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VOLUME i """"",?""" '"'' ANDEI^?^ & C*, THURSDAY MORNING, WOVE MBE^^/lO?? " ? ' ' . ' . ' '"."^^^
untmum ? ? ? '-..LMIII. , .j. ' " ' ^r- * . * . ,._? NUMBER 27X.
Location Named ^jVhere Money
Was Paid for iii y Supplies
New York. Nov._24.-Twice again
today the name of Captain '.Boy-Ed,
Gprman naval aitacihe, waa brought
Into the testimony nt ibo trial of th?
Hamburg-American Uno olficials,. ac
cused' of cori?plracv ai;..'. dtspatcTiioff
relief to G^uunn warships In tho At
lantic ami' Pacific at tho boginning
of tho war. .
Witnesses referred to TO om No. 801
and ll Broadway as Captain Boy-fed's
New-Yprk'headquarters; where the
money furnished for mipplies for the
Costa Rican steamer, .Quesada, oharg
o:? as ono ship in "tjie relief traf
lic. .
Testimony .was also hep rd aboiit tfne
clearance of the steamer Thor from.
. . Tho 4*pv.ernment established th's fact
that ?he defendants succeeded in loatl
?. ? g coal aiid "suppl les ab o? rd two of
tho fleet of five Germaon wnTsfhips
from tho . steamer Berwind, flying
American flag in September 1914.
. ^W3illo;.tf*> d?fendante .admitted that
ih?y churtcrod1 tw?lw> stost?t-y. for
relief purposes, they, den j ed flaying
anything to. do with the Quesada.
New York, Nor. 24.-How the'Ham
burg-American line reached the Ger
man warships ia the Atlantic in Au
gust and September 1S14 with twp
thousand tons of coal and foodstuffs"
by means of the steamer Berwjnd ari
American Bteamer, was told by the
Borwlnd's Captain Frltx Edward
, .Falito. He is a government witness
\M trial of ?titrl Bucnz, Adolph
. Rochmolster "and .ToHnnh; Popplng
hause charged with conspiracy. Pop
pinghausa was superintendent of the
cargo and in chargo when the BON
wind. ?ailed . fn>?j'.:???yr^York. August 5
optensiveiy tor?tJuenos ^ Aires. 'Pop-.
nlntrli'niigft ordered tile contain' st?V ill
sid? the three mile, limit ito avoid
British . crulsora. Ho litter Instructed
him to steer for Cape Rouque. There
he was told to\stoam back and forth
ns-, ho might meet German ships. The ;
German fleet- of five ships waa nighted.
> August 28.
' -7--? ^
Warships Coaled,
r ^ew. York, Nov. . 24.-The sb!ps
. wore tho Ca p Trafalgar, the Bsn-taB,
. the Eleanor. Woerher,'tho;SovuV"L?-; ;
. cia rind the gunboat Eber^/./ffob Cap
Trafalgar hoisted a..sJgna, tO' /:<^J?ie
-elbsar. alter thu .Berlind ?ad ?leae the
same. Thc Berwind wc,8.12~?blo to.
vdlBiharj|? tho cargo bec?dsc of high-'
' seas,, hut:' stayed sixteen days with
the. Germans. About:; Soptetobor 10
th^ee ?bf tho.Sect left leaving thc Pon
tas and Cap' Trafalgar. Before I.eat-. :
lng tho Ebor delivered her. guQB to the
: Cap Trafalgar.
On iSoptember 3.4 th?: Gorpiaus
' we're- xnrprteed by the Bvltish cruiser
Carmivm^ nnd.another boat Tho Ber
wind got out'of tho way and later tho
Pon'ta3 fled leaving (he Cap Trafalgar
In ii sinking condition. . The ??rw?pd
Icier reached Buenos Aires. ^: '" '
. Oilier rtV?tnes3P?.
Kow Yum. ripv. 24.-Aiiar e?v?ra?
witnCB.^f testified to pelling and load
; lng pt Misiona on certain Bhips the
"c??nsel for the<defeD30 offered conceal
slons'Vin-the form of a typewritten
atatcTneht i?-abow?ng -. the Hamburg-.
