono to fight the
Austrians, as I am the host charger in
H.viladclphlans know tho sort of
charger Caruso is, but I uuppose
everybody will be hotter satisfied to
have him romain a live tenor rather
than become a dead soldier.
Joy for One, Anyhow.
A minister meeting a parishioner
of ills who lind been quito recently
married and about whoso domestic !
happiness terrible stories were rife,
saluted him, according to Punch, and
"Well, John," says he, "and bow
is aii going otu"
"Oh, happily enough," returns
"I'm glad to hear it. You know
there were runion; of rows or."
"Rows," saya John. "Oh, yes,
there are plenty of rows; when eve:
she secs mo sbe catches tho first
thing to hand, a dish or anything,
and fire lt at mo. If she hits rn?
sho's ?iappy; if she doesn't I ain't!
Oh, wo'ro getting on fine!"
Japan's Toy Trading Growing,
Tokio, flept. 30.-Japan's export
trade in toys has made remarkable
progress since Uio outbreak ot the
War. This is duo to the suspension of
Germany's exportation of toys. The
low cost of lhbor hero coupled with
a rapid development of Japanese in
ventive genius has won for Japan an
increased market, especially in ?Great
Britain and Australia.
But the. greatest necessity in a man's
life 1B money.'
Tens How To Get Quick R.'ief
from Head-Colds. Ira Spiel 'Ld 1
In one minute your clogged nostrils
will open the air passage ot your
bead will clear and you can breathe
freely. No more hawking, snuffing,
blowing, headache dryness. No
struggling tor breath at night; your
cold or catarrh will j be gone.
Get a small' bottlo of Ely's Cream
Balm from your drnggist now. Ap
ply a little ot thies fragrant?, an
tiseptic, heeling cream lb your nos
trils. It penetrates through o very
air passage of the bead soothes th?
inflamed br swollen mucous membrane
and relief cornea instantly.
It's Ju fit One. Don't stay duffed up
with a cold or nasty catarrh-relief
comes so quickly. . "
FOB BENT-Six room house, with
bath, and all modera conveniences.
Same bouse recently vacated by. Dr.
Lo via Sander? on Calhoun street.
Apply to wm. urissey, care arissey
Lumber Co. .
FOB BENT-One furnished front
room dawn ?taira within block of
tho public square. Will rent to
tee er two young mes. Apply tc
Intelligencer, Office ^lO^O-tt.
FOR SALK-SB acres of land. Ono
; tenant house; 65 acres in cultlva
1 ti?u. -Geed " nors??": farsa ?s. geed
community within ono mlle of eight
month''school,alBO' near trolly line,
Price $i,7G0.00. Will make terms to
?Ult. . Wt H. Leith, Hodges. S. C.
0-7*im. ' $?*f\: (V
. equipped typewriter rebuilding in
the south. Factory exports for all
makes niachinea, your old machine
can bo ruado.as.good as new for a
tunal! amount, rJ. E. Cray ten ft
' Co., Charlotte, -N; C. C. C. Dar
gan, - local representative. . %
FOB BOBE EYES-Wo have the Dr.
Barris prescription for sure eyes
gives matant relief. Owl Drug Co.,
Phone 638. 10-S-lm.
COTTON SEE? F?!CE8^-We are pay
ing $22 per ton for cotton seed and
giving i.600, pounds ot meal in ex
change for a ton of'seed and 100
pounds of bulls-for i% pound? of
coed. Martin -Wood & Coal Co.
WE ABE FAl*?N6*;*t9 p)r tob tor cdt
ton seed andselllnghullsat fourteen
dollar? par .ton; coal S4 to 55 per
ton. These prices at -du? yard?;
Martin Coal ft Wood Co;
; ;? ".;,...%..-..
COME TO Tba f Luncheonette when
you are hungry, we cook any thin g
that 1? ia ooasoD, and wo cook it
right. Ask tba man who oats hore
Short order? served quickly. Oys
ter* any style, Next door to Union
. . SUtlpn. .
