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'Harbin, Manchuria, Nov. 13.-Rua
ida's last call for reservists look
OOO roon from till? city, which Jar;
a population of i'.o.OOO Inhabitant. \'
though Manchuria is not. Russian ter
ritory and Harbin (s nominally a
Chlneso city, HUH s I an control of Hi?
railway?! und other great corporu
t lo ti a. which are developing Nori'ii
Manchuria, has made the Hue between
Siberia and Manchuria very iniaglti
nry. For many months after Hie
war began Manchuria did not .< el
?l-- # Al., .......I.. I...I ....
ll?.. ..*?'-...?? ?A. M.?, >???. MQf|IV| *. V * ..
cently lt ima fallen heavily under
tho grip of wur. Troop and supply
traluB. Walch aro robbing this no*'
country of its settlers, its livestocks*
and its grain, pass through the Hiv
constantly. Scarcely a home in Har
bin has escaped Hie last sweeping
call for reservists and recent casualty
lists licar tho names of many young
F/UBsinus who luft Manchuria lo fight
for thHr emperor: All business In
Manchuria not directly connected with
war supplies is practically at a stand
still. Tile staffs of business finns
havo been depleted and in many oflboa
tho work is being carried on chiefly
by young, Danes and other European
?Before tho Russo-Japanese. war
there wore few settlers in this part of
Msnchuria nnd Siberia. Since that
time tho Hussion .government has of
fered very favorable term's -to pros
pective landowners and at groat cost
bas located many peasant farmers In
?.'iberia, soar tho Manchurian, border.
Theso mon were carried east with
their families at very low rut03. im
migrant lodgings wera nfforded nt
various points along tho railway nnd
tho government advance large sums
of money to got thb now farmers
startod. .
Now. the very mon who were brought
to Manchuria nt such great expense
and pains aro being torn from their
now" prairie homes to Join tho army.
Hut there ls little grumbling on the
part of tho stolid peasants. They no
not question a call from Petrograd,
ino same power whio.i mado it pos
sible-for thom to acquire a farm in
this new country-now demand.* their
service and they start for training
camps with tho blessing of tho priest*
who have their complete confidence.
-The roBervisfs from vnrloui: towns
alum; tho western part of tho Trans?
Siberian raliway are takon chiefly lo
Harbin or Vladivostok Tor moblllz.-.
Hen.' At nearly every station reser
vists and their families uro waiting
for orders, Tho government Tms
provided chapels in many of tho rail
way stations located far from a Hus
sion church. Traveling priests hold
services In these occasionally, and
at this timo they bro busily holdln?
anasses for tho men about lp leave
their families for the front.'
At one station, ea?t'of Harbin, the
correspondent of- Tho Associated
Press saw an open air mass held for
300 men who wore'about to cntor a
troop train. Tho men w-^ro closely
;groupcd about the priest, >wlth the
long beard and hair, common to t'.'.o
clergy of tho Hussion church. Ho I
wore a yellow satin robe, richly em
broidered lu gold and hold aloft a |
goldon cross walch reflected tho ray?
of tho sun, which was Just setting ut
the edge of tho vast ?prairies behind
Jvhn. The reservists' chanted tho I
responses With unwavering' voleos and
'listened with rapt attention to tho
priest, Th?lr religious fervior wan
?hewn cs pees.-.i i y by f?a 55*Wa??a!
Where President and Mrs
.:r":: :['"":., j
f?e*?d?n? Wfebn?? A uto In Front of
OfBblal-ivphbunccmcnt has
fflp^5*m"."-the ? "VV/iito . House- that
President vVHibn and Mrs. Norman
Gn)r wtU. Wjik) .la.her libino on New
-Ttamp8b.ro avoaub WesHtngton, In
I willi which they pressed forward tp
I have Iheir brow? moistened with holy
water atud- tho priest had pronounc
ed tho iKmodlction. Many of th-;
reservists led th<-lr conn forward with
j I'aoin KO they flight stand together he
fore thu i?rl(-st and receive bis bb'tu
in g.
Throughout the service thc wlvss,
i mothers and sisters of tho reservists
stood ai a respectful distance and lin
tened mutely to the Inspiring singing
of th<-Ir monfolk. They had no part
iii ?I ami manifested moro or Pic
enthusiasm shown by ('...?> robust m<'ii,
standing with I'ar cd heads, complete
ly under the ?way of their spiritual
adviser whose Intensity of manner waa
heightened by bia unusual garb. Nu
man ?-.r>ii](l have nuire 'closely ap"
proachod tho appearance tho great
artists* conception of Jesus Christ and
tao priest's inspiring influence upon
thfs peasants starting upon Buch an
unhappy mission was liltlo I CES than
miraculous. t.
