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Council of Minister* May Decido j
Whether Greece WM Aid Al
lies or Remain Neutral.
. "London, Nov. G.-Another twenty
four, boura has complicated rath?r
' than clarified tho situation in Greece,
tho attltudo of whose Kin? is causing
-tho entente powers mud? concern.
Apparently determined that M. Zalmas
shall remain premier, King Constan
tino today urged him to retain tho
According to Athens - dispatches,
^. however, Zulmls declined, whereupon
the king called a council Of ministers,
whoso deliberation.may or may not de
termine whether Greece Ss to align
herself against Bulgaria or persist in
an attitude of "t-movoieht neutrality,''
which moana J.hat although allied
troops may cross her noli, her armies',
won't aid thom in driving the Bul
garians from. Serbia.*
While Greoco hesitates tho Serbian
. northern army Is being slowly but
surely ground down before tho .pres
sure of the. Austro-Gorman's and Bui
garians. Tho fate ot Nish hangs by
hairs. It ls o?ily at tho southern .end
bf the battle front that tho Bulgarians
. aro . meeting any reverse., There, it j
ia reported, tho British are ooo?peratmg
with. tho French, but^ho reports are
fragmentary and unofficial and it.can't j
bo ?aid authoritatively that tho.Brtt
^?Sh 'are in."touch wiili the Bulgarians.
If the Bulgar-Teuton tide ls turned
it. may bo weeks before thctt taken
plac??. But giving tho entonto powers
rt month's time, lt IS argued that thoy
can. throw three tb fivo hundred thou
sand tnen into"; Serb**, not; including
. Russians, and with such a force, not
only dispute the a'dWnie of -the'Cpn?)
trai powders, but conte?t tho Bnlgar-'
ian occupation of Serbian Macedonia.
~ The Germans remain to a-great ex
tent on defonsiv? on tho French and
JjloiBstjah fronts, where, no big bat
tles aroNbelug fought'. Thc French,
however, admit the. loss of a portion of
a' trench In Champagne.1 1
.Homo announces; that artillery and
infantry attacks continue on tho Au?
tro-ltallan front.
It ls officially announced herb'that:
the Turka launched , four ; attacks
Thursday night in the Anzac region
In tho Dardanelles but dil wero re
London; Nov. 5.- An all night ?ne?t
" lng ot the Greek-chamber, a new at
tack by" tho former-premier, "iTenl
zeloo, on tho governmcnt'e policy and
: *nis criticism of King C?ntaittine's iri
teVference^wlth ,the: consHtittl?nnl llb
. orties of the Greek people are recent
stages of tho <ao\V political crisis
whlbh baa overatjadowedi tjio Balkan
situation. -Acceding to tlio. Iciest
i i. format ton from Athens, tho king is
exported to continu? 'the Zatmasjriabl
. "riot and dissolve 'parliament rather
tann accept the . alternative. bf per
mitting ,yo.ntzeloa to return . to
Constantino is ?.aid '.;o be in thor
ough sympathy with tho conduct ber
. foro tlie chamber Of General Yanakl
?" ???, tho war ..Minister who:;c-.rentaras
^ of ought on i;Ve-, crista, and 'demon
. alrdted'.his appreciation, of the.mSnis
;'4*?ra t?t?itk-hy n painting lil?i n.n. aide,
lr:vlow of the range of posslblU^ia
there ls difficulty in pridlctingVwith
any certainly and definite^ unraveling
bf the share . and. London- Is not In?
dnlglng In premature optimism; over
the Zalmas cabinet defeat and ls dJs
p-os-iii tb await, further ^dbVcioctnet.t ??.
Tho Bulgarian id?adp^ are re
V ported; to have roachedV>1 point .'six
railer? northeast of Nish, Serbia
. F*?v? 'at?v??c?ed eaat (?nd^'taeaat^
: ?o?t''a*"n?ar,: .'.
[Secretary Used Ordinary Desk In-j
atruraent -and Order Was
Receiver! Same Way.
Washington, Nov. 5.-Secretary
Daniela, using his regular.desk tele-1
I phono," i??d>y transmitted hy 'wireloss '
I telephone to-Hear/Admiral Usher at j
New. York navy y?Td, tho first naval
order ever sent by. wireless telephone.
