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Twenty-five words or less,
One Time 25 cents, Three Times
60 cents, Six Times $1.00.
All advertisement over twenty
five words prorata for each td
dltlonal word. Rates on 1,000
words to bo used lu a mouth
made on application.
No advertisement taken for
lesa than 26 cents, cash in ad
If your namo appears in the
telephone directory you cn., tele
phone your want ad to 321 and a
hill will be malled after Its in
sertion for prompt payment.
WANTER-Whito girl or woman as
working house-keeper. Buard, room
nnd wages. Apply or address
"House-Keeper," 101 South Main
street, Anderson, S. C. 11-5-lt
WANTER-Thirty homo loving peo
ple to read our daily ads in this
paper. Wo havo something that
you waut, and our proposition is
Bplendid. Linley & Watson, Phono
647. 10-24-tf
WHEAT MEAL A breakfast food.
Health restoring. Recommended by
physicians. Made from nativo grain.
Has a fine flavor. Serve as other
carcalB. Bnrrins Milling Co._
.WANTED-A good farm for one ot
our customers. If you have a farm
; for sale we will bo glad.to conaldor
lt Linley & Watson, (Jno. Linley
W. E. Watson.)
WANTED-Position by experienced
i stenographer; one who has bad sev
eral years oaporlenco. Apply to
Stenographer, care Intelligencer.
WANTED-Every house keepor In An
derson to try a loaf of "Aunt Mary's
Cream Bread." It's made at homo
and your grocer keeps lt Ander
son Pure 7ood Co. 8-16-Dtf
Tosan Rod Rust Proof Oats, car
pnro Bhorts, and all kinds, of feed.
m fi?e l?. E. Turnor at P. & N. Depot.
LOST-A Brown memorandum note;
book.. -Steward if return to Cray
ton Drug Store. 11-4-lt.
PflP jg Al M
.O" ' ?
FQB SALE-English Peas. Plant ber
tweed now and the fifteenth;' Alas?
ka and Mondog ,Siar varieties,
Don't let this Ideal, planting Benson
get away from you. Forman Smith,
Seedsman, Phone <C4.
FOB SALE-Forty acres of lund tn
Hopewell Township, 8 room house,
dew two small houses' on public
road. Land fairly level, and ls of
fered for ono thousand dollars. W.
N. Walker.
FOB SAU?~4mi?a seta; White Pearl,
Bermuda, Prise Taker, Silver, Skin, :
Yellow Danvers.. and Multipliers. !
This isjplantins season* Funnan
Smith, DPyvoiiiWH, .' .
FOB SALB-A farm ot 131 acres with- j
In one mlle of Little River church,!
In Abbeville county. Has a good,
. four room house and new barn; 20
acres In bottom land mid 30 acres
in good cotton land. Al BO, 98 8-4
acres In another placo with a house
and bain, (50 ncroa in cultivation.
Will dell either place for $20.00 an
aero on.easy terms. Address w. W.
.' Clinks ca les, Bolton. E. C. ' ; fl
FOB SALE-Everything in the line tyf
fresh fruits that -are 1n season:
pears. apples, bananas, grapes,
orango?, lemons, cocoanut*, nuts of
AU kinds,' and candles that make
your month Water, add at pricer
that don't make you sick either. 3.
K. Monos.
P?'.'?OIJR gftsolino and. motor oil
-from the man that nc eda your pat
ronage. Caudle, Corner ot Main and
Earl streets.
WILL ABBI VE about November 1st
a car.ot good mutes; tont to bo had,
prices'and terms right Will pay you
./! Y io see hs if Ut need of a mule Tiwi
Frotwell Co. 1?-24-6V
TF^BWBWfiBS--^00 new, rohuUt
shop-acyn sind second hand type
/r : writers, all mak?a $10.00 np." Basy}
term? if 0 ?iirow. Tell us what you
want, j; E. Crayton & .Co., Charlotte,
M. C. C. CV Dargan, Local Repre
sentative. 10-7-18t
VOR wem
.FOB SENT-Ono . furnished front
^voaia down stairs within block ot
pffl?MiiMbUo aduaro. Will rent to
&S?w>dr' two ydung tnou. Apply to;
' intelligencer . Oft}eo.^tt?$>|C3^$^
HOTICK-We; buy*aud sell all kinds
o? . second;.. hand furfltture^-#sjs?w
. rag and uph?lBting, neatly done At
; vrhasodable 'pri?es. Bill Furniture
SI?1 JB. Whitner St. ll-4-3t
Wash the poisons and toxina from
systom before putting moro jj
food Into stomach. li
Says Inttde-bathlng makeo any
one look and feel c!n,
eweat and refreshed
Wash yourself on the Inside before
breakfast like you do on the outside
This In vastly more important because
tho skin pores do not absorb impuri
ties into tho blood, causing illness,
while the bowel pores do.