Even tho tearful embraces of wi VIM
and mothers did not dampen (lie anio.
of the men. who bravely answered tho
warning whistle of thc.waiting engine
and sang tho lluss-ian hymn as the
Irain whisked them off tO'wr-Ttncertaln
Every troop car contains au leno,
a brass picture of. ^psuir^iAflst, tlie
Virgin Mary, or onb*o? um Saints".
I Usually a candi? ls kept burning near
! this after tho custom of the orthodox
r.<usslan home. The soldiers soca
to find great comfort in their re
ligion, and' on their long ride across
Siberia, may be heanl chanting hynfns
more frequontly than otft<er uongn.
+ +
* *.
+ +
Tho . all teachers' recital will bo
given "next Wednesday ovezdng th?
16th. This occasion' Ls looked for
ward to with a,great, deal,of Interest.
No doubt a largo audl??ico. will groot
tho teachen* wfib give Uio'.-roeltal.
On Monday inonu ng tho college
household had the opportunity ol
hearlng.a talk by ffifc'*, lt. Graham,
a missionary at home from the Presby
terian .misidon In Chlga-^ .Long resl
deneb* in ili? Orient has sgivkm 'her' n
thorough knowledge of theBC Inter
esting people. Her words were most
! impressive. She told ns that "foot
'binding.'was dead." That this strange
custom had been broken down utter
ly by tho persistent persuasion of mis
sionaries. Sho alBo said thc educa
tion of womon* war.rrapldly growing
in B&at Ihr-ofr larfd.1
Miss U'.Un ll ill was an Interesting
visitor at Landor College last Tuesday.
She made a strong talk to tho student
body tolling of work for ^children of
arrested ; unfilial ^development. Re
cont'y Miss Aloxander, of our faculty,
once a teacher in tho Seguin school,
had spoken on tho subject; and will
moko further address on it. ^The cur
rent issuo of tho* Erothoslan has an
editorial pica for ta state school for
mentally d?tective children. This
proponed school is the thing Miss lilli
la J advocating.s . It should be estab
lished by dur state, Bopar?to from any
other institution. "...
. A large number of thc students on
Friday,. iU.tcr.dcd Ttb o s f ipg-raising ex
OPCIKOS at Magnolia street graded
school. ?
Pirat .
Our first and
last thoughts
aro al w ayn
of. quality and
every article
that leave?
our H tore
hears our
guarantee o f
perfect satis
Money Saying Specials In
Owing to the limited amount of fjocr op^ce in our salesroom and the large amount of new Xmas Jewelry
we o?c receiving u?u!yf wc nave t?cc;?cd to run wcck?y apecm*. for the ?Otc purpose of inducing you to
make your purchases early in the season. The inevitable rush that will come latei' "?v?! so ta* tjyf
i^ace that to wait on every one will be humanly impossible, unless we make some provision-and hero
ts the provision. Each week we will'offer a group of specials that (if you really care" for price and qual*
?ty) you cannot afford to overlook .
$7.50 diamond
ring ..
$15.00 dinmoud
ring .. .. ..
$25.00 diamond
ring .. ... .
$75.00 diamond
$5.00 diamond
La Val lloro ..
$7.50 diamond
LaValliero ..
$10.00 diamond
.. LaValliero
$20.00 diamond
LaValliero .
$35.00 diamond
Lavaliere .
... $4.50
.... $3*85
.. ..$6,85
Toilet Sets
$5.00 silver toilet sot in d?0 O Cf
handsome caso.ipO.??-*
$9.00 silver toilet set In d??? ff/\
heautiful case.?PO.OU
$15.00 silver comhlnatlon toilet mid
manlcuro set (ll pieces) extra
fine leather . &Q f\f\
$10.5Q ivory toilet
set. ..
$1.50 gent's silver nilli
.tary brushes and comb
$5.00 gent's ivory mili
tary brushes.
$5.00 sliver shaving
set .. .. .. .
$7.50 silver shaving
$30)0 silver shaving
set.I ....
$2.50 silver t having
4-pioce ivory manicuro
Bot in leather case.'.
Bracelets and Bracelet
$10.00 bracelet watch (gold filled
guaranteed 20 - ' ??*J
years. ., ... ?P ftOw
$10.00 gold
bracelet ..
$7.50 gold
bracelet <. .
$5.50 gold filled V
bracelet .. .. .. ... ..
$3.00, $3.25 and $3.50 gold
filled bracelets.
$1.50 and $2.00 baby
$1 ?35
Away Plan.
