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Visit of Members oLthe British]
Cabinet to Parra Sig
1 > . Toificant.
* * * * t* ** *>
* ? v-: *
* London, Nov. 17.-A brief <?>
* dispatch from nome.says that '.'?'
. ??. an, Austrian aeroplane raided ?]
* "the city,,dropped fiyo bombs *
and wounded five parsons, do- ^
4? lng no material damage" The *
.*>. dispatch so censored that it ls *
* impossible to tell whether lt ?
* referred to Rome or other . ?
* cities. O
London, >JV. 17.-poth the mili
tary and diplomatic situation of the
allies in tho Balkans are disquieting,
if not critical, and it ls believed it
was thia, which caused Premier As- j
. ?luith, Bavjld Lloyd George arid. A.' <f \- j
Balfour to go to fans, to ponier w?i?*.
the French cabinet and General Joffre.
Tho ma{n Serbian army, operating
i- ia the north' ls now "encompassed on
every side except*one, and Is being cut
Off i from' the sout,h by tire -Bulgarian
advance beyond, Tetovo and must de
: pend pu tho rough ro?d3 through Olon-.
tcn?gro and Alban ia f or ; supplies.
v ilnrGi?iBXiu?r th!e Serbian position JJB
aJmoJ^.U8.:h?d, as. the Bulgarian fiank
ing"moveincnt toTabuna Pass and the
advance from Veles prevented tho
' Eloped; for junction q? Serbian and: the
French.. ? '^^ffra^^^l^^P
This, leaves tho Serbians only ..two
. dint?s';; -bf ^retreat,. One into Albania,
;lvh?ro .?nrrnjddly tribes,might harry
them and tho, other into .Greece nbere
there i? danger of their being in
'.>??' tet?ed. It is t/i present tho i latter
!i'ti':&t the alli?s are puttlig forth every
^effort, and Unquestionably' this is be
?i.n. ^^g discussed' at tho conference in
"' Paris. ' .
British.Take Action.
1 Great; Britain has tafcen additional
r.ction by r^tcinisg -iri- pori all fireek
vessels except those now loaded ,or
actually loading,'while Denys Cochin,
. member of. the French cabinet, .who
received'ari enthusiastic popular"; re
. cepttctC oh iris arrival nt Athens, ls ex
peeled .tb.express firmly tie French
view Of Greece's unsatisfactory reply,
regarding tho safe passage . for' the
Serbians and Anglo-French, should
' they have to retreat into Greece.
Eai'l Kitchiner ls reported in Galli
poli, although, lt is rumored that tho
',. Greek king expressed ii desire tc see
Liko Italy and Franco; England now
' demando that .Gr?ec?. ei?ber Join ibo
al'los or ^clearly declare tliat ?ho
will fellow freo yaaimge if the! allied
troops r??.ro into her territory, and
also that abo will afford additional
facilities for landing and transporilbg,
nilled tro?pii.
.'. MnrssUles. dispatch says: .that
F'rhnco has forbidden additional sblp
mt-nt,a of merchandl?o.t? Grebco.
Russia Repulse Teutons.
In tho east, the Russians report th?
repulso ot Teuton attempts td-Across
. tho Bvlsia river below -Dvlnsk and
th? Teutons ?te dcl?red to bave boen
?. driven out of their trenches west ot
Dvlnak, Farther south the /Jfeutorie
aro stl|l dh the offensive along'-,the,
lott baiik of the Siyr river, nltheu?ti
the Russians have driven -ttenijj&gjc
several timos.'. ^Russian, warship's are |
. reported to Inno ,bombarded flermoii
pOoltioDe on the coastbf C6urlatjvi".
No Chang? In France. '}
'rhere ls rio cns?s?.oti ?UE> ?V^ch
or- Italian frants, although the French
oilioiii Btp-toment teUsi or .violent ur
tlllery duels alr??Uo; i?o"s, Ahgfes arid
S?ucu*? and 'al*o'.'|ri tj?? Champagne.'
The latest Paris, announcement ol
. '? .. ?/??''; go ?>ftld that in tb? .Serbian, theatre.