Amorlcan ;lfno ;. paid X?. $.0.394 for
;?h'rirterln?. callina / A?d. sVpDlyi.t>?\.t2
*;atefcinerfl .for the relief pf Gorman
- cfuisera. f^a? c?noT?Blon .was ac
cepted. .
Nogada, ? '?Air?Z, , Nov, 2i. -United *
^.aiesXtoops -with na ambulance rttsh
ed.to theJ Mortat ion at bord et between
. her?? aiid ?^S?cs, -^tora;tonight,
. Attlnar.^oi^fcor C?elos Randall; ?p
portetl t?iat' ^fha v?Ffl??W lc Nogal?a,'
"Attora,: svere druriiv ?nd beyond con"
(A. : T3ia?3:rcct?$ Pii the Alisona alfy.
: Olofl?d ..": ?i$eirioaS7?. w??o ?rato^ed1
.MU?. .bf tho. ^ouor^ ' nitci?ott? at ??tfc'e
' -dlni.of. feiii?s^- '
Several Other Persons Were In?
jared When the Accident
Charlotte. N.' C., Nov. 24.-Three
persons aboard tho. train taking. North
Carolinians to Ttichniond for tomor
rows Virghiia-Caroiina football game,
were killed tonif-J.vt near Salisbury, it
is reported here, when tho special hit,
tho Southern railroad ?train No. 38
north bound.
Several persons, including O. Max
Gardiner, candidate dioutonant gover
nor of North Carolina, were reported
injured. ? "
Army of Two Hundred Thousand!
ia Still Intact and Fighting,
. :Athens, Nov. 21.-Tho Serbian war
minister, according lo an interview
published' here, dectar'eV.tkat''200,???'
S?rhlan troops aro still intact and
the situation is- by no means hope
less. 1 . -
Th? minio?er, who ia in. Saloniki,
optimate! the Sorb?an casualties '? at .
nioro than- 55,000 since the Austro
Gorman drive began. He said Ser
bian's aro hopeful of holding the
pisses and wearing down to enemy
until tho Anglo-French and "Russian
forces aro.- strong - enough to resume
the offensive.
New York, Nov. 24.-A caso that
reminds one of that of the Bollinger
baby in Chicago* has ' developed hore
A NeW York physician Is confronted
with the question as to'; whether thc
life, .of a defectlrie - baby should bo
saved by a, surgical 'operation desp'to j
the. wl3b.es of the parents. A girl
baby was born last night. Mental''1
lt appears, normal but; Is paralyzed i ;; j
low, the .waist, has club feet, distorted
?knee* jo?rita arid ' a spinal. .; aliment
which the . physician ? says will prove ?
fatal if an operation la not soon per-'
formed. Dr. Julius Goldsmith, tho at
tending ^physician notified tho,pareuts
ho could ??ave the child by a prompt
operation. yHo-sAld.^
fatherof tho baby expressed the be
lief that the Chicago physician wa?
right and tho chlfd would, ho ;a burden
to itself, Ito parents and society.
liSiiCEfiS I???
Columbus, Ga.,.'-Nov. 24.r-A coan
lE-lssfohi j composed'. of-two GUurobuo
citizens' ?V* tour oniclala of the Con
trat or q^?t^l&:ir^lroiiid;'>1i!(r?stlg^i?g
the rec?x.t collision of the Contr.U o?
Georgia paj&.*ngor train and ? onec?a!
?irrying <tf?fe*-Con ,'r. Kenndy. carnival
company, resulting ia a loss of prob
ably eight iitea. disced tho blame
upon ;?og{nccf -J.-'I?. Pickling... and
Conductor: J": W. IXchcrt o& tho pas
senger: .train;-,' 'Tho'commission'.found
that they Oieboycd orders , to ; await !
$e. social at. Iduoecgeo junction.