?N PLACING your fire Insurance, re
member that Prank ft D?Cami
Realty Company , ripW??nta bnlj
?EHE* 0,d llQft compauies. Youl
business wm b* appri-ciatcd.
! ; 14-7-?. y:>?>;$&M?frW?
i..i ., ..- , ? ?? ., ,. ?<i i. .. ..m
iv?.^lttji!Wf,thft if ^iOoftl Maa *
, iM'tyt?tib m.:*tm9 m ^
Block Coal for tho least money, and
I giving tull weight, and prronpi OT
. urary. ;\-TnatV.,ail-:yo^v'es^vvatk
".. Phone 182. .
Work of Big <
And Fliei
Drit!~h Headquarter?. Krnnr.o. Oct. |
20.-'(Associated Press Correspon
dence.)-Sinco tho taking o? Loos all
tho army is singing the praises of
tho guns and tho plunes. No such
boinbarr'nieht had over been heard on
tho British front as that which pre
ceded the attack.
There seemed no intervals between
tho rcpor's of tl io guns; not oven
those of the beat of a snaro drum.
Tito roar had the power and continuity
of Niagara Falls. House windows in
the surrounding country kept up a
continuous rattle
"lt ls the sweetest sound in the
world," Plaid ono of tho surviving
veterans of the retreat from Mons.
"It means you will get into the Ger
man trench and have a fair fight of
lt and you; won't charge Into the
ploy of tho machlpeguns or bc hung
up in tho barbed wire. A year ago
when we held the Germane back from
tho channel ports we wero doing it
with f 1 cn ri and blood against the out
numbering German artillery. The
most comforting sight In tho world is
an eight inch howitzer; and next to
that is a motor truck loaded with
high explosive Bhells."
As morning approached after tho
night of bombardment, officers on tho
British front were looking at their
wrist watches. In front of Loos the
figure six marking the half hour
half-pact six-was tho goal. of tho
creeping minute hand. At. that mo
ment a wave of men rose from tho
first lino British trenches, and thc
volumes of shell-fire was lifted from
tho first line Gorman to tho second
Une as the stream from a hose is lift
ed from ono flower bed to another.
Nreanwhile every man In tho charge
tried to outrun every other man. The
sooner they were in tho German
trench the less likelihood of tho
Germans coming out of their dugouts
and recovering their senses after tho
bath of shells and firing on tho ad
vance. If only one machine gun can
be manned before thc charge goes
home the charge may be stopped in
that immedlato section. It is all a
matter of wrist watches, of speed,
team play and of seconds.
With the first flush of dawn the
birds of war had come from ? their
a?rodromes. The shell-fire and the
planes were all that the onlooker
might see.
"I should think that we had eight
planes that day to one of tho Ger
mans," said an aviator. "We bad con
centrated planes as well as guns."
Only when the secret of the point
of concentration is kept can such an
attack succeed against a modern de
fensive position. The Germans had
learned that the British were prepar
ing an attack; for their soldier:;, cull
ed out from their trenches to thc
British: "When aro you comingT" tc
Vilich one Briton replied: "I'll lol
you-know aa soon as Slr John French
tells me-"
Attacks were made that morning al
ac-vu ral pinces; but tho Germans ex
pected tho real attack ela o where than
Loos. : : 1
. "There has been ' a good deal ol
talk," said a staff officer, "to the ef
fort that tho element ot surprise hat
disappeared from war; It is as vita'
OB.lt ever was. Only, concealment
. i ? ?. . UV ? . PU \illln. n .L .
Troops and guns had. to bo m o vet
ut night when tho . German plane:
might not note tho concentration.
British planes must ward off Ger
man planes by day.
Infinite labor sad pains m dotal
aro required, of hundreds bf thous
anda'pt men for such an attack. Th a
of the medical corps alone ls stu pen
doua. On the-morning ot the attacl
heda were readv: and tho counties
ambulances; and the clearing station
and ail -the Intricate organisation fo
crinar for the wounded ready.
