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Twenty-five words or les?,
One Time 25 cents, Three ?'raer.
SO cents, Six Times'$1.00.
All advertisement ovor twenty
five words prorata for each ad
ditional word. Bates on ",000
words to be used in ? tuon th
made en application.
No advertisement taken for
less than 26 cents, cash in ad
12 your name appears in the
telephone directory you can tele
phone your went od to 321 and a
bill will be malled after Its in
sertion for prompt payment
desirable building lota of various
sizes at reasonable prices, on easy
terms, also three dwelling houses
in good repair, with all modern
improvements, lurge lots, barns, etc.
C, Gadsden Sayre. 11-14-31.
FOR SALE-Fine cow, young calf,
age right, don't write, come if you
want her at once. E. C. Asboll,
Townville, 8. C. ll-13-3t.
FOR SALE QUICK-Ono second hand
J. I. Caso traction engine. Apply
to R. R. King, J. H. Tate. J. E.
Barton. ll-13-6t.
FOR SALE-One practically now 191G
Ford touring car, with all extra
equipments, K. W. Hoad smoothers,
seat "jovers, etc. Hco lt at once.
Sadlers Oarage. 11-12-3L
FOB SALE-Horso and buggy. Horse
is about twelve years old, weighs
about ono thousand pounds. Is not
afraid of anything. You can bundlo
tho children off to school and not
be uneasy he will take them
through O. K. Buggy almost new.
Will sell cheap. C. M. Buchanan.
I??7 8. Main St 11-11-31.
FOB SALE-English Peas. Plant be
tween now and the fifteenth; Alas
a? and Morning .Star varieties.
Don't let this ideal planting season
Set away from you. Furman Smith,
Seedsman, Phono 4G4.
. J7QB SALE-Forty acres of land in
Hopewell Township, 8 room house,
1. new two small ho uren on public
road. Land fairly, lovel and la of
; fared,.for one thousand dollars. W.
..TA..-,;, . t BMMMttMH
FOB 8ALB-Onion sets; White Pearl,
Bermuda, Prize Taker, Silver, Skin,
, Yellow Danvers, and Multipliers.
This ls planting .season. Furman
.- Smith, Seedsman.
YOB SALE-A farm of 131 acres with
v. In one mlle of .ZAttlo River church,
in Abbeville county. Has a good
four room house and new. barn; 20
sores in bottom land and 3C acres
? 2 co od cotton land. Also, 98 8-4
acras in another place with a house
and barn, 60 acres in cultivation.
Will sell either place for 820.00 an
. acre oa easy terms. Address W. W.
.OUakscales, Belton, s. O.
TOB SALE-Everything In tho line or
fresh fruits that aro in season:
pears, apples, bananas, grapes,
. oranges, lemons, cocoanuts, not? ot
all kinds, and candles that make
j our mouth water, and at prices
that don't maka yon sick either, j.
K. Manos.,
BUT YOUR gasoline and motor oil
from the. man that needs your pat
ronage. Caudle, Corner ot Main and
Bari streets.
WILL ARRIVE about November 1st
-, a car of good mules; best to be had.
prices and terme right Win poy you
te see us lt In need of a mule. The
Frotwell Co. 10-24-61
T?PEWRITfiBS-S0Q now, . rebuilt,
shop-worn ?nd second hand type
writers, all makes $10.00 up. Easy
terina If desired. Tell us what you
want. J, E. Crnyton & Co., Charlotte,
N..C. C. C. Dargan, Local Repre
sentative.1 ! . 10-7-18t
WANTED-A good wall tent about
10 by 12. . Must be .In good cbndl
t lon and a, bargt tn. Write C. A.
Pruitt Iva, S. Co Route 4.
. 11-14-lt
' WAHTJSB^Thirty borne loving peo
ple to read bur dally ads in this
paper. We; have something that
you want, ead oar preposition is
Wvf?splendid. Linley & Watson, Phone
J: ,. .647.- 10-24-tf
WHEAT SEAL- - A breakfast food*
Health restoring. Recommended by
physicians. Made from native grain.
Has a fins'flavor. Serve aa other
. cereals. Burriss Milling Co.
Ifj?rfTEB^-A good farm for one of
tt^?tt>'' mistWtters. It yon have a farm
tar sals vre will be .glad to consider
-. tt Unlay & Watson, (Ino. linlsy
''g|^^;;:'y'a|^y;;'.':,;:;;: y
VT?ittB&?P?M by etp?r?onced
stenographer; ono who has had BCV
.'.v;:'-'?rtii . fim ???iwr??n&?-- Apply to
StenogH?p?ier, caro Intelligencer.