Wires from thc de'sk telephone car
tied tho sound of his voice to tho
great Arlington radio station"" where
it was automatically transferred by
dellcatc mechanism, and hulled out in
to, tho air to he picked up by tho
radio, station at navy yard and re
trans?erred'to regular telephone wires
which Carried Daniel's:. wordB to
Usher>\6?ttlng at his .doak and using
his regular telephone. . \ ,
: Navy officials say the- 'achievement
brJngs closer tho day when the sec
retary of tho-^avy^?an'.sl.t at bio?,desk }
and talk to ,;is fleet connnandere~?R
over tho world. '. Usher later inform
ed Secretary'Daniels by long distance]
telephone that his words wero uis-|
tines!/ .audible. Daniels' order. was:,
"Report as soon as nosslblo the arrival j
of the New York and how soon the re
pairs recommended can be made."
. Later Assistant'Secretary Roosevelt j
used tho wireless telephone, and then j
Mrs. Daniels spoke over it, being tho i
first woman over to talk over wireless
The Charleston station telegraphed
Daniels that, his words were heard,
perfectly there.
gera i-anaee isy iweaiuf;
. Breeches Buoy-B??tles?iip
Goes to Rescue.
. I
. T-~r-r>
San Diego, No*. 5.-Wireless ad
vices^ tonight ?aid twenty-four' pas
sengers of ; coasting steamer . .Fort
jjragg, .which-, wah wrecked at tho tip
of Lower'Califorhls, had been landed
by means of ? breeches buoy. A
battleship from San Diego i's* enroute
to/its old. "3m
Halli."*:, Nov. 5.-Tho British
steamer Rib, Lagos, whicb, caught fire
at sea - lasivnight,: arrlTW,- hero to
nhrht with a brisk firo barning; In ber
(?ermnuK Shell Ff ?heb.
Paris; Nov. 5.--Between7the Alane
river and thc O?so the- Germans. yMi
terd?y seriously bombarded the
S-reach positions lifter attempting a
surprise attack. .
' .'.- i;'! Italian Stealer ?.
London, t??v. t5{r-It is annonri?t^t ]
that tbs '?talian':?l)?o?r'rx6?icV;-a^n*
teen hun?red tons; has been ?un?;
?ii?. Second story window - - Tho wor,.?
broke ?r,n ankle. and Stokoa brok? an
anu.- Barnes then shot and killed
t?ms?lf. . -, .
Barnes left J?Vers i e?jihg ?iev in
t?tided to ki? Mi?? tOarrfson and
himself. Ho afe? Wt a letter try -bis
wlf? at Wi?t?flttia?mrn, Va;/ Tho ver-'
diet tin?ci46; " '
?yt i
Declares Plans Are Departure
From Traditions and Menace
to Safety of U. S.
Washington; Nov. G.-Bryan carno
out squarely ?galust President WU
SOU'B national defense plan In a for
mal statement of about 1.100 words
In which he took iasuo witri thc pres
ident's viows aB expressed las>t'night,
bolero tho Washington S Manhattan
club In Now York.
"Tho departure from our traditions
and reversal ot our national policy Is
a monaco to our peace and ?afoty and
a challenge to tlie spirit of Christi
anity which teaches UH to -Influence
others:by example rather than by os
citing lear," Is Bryan's viows of the
The statement, which reiterates
the* view previously expressed .on tho
subject of preparedness for war,-ls
regarded as the opening gun in the
fight of which administration leaders
expect in congress against tho adop
tion of tho plan.
Bryan says ho read the presidont'a
speech "with sorrow and concern," but
believes President 'Wilson ls . doing
what he believes is his dury,'and de
clares he does not intend to crltlslzc
but must dissent. The policy the
president announced has never before
been/adopted by . this country Bryan
sayB/aor endorsed by , any party.; ' flo
declares, the presid? em has nn wfty of
knowing whether ho Haa correctly ln- j,
terpreted tho will of the public he
4nrars .trora*tpo?piropti^
;Af t?t declaring tho rover.sal of tho
notional policy Bryun.says "the.presi
dent says wb fchould bo. "prepared, unt
for aggression but for defense,-' and
"that in tho ground on which prepa
ration for wrtr ia mudo." ile asserts
it ls only falr^to asadme none of tho
rulers of Europe, now fighting were
prepared for Oilier than defense."
