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Big free seeded raisins are the finest on tho market 15c, 2
for :..25c
Extra fine cleaned currants, tb. .16c
Crystolixed -Citron, tb ... r 25c
Cry?tatL*??2 Orange and Lemon Peel, tb ............ . .25c ;
New Halloween Dates (in bulk), lb. . . .-i .15c
New Pitted Dates, package. ..... lac
CryatoHzed Cherries and Ginger, tb ^. . .60c
New Persian Date? ?luffed with pecan meats, box.25c .
Fresh Majestic Hains. Thia ia the' same brand of hams
we sold so> many last Spring and gave aitch uni- Ol f%'
vers?t satisfaction to our trade, per tb....... ?? JL C
10 tb bucket, of Swift's Premium Peere Lard, balance of
week...... . ......... . . fi . . .. . ... .,.... ...$1.25
Estro.1fine butter, pure and sweet} the kind that spreads on the
bread, per tb........' . ............... ... . .. .... ,35c
We Sell the Best of Everything to Eat
. .. t% 1 ,Cap?al aaa_SarpIns mtftWM
BK*?*?flH"ia SSitll IC ; C???eci?ons mi?a Careful Aitent?os
lt. B, To?Hson, Asa^ CaaMer.
U. S. Battleship "South Carolina?
X?ecemb?r 13 th to
etit nt tho meeting.
Thc Southern Commercial Congr?B? ?members of the Cabinet of the Presl
wlll he hold at Charleston December j d??t of the United States w?i be pr?sv
?3tli io 17th', i?l?. This ls an ivsBocia
. tien of : prominent business from
\ nil or?rUhai'Squthand mfe?tlngs aro
. held each year!f?r; tim.purpose of dls
, cussing business welfare, both et Mho
manufacturer and Of the farmer. Last
Vy^aV the Congress Nyas .held 'at; Ohla-r
'". nomi" Ci ty and ilio year .' before, nt
Mobile This year the
bo hold at Charleston and very many
?.Bqnadro? <^^the- ^
Torpedo Boats, Submarines and Tor*
pedo Boat Destroyers, as weir .'aa.
ton. Harbor,' open for" inspection of the
visitera nt this timo will: also haye the
pleasuW of ?seelnS a t?agibi?cent car^
: men o? prominent b?bineBa, social and
public life h??.yo: alreaay accepted in-. I, Muthern^ Ra^lwayisiarranglng ape?
vltatjona to be present AM^?> f our I ?1^ trains.
tGft'st-.!roh;-Sfiftir^ " ; 3?fV.st?et:?H?kh'seton; te- T
?fe?? rf^a?ref4& ;'f?^t?;.:-..-All... poor shears-wpjrfc- tops$.
. Then you .have to ^r?ss arid' grind tthe f?adea <?$$t?r every ;
time'you try io cutr This iii?aris -an 'a?hing-Avri^.^?mped
. fingers and perhaps loss of tamper.
W?SS SH EARS do not work loose but cut clean and smooth
:?.y??i^^ or ?iglrt, Vith ease and c?r- ;
C^:tni?rv?:rr. ' ' * " " v > JT. > K ? J < - '<
, Gall and- see trie -many/different-^ 3
f {S?I?SORS Vc hav& for ?v?ry conceivable ?se. ,
Turkey Dinner.
Tho Hammond School Improvement
association, will '?ave a turkey dinner
ow Friday in the store room just
abovo Tolly's \ Furniture store.
> They ; WB3 - .begin nerving at 12
o'clock, and a very elegant menu has
been planned.
The following invitations havo /been
received'hy friends here:
?Keverend and Mrs. 'Alexander
Robert Mitchell request the honor ot
your presence at the marriage ot their
daughter, Harriet Couturier, to Mr.
Eugene Karlo Stone, on Wednesday;
December the first at twelve o'clock
noon, Christ church. Greenville, South
. Missler} Study ClaBB.
The Mission Study class o? St.
Johns Methodist church will meet oifi
Friday afternoon with Mrs. O. Jd.'
Heard at four o'clock.
Mrs. L. M. Cecil has gone to Sum
merton to visit relatives.
(Mr. and Mrs. George Townsend;
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Speer and
Mrs. Claud Townsend have gone to
Atlanta, for a few days.
Mrs. G. F .Tolly has f;.me to Elber
ton, Ga., to visit her daughter, Mrs.
Willam Wilcox.
Cake and Fancy Work Sale.