?*4^4&44t?**4*** * *
* DEATH '0?- $t?f??(iitf?:? 'W.
'? New Gr?c5aps; ?ovl 2<?.~ John .*.
M??|jfj&sbn. a' '.^romin?iQt ; fljAirc!1 4?
<a. : in cotton-canters.and a pioneer "-v?r
? ' ia thc introduction of "strad- *
.tf die'* op?rations betwo^n ' Amer- , *
? lean and Liverpool cotton *
?I?. markets, died today In' Birken ??
' Head; ; En glanij,.. I fe malatUn
* cd a winter, home ia New Or
<?? .. leans. *
. '4,
Governor Spry and Man He Refused to Pardon
Joo Hilislvom
Governor Spry of Utah stood ?!rm
against nil protestations of., the: anno-"
cenc? of Joe lllllstrOnY, ?thc "Hobo
Poet," and let him go to "his death in
if^o L'.iah penitentiary. Twicb Presi
G'nv ;WIll?am Spry.;
dient' Wilson ' conmiiun??at?d' with
governor to stay the' execution,
Hillslrom- -was shot to death^-for
chose shotting 'over f?aUglr.'?',1 an
tion whirfv the Utah law?? gives
-.lie j
It has long'been the honored .'custom of our.''popple;.to turn In the
fruitful,autumn of llio.jear in; pr ilsa, and - thanksgiving to Almighty
God. for hlr, many blessings and lhercicB to us aa a'nation/;. The year
;timt;.is now.drawing to a close,since wc last observed our; day of na
tional thanksgiving,has, beer , while a year of discipline'because of tho
mighty forceu of war and of changes which have disturbed tho world,,
also a year of spoclal-blseslngtor' us. - .
. An?tbpr year of peace has been vouchsafed us; another year in
w?iob hot? only to ta'so thought of our duty to ourselves and to man-:
kind but also to adjust ourselves ;to the mauy responsibilities thrust
upon us by a war whieh h.is involved almost the v holo of Europe- Wo
have been obie to assert pur rights bf niankiud without breach of
friendshipwith tho great nations ?with ;whoiu we have had to deal, r.nd
while, we havo asserted "rights 'we "have been able also to perform du-,
ties v?-i excr?iso privileges of succor, and helpfulness which' should
servo'to demonstrate our desire to make the offices ot friendship tba.
menhs of truly disinterested and.?nselfish service.
Our abilily to servo:all who could avaii thcmselves-of our sorvico ia
the midst of crises has been increased, by a gracious providence, by
more and inore abundant crops; our ample fmnncinl.resources,hayo
enabled us io uicady the markets of the world; and facilitate neces
sary movements of commerce which.the war might otherwiso hore
rendered, impossible; and our people have come moro and more tf. a
".sober 're?iiz'utlori of the ^art they baye ?been called upon to play fa a
time when all the world Is shaken b; ' unaparalleled distresses and dis
asters. ';.'..' ,
4^' -Tnii ?xir??rdinary c?rcumsisai^s vt i>ucb a time \\:v:c ,;"??r muer? to
?5? QUichon our national consciousness and. deepen and confirai our conn- .
.p deneb; m tho principles of peace and freedom by which v/e have, aly/ays
* Bought : to be guided. Out of darkness' and perplexities >h*iv.e ,?:?nip
* . firmer counsels of policy and clearer perceptions! of the ?ss?hUs* wcl
4 fare of the nation. We havo prospered while other people were at
?3? war, but our prosperity has been vouchsafed us, we believe, only that .
wCmightthe bettor perform thc functions which var rendered it im
4 pos?lble.for Jliem to perform;
4, v?ow, ihercforp, i Woodrow.W'ilspn,: President'of the United Slat?s
4 of America, do hereby designate Thursday, ibo twonty-fifth bf Ncvem
.4 . ber aext, p's a day of thanksgiving and.prayer,- and invite the people
??> throughout the land to cease from tbolr wonted occupations and in
? their several homes alu! places of worship render thanks to Almighty
4 God." ;'' ' : ?'''i&IHHH^^-'''-'
* :Jh. witness whereof ? have hereunto act my hand and caused tho seal
4 of the United States to bo affixed. -
<?? :.< 'IJone..at-tho City of .Washtiigtoa.'tliis twentieth day of October* in Ibo
?> year of our Ixird one ?ic?sand nine hundred and llfteen, and of tho
4 independence of tho United State?; cf;'America ono hundred and
* fortieth. .