It Is a false philosophy and inevi
tably leads to difficulties. It in the
spirit that makes aa individual carry
a. revolver aiid leads him not only to
tis* is.on slight provocation but ase
language /provoking trouble. 'Speak
softly hilt carry a big stick* ls one
of the delusive maxims employed by
those who nut faith In force. .The man
who uses soft language has no dis
position to carry a club and the man
with a soft '.13?C3 persuaded to carry
a club changos h Li voice as ho begins
to rely on the club."
ened and infinite hann, will be done j ?
a?ighberisg ?i?t??RS. s~ ^?? ss v?f l- ?
F-elves by the proposed policy.. Ile'
d?clares fte does ndt b?lievo taxpay
ersv.wa?t tht? sum now spent in?
'M\ ? ? ?_
iE Ii
e?its?i?i cii?
inthem Textile Association Con
vfent??ivt? Meet There Every
Other Year.
Greenvillo, Ndv.. S.;-The Southern
Toxtlle Association convention decid
ed, to have ft permanenfc'textllc exhibit
byl>J lng .'herb for the hpldtug of tex
tile <lonventlons eyerj* ei^?r year. The
couvent len decided >o' meet', , next
year in Asheville.
and Abandons
Paw* PUtat,
New ?Heans; ?ibir^6.--^c dty to
day acc#t?d ?d^wad ir?tes frons New f t
Orleans RtMlway add Light company,
which, o^ciai? aja>/> yrill'; eave ooaf,
sumerg.?bree.- bundred thwueaod -dot-1,
lar??aa^?OT^ a?d abandoned the
municipal-lightjbg pla?ir project,
StASley Wi?a In ??jatBck,r.
. Louisville. Nov.: 8;^TticV'liw?st- un
official retorn?? chow that i A ? ?. Stan?
loy bas ^auvlcritjr of six;Jmndr?d and
ce verny^bne ..oven.his. republ lean op t
p?nent for governor.;.
When One French Sold
Thia peculiar looking box flllod with
ri f lea ; ia tho lafce3t/ improvisation', of
Ihe French soldiers'ianthe trenches,
KVhen they have nat snftf?icnt rapid
fire guns.they built! one of their own.
ku rifles laid.lh r box \vlth a con
Washington, Nov. 5.-An outline ol
Khe army's part In the national 'dc-' .
ense'program to be submitted to
pngress in December by tho aumin-1
Ktratlon was mado public tonight by |
Secretary Garrison disclosing .official
for tho first time dotails of the '
ri ITT H fit l-TTl'Tr* o_ xrjr?o?i I ? 1111 i ? i ir 11 i TI ? ? ui
fitlzsn army to supplement tho regu
,ilB brier, 4t ls proposed to." increase
?.he regular army from 10.S.OOS to ill,
43 ;. officers and men (changing ?\o
eran of, enlistment -from, four "years
with' tho. col? rs.. and thrco yearn on
'nrlbugh to two years with tiro. colors
and. four years on furlough)'; to or
panlz?-a federal citizen army of 400,
00 <t'o.;be ont lated 133.000 a year for
ree- years)'; to- strengthen ' iho).*stato
""Ula by: Increased appropriations
closer '-cooperation ; anti to' Spend
,000,000 a y oar ; for four years on
't/dofensen and $26.000,000 a year
r four years tn-tho accumulation of
isorvo material for mc by a force of
00,000 men.
, Mr.. Garrison says that tb e..framers
)f the new "policy aro fully conscious
it the'v?sa?blMty of formulating nillir
ary policies mue?-,better in '. theory,
mt that ''after concr.ntratcd"<i?n?iiIer
ition of .existing legal and other eon
iltlons.th?y think it' wi tl bc found
hat almost .Insuperable objections and
Ilincultlta arlee Jh carrying Into "prac
uro ^oration suggestions that from
he-military, ?lam? point might'nf.h?r
vfs? b? very acceptable
Tho. ist^i.?nnent reveals that in tho
jreptiratkip. of th'olr plana,. warvde?:
iartme?fe officiais! haye called Into con
lultatlon ' sneuiallstq .ia various lines
>? 'priste Industry.