Vest of Krivolak. the Bulgarians bad
abandoned att&cka and ret/carted to the
h Sights north bf Cleeve,' after, tching <
.f.OflO mVfi', agaihst' slight: ?b*se& for j
the French* - :
>^TT%or f*OUR$
' ' "ricbdoii, 'Nov. t7 .--Th:ri ' jato /of ; the
gorbit? rirrii^ may bo a nuttier of only
;?-?|?^' heui^;.j M^aisttr, i? -Bouthwe?t i
Serbia.' ti .relied in suC.v a'perlions
poaKIhrT that ' consular o?Ticla?s brive j
, departed,- Ffo?.' various conflicting
rspom th? following may be tfckeh as
Tu? .BuI|&ri?'??8v^
anti aire ai? miles frhm p?r?ep?^.TlsM
tho B?Rth?r? ?irk^ni army and tbs
i {CON^?lj.^S!J?LS^^5 mil RV) . ';
<?U :?>
Feast Held Last Night]
Was Entirely of Old
Kioto, Nov i 17.-Only music. fdr
the lollies was played today at the
nc co ml or th? great national toasts ]
provided by tho emperor in celebra
tion ot his coronation. German music
war4: barred on account of t'.-.e war.
in contradistinction tu the . HrBt
feast held last-night-when the music
was entirely that of old, Japan, thai
of today was entirely modern. Court
musicians rendered .selections hy
modern composer* of France, Russia
and Italy, including airs by Massenet,
Bizet, Verdi and the ' Russian genius
Seriapln, who died several months
I\??O.' The selection waa left to Pro
fessor William Duvornvitch, a musi
cian attached to the,Sbusehold depart
ment .'
Today's feast which began' at hoon
In the Nljo palace was purely mogera,
both'as to "menin anti entertainment.
The members of the jdiplom?tlc corps,
Including Gebrge . Wi. Guthrie, tho
imAiiiinii . .amhitjj?t?dpr.' and Mrs J
Guthrie were present, as were also !
the ministers"'of state, nobles, other!
dignitaries and representatives of tho
TX'e-cmp?r?r and suite arrived last,
according to court custom. The era
peror^-waa dressed In the full uniform
ot generalissimo of tho array an! his
suite waa 'brilliant In full: dress uni
form i Hiero were no formal-?speeches |
aa oiVyesierday'.. . -
- The Nljo palace stands.: at tho form- :
er:Alte-of. tho old NiJo--Castle. jTound
g$ hy- Ota. Nobunaga,. fn the. reign ai
Emperor Goyozei, 1587 A. D. Tho
buildhvjl bf."the . famous Jaraku: eas-:
Upi- .erected by ^Taiko Hideyoahi, was
removed hero in 1602 A. D., but WUB
destroyed in. 1783 by fire. T"e nrcs
en,t'bulldlng Is a Vfeconstruction. The;
building has since been preserved as
an imperial pa?u?t and by a proclama
tion issued in 1854? was named the
Nijo detached palace. It was at this
palace that the last Shog?n formally
returned, the right of political admin
istr?t ion to Emperor Mutsuhito. This,
is .known in Jopaise^. history ss **?^?
;>MejiJl Restoration of 1868."
JFalrraont, Wv Va. , Nov. 17.-Twen- !
ty-fivo clerks aird carriers at the local j
p'ostoffioe' Struck, this mornlug, as a '
proteat/it was said; ., against tho dis*
denrg?' ot- W.. H. Brand, assistant
postmaster and rthree other employes1.
Postmaster Charles H. Manley. found
on'. his desk' this, moin lng a large
ple?fl 'O? cardboard on which .,-was
written:' Your : clerks and; carriers
Kaye.<iult, here aro ytfurkeye.
Brand received his distnlgsSl on ;the
charge of g lying;a^sisi^ac%Vt$Na)^lt*
canto in'. civil service examinations.
He lias been with .tiro poa tom ce Bevon-j
toeh years. Otbe? charges resulted
ia the dismissal few day3 later of
Perry Burton, G?>orge ' Cochran, and
.Tames Hall. Manley is ? Democrat
and the ? majority, ot1 the Btriklog
clerks and carriers arc ~ Republi
Negro E??c^t^r Dead.
, iter T ^V?SW?gton .
Hooker T."'-' Wash iei? t on ; "head of
Tuskegeer??stlt?te*'.la . de$jd ot Tush
g?^r?Ai'k;^'?^;(?^i*!x> : Ho had
been ill for several months in New,
Vbrkand :vd??d . n;ire.w>h?iir? ??ter
arriving in Tuskegee. Benth ^vae duo
to nr??rl? sclar?sls.
v&?ln MATTER
Question of Whether Child
Should Be Saved By Opera
tion Discussed^
? C'-icngo, Nov. 17.-Tho Bel- 4*.