?'.".: ; Woodrow Wilson,
d' ; " ; By the President:- Hebert Lansing, Secrotary of State.
#". *.'',' ' ' ' ;? ?.;..': .-. ..':,. . .'.'.' ..
Washington, Xov. 3 Lr^WItU a de- Washington, Nov. ?4;~Sccreta?ry'
airo-to ..impress bu congr*eu als -pro- Lansing mads-'it pUl^i^liinestrbns
gra:n of national; defciu-c,. President ? - ?f- ...? :
Wilson Tcfectcd -.varbwV s^gestfc-as affecting U;o iwrtu? of diplpnwtle re-,
fdr. incorporation In the;message'-;It' presehtatlvea would bb determined bjr
was learned tonight that he refuswl the stale department on broad ground)}
a ; reqaest: . of ' Roprcsentatlvo.\ tt?mill, of policy. Ho sr. id-.thal Captain BoyV
bf Ne*r hersey, to touch on civil ec/- Ed, German a'/tati.-o waa not only im
vlco'reform. ; ' ira un e iroK.; . crlinln&t ; acf Ion, but
----- . . nothing , that the department of Jua
" ". Slestrn?t?vs Ita?iu? Storm. < Web-did .in tho HL?nburg-tAmerlcan;
Palermo, 'Sicily, Kdv. 2*.~Groat ? binds tbv state.;diriment.
aav^'^W^;j'-;:w'r?!Ugrat by tho storm,} ,_ "'::'>;'.'.
tfft?cTi.'' 3wept 'oyer,^-th<? Catania aad '
Tr.xptmi dictricda of Sicily. " ?ailros? A'AA*&*4>+**<i-&&$+&<li * ****
?name Las b?cn interrupted, thc or- ^?**?r*v',,'Tr*wT*'v,*v*J
raniitation .of' rescue, work' ia rendered $ jjfjrg nnOlVX RK8T?.N?? E?Sip^E
d?ffleak. by bad Wiath?r,'a?i? ih?? e In * . - : >*.
.mttda'.damage ;frora-:.tho.. flooding;"of ^ At 2:35 this .'morning Dr. *
tho /?pl?o;river. ^ W??hUe. ieieph?a?$>tbo.lnton.i- *
:..; -.-T1-*r~-,-: .'.\-'ig?ac?Ar.' tbat.r?r?.i.?'Jawpii--'-N:?' .'?*
Msbt Bider? ?lnrn Bora, . 4? Br^wn, who ls>pry Ui nt h&r *
Atlanta, '2s'bK ai.--Report v-jf <: >|* home on "orth Main street,-. .*
brum, imrnlnic pspeditibn' by night;:^d?^>- ? was xosUng. . easily. . .'.Mrs,-/.*
en' : been . roi-elVcd- at the fed?r??' '4-..Brown .-suataioed injuries' in 4
.bii'H??Iiig frsaa-Harrhr e?aiity/ Vf... J. 4 a Tull-several days uso ?nd 4
Hot-jTris ?be :vi/itini': ile says bo. waa -iv?!* repbr1^; ysstsrday; atter>
visited;arid btu bftrp d*itroyed; solely 4 noon -to be very; low. 4
b?edtti? bb t?awrtditte8'a party of eft r- #vV%h . .. ? ' >:. . -4'
That Splendid Worh Be Per
mitted to Cease ? ?nthink
able, He Says.
Washington, Nov. 24 ;--A''Thanks
giving day appeal for tunda for the
I Amerleaa Rod Cross was Issued :to
night by President. Wilson.
