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Says She Was Saved
From Operating Table
Brother mid Sister Both Relieved
by Simple Remedy Available
to Any One.
In her j; ra li tu do for ar-remedy that
saved her from tho possible necessity
for an operation, Airs. Carrie Hobin,
of Coats, Kans., writes: "Had lt uot
been for Fr ult ol a and Traxo t might
have boen on the operating table by
now. It relieved me of at leajt one
hundred and fifty gall stones. It
surely does work wonders. My
brother also had suffered for years
and has been ; greatly be ned ted by
Fruitoia and Traxo."
Fruitoia is a powerful lubricant for
the intestinal' organs, softening the
congested messes, disintegrating tho
hardened particles that cause so much
suffering and expels the accumulation
in an easy,- natural way. Traxo is a
splendid tonic, acting on the liver and stomach with most beneficial result? |
and IB recommended for use in connection With Fruitoia to build up and re
store the weakened, run-down system.
Fruitoia and Traxo aro prepared In the Plnus laboratories at Monticello,
111., and arrangements have been made to supply them through representativo
druggists.. In Anderson they can be obtained at Evans* Pharmacy, Turco
Stores. . ' '
One hundred years ago today
When wilderness was here,
With powder in his. gun, the man
Went out and got a deer.
But now the thing has has cfranged
And on another, plan,
Music Rolls
Pant's Book Store
Heath of Hrs. Reynolds.
Mrs. Emma Rel? Reynolds, 46, tho
Wife of A. M. Reynolds of 17 P.Btreefc|
died at 7 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Tho funeral was held this aftornoonl
at 2 o'clock, tho interment being made
at Silver Brook cemetery.'
Itewaro of Cheap Substituten.
i In these ' days Of keen competition
it is Important that the public should
see that they get Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and not take Bubtdtutes sold
fdr the sake of extra profit Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy nai stood the!
test and bene approved for more than]
forty years. For sale by all dealers.
?TI ir. , ii
4*+lLm ' ' '?IV Ti Capital and Surplus $125,000.**
V^fa?C*O?*A K?TlEC Collections Given Careful Attention
wY* ? WO-ia?. Ellison A. Smyth, Jno, A. Hadgens,
PAUOT ?f ?'resident Cashier,
f U&U? il. V. a. E. ToUlBoa, Asst Cashier. .
Belton, S.?.
Capital and Surplus $150,000.00
Collections Given Prompt AttenUoa
Ellison A. Smyth, W. E. Greer,
President V. P. and Cashier*
H. B. Campbell, Asst Cashier.
. I have a proposition thal will pay 14 per cent on your
money* 1
$800.00 (Six Hundred Dollars) will torn the trick.
Real Estate
Over Hubbards Jewelry Store
jr ? W B L S T E EL R 4!
The latest, m0s>., Im
proved, heaviest, andi
by f ar > the., Jp o. s t
range' ever .conceiv
ed or placed on tho
market by. a stove
manufacturer. St?r
ung worth upp'aroni
in every 'd'o^aXL-^
When yoe. place thia .'
you have.: the .posi
tivo assurance i that
better oar:, ; Built to
^PMf. cati ?bt ody a
1 last -a lifetime with
double extra' heavy
bin a planished steel J,
walls that - . always
i re tn I Q th o i rv natu ral
color abd rsc, bira
no blacking. Heavy
' aBbosfes mlllboar?vllbln??i,rana hana-diiveu. Norway iron ^vet^ -t?rw,
! hold th.e:t?10e tiiicknoBs together. Body mounted on heavy. ofnameuUl
bteol ? ?ur^bl?.> Ail cast
PMts are made from Jewel K?ml-Test, nnti-*orap metal. Top plates and f
?evXs ??.speeWly cons?racfcd so that they wM ?ol warp or nwek.
-SSS? plS^rot?ets oven top* Fire-box ?Ade targe and oval? ?ad
> . fcto-exWtarfce ash-pit end bailed ash-pan.; Can be furnished with
. '."..'?' ' ? < ? j "
me sino? I waa a baby. She has liv
ed at Starr ever since I can remem
ber- Hor first-husband was Preston
Allen, who died while I waa at Wof
fcrd. She married Dr. McCall a about
seven or eight years ago. I lived
there with Haem until I got my home
built. I married February was six
years ago. Married Miss Corrie Dean,
who lived at Deans two miles above
Starr. Her mother, ono brother eur
one sister live there now. Her father
in dead. W3 have one little daughter.