? -linger baby died tonight. ?J?
? ? ?
Chica?o, Nov, IT-.-Tho Bollinger
baby, tho defective mite whose' mpth
rer, Mrs. Annie Bollinger, on tho ud*
jvic?.Ot DrMf. J. Matoelden had de
cided that'it should not undergo au
? operation which probably .would ???yo i
it'? life, hovered : between Hj^e and
j death today. ? iuysiclahs said .that I
death waB a matter of a few I hour.;, j
Meanwhile the caestinn of whether
the child ought to be allowed to die,
or be saved by an operation- to grow !
up. probably a' hopeless^ cripple and I
possible a monaco- to society, was]
widely discussed. Many persons, in
cluding a number of medical men,
[called on or telephoned Dr..Maisel-"
den, either, praising o-? condemning
i him, but '.m -remained firm'.
Tba, chief physical deformity of the
little boy, who was born Friday,, ara |
cloture of tho intestinal tract, paraly-i j
sis of the nerves of the right ?lde of
the face, absence of the right ear,
blindness of one eye, and malforma-1
tio!? Of the y-ouldore. !
Or. Malseldon? ?aid' ho could not
tell-whether it would have a clear
mini. The mother had typhoid fever
before the child^-w?s born. She ha*;
^??^?*?l?hy'?bildren.; .;':'. _,
Chicago, NoVk 17.-Mrs. Anna Bol
linger told the Btory of her consent
to let ber six-day-old baby boy, de
formed in body and mind, die rather
than live a" life "barren and. use
The mother agreed with Dr. j; IL
I MuluQlldcn, chief of the hospital staff,
in ?aorifice'.- the child when .'a . simple
operation would assur?i Uf?. ?f jEhe j
infant lived D.f. Maisellden believes
lt would ba a mental and " perhaps |
moral1, defective./ Therefore with the
consent of the. child's parents, ho de
clined to perform an. operation, beat h
ls expected within forty-eight hours.
Tho mother Is at the' German-Ameri
can hospital.
"It is not heartless of me," h?ra. i
Bollinger said. "I love tho little de- J
formed one as I l?ye ?ny threo oth?rl
ticStv,?' c^?ica."? ?ni ?nc ?.ocr??i: t??? j
nie lt perhaps would be imbecile- and ]
criminal., Left to. itself it has no
cinuce. to live. I consented to let na-1
ture t?ke li course. -'?K
. ."Np ono need think mo cn un
r riturai mother. Thia baby,' if allowed j
lb Uve, would be a burden-.(io itsoifj
Ito .Hie would be barren, .and. useless.
1T .-is Ono ot nature's blunders. I'm i
wining that nature cprrect its error]
by iny baby'B,death, fm satisfied I'm
doing; right." '
. Dr. - Moisellden enid he is prepared;
io face bitter.critlcisri-and uefond.his
courfce. -I've no. doubt. X'^ shall bo |
called a murderer/' Tin -satd^intt the J
infant's death Wi a question" between j
me and roy conscience."
kegee, Ala., KbYS/yVt.~?Book?r;
, TV ii^hin j> ton, noted h'egro educator
?der woo buried with'slav
S8 here ibis morning. ! Fully
elaftt. thousand come for the funeral/
.Ohly; twenty-five hundred could pei;
into the ch?pel. . Prominent met),
?Mt?, well as n?groeo from a|l walk?
of -Uf? were pr?tent.
Wduiidfd go?d??rs i,ant I>lres
Hirfjllfeni fiowo.
l5over. Nor. 17.-Nearly ? -hunt
mah, most>of them seriously ?wo?od*
ed, lost ,th*i*ir lives today , when the
British hospital ?hip, Anglia, return
lng fmm- France, struck-a jnlj\f> iti
t^?gldls of tko KXlgllsh etuumcl ?a?id
sunk; -~ Th*r#fcerey?0<i-?bo>jrd;'. v:.' .;.. - .-j
lt wa* ^
Sing t??ofjf?:.acfci?*: tho:\Aanc,elrJTh*
C?uW- Lusitania, trying to aid the
Aiis^^HiwvC L1?{?e'fsiS9vltd^PrM?
;AH.''?^:ber\*rew ^orc saved.