? In iurging; instant;, support" ..'for ihe
organisation tho preslddni. dt?cl?ries'
that out cf thu war relief hint'.; of.
1,(500,000 onlyJ50,000 remain.
? The "money, ho. wild, was used in
i^alntaiuing' SOO surgeons, nurses', and
sanitarians in tho war zones and tho
pui-chas? and transport?t L u of 4,000,
000 vounda of medical Supplies.
"Tcyat tho splendid work o? ?ibis
Organization shouldf be permitted' ' to
cease is un?ii?Uablo,'! ASiO pr?'aldcut
j coJicUiilej. r '..'/..
? Washington, JNov. ; 24 .--The . pro
1 oeeds.bf :tia? salo of red cross Christi
mos Heals, which will bo dnvotJ?^;a&'
?the study.?nd prevention of/tubercu^
lo?is in tho United States, pr?mh'o-to
exceed nil records. V'^?SIK
: This supply ot.. 225,000,?no' SOHJ?, la
! e!;vMy per- cont . greater than- -last j
year's ami ..should net $2,250^0.^..,j
Atlanta, Nov/ 24.-The Btinging re
quite admistered by the ."potent,
gravo and reverend seniors" of tho
[ senate yesterday to the rapbera nf
the house, han resulted in a compli
cation which prevented the assembly
from adjourning as expected t und
which will keep it in session certainly
up to Saturday pight and possibly
Into next week. /'..'
'I')..--, auss?t?IsSaS vended ul ino way
Lha H?HKO delayed and then asked the
Renate to take a hair trigger action on
the.- important matters which it. sent
over at the oleventh hour for con
Today' even tho Western & ' Atlan
tic hill ia unfinished and it will not be
ilnlshod until tho details on whtch tho
house and senate disagree aro thor
oughly worked out to the satisfaction
of both bodies.
Now York,. Nov,' 24.-The demo
cratic ecntlmout favoro an early n?- !
ticvnal convention, judging- from re- |
ports reaching tho national commit:
tee chairman, Mccombs.
: McCombg said today from what he
had gathered from committee, inem
bere ?lt was likely the convention
would be held during tho first two
weeks of. June.'Chicago, St. Louis;
Pallas and San .Francisco asked for
tho -convention.-'.. . McComfis said .the
place where, it.wviuld be fre?d Itad
political significando this year. A
full ; meeting of tito members of. tho
coniinittoo in Washington Decenrb?p.'i
'< i? expected to decido tho timo and
placo of the copyttotlon.'
Xlgbt^ 'Biders' are feared. in a MJR?
ir%?p: .;..' '.' :8?.sri Town. .
Clark stn wn, *Mo., Nov. 2i.-Armed
guards kept wat?h on .ttsa outskirts.: of '
tho city all ulght.soarchinr for -;So-.[
called night ridem'.from whom an al- j
tack was. ?feared; Bight men were ar
rested yesterday and held at New Ma
drid, ;BUspoefed with being members
of a pa^i.v which; fought a battle y^s-'J
tooday Nvith:' six detectives. Hie
prisoners derty the 'ehoyge. Authori
ties ??y they will he ehnrged ;.witbv';ai-.i
t??iytPd murder.
For Coal Ship jew.
^JW?^lngtph; ; Nov. . 24---The intor
i stat* commissionT;decided . to VpQnoat
tho railroads' to maintain . through
ratea, lowe? than ?n't?rmeiKat?r, rates
from Alabama cos? mines io Hattles
.borg, Jackson and oth'or -Mteeisalppi
i points. '
Captain Smith Will Sift Out)
Promising oo es for Advisory
. Waslilnglon, 'Nov. .24.-Socrninry
Daniels' plan lo make use of the in
ventive genius'.-of the nailon for tho
benefit of ibo navy department took
ehnpo today whon Captain William
B. Smith, engineering oltloer of the
Philadelphia: navy yard, was appoint-. |
cd to a po3t in Whobington, de?i:rit)oi
OB a clearing house fdr auggostlons.