? . ,10-80-tf../ ;
?^Sr?'?Bs<I^??^:?*^^ Oats, ear
?ure shorts, and all kinds of feed.
See il. Bl .Turasr at P. &H. Ospot
Office F. & M. Building
Office 5&7-Phones-Uesldenco 60
1_ujjjujiw^-i1 a.
Dr, C? Mack Sander?
Office 304-5-6 Bleckloy Building.
Ol?eo Phono 429 Residence Phone 149.
Chisholm, Trowbridge A'Scfg*
Now Theatre BokHag
W. Whitner St,
403-406 Blockier Bofldmg
AndeTson, S. C
; v
Woid of Jluny Meanings.
Mr. Justico OH vor Wendell Holmes
of the BU promo court of tho United
State.;, recently used this expression:
"The defendant kicked a?rala st this."
The uao of the word "kicked' by a
mau so distinguished aa an auaoeU'e
Justice ot tho greatest court on earth,
has caused some comment. Slang
has Indeed won its way Into high
standing, state some of tho ob
servers, when Justico HolmcB makes
uro of it. But the Albany Journal,
seeks to show that tho associate Jus
tice is not using slang, and quotes
Shakespeare, George Eliot and Ton-1
nyson, to substantiate its position.
Those thrco writers,all une.tho word
In simllnr sctlngSi Many other
writers, and speakers without end,
have made similar use of this multi
meaning word. Tho Albany Journal
In commenting upon tho phrase cull
ed from the Justice's' cplrv.cn, might
have gone further than lt did in
quoting authority for tho expression.
"Kick against the pricks," may be
found . in Holy Writ.-Greenville
Charleston & Western I
Carolina Railway
. , Augustar Lia*..
To and From the
' \. /. - #
: ^?*t?i;? Leaves:
No; 22 . .. . '..6:0S1A. M.
No. 6- . .3:37 P. M.
No. 21 . . .11:15 A. M.
No. 5 . . ... 3:07 P.M.
Information, Schedules,
rates, cte-? - promptiv
niven. . ~... -
FOB BEST-^>se i ?urnisbo? front
room down'stairs within block of
the public square. Win'rent to
one or two young mon. Apply toi
Intelligencer Office.-l?-8-tf.
IVA RN I NU-To all ministers; . magis
trates, and notary public: Do not
marry my ' daughter ' Ef?io-.Uibaon to
anyone, os she ls only 16 years of
age. E. L, Oibnon.
11-13-lt . .... .
! equipped typewriter rebuilding ln|
the south. Factory experts for all
makes machines, your old, machine
can ho made as good as new tor a
small amount. X. E. Cray ton &
Co., Charlotte, N. C. C. C. Dar
gan, lo al representative.
WE ABE PAYING $81 per ton for cot
ton seed abd Kelling hulls at four
teen dollars per ton; coal $4 to 15
per ten. These prices at our yards.
Martin Coal & Wood Co.
=?2 ?SS rAxiifO 986 per ten for cot
ton need andeellinghullBot fourteen
dollars per ton; coal-M to IS per
ton. These prices at our S Tards.
- Mart?n Coal & Wood. Co,
COME. TO The lAmcneoaette when
you ar? hungry. We cook anything
that-is la season, and wa cook U
right. Ask the man who eats hore.
Short Orders served quickly. . Oys
ters any etylo. Next door to Union
? ?
? +***????*??*??*?*??
Complimentary tickets wcro sent to
fhe faculty and students of the Green
ville Womans college last Saturday
evening to hear Miss Josephine Gil*
mer, American prima donna and Sig
nor Huberto Son ntnlo, celebrated
Italian tenor, In grand opera concert
at the opera house. This was a con
cert long to be remembered by music
One of the most elaborate affa'rd of
tho college year occurred Monday
evening, November eighth, when the
senior clasB entertained the Junior
class and other, friends. Receiving
with Dr. and .Mrs. ramsay were thc
officers of the senior class, MIKF
Adelyn McComb, president; Miss Olivo
Unsure, Miss Marguerite Halsall, Miss
Grace Coleman, Miss Annie Maude'
Wilbur, and Miss Marlo Padgett; offi
cers of the Junior class, Miss Marion
Smith, president; Miss Priscilla
Poteat, secretary ; * Mrs. Sloan ana
Miss Dawson and Miss Snodgrass from
the faculty. The halls and parlors
were beautifully decorated with chry
santhemums and potted plants, the
senior colors, yellow and white, pro
dominating. Music was furnished by
tho college orchestra. No more de
lightful and dignified reception had
ever been given by tho college girl?.