Rivals of the B
Theare th-3 nrlnclpnt organizers
tue tho nev,- Midvale Steel1' company,
>vhlch: iW.;i?^lgoh6 Into comp?tition.
with the United States Steel corpora
tion. The demand for at eel and muni
tions of '?war bas been so great that i
Williapi'.E?. Corey, former president of
the ;?teel corporation,, returned from
bis Paris exile to go Into business In
the United States agalu. '
Ho was the primo mover in bring-'j
ing.itogt't'aer E. C. Converse, ono; of
.the ? great - but little known million
aires, and Percy Rockefeller, con ot
William Rockefeller, of Standard Olli
along with a number of other lm<
State Department to Decide At? j
tiiudc on Cotton and Other!
SIS-? ttl
Washington, ::?SOY^. 17.-TOo state ;
department has begun preparations
of-.tho draft or a note to Great. Bjfi-|
tain regarding contraband.
It waslearned todayJ that tho state
department had not .'yet--'decided :wKat.)
attitude the United States 'would take
regarding Great. Britain's1 placing op
tit9 contraband 'list cotton and ' other
products never before treated as con
A dec?s' ;i is expected in a, tow.
days. ' '? " '
Paris,:' Nov. 17.-?investigation by"
ibo Italian government has disclosed
fiat the submarine. which.' torpedoed
the. /.steamer. Frlen*e was German,
says -' the : Journnl's -P/Dtiae eorrespon-'
dent-.,.'Passengers end crew are said
to^Rgr?e that tho.sailor's aboard tho
subtearine wore Gorman uniforms?nd
Gennan. colors were hoisted first, ni
though ihe Atwtrlan fiog wa3 sub-,
., ?f rUioFlrenzewas sunk by a Ger^
in^'.'.:^bmaTln? it, might be TOg?nled
by Italy." ns an act- of war. There
liwtnQt yet been ? d?claration bf hos
linties between; Italy dad Germany.
-u-,-'.. . .
$ ;F<?tJ&". ?S?E?I?AXS ?iltMtk); ?
Topolohampo; ^inoloa;: Mex- ?
4?. ; ic?, Nov,. , ; 'i7;~R>fUgee* : *?
!ff-#fea^hlisg.'.here todujr frota . Lon *
$V Ischls, which was -.raldexiVby4*
<& Mavo indians and Vi Hi JnSifi?
afe^Merday, vald ono Britteh '4f
:*f-v ann-foiir Amer??ope wore kilt *
.4? ed". Much property was dam- *
? ;*?red. ' ? *
4 ? ? '*
?ig Steel Trust.
portant men in a company which they
have incorporated for- $100.000,000.
; : Marcellus Hartloy., Dodge, one of
these,? has. inst made' millions on tho
deal. He turned Into tho-new Mid
vale a plant, lie had ieascd fri?m tho
'Baldwin locomotive Works Of F?ll*-?
?delphia for many shares in tho now
; company. He is said to have sold
these ?t a profit of something like
|M2,000,000. The-par'value of Midvale!
'Etock is So0 a' share, but H. wont to
$87 a few days ago after tho company
was organized. In tact, Midvale ii
! the largest, richest and most success
ful of the new "war babies" of Wall
Street. ,
For Those Connected With Al
leged Plot/toi,-Destroy Miini
j|y. tion Ships.
.Washington, Nov. 17.-Tho depart
ment of Justlco may try to obtain In
dictments soon against Robert Fay
and tho Others ' connected with tte
alleged plot to destroy munition ships
under the criminal;'a'?cUon. of tho
Sherman .anti-trust taw.
It was learned today' that t informa?
tion is bolng gathered tovaetertnlne
Whether there has been ^(conspiracy
ia" restraint In foreign-commerce,
whlt?'a w?ii?d justify .a'presentation to
the federal grand jury, Thero has
always been a doubt in the "department
tlmt' men' could' be convicted under
.Ui ? ?piracy . section of tho criminal
P$p?ps;.< Invention to Ron! p Sea
Travel of Some of Great
est Dangers.
New York, Nov! lT.r--Pr?fti*0r Si.
A. G. Webster; of Clark University, in
an address ot tte A?al - wt??tt^fc.taj
Natiobal. Academy ot Sct?hce iodiV,
announced that ho : hail perfected an
instrument for finding the direction of
0 fog: signal and .which he expects
*jr$p?f?b sea trove? ot sonic ot it's
greatest dangora.