For every ounce of food and drink
taken Into the stomach, nearly an
ounce of waste material must be
carried out of the body. If this waste
material Is not eliminated day by day
it quickly ferments and generates
poisons, gases and toxins which are
absorbed or sucked into the blood
stream, through tho lymph f?ucts
which Hi'iould suck only nourishment
lo sustain tho body.
A splendid health measure ls to
drink, before breakfast each day, a
glass of real hot water with a tea
spoonful of limestone phosphate iu lt,
which ls a harmless way to wash
th?so poisons, gases and toxins from
the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels; thus cleansing, sweetening
and freshening tho entire alimentary
canal beforo putting moro food Into
thu Kt omach.
A quarter pound of llmestono phos
phate costs hut very little at tho drug
store but is Biifllcient to ma-ko anyono
an enthusiast on inside-bathing. Men
|and women who arc accustomed to
wake up with a dull, aching head or
have furred tongue, bad taste, nasty
breath, sallow complexion, others who
have bilious attacks, acid stomach or
constipation are assured of pro
nounced improvement in both health
Rnd appearance shortly.
I'nw Knotts Everything.
?Willie-Paw. what I" a reformer?
Paw-A v"'"^'^ i.< a man who has
a lot of fun teeing that other people
do not have any fun, my sou.
NP. 81....... 7:35 A. M.
No. 33.......,,^;-;H.';.0:3B A. M.
No. 36..............11:40 A. M.
No. 37............,,....??1:10 P. M.I
No. 3D.3:10 P. M.
No. 41........i....:?.fV. 6:00 P. M.
No.. 43...?.....8:25 P. M.
No. 45..........v........10:20 P. M.
No. 80...............:... 0:25 A. M.
No.. 82......... ;. . ; v. .V 8:25 A- M.
N?/ *U:? = - --'.......10:30 A. M
I JJ7?_ aa^ * j [ [ j ...... .12:10 P. M
No! 38......... 2:30 P. M. j
No. 40.T4:50 P. M.
No. 43..........;........ 7:20 P. M.
No. 4?................... 0:16 P. M.
I NOTICE-The JJ. S. Woolen Mills Co.
aro today ' discontinuing their An
derson branch, ?toro. All undeliv
ered garments will be shipped
direct to .tho -customer from the.
. main o Rico Baltimore, Maryland. [JJ,
S. Woolan Jdllls Co. 11-2-lt.
cqulppe'd typewriter rebuilding in
tho soutar Factory, experts for ell
malees machines, your bid machine
i can .be made aa good.aa new for a
small amount: "J. 'E. ' Cray ton &
Co., Charl?tto. N. C. C. C. Dar
gan,' local representativo. '
10-29-20?, ; , .
tWE ABE PAYING $80 per ton for cot- !
ton seed ?ndsollinghull?atto?rtecn
dollars iver ton; coal $4 to $6 per
ton. 'These prices at our yards.
Martin -Joal & Wood Co.
C0HEv . Tba . Luncheonette when
?ou arc hungry. - We eook >sything
aat' la ut. t?e?sonj and w? cook it
right. Ask the man who eats'fceijeV
Short orders Berved quickly. Oya
tojia-may style. .Nejtt door to TJal?n
Station. .. v - " /^l^^ff?mff?^H
(IK PL ACING" your Aro; tesurance; re*
.member that .?.*w?nk.-.-',? DeCfcmp
. Realty Companyrepr?senta ; . only
strong, old line companies. Your
business will bo appreciated.
.j0?^/.. ?:: .