As the, pttack proceeded a verltabl
flock of planes was cutting circle
and dipping and turning over th
bat tic field au lt in an exhibition c
airmanship. They appeared to b
disconnected with the- battle; but n
participant was more busy cr Inter,
than they. All the panorom? of actio
was beneath them; they alone cou!
really "ceo" tho hattie if they chose
. But each aviator stole only. pas sin
glimpses-of tho whole; for each os
waa intent on his part which was 1
keep watch c" whether the shells <
te battery co willoh bo reported wei
on tho target or not.
. To distinguish whoso shell-bun
waa whose in the midst of ?that cloe
of dust and smoke over the Germs
pos I tiona - seemed.' as difficult as 4
separate .the spout of team fiom CL
pipe from another when a hundx*
were making a wall ot Vapor.
..Every youth in England apparent!
wanta tb set into the aerial servies
So the corps has Its pick. Prom otk
is rapid; tho romance and th.i excit
ment of tho work appeal. It is ea*
to loam to fly in tho very stable U>
est types-ot machines which, S3 tl
aeylng ' goer, are "fool-proof.
takts ouly two months to train a nu
? with aptitude to do tho routine woi
of reconnais anco. But ho mu?? t j
.. young. Men do not learn readily a
! ter they aro thirty, with few exec
! Uons, and they'aro very poor pupl
: Indeed after they are thirty-five.
. ls not t?Rlcult to spot shells wh
; only a few batteries ?K> firing h
? when perhaps a : hundred guns- a
?. dropping: shells on a halt milo fre
> of trench a highly trained oyo ls i
- quired. Occasionally a plane wa? o
>. served to Blip down like a hawk whi
had located * fish in the water? - ?
all hasarda that intrepid aviator w
going tb- Identify the sh ell bursts
the batteries which he repr?sente
I Jibe-German B might have him In ri:
i .sa***'.' ii?r -?were^to:' *asy ' <ry!
? to hold back the KoglUn infantry
I groat**.. ? . .-?
.|^ii(?t?^r ??tses ???ere;4?,o?>?to?i she
.(on railroad trains and bridges,
it hinder tue Germana ono . they. b
.s at Loos
ed by British I
learned where ihe force of the attack
waa to De oxorimi from rucking rein
forcements to the spot. For that kind
of work as for ail long reconnaisances
the aviators Uko low-Iyi^g clouds.
Tliey clip down out of these to havo
a look around and drop a bomb . and
then rise to cover before the Germans
can bring their anti-aircraft guns to
Tho first thing was to hold what!
was taken in thl3 advance All the
labor of turning the wrecked German
into British tronches, of making ^fee-w ]
dugouts, traverses and parapets and
laying out barbed wiro had to bo dono
before tho Gorman concentrating
Bwept back in n counterattack which
was expected .and which came. A
Niagarn of German gunfire added to.
that of tho British announces anotheir
German effort. Ho far the British
have held their new positions; and
when the Germans were attacking in
one part of the line tho British re-,
pulsed tho Gorman attack and took
five hundred yards from the Gormans
in an adjacent part.
Importing Pests.
Thc unscientific person who let five
magpies loose in Vernon Pork, Ger
mantown, the other day, in the hope
that they will Increase and multiply,
is likely to have to labor for bis
pains since it ls very apparta his
"English magpies from Colorado" aro
the well known Colorado magpie, 'an
American speoies, which was never
'extinct here tor many years," since
it doesn't bolong here at all and
hence IB not likely to stay or survive
in an un con genial, habitat.
And lt is Just as well that these
magpies should perish, for as Witmer
Stone bf the Academy of Natural Sci
ences tells me, birdB brought from
another country , or another section
'always prove a. pest if they survive
at all. Whllo magpies do eat Insects
they will in a community like this un
doubtedly feed': largely on refuse,
grain, etc., as they aro omnivorous.