"It has Jfceen;-proposed," it eays, "to
ojtye a'v?ilab?e bi time of - need the
!?mc??'er;th?sa.In certain: kinds ?j(
in^?yirh^nt. r?tr?triiig . special Itrio wi
idge. and, *l?fl!,.iiueh as railroad mea;
?ridge bunders; engineers bf all de
?c^lp^tib?t?^.eix:., abd ; lo?dln?; ^ebi.tn
h'?se ifues-TUhd professions haye been
:ol??bor?ting-erith thc war department
S*a?^'d(^or; io, Xonnulate-. f legle- j
aHob or edinlhfstrhtfve actiOqV?? ;?/b:.:
:?'pt?b?e]",find -aHcfaV-plan wlihretft?t?t .
her???,?'-r^X " ' v ^T'-;:' ^
.'In th?R ^pftftciien, and bt?cnu??e. of
the,' patriot!c spirit' thus d??plae/?d!.
t jMr?tos^d^irabl? io flay that If those .
rho ?io . tink /employers br IK? yevin g?
n?n Of tho -.country cann ot "b*. r?8Son3'>
it age or"*ttnatiorj in life; give thvlr
lersonai service, they can' do thai
trlvanco to pull tho nix trlggora can
tliuo ho operated hy ono man. Tho
i five' tither' gun bearers may bo off
digging trenches or resting while one
\ soldier guards them and holds tho
which will be equally Useful by en
jeouraglug in.ovcry way tho participa
tion of thoao iii: their employ In the
(plan of. national defense. ?'. If th,cy
would so arrange their business that
a.certain proportion of thoso whom
they cngugo could ?ndertake this na
I tionEi-H5??ivi7 ir. i?uu?t o?Criiiclng
I their personal 'interests, those "who
;'??? this thing would ba arline i?i ihv
riiost public-spirited arid patriotic'
manner possible."'
Tho citizen army would bo recruit
ed throughout tho cntlro country and
organised iii geographical dlylslons.
Its members, though enlisted for ?Tx'
year terms, would bo required ;to; ro
?por.t for 1 Intensivo irainlng only for
short periods each : year' for three
yVnrs and .during thc remainlrig'i three
yea'-s would bo furloughed' subject to
tho colors in limo of war. In'addi*
Hon to officers who may bo developed
in tho coureo of its operation, Mr.'
Cairison proposed to draw omeorn fov
this force irc**a men who have jaer"
efl In tho nntloiabgdard or tho regular
army or who hav? been trained in pri
vate military scnoold. In?iyidu?is cr
organizations In tho existing nuiion
?l.Anard free' to de so would bo per
mitted to como into tho citizen anny
.without chango of rank. ; ; " \
?or tho next fiscal year! when/it" la j
proposed to put this now pel tey Into
nictation, congram -will bo' askt?d to
appropriate' $lS2,717,?j3>i; the seconi
year the amount wilt be $212,815,S7?*; ?
th^; third .$228,315,870. and, annually
thereafter if tho olicy'.wer* continued,
wilh?ut change th? army bti^set
would be $182,254 ,C 59; . : :'r<3$$
Tho additions to the reenter army
contemplated are ten ??imante'ol in*
iantry; four r?fitnisrits, ot field ar
.iittsrj*, ' fitty-two ' reglipents ?i coast
artillery, f If icon compasea 6. engl*
\wa end four nero squadrons, to bo
.brought, in halt next yeWr and half tht
following year - . v;.
This plan wheft, .completed would
pisco m.. the Panania, Cari al. i. zone.