The Ladies Aid Society of the First ;
Presbyterian-ohurc/j; will bave e cake
land fancy work sale next Wednesday
I November 24.
They wilt have a' complete assort
ment of Thanksgiving cakes and will
take orders for any other Thanksgiv
ing dbm. .
They have a 'beautiful selection of ?
[fancy work articles, which WM 'boj
[on soleJ
Tho.; sale will he held at ^Copre
Wilsou's store.
Hrs. Ce?y to Entertain.
Mrs. T. I?. ? Cely will entertain this
afternoon, and again tomorrow at ter-!
noon at two dharming little parries at
her attractive homo on Calhoun
street. ' - .
I P?RSO^At ; I
Messrs. W. M. Sherard, P. H.
LGpssett and Albert Spearman ot WiK|
liomston were m Anderspn yesterday
attending court. ' -
,*Mr!.\ Grayer Ifteids of united' States
army1, e^Uohed at tTexas' City, texas,
is at hobie on a furlough.
' ' Mrs. Winnie t?cCbwnn bt Moun??in
Creek section was in tho: city shop
Messrs. W- li; Dobbins' and J. .0,
Cartee of Town vile wore business
[visitors yesterday.
Mr\ John S. Wilson of ??berty spent
[yesterday, in Anderson.
Messrs. C C. Jones and Juli
?De?n of Starr were to the etty yes- 1
I terday. . ;'
Messrs, W. E. Edwards, New York;
Char.c-3 l^onu, New Orleans *and Jas.'
LE;/- Koko ot Cincinnati, O-, were
! jewelry drummers ia v.ie ' city yer-ler
day. . . ?
Mr. Mack Reed Of near i Iva waa a j
! visitor yesterday. .
^ptf.. W. B. Moora pt Pendleton. J
?peni yesterday to; the *'?|yi- ,
t ^Ws?ra. M: B. ?linkscalea of lyn j
? and: ft>': >P. Clinksca?ee of Starr ?peit
?y?s^raayin Anderson.
-- -.--, T '.' " *..'
>' Miss fiJIsle Foster Of Pendleton 'was,
in the.city shoppmig yesterday.
<Mra;;v-3^a?k: : '^towa>t;,'ot^-"^lun?hui
^W?sva vMior to^th?'^Hy: yesterday;
? . - - - z1*' '"'
Mr*;-^. ' Di: -Ne^wioti.-?'<# -Pendleton,
j pp?nt a le^ thoura>. iii '.Anderson "Wed
:^?Bfl;/?.':iF; A?lgood and Mr. J. E.
?llk?od bf liberty were visttors^ybs^
&$???>-?? ? r:?..^:-;;,>:4
Onicl?ls Visit Paris. 1
V^t?JAoon, Nov. 1?.-An oDlci?S^E;
I__'.?? i jr _. ,v> ?.Ci A?fli-^- J_' A i- i
iny^HVQ>ucui i rs luuuc vi/ai' x iTimur -?B-.
lm?i& ' end ?Porcia ftccrcis-ry Grey,
irflblster i'?? 'Mu?ltiano i.l?yd George -
and First, Jjyt? ot. ?ie Admiralty! S?- j
four' have arrlve<l .ln -Pails-fo.- & con- i
ii t?t?oai With the"French government, j
iVflsbn ^rtkes Appeal.
?JW!*h!agto?,--'- vtfdv.: Pfeattent
W?sch-' telekr?phon ??yernr? -?$ry- o?
Utah nrguij^ *
mof ; 'John misUomv >? ^bdt
cittien. sentence**' *o?es*h* Friday f
nwder. Ybe governor .lid* airea
?fprftfted Hilistrow ?nee^?nd tfee; pa^
<W board. r?Z?>?i? ii?'pet^-. . ?
^;?:ti??i: la-iie^^iy---w1?to'^v
i c^uif?'h'? ^is ho,children ! to ask h lei
Qu^oh?V.. :>; ' rv - .".
f--- ; Oejrr?N^i*p?#^im4 ??V:. .
^m'mm m?. >^?t m, tat? sup.
?nn??*V--S^^-aiidiitoa.'- ?t to^ Foley
feOo.. ChicagovTH-, writing you* name
apd addrea?;O???*rly, You W?! reoedve
nu & trial package eoat*iniftg
. mfmr a-n? ^:cotj?penr>d/ for
lor -ailc^aU;' fthd ?teley Cathartic
leta, a ^hoi?*6?te a)5? iSoroughly
jea?eing catliir?c,- ?or fJDiiBtiOiUl?n,
tK?uiacfi?. hssdti?he end ?"