Hb said. thatWife ; ht* instrument
^??ftblo tho '?^pr?ea, "of ?retana
TirouM not bav? bseft sunk iii ft "cbl
Halpu. . ..
rro?n*nehf ?ik ?t??dV ,
. New ; York, Nov, ??.-^AftBu? C.
Moreland, agfed 6>t, ti wideiy koown
Elk, died hore today.
AU the Bid? Submitted By
Navy Yards Were Within
? *
+ Washington, Nov. 17,-Me- ?
% cause of tito apparent failure +
+ of private bidders to keep ttteir ?.>
? proposals within congress's +
? ?7.800,000 limit ci ,cost for *
+ hulls and machinery of..battle- *.
? ships Nos. 43 and 44, the con- 4*.
? Btructlon of both Vessels may ?I?
|4 be at the navy yards, " The ^
? government is still consider- *
O lng the bidB, none of which 'O
? when opened today, came ?
? within t'.ite limits, although the *
+ government plants submitted ?
<. bids less than the limit. O
??' lt : 4.
Washington, Nov. 17.- None of tho
private bids for the construction of
two ruperdreadtuughts authorized
by the lout congress, submitted today
fell within ibo limit of $7,800,000 fixed
ns maximum cost bf the bull and ma
chinery of eatfli ship. Tho bids by the
.New York, Philadelphia end Maro
Island navy yards were all within the
limit, tlie most being below seven mil
lien. Three private, companies of
Iferod bids for one shin yea ch. "
Lani Word tn Sty?e.
Washington,; Nov. 17.-The two new
mipeTdre?dnanigbts authorized, by con
gress,: bids for whl?4?ii we're let today
by the navy department, rwiH repre
sent, the'last word1 I?.naval architect
turo. -''^t.
Sinco thc war has brought nt/ yes
Isels ot thia class into com Met, no radl
Lcal departure in construction.ls plan
ned ns no definite lessons diaye been
learned. The greatest tdlfference ber.
tween tho two itaw ships^S?s. 4?. and
44-until 'names for thom are. chosen
-and l'hoir imm?diate predecessors
now building, will lie' in additional
hull protection ogainBt torpedo attack
The nature of those safeguards baa
net been r?v?aled except, to bidders',
but they, are genorally understood to
constat of . greater' subdivision and
strengthened bulkheads, to keep tho
ships afloat even with hples torn in
their bottoms.
In size .the new .ships will equal IM'G
California, now under construction at
the, Now York navy yard. They "will
displace 22,000 tobe, measure 625
feet, in length overall, 27 feet eight
inches'.beam and draw 30. . feet ot
.water. They will .have;? speed, ot
tv J-2 knots' aa hour and will be
driven by tu ruine engine ?Ince tba
navy department probably - will ; not
build more ships of combined steam
and electric drive, us in the California,
until that vessel "libs, proved her
north. They will carry a dozen. 14:
inch rifles, each in their main bat
tery,-mounted tbreo to a turret and
i with vi ? .'degree elevation, twontyiwo
."-inch 'rifles for - d?fense against de
stroyers, four liubmorged torpedo
ttth?s and three antiaircraft guns td
repell aeroplanes end dirigi?les,
j The steady increase in size .., ot
battleships is shown by a compari
son of the ? new vessels with th? Ne
vflda, ebbw au Increased length of
bejirly 50 feet and e few feet aftdf
: lionel breadth, and will mount 12 big
gtths against the NevaCa's ten.
v in. appearance the new ships will
show a marked departure from ,ve$?
Bels bf their type now in commission
na tiley-will be constructed with long
oy??bsny?ng bows,' known;as'^ipper,
atoms, patterned after ewif.*' gatling
shti>8 of days, gone by; The iwult, in
the opinion of iiavy designers, will be
to give the b?ttleelilp gT?ator free
dom from, pitching in heavy seas..'-.;.:
; New,York, Nov. 17,:~^UEeflUon of
freight tn and around New York ls iso .
^tinu lt 1? causing shippers'and
>rtatioH comhanl<t?^l#araro)
ri. It ls a?lr?^?a' niftinly^tp
>" nish .'of .fona^ffaVeolSViattniU^hs
far'?hipmenttt to th* belligerent ir. tt
is stated today that-opie .rall road has
s?yen thousand lpaded- cara between
here *nd mttsbur^., ? *Shis includes
n?ver&l hundred cars of locomotive
paris ?i?? ra?way e^?tptpent /or Bns-i
?ia. Kb relief is seen by roi?wAy ?bi
cial?. One official. ,says thc blockade
is the wofrt. in jbl* mftraory. ' .