Mr. O. W. Moerner. southern sec
retory of tho intercollegiate Prohi
bition association spoke in chapel two
days last week in behalf of tho cause
which ho represents. Ho organized
a branch of tho association while
hore. Mr. Moerner made tho state
ment that the league formed nt the
Greenville Womans college was the
largest, with tho exception of ono.
that he hud organized in any southern
Mrs. Ramsay attended thc Womans
Missionary union convention in Spur
tanburg laut week. Twenty-two
young ladies from the college went
with Mrs. Ramsay for tho Wednesday
evening program. .Miss Bryant, a
teacher in the college was also a dole
gute to tho convention.
Miss Eudora Ramsay, former Eng
lish teacher in tho G. W. C., returned
to the college on Thursday, from an
extended equal suffrage campaign in
Pennsylvania. Miss Ramsay delight
ed and entertained every ono in thc
C'M a pol the next morning with her ac
count of tho roany interesting exper
iences she bad during the- summer.
All her many friends are so, glad to
have her with them. She brought
with ber Miss Margaret Hickson of
Butler, Penn., wko'ls-tojbe a student
in the college.
Vienna rolls: Ono pint of milk, one
yeast cake, flour, four table'spoon
fuls ot Wesson oil, one-half teaspoon
of salt; scald the milk, when luke
warm add Yew-'oil, * salt ano yeast,
?moistened -ins half cup of-luke warm
water. Beat in sufficient flour to
make a soft dough; beat thoroughly
and continue adding flour until the
dough is stiff enough to knead- on a
board. Knead continuously for 10
minutes; put it back in the bowl, cov
er and stand in a warm place (Tu
degrees P.) for about three hours or
until it doubles its bulk. Turn the
dough out carefully, pinch off a small
piece, make it into a round hlscul'.
and r,t and In a greased pa J; place the
biscuit so that they can not. touch
each other. Cover the pan and ?tunt?
in a warm place for one hour. Gut
each biscuit, making a cross on tho
top, brush with a white of ari egg and
tablespoonful of water beaten togeth
er, then baku in ri quick oven for 20
Whole wheat muffins. Two cuptuli
ot whole Wheat flour, three-fourths
cupful of white flour, six lovel tea
spoonfuls of migar, two eggs, two
cupfuls cf milk, si: ?eve! toaspoonfuia
pi Wesson's cooking oil. five teaspoon
rulla of baking powder, one pinch ox
salt; beat the eggs woll, add tho oil,
vu gar, salt and milk, then beat in tho
Hour that has 'been sifted with tho
baking powder; bake'in greased gem
nabs. This recipe ls enough for 21
Corn muffins: One-half cupful of |
corn meal, one cupful' of boiling wa
ter, .two tablespoonfuls Wesson's oil,
one Cupful of milk, two eggs, one]
teaspoonfuls of sugar, one-half cupful
of flour, two teaspoonfuls of baking
powder. Mix the corn meal in boil'
lng wator, when cold add Wesson
oil, milk, eggs well beaten, salt, sugar,
! and then sift in the flour with tho
baking powder. Pour tn muffin
rings and bake In moderato ovens.
French wafflos; Ono quart of flour,
four tablespoonfuls of Wesson oil, ono
and half pinta of milk, three eggs, four j
teaspoonfuls ot baking powder, one'
teaspoonful of salt. Add the salt to
the oil and flour and mix thoroughly;
separate the eggs,-edd the milk to the
[yolks; add thia to the flour and beat'
for. five minutes. Lot them stand !or
30 minutes and add the baking powder.
Beat again, fold in the.well beaten
whites, and bake at once.
Quick biscuits: . Two cupfuls of j
I 'lour, two teaspoonfuls pf baking pow
j der. two teaspoonfuls of salt, three- j
fourths cupful Of milk, four table-1
j spoonfuls ot Wesson. oil, sift flour1
I Into tari bowl, add baking powder and.
salt. Then put into this alternately.
I a little ot each at a time, the milk
[and Wesson oil, stir mixture lightly
with a spoon, turn on floured board
[and Toll out sad cut. Bake in ch al
low pans In a Quick even. ' *
I - .. ?