Mazatlan islands.-tl?? Philippine*?; arid
Alaska.. 1,453 officers ?n'i 47,4r,0 ?n
^ted;ria*ttV,^ In thocontincnkJi knit
ed 8tatcfl, thoro wonld bo in Uio:r?iKU
laf.hslablWimer.t, 2.-030 oRl.cer^ and $.C>,
?81* 'men inp?ifMrst..eisv?n,arin two*
thuddi* regiments' cf caValry, ^wentr
aft- arid two-thirds to?mieats "?? .ir?
fsbtfy; s?vo'n' regfm?n?a'-?f field ; Ar:
???|r*?Vt*8 companies ''Ult"^?basC" art?t
i?t? %t? about 'l?xxr. ?io?sand ?'ffitjer?
and men In englaeer and signa! corps
: y .';,..?'?.??.'.?''?.' ?'."'.'??.?'v;:
Rall, W'aen President of Road?
Entertained Scions Who Kelp
ed Stifle Competitor.
New York, Nov. f>.-At tho trial of
tho eleven former directora of the Now
fork, New Haven and Hartford,
charged with conspiracy to monopolize
Now England transportation, wltnces
?B testified that John H. Hal?, former
president Vf tho Now Haven, gave a
rtinnor in honor, of a legislativo com
mittee, which in a letter he had'writ
ten, was described aa having "burled
the charter" of a conpoctlon trolley
company, which tho Now Hayon waa
trying to cruBh. Tho trolley company
(vus -trying to get a charter for a Uno
to parallel the New Haven tracks. .
Referring to tho legislativo commit
tee in tho lotter,, Hall wrote: * "In
view of the feet that many of them
will be hack again* two years hence,
I thought lt woll to Bhow thom* this
little attention."
-- '
?.$ew York, Nov. T>. -Frank M. Du
nabugh former president- of the Joy
StonmshSp company testifying In thc
trial of tho eleven.former Now Haven
proctors ?aid in November 1005 be!
Bold tho Joy lino to- tho Now Haven
ondortdng tho stock in' blank, and
turned tho shares over to Mellon nhd
plV-C. Buckland, tho New Haven nt-J
tC.'noy ior $800,000. ^-p^sS?!^.'
He said he was. surprised whop Moi
1.3.a_aslced hliruiajnanaiin tho Hun imd
asked "what ho should do.' '? Mellen
told him to recognise no ono but him
self. .. He ran the litio for two years ns
an.independent one,.and tho fact of
sale was not published.
Asked about the- Enternrlso lino)
which tho government allege? was !
drlvton out of business'through com
petition with Ute Joy lino.. Dunabaugh
Bald the hmterprise went out of buai
tiesa in 1007 practically failing. Tho
Joy lino boats eventually reached tho '
hands of the lint tod States 'Tarana- j
portatlon company which tho ' Now f
Haven bought.
State Department Also Ordered
Investigation. Into Rumored
Da?th of Americans.
; Washington', Nov. fi.-Tho state de
partment today, denied tho rennest
from Villa' to mo7o his wounded' from
Naco, to Juarez thrpugh American ter
ritory. Thc department-erdered on
Investigation of tho reported deaths of
two. American surgeona ? and their
Rhau?fc?rs near Agua Prieta.- It waa
Reported't^day.tlmt tho. men aro alive
and pre chrome to the border.
' Naco, Arizona, Nov. 5.--vViUittttif
statement o? Villa that ho wes., oh
?ho way to Hermosillo, the center, of
(ntcrcft ir, lK/rdur hostilities between
Ihe Mexican factions 'shifted south.-.
Villa said ho had 'thirteen thousand
troop? which he ph.ns concentrating
aa the route to Hermosillo. HC IS
" erm*;, arc visions ht Villa Verde. ,'.
; fha taos bf Villas' . assurftncea
'no property will be molested1 lu;
m ; Canallamining 'district/ it WBB
*poir^v that th?M?tone? ?o^aO?K
lated v 'Copper company. : paid' twenty
Ive thbhsahd dollara for immunity.
Chere aro conflicting reports cf loot
n'g and destruction bf property tn
hi? district. : '
Heaumfng Xoraj^l.