In fact tho English starling that
was brought over a few years ago to
Long iolnnd ls already becoming a
nuisance in the east; while of course
tho classic example ls the Introduc
tion of the pestiferous English spar
Moreover, th\ United i9tatea*lB pay
[ lng a frightful tribute In losses caused
j by the accidental if not Intentional In
troduction of Insect and animal Ute
from foreign countries, such as tho
San JOBO neale, the Colorado potato
beetle, the brown tailed moth and the
gipsy moth, whllo ; Jamaica WBB nearly
dovastated by tljcv mistaken .introduc
tion ot tho. mongoose, which ls abso
lutely forbidden entrance to the Unit
ed States. 'x*}.
The fact is animal and vegetable
life, which may in its original habitat
Ibo kept in check by natural enemies
md be entirely Innocent, when trans
ferred elsewhere where it can develop
unchecked often becomes a true pest.
The only thing to be said In.favor of
Vernon Park magpies, therefore, ia
the probability that they will not sur
vive their freedom .in these latitudes.
A Tale With a Moral.
(The Wsll Street Journal.)
Jesse James, tho old-time outlaw,
once requisitioned some food from a
Kansas farmer's '.' wife. He noticed
she had been weeping and wben ask
ed the reason she told him a mort
gagor was coming to foreclose on tho
farm that day as they could not pay.
Jesse James gave-liter money to take
up tho mortgage. Shh did ;o, but on
his way home, tho -landlord was hold
up and robbed of the money-by Jes
I so James.
With Eu ropo ' pouring money Into
I thia co un tr, n ml a mm a s s in gquantltlos
I of shooting irons, wo might, aa we
of oaooting Irons, wo might, as we
I discuss America's position after ' the
; war, bear this little, tale ia mhn.
-Straiting.? .
"We take' from'a "Sumatra, ippei
a list ot acraa of tho words whlr.1i thc
Germans tn their patriotic ardov; pro
pose to substitute for . tho English
sporting terms formar?a ib'nae.- '
Cricket-d>reItabencinTicbtung. .
Wieke t- Dre 11 anon o', n rich tung.
We - can now understand tho posi
tion ot the German who Bays hu has
I no time for sport.
J GU ,
We are goin
on ? nic?^??n?
The land is iii
;^ibbut thirt
QUICK ani le
you want.
Anderson Real Ests
S* B? Horton, ihn** IM S? Hort?
Answer Please. 1
(Nashville Herald.)
Editorial paragrapher!) everywhere,
who occasionally fina themselves will
ing to swap their Kingdom for a verb, i
have probably posted up in proximity
to their desks tho following from Tho
Dallas (Texao) Times-Hereald, i ie
aame being a communication to a
Dallas railroad office and signed), "Un
fortunates Who Try to Work Live
iun? S?ccp in tbs vicinity."
"Oentiemen-Is is abso," .cly neces
sary in the discharge of hld duty, day
and night, that tbe cngineor of your
yard engine should make it pMng and
dong and fizz and nplt and clang
and bang- and buzz and hiss and
bellow and wail and pant and rant
"tir? ? yowl and powl and grate and
grind and puff and hump and clink
and clank and chug and ?moan and
hot and toot and crash and grunt
pud gasp and groan and wi .'inner and
wheeze and squawk and blow und
Jar and Jerk and rasp and Jingle
and twang and clack and rumble and
Jangle and ring and clatter and jelp
and croak and' bowl and bum and
snarl and puff und growl and thump
and boom.and clash and Jolt and
Jostle and shako and screech anu
snort and anuri and Biam and scrape
and throb end crink and Jangle and
quiv|er and rumblo ad roar and rattle
and yell and smoko and smell and
shriek like-?"
A War Victim.
"Madam," said the tattered and
; torn suppliant to tho benevolent ?ady
? who answered hia timid rap at'.the
I door, according to Tho New. York
Post, "have you any old clothrn you
can sparc for an unfortunate victim
of . tho great war." .