[fe, ?tiW??TT, tho $o,00 Coal Mon Ui
on tho job," selling the b?at
Block Coil tor the least money, and
giving full weight, and prompt do
'^mMWt^lk*?H ty?ti,i:.;.v?n . ?ak.
Phebe ,102;
STRAYED-From 1015 Ella street
^f^J^t???y':1 night ona':-whl^v.ieWey
r'tfy&r with toriedamaged horn. Fiud
1 er ; lease notify owner al above a<fc
1.000 HELLS
Two Begged to Be Allowed to
Serve Out Term-Says One
of Those Pardoned.
New Orleans, La., Nov. 4?.-"I
liavo been through a thousand
hells," sobbed a thin, gaunt man
with glassy eyes and skin Uko
parchment, as ho staggered into a
New Orleans hotel today.
"I am W. H. English, one of the
eleven convicts released from the
Mississippi penitentiary for risking
their live? to provo that an unbal
anced diet caused pellagra," the
emaciated victim of science explain
ed art ho sank in:o a chair and ab
lowed his head to fall hotween his
knees. . .
Later In tho day English comment
ed to write his own story of Dr.
Goldborger's test, walch shows that
pellagra ls non-communicable and
ls caused by an unbalanced diet
such as ls common among thc poor
er clays in
er classes in tho South. The story
a? written by him follows:
"? was a Ilfo-lorm convict, so
when Gov. Brewer and Dr. Goldhor
gor offered freedom to any ono who
would live on a prescribed diet' for
nine months, even though lt meant
contracting pellagra and probable
death, I gladly consented to mako
tho test. Freedom ls mighty sweet
and I was. willing to faco death to
secure lt. But I believed I have paid
In full for my crime. Nine months
of torture, just think of lt!
Attempted Suicide.
"Several of us tried suicido dur*
lng tho last few months, but wo
were watched night and day. At any
time I would have gladly welcomed
a bullet, but our guards only laugh
ed when we attempted to escape.
They knew wo could not break out
and In our weakened could
not havo gono far if we had secured
our freedom.
"I have read various newspapers
tolling all about Dr. Goldbergcr's
discovery, tho triumph of medicine,
but not.ono word have I road ot tho
poor wretches who have been tor
tured for 270 day;;. At least two of
tho pellagra squad made formal ap
plication to '- tho penitentiary board
to bo Bent back to sorve their lifo
terms lu preference to the suffering
they underwent. These two were
Guy R. Jamos and D. W. Pitts.
"Five weeks ago six or us fainted
one day and had to bo put to bcd.
?'To think ot eating the same kind
of food for nine months. Our ra
tions three times a day for thia pe
riod was: Collards, honrlfny, cort?
bread;'fried mush and coffee. This
is the food used by the poorer
classes down hero, and they are the
ones who contract pellagra.
Other Food Deuicd Them. ;
'.We wero promised turnips and
Cabbage a few Unifia a manir wb?!l
WO milli n thai . n grosmont' *0 face
death by xno scourge, but in . July
Uioso who we're- making the experi
ment decided . we wero holding . our
o\vn' to . an 'extent and these vegeta
bles were ' el imln ated.
- !*For the first ow months I alt
only.lazy and stupid. , Along .about
July 1 began to lose weight. At. that
time I tipped the Beales ?al 16?
bunda. Now I weigh ll S pounds.
After'thc ilrat three months I never
had a good night's sleeping. It was
more bf a' stupor, accompanied' by
unnatural parching of the skin and
occasional sweats. 1 finally got GO
ali. I . wanted to. do. .was to. stretch
but on my bunk and think of milk
and frosh vegetables.
"I thought of the time when j
) was a child and was eating one - of
my mother's good dinners. . My via
ions were all of fresh food. I got BO
weak In'tho past few wooka.that t
wouldn't, hardly move. . Tho constant
diet put before inc- almost brought
on nausea. ?My skin became saffron
and felt like it was going to crack.
Wo were told to.,play cards na? ex
erclsc?. but did not have tho ambi
tion to 'do it
Nono Stayed fer the Core.