Mrs. McCalla has no children but
Dr. McCalla has* ono son who lived
t5bere with them. My home is about
(160 yards from Mrs. iMcCalla's and
Ls Just across the road. Dr. and
Mrs. McCalla and our family have
boen mighty friendly and we took Sun
day dinner there real often. When
we went away we usually left out lit
tle daughter there wita in em. On
I Thursday, .October 7, I got ufa about
tho usual time and went up to Dr.
McCalla's. He asked mo if I was go
ing to Anderson and I said I was.
He said be had tu go also and we
came together. I attended to some
business for myself and a little for
'bim. We/had dinner together at the
Acme cafe. There was nothing un
friendly between us at that time. Wo
?returned to Starr about 2 o'clock.
? wont up to Aunt Bessie's and then
on home. Up at Aunt Bessie's thor s
[wes Mrs. Keys, Mrs. West Harper,'
cay wlfo, Mrs. GrosB and Mrs. Mc-1
Calla. MTS. Harper was going home
and had to be taken to train. Dr. i
P.icCalla cranked up car and drove, it !
r-_round to front.of house. I was call* i
cd over and was asked to drive Diem I
to the train et Dr. McCalla's request
because he had to go off. No one was
lett at the McCalla home except Mrs.
G"C"?3, who ls about 70 years of age,
t?> wife and Dr. McCalla. Wo w?re
geno about 25 minutes. When I got
back to the house my wife was sitting
in Amit Bessie's bed* room at a desk.
When I left she was in the parlor,
also Mrs: Gross. Dr. McCalla was
Et anding in back yard. ~ I went in
bath room, tfoen to ipostofftce to get
mail. When I got back Dr. McCalla
waa standing In yard under tree and
my wife was going homo. I had my
pony cart there and on way home ask
ed my wife to ride with me. $he
declined. When. I got-home I left
buggy in yard and went inside. I
noticed that one' side of 'Wife's face
waa red and was scratched up and
Lt was not that way when .1 went to
tile depot. I asked heir what was
the matter with lt and she said- -"
Here prosecution objected to ' what.
"Mrs. Jones told her husband as to
Cns cause of condition of face.
Jones continuing said? "She chum
ed fire caused right side of face to
.oe red'. Right sido was next fire
'?when I left. Later I noticed pink
-powder on both sides, it appearing
that she had tried to make both ride3
look-the same. I then went back over
r_o' Aunt Bessie's and asked Mrs.
(Prosecution objected . to what de
fendant asked Mrs.-Gross, over ruled
toy court.
; - j Continuing Mr. Jone' said: "I made
inquiries as to' Dr. McCalla's where
abouts. while I was ' at depot and I
learned that he toad not gono off but
bad stayed at home and it was said
that my wi to had gone to tho back bf
bouse to hunt some medicino tor him.
My ; wife was sick later in the after
noon about dark.' She appeared to
toe nervous and Dr. Dean attended
ber. In regard to my state of mind
will say that "! Was worried and on I
Frtday became more so. It seems
tfes-i ibo talcs were ecsflicUng. I atc
little. In afternoon I wont to drug j
store and when. I came back my,wife
was talking over telephone with Dr.
State objected,
'-v'!*! could. not understand, why she
was talking over, telephone With him
Wrtjen 1 knew . everyone at his homo
was away.' On Friday night- about
Xl o'clock 1 talked with her about
on hOtrr and asked for an o^plaha
?.fejgryj -??tsr -n?.syH~-*^-*Usss ski co*".
"fessed as to her relations with Dr.
'SloCaHa. We Were in our room and
little daughter .Wad ' asleep in bod : "
Here state objected as to what wife,
told him:- It being X: SOo'cl?ok court
took a .recess until 3 o'clock.
.ADD -i JONES CASE. . . . ..
' Afternoon Session. :
. Mri, Jones was returned to the
cstand and defense asked \that he again
t?tate what happened on VTiday.
MCr. Jones said : "I questioned my
wife closely about what bad" happened
on Thursday, and - asked for, an e-N
-pUnatiott. She finally confessed to
anio. Sbe broke down and told me
<sae was 'igullty ; of having improper
relations with Dr. McCalla on Tlvurs
^ay. \:8h0 finally told me of one
other occasion. I went' and" looked
out toward' the McCalla ?h?me'.and>it
was : dark.' -1 ask?! her wtv she did
fit and she said; 'I could he? ;lt*V Hi
?Sod knows ? wish ? was dead.* Teat
Stfi? lopg.time. af ter that, and emok
ted. 'j ii finally wiant to bod but co0l4
not aleip. Did not eat much brcak
fi?tt; next morning. I saw Dr. Mc
Caft?' iii? bis yard and went back In
"s-or^ho"^ I started
otb*.v't?ere bat did not seo him tften.