Captain Smith will receive all cetn
nmnlcntlohs dealing' iwlth new de
vices and sift QttV.the promising ones!
to ba tuleen up. by rho civilian udvls
ory board ,o? whicfi ^hoBSSs A. Edi*
son is. chairman.
?'. ' ? Congress*.-"h:
IK -Meridian, ; Miss i\" . Nov*. 21. -Roprc-;
tentativo Samuel A. "Witherspoon - ot
i the fifUi congressional district o? Mls
eisolppi and a member of tho IIOUKO
committee on naval nffalrs, died at his
homo hero Jonight.
: Mr. Witherspoon was strloUou with
acuta indigestion w?ilo . addressing
high school students lost wcoic and
his heart was affected, tho physicians
He -was horn In Lowndes county,
Mi3slB8lppi, ip 1855, Ho was elected
last year ?to "his" third tenu In con-"1
Will Perform the Services Now
Required of the National
Washington, Nov. 24.-Secretary.
McAdoo announced tonight that ho)
had decided to'mak? tho federal re-,
serve h,inks depositaries ;\nd fiscal.j
agonts. of tho gpVernm?aV, il?it ordo?*)
v/ill be effective January i.
By the pion reserve liai..?a; will bo
required to perform tho sorvlccs now
rendered by the national bank deposi
taries. In tho beginning Mr. McAdoo
expects to transfer, to reservo bonks
tho government funds now on dopoir";'.|
with national b'ahkB in cities., where
the reserve banka aro located, amount- I
lng in all to ?7,000,000.
Improvement in Elec?rle Llp?ht Sor
ticte bi Town of Wnlfcfllln.
WalbjAlla, Nov. 24.-Tho engines
that tlie town of 'Walhalla recently j
purchased from the Fairbanks-Morse !
company, for tho electric light plant j
have "come:, and aro' how being erected
nt the plant'on South Broad /sirtfot.
Those engines burn crude, oil, and f}?
people aro oxp?etihf* extra good lights
from them. Jos;.y.W.' Harrison now
has chargo of tl?o erection of thc
j>!ar.?, and will have, chargo of it
when completed.
Contract ?ao ]J0cn l?t ip \th.o B?.rr
Hardware company, of Greenivil'iei ito
install heating plants .' In the Meti >v
dist and Proshytelrlaii \c^urelies; and
in the resMcnce '?f"B," D'. He-rndon..
.Work has already begun on th^co .con
.ivacta, and they a^;.'ex?>ect?kS'< io'v-be-..
oom ploted Iq a ?^ri,ti&e: .
f ?t^****fl*f**.+ **?
* .. . : y---' ' - ' *
.#.'.' Now YcMc; NOV. 2LVIho in
6 creasing promlhenco of the .4?
* United States' ascent in tho ?
<k world, or. tinonee caused tho
* ; National .Balik' bf; South Africa, 4>
* ?n Organization with resources ?*>.
^;vof'mWe'tii?n.'?8^do;,000-".to opea 4?
^. a branch hore. '
The Military Situation in Balkans
Growing Graver for tibe
London, Nov. Si:-TU?'' allier,''.prc- .
aentatlon of a collective neto ' ...to.
Greece brought .-.imp'i?vWtiy??? i't i."u
rotations ketwcoh G tabee .'.and thc e-i
tent6 pqweru. The t?rcek-jpwn?ioj' ia
ciuoted ae raying ...that oathoui?h
?Greece theoretically ; objected to ri-.j
allied-' trauma ?o??ff4i^'i?retek> torritory?