When dov. Brewer pardoned ns
yesterday luv told us We could re
maia In the penitentiary; ?hd . bo
cured by tho balanced diet treat
ment;/- One might think thia Invita
tion would be accepted hy some, but
not'ev?iaYon? of 'the elevon accepted
the invitation, The .twelfth broke
dow?'.two months ago and was sent
"Wo all Just wanted to get ; away
from tho scene bf our torture.' The
first, thing T did was to drink a
quart of cool milk, an<l ;then. I filled
up on vegetables uf;d plo. '.;. \?. ./[
"Or. Goldhergcr told us how to
euro ourselves, and . I am certainly
trying to do it. H? said to eat tresh
meat, egg?, milk, peas,, bean? . and
Other Tttogetobles,'and yQU bet I air;
fc??rig to do an be says.. ^ ' ? mnst. ^
to bed jnow aa I feel faint andy want
to be strong enough to start for
California tomorrow."
I Aa English finished- writing tba
Story on hotel stationary ho had to
jpfcsslstod to hiB room t still ha baa
gained n early two' pounds Ginee yes
terday and is becoming, cheor&i.
- ? if '
Two Carlead? of Blooded Stock
Purchased in Ohio.
Greenwood, Nov. 4.-Tho two car
loads of pure-bred cattlo purchased
In Ohio by Piafi' Judge O. Williame,
of Clemson College, und Dr. T. .T.
Klnard arrived Over the Southern yes
terday and were turned over to the
owners yesterday afternoon and this
morning. . .
Prof. Williams brought four car
loads as far as Spartauburg, where
they were distributed to various
parts of the slate. Four toen sepa
rate cars 'Wore necessary for " tho
split shipments in addition to the
two cars coming here. The last of
tho shipment went to Troy and "Mc
Cormick, this raornlnz l? ?,<-?>?ratfc
caro. ,
Aberdeen-AngUB and Herefords
aro tho two breeds purchased.
Those who are capable of Jud&lug
?tate that tho specimens are tho fin
est they have ever seen. The prices
range fro m$75- to $200 a head.
Those who had c.?.lc in the ship
ment which arrived yesterday are as
Dr.* T. J. Klnard, one cow, one
calf, one heifer; J. W. Smith, ono
helier; H. S. Morrow, one bull; Wi
C. HarrJsou, one Bull; Taylor
Brothers, ono oull, two heifers; W.
D. Morrow, one bull: Dr. J. A. Mar
shall, ono hull, one three-year-old
heifer, one yearling heifer; Brooks
Marshall, ono two-year-old heifer;
Arrington Brothers, one bull, one
heifer; E. H. Chatham, one bull,
two heifers; W. B. Nichols, one
bull; J. C. Kennedy, one cow and
calf; J. U. Wardlny, ono heifer; J.
J. and M. G. Dorns, two heifers; J.
E. Britt, one cow and calf; London
Brooks, ono bull.
Bnrdstown, j Ky.-,-^-Mildred Gllmoro
Hall came Into the world ready for
tho dinner tabe. She had two fully
I developed teeth in her lower gum.
Hartford, Mich. - An admirer
brought the editor of the-Day Spring
hero a freak fruit-half peach and half
appje. The dividing line is straight
and well defined. The specimen grew
or a peach tree,
Nev/ York, : N. Y.-According to
Robert R. Rleser, who returned from
'a. tour of Inspection In Germany re
cently, four dummy kaisers ride along
tho lines In different sections of the
country dally. The dummies ri 1-3 in
car? like that of the emperor and
are selected frota, soldiers who look
mont like the kaiser. In this way the
life of tho kaiser IR better protected.
.Paris, France.-7-Alclde Verd, 72
?years old, ls* the oldest soldier In the
I French army. ' He saw service at
[Sedan, and ls now with the bth ter
ritorial regiment In the first line of
Itrenches. .. . i-, .. s . .
Montroo, Wis.-'This town was'said
to be tho "smelliest* town in America
when the annual ckjieeo (tar* was held.
Two tons of -?fan?mrger, swiss and
other cheese ?ero givon away in Sand
I wiches.- . . <. ' F ' ' ' '?? ' ^
Meadvllle, Miss.-?For tho first time
in its history, .75 years, this town has
a church. Tho town ."-waa tho head
quarters for many,years of the.fa
mous Newmau-Byrd feud, which end
ed with the killing bf, all the feud
ista. ? ;? IO ,?.