Georgia Cotton Plantation^, .' ;
We.ara subdividing s ave thousand
Georgia, good improvements, now in
cultivation, near good city, best mar
kcts, good wster, healthful location
Want hun tl lng saudi farmers to buy
at very. reasonable price, small pay
[ meat down, balance'essy. Or . Will
rent for 1916 with privilege ot buying.
Write inst! wost you Waat-first let?
ten Address P. O, Box -497, Atlante.
Gs. , 1MM*-I?p&
May Perform Ceremony
Bev. C. EI
Hov. C. Ernest Smith, rector of St. I
Thomas IC p! rc o pa l church' In Wash
ington, which Mrs. Ndrman Galt at
tends, will likely p-.rform the cere
mony of marriage tor '..or and Presi
dent Wilson. So far no definite
statement has come from the Whlto
House, but Washington society and,
those who thing they know the presl
Favors Ow
Of Mer
I. ,.: ? - -
New York.'Nbv. 13.-Tho necessity i
of providing at j Jeast 100 auxiliary
efalps for the navy as an arm of thc
national defense?- was urged by Sena
tor Duncan D^'Plefeher of Florida to
night at a meeting of the Acadcmv
of Political Science at Columbia Uni
versity as justification in itself for
tho enactment o'f a bill for tho gov
ernment ownership of merchant ships.
Senator Fletcher'1 had charge of thc
government Shin Purchase; Bill in the
senate last sessmd'and'hls words wero
listened to aa1 Indicative ?i>;plan<? for
enacting the measihf? into -law at; tho
coming session'.-' .*?.*??. ... 1 -. . ??
"Last January wh?n'?the Ship Pur
chase Bill waa before "-the senate, 1
pointed out that 'Great Britain, wita
all .of Its naval establishment, had j
found it necessary to commandeer
about 1,600 merchant' vessels darbig
the present war," said the senator-'
"I pointed out oui- heed of naval aux
iliaries. The--need- grows on us.
T??e government lb compelled to build
and acquire shl?i1t? 'meet tho ncca*
sitioB of the navy';-' -Navy auxiliaries
are a certain awl controlling need.
Thcso auxiliaries ? can bc constructed
so as to servo co ni rn cree in time of
peace and be made ready to servo tho
navy in time of threatened or ac
tual war. It Is an ann: of the nation
al defense which munt bi, developed
and made serviceable."
Private control- b?: transportation,
may Berve the p?rpose today and to
in utter disregard''of both investors
and the public, he continued to say.
"Wo must bo free j from- forelgned
domination," he added,' "I do. nor
know how this ?ari bo secured ex
cept ' by governmental control. .. '.la
view of the great lead that the. mer
chant marines of other countries have
secured. "
The shipping Saws -enacted since
1912 were pronounced as thc first
aid given Americ?n shipping In years.
He defended the ie-? ma of the Sea
man's Law, whlc?v' !wbnt into . effect
eight days ago, adding that ho thought
lt would be found ? that' the strongest
_-_T.y, . . .--~1 '
Tonight! Clea-,* yo?? bowel* and
?top headache, col?o, cour
trorHker, '.
--- v, .--.:'-.> ! .'
Get a 10-cent box now. .
Turn the rascalatorut-tho headacho, ?
biliousness, indigestion, tho ?dele, sour
stomach and bad'r -eoids-rrturn ;. them''
out tonight and keep them out with
Cascareis. ..?.'.?... >.<?
Millions of men and women take a
Case ar ot now and then and ; never
know the mi eery . caused by. ? lajry
liver, clogged bowa?s; or. an < upset
lion't put in 'OWother day *of dis
tress.. Let <"ascai!ets clean EC your
stomach; remove thc nodr, ferment
lng food; take the excess Chile, from
your liver and carry out al! the.cori
st I pa ted waste miti?f arid poison vin
the bowels,; Then you will feel great.*
- A Cascar et tonight .straightens you
out by morning. They, work white
you sloe pi, A 10-ccnC box rrbm any.
drug ?tore means a clear haadr sweet
stomach and clean, healthy liver and
bowel action for months.- Children
love Cascarete beeanae" th.ey i-nevbr
gripe or alcken. ,
For President and Bride
nest Smith.
dent's plans expect such an announce
ment. Mrs. Galt has. long attended
the church, W'. 'lch 5s one of the most
fashionable In the capital. Sipce tho
announcement of hf.r engagement
sho has not boen seen there so often.