1 coughs, Midi; ?t???^l; ?'b
i^ey Pills, fer pain ia sid? an
i rhe?ma?sm, backache, Wu^ey : and j
Mit MR
Received R?v?rai Days Ago-Waa!
84 Yw OW and Wife Col.
ISnPtf A. Ledbettwf.
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Lcdtwtter. widow i
of the late Col. Daniel A. "Ledbetter!
ot Orr's regiment, died at her bpmo
Iii Towavllle Tuesday afternoon at ,C
o'clock. The funeral sorvices wero
held yesterday afternoon at . 2:2)3
o'clock at.the Townviiie Baptist]
church, conducted by tim Dr. John E.
White of this city, assisted by Rev.
T. C. Lagon of Townviile. Mrs.
Ledbetter was the mother of Mr. D.
AY Ledbetter of Anderson, Mr. John
P. Ledbetter of TownvilU? and Mrs.
W. Kt ?harpe of Rivoli. ,
Mrs. Ledbetter was also a sister of!
Mia* Helena T. Brown and au'aunt
of Col?-'3V N. Brown of this city. Tho
pSlBjearerB were: Messrs, . Ralston, i
Hill end tedward Ledbetter of Town
viile, Louis Ledbetter ' 6/ Anderson
?nd Frankland Joe Sharpe of Rivoli,
all of whom' are grandsons ot Mrs.
Ledbetter. . .'''..
.About 10 days ago Mrs, Ledbetter
Buffered a fractured hip as a result
\of a fall>. while walking in her bid
room . 'From tho first the physicians
were doubtful: as to her recovory be
cause of tter,?advanced age. At times
she was unconscious and members of
her family realized several days ago
that she was In a serious condition.
. Mrs. Ledbetter Was born near:the
city of Anderson March 3, 18S2, and
was, therefore, in her 64th year. She
wa? a daughter of the late Rev. San
ford Vandlver, who wai tho ?rat paa* .!
tor of che APtlorson Bajtict church.1
She was a granddaughter of the late
Edward* Vandlver, a soldier in .the
? Revolutionary war. Her mother > was
Miss Sucan Acl?er.
Mra. Ledbetter was the last, euryiv
i or the tba: flbjirter members' of tho
Townv'Ho T.'-ptlr.t church, which wai)
organised t lni'1851 yijgfi 12 memberB,
?including, her mother,- Mrs. ' Bu?an
Acker.Vaudiver, her b'raihbr, Capt.. H.
rj., .Vandlver, and the-late 'Samuel
Brown and'Ale wife. Mrs. HGlenn T.
Brown,.,father and mother, of Col,:.
Joseph N? Brown of this city; <.-Mrsr
< Ledbetter ^.succeeded Mrs. Hfiiena T,
[Brown., $ho was the first president of
th?misaibnasry society..of tho TownV,
ville cSairch.r .;. .. -!?'?fei*
, When hut 12 years of ago Mrs.' Ledi;
better ??cama a nieipberV of ! Cpl;
Brown's family, and she lived with the
Brown family-until she w?a married
in 1863 to IAcut., Col& Daniel A.
? Liedbett?r. Col. Ledbetter was mor
tally wounded in .the-battle o? Second ,
Manasses, August 20th, 1862, .dying
September 1st following; - .Col: Mar^
shall, .. who'Succeeded Col. 3. . -Ju\'
Orr as the colonel of Or r's voss tn cnt,
when the latter resigned, was also
mortally wounded ut tba Second bat
tle of Menasses and Li?ut. Col. Led
better ^ waa .promoted to succeed him
as colonel o??he . r?giin?nt. Th*
wounds received in the battle proved
fatal however,- two days later and-be.
never assumed command of tho reg?-'
vir?riug OT rp. J. L. vrr"n ???c finie
i ohe waa designated ns the "Mothar of,
(Orr's regiment.?. At thedeat'Lr.of Mra,
I Orr the old ! soldiers,.'who were so'
fond bf Coi. < Le.dbetU)r Md ?hla'wld
i ow, designated her as the "Mother of.
?ITV regiment;," and as anon was
-presented to. .tba ?tote reunion, of
Confederate . veterans, which <waa
?held in this city two years ago.
,U Mjsa. Ledbetterfs long lifo was one.
i?.l??efulnesB. Oi?-w^.^,?i??i?? . o?