Roxton, Tox.~Ai a birthday party
given by Mr. and . Mrs.. J. W. Watson
In honor of their/son, Rufus, a fruit
cake graced the table which was
cooked twenty years ago by Mrs. C
H. Shilling, of Paris, the young man's
aunt She gave lt to his father and
told.kira not to cult lt until tho boy
was twenty-one years bf ase. The
? Savor waa said to be uno.
s ? cn G ra, G.-M???:. ?renkfast,
springwater; luncheon, springwater;
dinner,, more springwater That war
the diet which Dr, H. G. Huffman,
oculist, lived on for. 47 years. The
doctor's fast ls said to have said his
San Francisco,- ? Cal <^-"My. ' how
cute!" was the expression of a so
cloty girl who motored down to seo
the "oldCBt tree" whlph . celebrated
Ita. three thousand one hundred and
fiftieth birthday recently. A family ot
five could, have plcknicked under, tho
threo when tho Greeks wore building
their wooden horse 'under the walls
bl Troy, and Pharosh waa.being en
gulfed in the Red Sea;:
I When bilious, beat*-\chyf sick, for
ao?i stomachy bad breath
bad. colds.
.Get a iO-cen't |lHJ?i?j|i i|'T ?>
Take o Cascaret tonight to cleanse
your liver, Stomach and, Bowels, and
yon will surely tee??g.r??t - by morn
ing. 'You riian and/^om&'^pho: have
headache,, coated tongue, ? had, cold
with a sick, gassy/, disordered fctomy ?
ach, or ?ave a nackache\and> teel;all
worn out. Aro.VyO?'.:k>aping : yourj
bowels clean ' wRe; J?aac^r?t*~?r
merely forcing^ *;.f>e^w**war< every
few days; ~lth salts; cathartic pHlS |
br castor o 'lt .'.'"-??.*?' y'v-'1
Cascarcts Immediately cleanse and j
regulate tho : stomach, remote the
sour, bhdlgoBted and -fermenting looa]
and foul gases; taite the ?xeass elle
from the liver Md carry oe tho eon-|
stipated waato matter ?nd poison
from the bowels.'
Remember,' a Cascaret ;,tda|M^lV
straighten you out bs ni?rning;; A
10-cent bea: from you* druggist means
heaUhy bowel action ; ? clear he?*
and ch whines*, for months* Don't
forget the children. *
Telia How To Open Clogged "Koa
} glggPp >
You feel fine in n few momeule.
little of thia fragrant- auUscptic
Your cold lu head or catarrh will be
gone. Your clogged nostrils will
open. The air passages of your.head
will clear and you can brer" ) free
ly. No more dullneps, headache; no
hawking, snuffing, nauseous discharges
or dryness; no struggling for breath
at night. :
Tell your druggist you want a small
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm. Apply a
cream in your nostrils, let it pene
trate through every air passage of
the head; soothe and heal the swol
len. Inflamed mucous membrane, and
catarrh sufferer needs. Don't stay
stuffed-up and miserable.
It ls just what every cold and
relief comes instantly.
Beware of Cheap Substitutes.
In these days cf keen competition
lt is important that the public should^
see that they get Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and not take substitutes sold
for the sake of extra profit Cham
berlain's-Cough Kemedy has stood tho
test and bone approved for more thau
forty years. For sale by all dealers.
made in the UNIVERSAL
Percolator has a delicious flavor
not to be found tn coffee made
in the old-fashioned way.
Coffee Percolators
have n Patented Pumping De
vice which circulates thc water
through the coifce so'thoroughly
that ntl of the delicioso flavor of
thc coffee bean w ..extracte;! l;r
fere die Wateibofli. Conccr;vx.'.:';'
there is no bitter taste of TanuLi.
There's a treat in store for you
when you drink coffee made . by
Ihe UNIVERSAL method.
LMIE far Ali ^UNIVERSAL) Trab LI- tl;
Uric acid, tn ?eat;-excites the
>me overworked, get. sluggish,
lumps of lead; <?be urin?-bt
bladder is irritated, and you i
k relict two or three times di
... tho kidneys clog you muet I
off the body's nrobus waste br y
Bck:; person abortiv. At first :y<
misery in the kidney regjori, ye
pko^ehe, sick bend ?ehe, <?KKuiei?
f*?Or? tongue coiti-d and yon i
twinges when the weather is bnd.