Upon the re
c e i p t ot a
small pay
ment we will
lay aside any
article you
may choose
and bold it for
you till you
aro ready.
>.-,:-...c>(;yisp ' v<
$3.00 silk umbrellas,
gent's, with silver
handlo .." .. ..... .
$5.00 silk umbr?T"as,.
ladles, or gen? J -.. .
$7.50 silk umbrellas,
gent's, with- gold.*.>
handlo .-r .-. :
$19.00 silk umbr?tlns,
gent's, with, gdld ff
handles ..ir'.-. A-. .
ladies' or
ladies' or
ladloB* . or
$5.00 Ladies'
- Riugs ;.
$7.50 Gent's
Viet .
. Rings ..
$10 and
Solid Gold
Itings .. .
Solid Gold
Holld Gold
. ..$4.25
$12.50 ' Gent's
Sterling Sliver
Thimbles . .. .
$3.00 and $3.50
- LaVallleres ..
Sterling Sliver Photo A\\"
Frames, any size
$5.00 Cameo **0 QP
LaVallleres ...
_Set of Knives and Forks
-Rogers "7K
1847 .. .. ...iPOi/v
in .20
Watches and Clocks
16 size Elgin watch in
guaranteed gold
illled case .. .. .. ,
15-jewel Elgin ladles!
. ? year.gnarnnteed
gold-filled case .. .
?1.C0 alarm -,
$27,50 Seth Thomasa
-, clock ... V's '..
?6.50 Seth Thomas
clock ..
Waterman Pens
Wo havo-1,5,0 assorted Water
man's Ideal pons to ,select
from. T^ie',largest and moat
complete ?jtor.k ju the city.
Anderson's Progressive Jewelry .Store
T?;?v; ".biter HW^tes'
??????????????????? *+?
? . . *
* - IVA SEWS ?
.?....' ?
Mr., and Mia. T. C. Jackson ?and
sons, Beaty and Lewis..have returned
iron? Augusta where Uley spent sev
eral dava Uds week attending tile
fair. .',
. ->Mra. J. Ii, Sherard returned to her
spending ito< week .herb- .
home ? in Anderson Saturday after
spending tue W*jek hero with reju
Rev. J. Ed Wallace of Wcstminste:
was hore for a" night thia week with
lila friend ana kinsfn?n, Fjav\ J. R.
...Rev. and Mrs. S. J. Hood, Mr.
J. D. ' McDonald, and Mr. and Mrs.
W. P. McQco ore.in attendance on
the A. P. Synod , in Duo West,
Congressman Wyatt Aiken waa in
our town on Thursday shaking hands
with this many friends. '
Rural Route'.No. 5, from this p?rica
will ho extended to near Prices Mill
in Abbeville county on December 1.
nth*"will be- a gTjoat- convenience to
.tliQ^pepple, In that^coinmunity-. as they
have " been pracUeally cut off from
mall facilities.':for some timo. They
should and no -doubt win show their
appreciation by. giving tho routo is.
liberal patronage. .
On Monday -night too l&th'. instant^
Uvero will, be som? special - servlcoo
hold at tho A, R. P. ct??rch hore.
Tho occasion. will bo tho delivery
ol' diplomas to- .?-.oven roting Indis who
have completed tho .'teachers tratn
ing!C?urso,in.Ute Sunday'?OWool.' Rev;
J. W- Carsonvwjll;deliver.those diplo
mas und alBo 'lecture on bib trip tc
UiOi Holy.-Land.
G?notost?o A., R. P. ?hur?h erf
omets to observe "Homo Coming" day
on thc third Sunday ol\ Uti? month.
Relvi.;" ,T. Bonner' Stewart, ' ? 'sbh' of
Ute* church.? -Svill . preachy . ..One.- or
more' of Uxo former pastora will also
hojpreseht and" tako part In tho'exer
cises, 'fi Rv cr y -m ern ber ? and friend- ol
this church . who has eyerlived, wlth
lu its tibun^ds^and whose fathor oi
mobber woro members .aro cordially
invited ?mil. mwd to rome lwclc mi
that ?day amli?ploy a day. bf 'reunion
ami fellowship.
William1 on .. visit.
: London. >?*fM3i?^A pally : Mal
dispatch iront'COp?nhapott soys Eni'
nc*or\ William ; Ttt'-ursday 1 passe*
. through -Oreo^ Hungary, on-tho. who
to, Sofia where 'ho;%flt??*v1??lt.>?Ct?i
ferdinand two <lay.;. Afterwards h<
'planerio intir^t .Mackensop*? annie;
invading Sevbla and l?tcf io vls-lt Cou
stantini'ple. , , ' v.