\noble character,.a "thorough Chris
tlon,. a woman sniitSi-:-beloved :and
truth, one of -.tha;-fr^N??fr?i'^ rev*'
i^r?d?, women In ?the; state. She waa a
w'bman of great influen?a for the
:#is^jAnd\Q^ :M ibo
community and church ' cannot "bi
filled. Those ;*bo know hi* best ,wll
miss her most.
Charleston, Nov. lt.--Inaugurating
exportation off . i'^oJU <b;'f?rdlgd
'from herb, t$sb steamar itrt??naf
?;T?a$. "Hunt, of the Cl inch*
. ,N aviation ?'ico?ipa'ay,. loaded
tah? ot.:bb?l:?at the Southern
." .jrjer'VyeaUrwr.va?? ^le?i^d : Tb?
iT??n, where' tho 'cargo will bo dls
' ??.
i'4hi8 is the first of teven ?htp
?nj vthat have been contracted tor
i -?uba. ie be delivered to<Klgh thia
iii. The Interactional will rotura
re ?ad load ; astell cargo of coal
j-.^^sa^-'?iu^'-^?' At&httst
Jllnchfieid, recehil^arsi-airsd br tlie
(H?etKtfstion ;#St^:'nftme,v:a' ?.?tar
a of the Inierfcaitooal, 4a expected
,* from NaW?{?!^^'d?a?''.the. Ut
r/ part of tho mooth/ to load coal
Same? X*t<Dlfierepi.
: -Summer visitor-Ar?. Qld .St?pbau
er. and Schattliebner j*tiU carrying op
that everlasting lawauit Of thftlrt
about tho bouaiisry.
:'.: JtytffwraHNM'wiN? ^wo>.a?y - longer,
* ^Summer Vlaitor-How is tliat?
>-?airt?Wf-- tnsy -be ?;?aasa)?i'y,!'
?ofcl^g risked, coth?ig gained.
WILL9E6?0NM 29
k '
The Rev. R. Maynard Marshall of
Clemton College to Conduct
Services Here.
Tho Rev. J. H. Glbbon?y spent
part of Tue&iay at Clemson College
with tho Rev. Ti.- Maynord Marshall
tn making final arrangements for thc
mission which ls to he held in Grace
church beginning Monday, November
29th. ' The principle 'service* of the
mission will be tho dally evening ser
vice at w'Jich time Rev. Mr. Marshall
.will preach. One of the most inter
esting features of this mission 1B tho
fact that n eoric3 of service* of this
nature will be conducted in practical
ly every parish of the Episcopal
church throughout tho United States'
during th? Advent season. T.io Rev.?
Mr. Marshall says that .be looks for
ward with a great deal of interest in
COming to Auderson to hold this mis
sion, and that fae believes that it ls
going to mean much to tho life of tho
parish of Grace' dhurch for them to
have this: mission. ** To the services
which are-to be condiicted in Grace
church during this timo the public is
most cordially invited.
Civic Association. Realised $165.2?
After Ali Rills TYere Paid.
1 To Whom it May Concern:. 'v;
The Klrmess committee 'Wishes'to
thank every one who aided them in
making the Kirrac-ss tho SUCCOBO that
it was, and for tho information , of
those WUo i werfe "under' tho ' Impres
sion.tir?t most of the money . from
said production would to taken out
of town-v,;e wish to state that Mr.
AnG03Uni and his assistants treated
us with every.courtesy and lu the
business settlement proved themselves
perfectly .honeot, honorable gentle
men. They received half the door
receipts only sud after paying t'.-.eir
board bill? here one can easily nee
they did not 'har<2 nindi of thia monay
to take out.ot town.
. Please note that all tho.bills.made
?nd poid by the Civic association
were paid to the business men ot "our
We submit,the following report: .
Receipts from Performance.
Friday evening.. ,. .-. ... .$320.2$
Saturday matinee?........ 91.??
Total..... .-.unM
; . ?'?barBomcnts.
Mr. AguOBti? ... ... .. .. ...$205,95
Civic associ?t on .. '.. .....205.05
Total.; ... . .. ..$441?9fV
:/'?-.- . : Other .Receipts. . c .
> la addiUoa to tho door receipts were
proceeds from solos of condy, 519.30;
t advertising oh' pTograhv $127.50.' arid
a donation of 55. -This brought'the.
total receipts,' Including the $205.95,
the Civ)c's share of the door receipts
up to $857.75.
Expenses of Presentation.
In The expenses- Incident to the pro-.
sentaUon, which Were "paid by the
Civic, amounted, to $172:50. Tfaoy
Wore distributed as follows: J. J.