Secretary Lansing Consider* C>n
New Inquire As to Attitude,.;
of Austria.
Washington, Nov. IV.-Ambassador
Penfield, et Vionm?, today called tho
?tate department an o.Ucial commuji?
catlon from' A/jetrla-Hun?ary* Identi
cal with that of the Austrian admiral
ty, tn which it ls - declared t'.iat tiio
Italian liner Ancosa fled nt full t?ic;M
? when rtr~tq warntns tuot w.u ilfcd
abroas her bows and denies tho itiil
I ian charges that the submarino alibll
ed tho steamer after' she Btoppod. ur
that he
that the lifeboats wore. shelled. :<;-:.
It becamo known ' that Soeroiary
Lensing considers that ho lins culii
ctent otflcinl information to form . a
basis of inquiry of AUEtrla-Hu?g?Vry
regarding it's attitude towards tfie
conduct of submarino warfare.
Lansing Indicated,.however, that;iio
communication would bo-.?*4, pend
ing n reply from Penfield on Ques
tions ho was asked to submit- to.
Austria-Hun gary.
rt rn ip nu ii ft M m i+w?.
hunes Proclamation
j Last Th?iP84>iy':-t?'''i'^
Cbluhibta, Nov. ; xl. -aov?rnoii' fti.
jnlng issued yesterday a Tbnaksgtvlbisf ;
I proclamation, as folio./a:
'We ltve In ft Christian country.
We bellevo in Cod, and our .prayers
ascend to Him for thoso blessings that .
affect us as individuals and'as a peo
ple. It is fitting and in conform?t?
with custom, that during the harvest
season and neat tho close;..ox tu
our peoplo shoutd aBn?iubio In places
of worship ; ?iid" ' larra - i expression^- to
their feelings bf gratitude to 'Al
mighty God for tho inahlfO?d : bles
sing Ue?tOT?CT? uj^U tiS. . --. . ..
f"It is a matter ot profound grati
tude that we have hot been entangled
In the dreadful war th'at now ; afflicts
i so many of the great European coun
tries; that our national honor baa
b??n Jealously guarded ami our inter
ests protected. This war has .brought
to us.newdut.ss s?d 'rssponsuMtiiii-s.
Tfcy have been bravely and unflinch
ingly met. Tho industrialv criaia
brought on by this \yar, for which wo
?were in no way responsible, has be^n.
OvOTcouiO- by courage, . economy and
effort. That crisis is now behind ??,
and our pebble are stronger and better
for tho discipline and oxperionce and
ibo l?sson? it brought ?iome 1.0 us.
"Our schools and iht?titutlona
blgWer learning a?'ef?ll and "never bo
fore hasv the interest of our people
boen greater and moro alive to tli?
Importance Of that educational train
ing Which wi? ui&k? our ?tt?eenihfp :
higher, better and kiaora efficient.
"The harvest seto?m bas brought a
return of confidence a'ite' prosperity
We face the futur^fWlftv a firm^ ossun
ance that betyei\ industrial, commer
cial and educational conditions Will'be
burs; t^?t tilo spirit of help, of
brotherhood and of unity will : abide
with ust '
"Th??? thoughts fill our hearts with
hope aud with faith In the future ot:
our state and oiir country, abd il is
eminently proper ti mt wit's grateful
hearts and with prayers for sfcr?ngtli
?nd grace to help thc needy and sufy
fcrtiig ia our com?nuuit?oK, to milde
tho yoting, io lend Our help? to
strengthen ' Christian Oharaeter, to do*
v?lOp' lugged und oure manhood and
womanhood, that we should set apart
a day bf Thanksgiving abd prayer:
"Now; therflfr.ro, ;? .Bichard ?.
Manning, govfei?or ' of. South ? Caro
lina, do hereby.; set -part and-deslg>
nate Thursday, ibo 25th of Novombo^.
A; D.. one thousand nibo hundred etta
fifteen, as o. day''bf Thaftksatvia^ana
prayer for all our people.
Washin*ton..;Ncv. : jr.-r-ln au' ef
fort ih ?Urar.t ?,TOWH from aefxrby ter
ri tory into Tprker; tho turkish ? gov1
ercment ha? decided to ?taat .ifceift'&?
samo bca?fJU e^r^?ai^Uofts granted
Moslem immigrant*, livras *nnc?$$s?*?
at the Turkish embassy today.

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