'^wfiM^m mcati?? drink lots bf i
Icbm arty^ nharniricist foar ounces
fake a. tablespoon!'>i w;k glaaa oi
havs been advocating your BUYINC
as the time ls ripe to BUY. Win
a little later, that will be the time
We i . ight 30 acres of the Fra
and sole lt before night. But ye
MONEY. Don^t wait until prices
Tbo Simpson place six. miles ab
tho block .Monday. ' Wc have a t
waBte laud on it at all, first Tato
man paying us twelve per cent Inte
on easy terms for $40.00 an acre.
Anderson Real Estate ?
E. IL. Horton, Pres. L. 8. Hort
Chamberlain's Tablets.
Thio is a medicine Intended espe
cially for stomach troubles, bilious
ness and constipation. It is meeting
with much success and rapidly gain
ing In favor and .popularity. For
sale by all dealers. _
Saving, determination, system, cour
tesy, kindness and concentration will
unlock nil doors. Systematic eaviag
is a key to success. SAVE THE
DIMES. Call, today and get ono of
our Dime Sayings Banks, thoy wlllj
help you.
jj ,'.'.?;.
?orjijf on Kidney ji
? ?f lad Salts in Gis
kidneys* they
ache, and feel
??ornes cloudy*^
nay bc obliged
iring the ?iA^?
jeh> them flush >,
Oirlt be- ?-real::
>u feel A^raPl
)U suffer froth
stomach get?
feel rheumatic
veter;, aJso. geJl ;
of 3z? Safi?jiV
f, wftt?r^befbi?'';
.breakfast for ft f
titeo aOt fine, *3
the acid of grap
With bthin, anti
to dean clot?ed
to nor ni jil ac ti vii
, hs urine, so H no
thus ending blad
Jad Salts is in
a delightful oiler
everyone should
kidney s clean a
*bey sell lota of ?
tve^ming |tidi
trouble. ?
i some land for tko last two months,
;n everybody gets wild to speculate
i to SELL.
ink Kail land day beforo yesterday
iu must BUY bofore you can ihako
aro out of sight.
ovo town sold for $40.00 on aero on
ract of 41 acres adjoining it, uo
tenant house, now rented to good
Test on tho investment, wo will sell
& Investment Company
on, Y. P.,
Wi Wt Marshall, Secy?
?Ii your Back hurts or Bladder
bothers, drink lots of
"When your kidneys burt and your
back feels sore, don't get scared and
proceed to load your stomach with
a lot of drugs that excite the -kidneys
and irritate the .entire urinary tract.
Keep your "kidneys, clean like you
keep your bowels clean, by flushing
them with a mild, . harmless salts
whichi- tSBmoves the body's urlnous
wa;;to ami stimulates them to their
normal'activity. The function of the
kidneys is to filter the blood. In 24
hours they strain from it 500 grains
of -acid and wasto so-we can readily
understand the' vital: importance ot
keeping the kidneys active.
Drink lots bf water-you can't
drlalr too much; also get from any
pharmacist a tablespoonful in a glass
of water before breakfast each morn
ing-tor a few days and your'kidnoys
will act fine. This famous salts, is
made from tho acid of grapes and
lemon juice, combined with lithla,
und has been used for generations to
clean and stimulate clogged kldnoys;
also to neutralize tho acids in urine
BO it no lohger ls a source of irrita"
tton, thuB ending bladder weakneBB.
Jad Salts is inexpensive; Cannot in
jure ;. makes a - delightful effervescent
Hthla-rwater. " drink which everyone
should'take now and then to keep
their kidneys clean and active. Try
this, also keep up the water, drinking,
and po doubt you will Wonder what
became of your kidney trouble und
?Aiy? .erod your kidnsyaw.U*
hw fomaus ealta is made irom
ea and ?arnon joice, <romt>ined
bm hen* used for generations
I kidneys ?lid stimulate them
fr, afeo to n?utrailee the ?c&s
longe? Is a source of irritation,
de? weakness
/cscertb hthla-water drink winch
take now and.then to keep the
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