?Ai&T I saw bim drive up in buggy and
went toweifd ; fcoaso. Dr. McCalla.
started to call Red Jones and I told
ii ??a thai-if Lo did I would not give
him time to pray . Red came up and
I told ihica to go back. ttsd took a
step forward and when he did I shot
Dr. McCalla. -?le fell backward and
started to struggling. I passed out
and then shot thc Bccond time. Aunt
Bessie came out and wnuted to Know
what was the matter and I told her
that I had killed Uncle Larrie. I
went home, called tl .0 sheriff and
telephoned Dr. Dean lo go to Aunt
Bessie. When Mr. Sanders came I
surrendered to him. I cannot des
cribe my. feelings when I went over
to kill Dr. McCalla. Mr. Watkins
came down about 9:30 but I did not
telephone him."
Cross examination by Btate: "After
shooting I. went home and telephoned
Sheriff Ashley and Dr. Dean. I did
not come to Anderson on Friday. On
Thursday.I called Mr. Pool for Dr.
McCalla and asked something about
the :price of cotton. Dr. McCalla
wanted to know because he had somo
to salli I. did not eat supper there
Frida; night. Do not remember go
lng to McCalla home Friday evening
Confession by my wife was made about
ll o'clock at night and I went un to
seo Dr. McCalla about 8:30 on Sat
rday morning. I went there with
the intention of killing him and car
ried my. biggest pistol. >7es, v:ere
were two other pistols in thc house but
got thr> biggest. I bought this pis
tol last ?pring after tho D'-dd affair.
Wthen I# went to tho garage I helped
them crank the car and tfcoa stayed
in there with "Dr. McCalla. I accus
ed bim about ray wife. He denied it
and called Red Jones. He fell with
his fae? up with head Just outside of
garage. Aunt 'Bessie came out and
asked me what I had dono. In few
minutes saw Reaves Chamblee' and
asked bim to go after Mrs. Dean to
stay with my v.ifc. Aunt B?salo was
running about in thc yard and 1 asked
Drs. Land and .'Clean to take her in
side. -.After I ??unpeeled my wife on
Thursday I do' not *now whether I
was up thoro dh;'-Friday or not. I told
my wife -1 would not do anything to
her if she would tell me the truth. I
did not tell (lier anything about kill
lng Div McCalla for it. I do not know
how long it toole me to causo her to
confess. If I had made up mind tc
kill Dr. McCalla before I started up
there I was not aware of it. I did
not care as to whether it was against
the law ?0 carry j pistol or not. I was
badly torn- up ?nd was worried to
death and ?idn?t think about that
part of iii' I am <D?neficlary under
Mrs. McCalla's will-but ? did not know
how much lio rp cr ty t'.c had. I did
not think about the. fact that Mrs. Mc
Calla would benefit financially be
cause of death .Dr;.: McCalla and there
fore never thought about, my part as
beneficiary ot.Will. No. Mitt. Mc
Calla is in better health now than
ciio has been for nome time past. Both
of them were about 50 years old
knew ho had last year's cotton. He
raised, lt.. I do .apt know how many
toutes; he<hed-..Ot hove about $11,000
mortgages on my property but- that is
not heavy,"
Questioned, by defense again: "If
my property waa tsold it would bring
about $30,000 of $40,000."
Dr. Dcnn'o Testimony.
Dr.- Dean sWorn: "l am a practic
ing physician and t live at Starr. I
have, been Mrs.'Sones' physician for
about five years y "
On question aa, to whether he got
call to attend Mrs. Jones on Friday
and os to her ri pd i ti on objected to by
state. Sustained-? by court. Court
ruled, howevL-i. that defense had right
to provo what 'was reported to de- j
.fendant'as physical condition of-Mr-3.
Dr. Dean continued: "I told Fea&ter
that (lils wife wan suffering, from a
norvous collapse for some reason, I
did not know what. I called Mr.
Frank Watkins myself."
?Here court ruled that ^defendant's
-^ifo's confession rn nor "brother, Dr.
Dean, was not- competent. Nc ques*
tiona by state.
Mrs. Corrio D. Jones.'
MA}.. Jones testified; "I am the wife.
Of Feaster I. Jones and wo were mar
ried coven years ago next February.