5l;a would i:??.or-p^ae'-ibera'.. >
Tho taiUfary situation in tho H.i!
kans. baa grown gravpr for tho Bar
biana, Tho Auslro?G?rman and Bivi -
gorian troops, ftperuttiig. in three
columns1, entered, ttyo .Kpjaaaya -plain,,
whore-,', the Serh'iafliv arc otjpi?cicd ta
maXb their lan niatidj ?rid- have uc<- :
ci? pied MHrovlUu, Tao i at os t Setiilai(,':
The '?torb-*v hare been-. driven IjWu
Pr?stina and noross : the SltnJca riv., r.
where it la thou^^ih^ S^rbli\i>? nt.-u>u .
a,'4tabd, A?.'th0vAil>?:.:ni.>n and M?p
te?egrlh fr?ntjer? they will be at; a
disadvantage^- Til*
Kntehanik .front ami In in
i:'orV;?r or their country,
check' ibo a*? dp
Fren'tir force?.
Tho iv.uistada'af^^'p'?Hed ' ?
biassed 330;t)00 mou l'or tip
operation; but. ibo point w?tS?
are, to.atiikoVli^ .?(^ ?laoj'
C-orizla Itole-nabt*.
*;iGorlakv, ontba Austro-itatlau front,
ls rendered (untenable, the fate which
likewise appears to bo awaiting 'Alva,
hi Trentlne. Tho station ? at -Riva ls
In rah ge of tito italian guns, accord
ing to Vienna ofllclal reports, lending
color <to a report that <J.;o Austrians
had evacuated Reverto.
Except for a renewal of operations
in Gallipoli, thorp! ia no important
happening on other fronts.
Conecripis of T??B ciasis- .of 19H, - in
cluding youths of eighteen and nine
teen, moy be called , by Franco De
cember 5th, adding 400.00P to tho
Tho British forcos\ ?berating in
Mesopotamia report.. tho: capture -nf
Oteaiplvon, eighteen, mites from lau
dad with loeses bf ?,0jip? but were
forced to retire four miles ' to obtain
water. . * '
. %'
London, ?oV; 24.Contradictory';
claims of victory In the Bulkana leave
tho present situation in,doubt. It is
evident though that the advance of
tho Teutonic armies..; and tbolr Bul
garian allies ia not so rapid nu earlier
reports indicated. Apparently baaVy .
fighting ls underway: In the section'
where the Teutonic invaders aro at
iempt.4?? to forth, a Junction with the
Bulgarians. The ratevof Mohistlr ie
still in tho balanc?, reports from Alh
ena state. Tho Bulgarians having re
gard for Greek susceptibilities are
waiting for tho Germana to come and
occupy the city.
. In ' the entente -'capitals renewed
confidence Ia professed that -Greece
Is mowing , toward a complete agree
ment with the allies wishes*
Berlin has revived the report that
ItuBsi? ls contemplriin* a great Bal
kan campaign for ;'which a largo
army has been gathered at OdeSSa.
?O?rmans who have given publicity, to
this repor? do not ; aeem sure that
Ritman}? willi-refuse ; permission to
this army to cross her territory.
;? Petrogrrd raiforts"; a slight ad
p?nc? alon g the Styr river with sharp
cheeks for Hie Germana and Austrians
in both tho northern' -and > wv&b?pi
pori iou ii of the eastern front. Vienna,
however , sara tfter? ia nothing-worthy
of report oiopg this line, iV-mrthe
loss there is apprehension In Vienna
and Bor?ln of tho result bf ab r jtpect
ed Russian otfenslva in the ox treme
?0Ra\ylooks? for mo, immediate fait
of Go'rizfa.ijAeeo*atog;to tapbrtfl thia
city ls dominated'.b# tbe art?Uery^M
both sides and ?drm? ' a .??tfo Mans
Sore Allied Optimism. <
pari*, -K?vvvSi^tlje^SaJoaiM car
rosnondAtit ot tho Petit ?Journal oaya
I hitbaa learned; from a. wwmber ef ethe
: Serbian government that -Premier
Asquith'}ms .telegraphed the Serbian
i govararaeht aaytn? j?l itaa oe??re you
m&?oid KP gland arc : preparing
for H?rpiWea tn tho. B&Ht&aS' i. ;1T?n
will shortly ; have : correborat!op.i
Ihereot" ' ?'.-.-?'

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