^ ?? l^^'llfe-^ata^to'V'
. ; Naples, Nor, ?3.-Survivor^, of. tb.
Anemia ihterroRUtod by ihfi ?rijS?ra
itlee of Turiifl.testified, ?ce?rd?ng ti
telegram? Tcceit?rtl hero that th
submarino during tho night;' chase
tb^v.bjpa? -.,e^.^^g^p?^?a^'j^jiw<
capsized ?orne.
, . In ?l?) ( Ii o L ?: v, y cr s.
InNew Y?rk?ity inst'Friday jus
tice of tho appellate court ? disbarred
thirteen lawycrs,r,su3ponded seven
from practice for'a-year or more, cen
sured six and / preferred charges
against tfo othors_t?..?f9clai referbes.
Tho number I of. lawyers in New.
York city is aliena ,000 as compared
with about 1,000 in tho state of South
Carolina. ?. . ;
It is scarcely In the memory of liv
ing man that a -lawyer; has boen din
barred) in-South Carolina. Seldom-is
Eye^ tha
a South Carolina lawyer officiall.y j
disciplined in any way.
Is tile level of professional ^conduct
of South Carolina lawyers incompar
ably higher than that of Now York |
lawyers, or
Is the bar of New York moro vig
ilant, positivo \and severe f? tho en
forcement of tho rules of correct pro
fessional conduct upon its members"'.
. One p. efe rs, 'of course, to assainie
that South j Carolina lawyers are. su
perior in virtue to those of tt?? pop
ulous and heterogeneous Yankeo
town.; Ts tho assumption safo?-Tho
State,- .
J?u ?>pi ie s pf al 1 Kinds,
hunter needs'
. i .'? Oit'?nvil^ S. Cc -
as (
Brynn's ilook 38nrred.
William; Jenninga Bryan's latest
book, "British Rule in India,'.' which
lias had . a wide' circulation in .his re
cent peace nropaganda, was' ordered
excluded from tho malls to India to
day by Postmaster Charles W. Fay.
Attributing. ttyo widespread revolt
of tho Hindus against British rule i::
part to this book tho British govern
ment of india has asked the United
States government not to accept the
book in any language for.mailing tu
to .India.
Bryan's .'book-an ?rraigument of
tho, British ' go vc rn m c ii t in . Bulla, is
based -on personal investigation there'
somo years ago. Bryan charges that
the British with, the aid bf tho.native
prances. have been /exploiting .tbs; psc--^ 9
pie to tho extent of driving million:; j
In euM?er
dawn th? feed UU and
, ,VB aom?lhirjf th? horses attJ
appetitCT-str.rts thc eaHva.J
Fat. uupbrior to an ali grut! 1
mules'a treat, and at.the &sm?b]
Our RED SHIRT (first grade)J
contains Corn, Oats, Grocnd;ftlfl
andpture "cane mqlasi^aiMamftr
PYMONT gftRSE &:?uT? !B
|?? ?^xW*v*r?u? a?'A.
tee?, rf en- ftsmMmmT
.ta* ??Bt i^^f? ' '
of tho- Hindus- into famine every
year. : - . \ .
.After-sending'many copies of tho
pamphlet ?to India, from:.here,. Ham
Chandra, editor of%.The,. Hindu fladar.
roc^v^d 'the-:following- ^notice -.-from
Postmaster Fay;v ; ..? ?
"1 -have, tp 'iinform.'..yci:r .thftt tho
goY.ernra.ent. of India has: prohibited
?he-importationinto. British India of
any cr* ? of the pamphlet-entitled
"Augai .. . -Gawahi,'* \ published by
Yugar- . r Ashram, San Francisco, U.
S. - AV.. :wha?eyter may ha tho langua;T
in .which tho' pamphlet referred to
may be printed.
. .'Under these, circumstances, it will
be necessary for this office tb declini'
tb accept for mailing to British'India
--;Saa;.?7rancl8co Dispatch.
I malea ljkcr-glyes themi an
.u-mincf and aids digfiSilonv.
feed- Give your, horses anti
time save monqy.
fforse and Mute Molasses'Feed .
alfa, made appetizing,with, salt
ynes tts follow*. J
o Wyo i Cjrtrthj-dratt? 577b
S y?? S??j S Pjn>*? MJS?} Cm^oVytJr?.Wa CS'S*.
A?xcd) We?inof ?tar? rf?? ?. dry tn\**& ina
sta) Hors*T?n? MwW P?rt, wb??*?ab???
p?rotta C'?'/c Thia 5? cota po? td of ?tfalenS

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