We have' been living where wo ; are
now for five years, which is a ?hort
uij'miit-i! ?i'ii; MuCa?ra 'homo. Ft ela
tions between the families has been
friendly, : the same ?s parents tp
, State objected to relations between
families but court over ruled.
Question whether or not Dr. McCal
la had' Improper relations objected to
by otate, Also Question as to whetli
er she did or. not attempt to resist
bte advances. , .
Mrs. Jone's continuing; "On Thurs
day,' Oester 7, I 'took dinner with
MTB. MVpJla. Feaster Mid Dr. Mc
Calla were away. I'was in parlor
by fire with Mrs Orcsa then they
went to. depot. Whoa Dr. McCalla
came in I know he had not gone to
depot.*': S^^iAy^-^f1- -,
Right here court ruled that defense,
could not: prove ? what ' happened be
tween Mir?. Jones and Dr.. McCalia.
1Objection by state in regard to what
??he told defendant about condition
of fae? overruled.
.Mrs.. Jones: "Feaster nsiid mo
, about.my face--** .; .v.,.. v:
0& question by, defense /as -to
Whether what she told him waa truth
objected to by etatt*. Sustained by I
Mrs. Jenes: "I told ntm th'if??Wl
had burned it and he said that the
other ?ide was to-^?t?i^Ji^'<^ira?j
day nleU t ibia ^Jtsr that Dr. Mc
Calla did bot 1 /ave H?uso while thoy
We*? gan? tov'fiia d^etvbut I did not
OW where be wai*. Husband look
worried and norvbus and at little
Stidayi^ * told m#<fory McCall*, had
led me over tele^n? ?v :/Wsiiflt^ay
?Witl fcftd physic?! coltansa ted ca li
ed for Dr. Dean. ; Oa iViday clgb*
Feaster, asked about my restions .Wita
Dr. McCalla, and I did not tell him
at that. Ho was real ne^oas aad
.excited aud finally t 'confeOtfod ?0 im
,pih?9?r>v?eJatlons1 wtth-.^::v??cCalla,
030 time being ea .^uysd?y' after
noon. st>& Sawrday ac^hg "Wputotr.
wa? much worried add ate Utit? .?rta?tV
t. ?' I '"did '? ?ot ;.W?6W.; bsVwa%,
? 'i Dr. McCalia. , .
Miss Lillian Kyle Jones of Knox
ville, Tenn., ls vj6itiug at the homo
of Mr. E. C. Mc Cants.
At Anderson College.
The following invitations Cave been
issued: "The Girls of Anderson Col
lege at Home, Wednesday evening,
November 21th, 1915. Bight to
lise West A lu innao.
The Due Weet Alumnae will meet
this afternoon ot 3 o'clock with Mrs.
Guy Norris, at her borne three miles
below tile city.
Mrs. John L. Pruitt has gone to
Spartanburg to visit relatives. Willie
there she will attend tho wedding of
her sister Miss May Hallams, and Mr.
James Caril. ..
The Ladles Aid Society of St.
Johns Methodist church will give a
musicale on Tuesday afternoon, No
vember 23rd at the home of Mrs.
G. B. Thompson on South Me
DuCle street.
Hrs. Cely Entertains.
Notwithstanding tho wind and rain
yesterday afternoon a merry and
congenial party ot ladles gathered in
Mrs. T. L. Coly's, bright and attrac
tive parlors at her homo nv Calhoun
street and spent two very pleasant
hours with this charming hostess.
Largo yellow chrysanthemums worn
used In profusion, and these with tba
bright fires and lights made a most
inviting scene. FIvn tables were ar
ranged for auction bridge, end. tho
games were (unusually ?nteresting. Af
ter the cards were laid aside, the
ci arming hostess assisted by her
mother, Mrs. P. C. Smith, Mns. Louis
Horton and Miss Bertha Cash in aerv
.ed an elegant salad course.
Tho first prize, a lovely bundi vt
.white carnations, was wono by Mrs. T.
bl. Howard, Mrs. M. L. Bonham won
tho consolation, a dainty 'hand-made
handkerchief. >. .
. Mra. Cely will entertain a few
friends again this afternoon at another
bridge party and a litt io later in tho
month she will have a series of in
formal little sewing parties. ?
Those invited- for yesterday were:
Mesdames J. H. Godfrey, 8. R.
Parker, John Anderson, M. L. Bon
ham, T. E. Howard, John Prank, 0.