Trowbridge 1$70; ? Miss Rudislll $16;
O- A. Poad.a?. Mr. a"vli^ *S; Mr.
DrlskeU $2; J," E. Barton $14.50; H.
D. Goss $8; Oulla Printery $40; Baily
Mall $5; Intelligencer $5; incidentals
The balance left for the Civic
association after all bills were paid
is $185,25. ;
Oklahoma's Birthday.
' Oklahoma City, Okla., Nov. 17.
The. eighth .anniversary qt Oklahoma
statehood was celebrated yesterday
by tho corrierst?no bf the; state' capi
tol, \to' cost '$1,500,000. A street po
?gearit, With 5,000 marchers and -1,500
automobiles - carrying officials dud ci
vilians was a feature.
; j > Death oiC. 1. ?Loop.
C,Tiu?anoDsa, Nov. ?7.-V- it. I.-?op,
first vice president of Ure -.Southern
Express, company at rho general
headquarter*, \\cro diqd . this morning
at his homo % I??dk?ut mj^ihtain ; He;
had been:Rl tor. several weeks',
j ? '.-'~-;;.;,. ' ?'? -, . v- ' '.:'.;?
. ?ne?gtt-F?ifd A?quMod.
'/Pensacola', ;N?v. 17.~En?igh 'Law:
jfaaae- K. -B^rd^.^of :<ho naval station
here, was acquitted, -by.a Jury today
tit., charges 'of manslaughter In con
nection with a collision of the auto
mobile ho Was driving in .which ? Wo-?.)
_i.:n" J ."
-. ?
- -1?
Yesterday we opened a ship
ment of Handkerchiefs amount
ing to over Five Hundred Dollars,
which means there's ? Handker
chief of some sort in the lot for
you. We know these are the pert- ? .
?jest ever brought to town, fang
. ihg from the five cent all pure
linen to the daintily embroidered
affairs at seventy-five cents.
In between you'll find 1he
white and .colored C:;pe de
Chines,, linens prettily enibrold-.
ii ered, fancy, boxes of initial Hand
kerchiefs, etc.
iii We call -your attention to these
t . ; especially for your immediate usc
and for the - further reasons its
only a little while fill Christmas.
You can ni?ke your selections
now while the stocks are full.
5?f'?*>w?->nr'r\Ttr(rjr\ my\
Eest equipped shop in the city.Siric?y;S?i?itaiy.j- stCt?iM?i,;
I- laies?i? Nast lo Godlinea*.'? Efficfcnt Worta^-~B?*t aefvice
parken?: Railer, Bruce, lindsay a^dRe#?v,
on & Le?beUes- Bldg. '.' ;*ty>?t - to R&Hread :^.^i^'1??9?&i*' ;
' S?EBi BANGE. ;
?!?ho latest; mont lm
p'x ?v?cf, hcayi?st,.arid"
by far .'.tho: beet
'range :?ver concota
e?- 'or .pureed -, os ih?
market by n stove
manufacturer, Ster
. Ung worth npp&rent
tn every da tall*
.When yotr pite? thia
range In your hbmtr
ybn nav^'-iha . .posi
tiva assurance that
better dnov'- Built to
-money cahhot buy a
last a Retime ;.wit?
double e*#a ?=as1m?
blue pis niched steel
walls thai ,alway?J
i-'iitftsln ihssr natural
np blacking.': Heavy'
inboard linings, and hand-driven Norway^ ?roh*rfv#t? ffflrip?y
hold thc triplo'thickness together. Dody mounted on heavy ornamental
vcast base.- '." ,'- '''W?eg??i??h^:"'"? '
t?rts^ar*.'inad? from ja^L^eaal-Teo^ anti-scras? nio?at;l??p,platea;ia^?
covers are?-|MjA^^c^Bj|?ttet?(l ??,that , they will "?ot' "Warpr?r '
?leavy cast plaie fa?itM-t?kmMfr -TO?*^.-^^'-!?)^. sad oYaV aaa"
with Jewel ??ji?e* grite^nt&kes the r?nge ihola*e?tea.t cub! haver. ?i?rs?
square bvens^ltoatpnt^h?h-huokllag ?vea t^o??.l^^vi^^-^lt'''.
fag; '?? Haa etu^y^fe^ah-pit sna bail?^jss^Baa-f Can .furnished with
or withodt rosspi^r : or^^cr- front. Ab6obat?iy,/gttttr?.?^d to ;giye tho
teat satl*^n4pn, FOB SAX? B>

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