."I think ! luwo.my poor man, but:
how does, this happen? You cannot j
_have been in this war, surely." .
* . "No madam," humbly replied the,
sufforer, "but my wife has sont all'
?my clothes to tho Belgians."
La Vafees
This popular and very ar
tistic piece of jewelry which
appears to bo all the rage
Mais fall will be found here in
great assortment. We have
every birthstone, cameos and
and diamonds in la vallieres;
and all of them quite pretty,
and yet inexpensive.
Prices from $2.50
to $50.00
?,?.; , ..... v.: ??* [; .i???.*; % .1
The Cash Jeweler.
Do Not Give Up
The germ' of great
ness is in every man,
tout we fall victims of
arrested develop
ment. Be up and do
ing--Save the Dimes
-here's t h e safest
and surest way t o
Happiness. Save a
Dime a Day.
We have one o f
these Pocket Banks
for YOU.
g toi build ? neat home
i five m from town,
tie; wood anti water on 1
y^acres in it. See us
ile & ?M^
?T. Pres. (: W. F. M?mhal!, S*c Jv
Today, Saturday, Monday
Here are values that are almost unbeliev
able, but "seeing is believing," as the saying
goes, so we don't want you to believe it.t
Come yourself and see-then you'll be con
vinced and you'll buy. You can't help your
79 Mens all worsted salts fn Biae Berge, worth from t?JO QO
$12.50 to $15.00, this sale. .....
About 75 Mens sample suits In Brown and Blue mixtures no two allko
worth from $12.50 to 918.00, to close out at ouco tf??y 0?
65 B!ue Serge snits bought nt 50c on tho dollar, for tills (Jj*O (?)P
big clothing sole, well worth $6J>0, tli?H sale. V?lo?/0
148 Boys Blue Serge suits, sixes 4 to 8, well worth $1.50, ?k*7 a*
for this big Nothing Bale...?. *f %
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can not be bought for less than $4.00, this sale_ - ?PA??*0
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seauon, well worth $5.00, tills suie ... ... ... ... .... ?P? *?70
147 aU wool worsted suits In Blue timi Brown Serge, CfyP
weil worth $8U)0, tills ?ale_. .*PO.^O
97 Guaranteed Sun Proof Blue Serge suits, sises 14 to tf?A| QC
20, worth $7.50, this big sale. ...
Just received from our resident buyer In Now York abont 800 suits In
this lot, they aro -.ell worth anybodys $15.00 to $18.00 <feQ QO
to moke a clean sweep will sell nay suit al.?P?7?570
78 Mens Bain Coats, well worth $8.50, for this big t?? ?1 Q7
. sale..J
45 Mens Bain Proof Bain Coats, wor?t $4.00, this ??0 AQ
65 Mens Guaranteed Bain Proof Coi ts, well worth $0.50, t??O QQ
for this sale.'.. ....*P?.i70
40 Mens Bain Coats, weU worth $0.00 to $8.50, for this t?*??
Agents for Carhart Overalls, Stetson Hats,
Weber Bros. Shoes.
? 1
Test this yourself
Send fot a sample bag o? our famous "Silver
Label'* Five O'Clock Tea-all ready for your.
I teapot- enough for three^ cur? and see how
refreshing and delicious it is
l!i.U3Hudwa&.' "SAFE^TEA FIRST" and Alway.
" ??|jWk ?tj Avnt&?d Cala Medd; Ska Francbco. 191) ' . ; . <?<*)
We are recomm?nding our 10-1=0
and ip-2-0 and 10-2-JW) for wheat
and oats this fall when you sow it.
/ This will give it stalk and grains irv the
head, and that it what you want in gr^ain. If
^ypiiwill sow^f?v? acres in wheat and five in
o?ts tiiis fail; after preparing the land ; well
and fertilizing;it w?U with either of these
goods, ybuwilt The j
? 0-2-i-p ?n especially fine goods for grain.
Let us hear from you.

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