P. Ross, H. H. Watkins, Phelps Sas
soon, J. L. Gray, John E. Sadler, A.
G. Ftetwell, P. K. McCully, Marshall
Orr, Hunter, Louis Horton, Allco
Sykesv S. N. G lime r, Miss Bertha
CasGiin. :..:.?
Dinner Today.
The Hammond School association
will servo an elegant turkey dinner
today in tho storeroom above Tollys'
Furniture: storo'. ":. .'
. They will begin serving at 12 o'clock
and they are planning tor a very elah?
.orate menu.
The usual prices will bo charged.
. Mrs. Eva S. Murray, who left An
derson several weeks ago to make her
home in Atlanta, ls .visiting Mrs. Dr.,
J. O. Wilhlte.
Cross examination by state: "i con
fessed to Feaster about 10 o'clock. /He
did pot tell ma what he -.-/mi 1 il - 49 *" .
Dr. McCalla, but said he would not]
hurt me. I told him that it had hap
pened on two different occasions. I
was not at McCalla's on Friday nigi.it.
Our little daughter was up there for
awhile and Feaster went after her.
but came right back. Feaster did
not come to Anderson on Friday? Dr.
and Mr?. Mc-O^lla- came and brought
our child."
By dofense:. "I told-Feaster that I
could not help doing it and that I
wished I WSB dead."
Mik; Bessie Medalia.
Mrs. McCalln; examined : "Yea, I
raised Feaster Jones. " .
: State objected to - question as to
whether tho know of tho relations of
Dr. McCalla and Mrs. Jones. Sus
tained . Objections es to whether she
even spoke of lt to Feaster. Not sus
tained. She testified that ehe . did
not speak to Feaster. Testified' that
Sbe spoke to Dr. McCalla about it
h ut court ruled that this was incom
petent. - *~
Mrs. McOalla: "Dr. McCalla asked
Feaster to take us to the. train on'
Thursday afternoon. because he said,
ho had to ec off. When we got back
Mrs. Jones v\nd'Dr.' McCalla wore in'
house." '.'"
No questions by state.
C. C. Jones sworn said? "I live
at Starr abd am a cousin of Feaster
Jones. ' I am familiar with the loca
tion of tho plo. ves and McCalla. home
ls about 250 or 300 yards from Jones..
Garage is about dCO yards from house.
Garage 1s about 100 or iso feet-from
bara where Rube Burris was. If ne
gro, was on north aldo and . was look
ing th rou gil* door he could havo seen
-What he testified. I saw the satchel
In boggy Dr. McCalfa generally car
ried it. wi th him.
. No or-sstionsby state. , '
9? Shorlff ^Ashley; sworn said, fl sm
sheriff of Anderson county and on
Saturday morning, October 0. Feaster
Jones called me up. Ko told me that
ha bad WUod his Uncle Larrie.?
': State objected to question of, de?
leese \as to what appeared ? to , be
Jones1 physical condition by conversa
tion, aver 'phone. Cv ?<r ruled.
; (Sheriff Ashley: T "BO : ' called -,. me'
about 8:80 o'clock ac ? appeared to
be very nervous and belted from his
-.if ii
We'll g t it to you quick, for just
this kind of weather you'll find
us well prepared to meet your
wants in
And to tell you too, we have a; .
danri) line of good
Shoes that are all leather, will
V.eep your feet dry and warm-.
for women and children. So tell,
it to us over the 'phone or send
Mt-'.'* ? .' V
your orders. Either will receive
prompt attention.
.s?s??v-.v<".v^?-' y- '?'
That Are Not Fully Wired
,. For Electricity
Are Not Modern and Up to Date '
? When you rndiVe this year, insist on having a house that has
all modern cbiiveh??n?es.
Don't be satisfied with anything but electricity. Don't ac
cept anything "just as. good" for there isn't anything just as
good. . ' '
The price of electricity has been going down, while the cost
of other jieeessities -has increased. Allow us to show you
where it ss to your advantage to use our sejvice.
fi .i.-. j . ????'f^M^^^^I^M
Southern Public Utilities Co.
Phone No. 223.
We are recommending our 10-1-0
and ??-2-0 and 10-2-^0 for wheat
and oats this fall when you sow it.
This will give it stalk and gr?lns in the
head, and that it what you want in grain, if
you will sow five acres in wheat and five in
oats this fall, after preparing the land well
and fertilizing it well with either cf the?fe
goods* you will find ii advantageous. The
10-2-1*0 ii an especially ^ goods for grain.
Anderson, South Carolina,

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