While the dato of the wedding has
not been set, Wilmington gUesBcra
fix it about Nov. 15. .
chant Ships
\ objections to the act on the Atlantic
coast carno from foreign shipping in
terests. The senator denounced the
.action of the Pacific Mail Steamship
company officials lu abandoning their
trans-Pacific service on tao ground
of tho Seaman's Law and then transT
Terring their ships to another ocean
where the same law applies with equal
force. '..
The commercial demand for more
tonnage is increasing as the months
roil hy ?.*?.? senator pointed out. .
. rp-- .. .., ,1-.,%? -,vn lave Buffer
ed many-millions of doll..rs during
.the..past-year in- Joss of .trade! \ auij.
commerce, and in burdens one freight
rates," ho said. "Thc rate.on grain
to Liverpool is 40 cents a bushel; while
before the war it was 4 . -*n . 'The
rates on flour has gone from 1?. to
65 cents a hundred pounds. On n~o
? visions the rate ls increased from 85
a ton to $1 a hundred pounds. On
cotton the rate is SU25. when former
ly it was 20 cents a hundred pounds.
Eastern railroad t-rmlnals are cin
gested, due to lock of ships. Freight
continues to pile up at the ports. No
law controls ocean rates. Wo ?nay
oxpect to pay foreign ship owners the.r
own price, and that price will be
higher yet. Freight embargo?-ip on
a* Calveston and threatened fe j Kew
York. Onr markets can be restrict
ed or ol 1 nitrated without resort tb im
port- laws-control : of the means bf
transportation is sufficient. Thc wet
fare of our -producers is In pei il. tho
net.rb??qi'j1 equipment of the nation it
nins i? incomplete v.-nen wo are .de
pendent on foreign vessels to roach
markets." . *
Subsidy had been a failure, tlie son
ator declared, and the mere Use bf
the phrases of "socialistic" and ."pat
ernalistic" in characterization ?f gov
ernment ownership of vessels; did ,n " t
frighten him in the least.. He added
that the same criticism had been made
of tho parcels post law, the postage;
savings law, the rural free delivery
law, the taking over of .tho -Panama
railroad and. steamship line, the. Tn
'terstatb" Commerce Commission' 'law,
tho establishment of a Bureau of Ma
rino Insurance and variouB ? 'other
measures which-tho people would not
.permit to be repealed now. >' *
Who over heard a ? boarding jhousc
landlodv complain of a, boarder's'-poor'
We are far better prepared to sell you the buggy
best suited to your needs than any other dealer in
the Piedmont. Why? Because of our great as
sortment of ST?NDARD makes, of buggies. Look
at these:
Can you beat this list of High Grade Buggies and
Wagons? In truth, you are bound to 'feas up that
you cant.
We are selling these vehicles for either Cash, or
On Terms, .tr we will trade them for Mules; in fact
we will trade any way that suits you. If you have
any mules you want to trade or sell bring them in,
we will buy them outright for the Cash' or we will
trade Buggies, Wagons or Harness, etc., az ii treat
you fair and square, too. _ .
The Freiwell Co.
Dealers in Mules, Horses, Wagons, Buggies
and Harness.
4 ii.
Great linguist.
He was a shining light of the in
telligence corpa, and before he ar
rived at Swakopmound Lis abilities as
a linguist were spoken of with bated
breath*. To him there une his "cap
"Glad you've como Jones," said ho;
"wo nead a man who speaks German.
Take a file and go' down and tell that
officer we mado prisoner yesterday
that 111 parole him, but it he at
? AnjnM; tr\ nnranA- ho'll ho ?hot."
Off -marched Jones, full of the im
portance or his tsBk.
"Spechen sie Deutsch?" ho asked
the chap, to tho great admiration bf
the onlookers.
"Ja,Ja," said the big German, eag
erly, glad to find someono who under
stood him at last.
"Oh, you do. do yer?" said Jones.
"Well, the captain Bays as 'ow 'e'U
glvo yer parole, but. if you blooming
well tries lo skip it there's a bullet
walting fer yer, seo?"-Philadelphia
Public Ledger. . .. . 7*
CTCAPfTCM .vP?D'lf Hofti
Ab.olmdy New and Strictly Modern WASH 8 NGTQM
Opposite Capitol and Union Station Q ?
Renowned for its High Service and Low Rates.
EOOm pw day Without balfe $1.50 aadep
Room P? d3y with bath $#,00 Mj B?
All Rooms Outside !
Sttklet (or the uk?g
I 1
. ir
re Stopping Days. Till Xmas
Represent the utmost .^ervic0f
safety, mileage arid plea&ife
obtainable' fromear* Auto-Va*
cation trip.
Opposite The Pa?mdftr

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