Douglas, Nov. f>?--^h?V?duaVliei:o
tro rapidly aasuroing the normal, ibo
work <fK, clearing the battt?fi?iA ot
xi ia p-rdceWlnc? $ft?*i ot '.tho throb
housandy relige??; have returned "to
??WiMexican side.' . Aui?tfca?; rawra
?r>j ?ought fedoras assistance to ^vc
seat the retu?fc ot horses which wayo
Officials Still Investigating Alleg
ed Plot to Destroy AU Muni
tions Shipments.
' _1_ '
Now York. Nov.. ft.--Tb:'? PM/V,
fcrual machine really .waa attached., to
the rudder nowt ot the haitloamji * v......
somo time ago was confirmed, today
hy a sergeant of marines from tho
Brooklyn navy yard, who closely ocr?
tlrtlxod Robert, i?ny and his -.-brother-,
io-law, who with others .are -.being
held whllo ofllciala aro inve.?tlc?tlng .
alleged conspiracy) to destroy vessels
carrying munUlonn to the allies. At
tho Umo of tho rumor concerning nu
infernal machine found on, tho Texas
lt was, officially, denied that : infernal
machine waa' attached lo tho., Tex us.
Officials Investigating. tho conspira
cy declared that ut least a half mil
lion dollars had " boon spent carrying
?hit alleged German pIotBvin tho Unit
ed'States in an effort .io prevent wai*
munitions from reaching tho allies.
Ofllciala don't believe Fay's, ?tory that
ho ie d German army lieutenant,! but
thinks he is a Hungarian whoB?'re?l
taine is ll. K. Foil.
Details of ^-Attack ?
London, Nov. Bl-lt .la oflJetaily an
nounced that an enemy. Bubmavlne hy
shell fired and Sank the British trans? ,
port Kamasean in tho Aegean 8c#
September 19. There were ;ahbuV
three hundred Indian troop?.-'aboard
tho FAunascan, of whom only seventy
flvo wore savod. Twenty-eight';. ?O?
the ItamuKcnn'n crew. were. nb?o.eav
ed. Survlvtors reached. Anttkythriu
in boats and wore hospitably treated
by tho Greeks.
The only previous announcement bf
the loss wa? un Athens dispatch on
September 28, which announced. tho
arrival ot the survivors on the, Greek ;
coast. They woro sent to Melia.
Paris. Nov. 5.-^Sorbl?? reporta.
Indtcat? : that determined, resistance
ia still being offered to tho Bulgarians
Invading the southern ..part ot tho
country. '. The Hayas, Saloniki cor
respondent' says the Serbians hold
firmly in Bab?rna Pass ?tul the Bul
garians lost 'heavily . Monist lr and
Prilop scorn to bo safe.
Italian C?ablnet Bow.
(?tom?, Nor: . 5.?^3harp, .differences
opinion) developed In Italian cabinet
today tnt no oriels ls threatened.
stolen to the Mexican altVy; it lu
claimed that . Callen raiding parties
had - driven fifteen hnndre^wMte
acifoco thc border in thc last fcr,
? ; Americans Urti.
Doe glas, Arl*.,''r?0V.;6V-irour Afcer
icaris*; Dr. -ft. II .' .Thigpen; Dr. jame*
Wilson, j> DV Pjf?ant, aisd A?KW--'
t?n?3^?.wero reported yesterday hy
Villa-a^ n?Mlpe beeb kiUed l? Br?
battle bf Ag?a,'Priet?/ M^t?Mt*.
at Villa; V?rd?;,-accoHlbg to George
SnoWi drlvtoig an autooioblNo trues;,
lv?a j? Nacb^Arls?ns,;
dd be ?aw fon?.mon. nt, yftlft
, v M. -^ nikht. He could not leam
the ?atur? o*?. the.charges upon which
they were: held,by tba VHIA authori
According to. the . Vitta'report yes
terday the phy?lci?R* a?nd;tfi?ir cu?u
feurs were, Wiled., b? wnfyf?y. it&?a
the Caliea force*'twhtte Wk*, firM ai*
work bbtwepn 'the V^'^m?M^^
? thf fedr men , K?to dead and
?trid. He; declined ' to sa^.-iw.??re;
joy wera'burled/ br cousent-W tha
ffl& ot i their bodtcs.

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