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Children tor H?tehsr's
Th? Kind Yon Have Always Bought, and which has been I
m uso for over 30 ycara, lias horno tho signature ot
y^j?mpA Stimm? arx'} '^"'''""n VT^TT/'mrfrr Mn per j
J^^fC/ar^Tii^Bon?l supervisionPinco tts Infancy.
.. . . ymmryJi *<<*?A?/?Z; Allow no ono to deceive you in this.
Ail Counterfeits, Imitations and" ?TUirt-hs-good ?? aro but;
Experiments that trillo with and endanger tho health, of
Infants and Children-Experience against Experiment?
?astoria is a harmless substituto for Castor OS, Paro*
gorlc, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. Itf
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other IStercotio
substance. Its ago is its guarantee, lt destroys "Worms
and allays Feverishness. For moro than thirty years it
bas been in constant use for the relief of Constipation,
Flatulency, Wind Colic, oil Tectldng Troubles and
Diarrh?e?.//. It regulates tho Stomach and Bowels,
assimilates tho Food, giving healthy oud natural sleep.
Tho Children's Panacea^-Tho, Mother's Friend*
Iii Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have Always Bought
fMC eewTA?H C-f>MI.Ats>V. ^r-*W YOWH CITY;
GRE EN V ILL ?, S. C.,
FI/B3IAN vs. WOFFOBP* Mach interest 1? centered on this game through
out the State, due to tho fact that Forman has defeated' all Denominational I
Colleges In the Slate ?Ith tho; exceptio? Of .Watford, therefor*, Mtg game: Is"
expected to be a hard fought one.
Tickets on sale, Tfcarsdnj> Novemh?r 35, 1015, retara Inuit same dat?-at
thc folioing r?nnd nip iares J
Bound Trip; For? From To Greenville
From To Greenville Bound Trip* Faro
8pnrtnnbor? .. .. .. .. ..$1.00 Belton :..80
Tucnpau.'.. .. .. .. .. .70 Campbell. .; .W
Duncan .. .. .. .. .. .... .. |60 Anderson .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1.10
Greer .. .V... .. .. .45 Ilonea 'Path .. ..1,03
Cluck Springs ..40 Donalds .. ... ..... .. .. ..1.20
Piedmont.... ... .40 Shoals. Junction '.. .. '.. .. 1.80
Feleer .. .. .. ..'. .55 Hodges .. .. .. .. .. .. ;. J.50
Wtlllamston .. .. .. .. _ .00 Greenwood.. .. .. .. .. ... ...1.75
Children Ave (5) years of age and under Iv. el ve (12) will be one-half the j
aboTo round ti Jp fare;,
For tickets and other lu forme ?on apply to nearest ticket agent, or
C. S. AtLEN* Trafile Munagcr.
Tho C. S: Sullivan Estate owns?a farm of 700 acres sovonty miles .
x ' West ofAugusto; Qa, whioh.they have put in our: hands forsalo? Mrs.
!, . guUivan cdnnbi:haudle tho property. She would take Anderson
County -property,inpart payment.^ .
It Iles within, a?y, two miles of ? alco town in v/liich there. Is;a
bankin, large; cotton, warehouse;-^
a largoflourishing school with sevoml t?acbers,
A splendid public road itiade QI Bland and clay runs through1 the ;
property." The ro?ds dre all graded abd are much better than in .this
, county. The Augusta Southern Railway runs .Uirough the property
and h as a sideAtrae1r\oh/, XU&?S..-Ther^'IS1 almbat-?rof acres.'cldared.
There is probably.,300 a 'hs in oho field almost levch
The tenant; houses a < /better than anythingJn tbla coimty that l^V
?iav?i s?on.There ard, ix houses. Pour of them are. Bix robma^ two .
foilr rooms. Tlieiand'ls sandy, with a good' clay ?Ub-BOll'within six
Inches df~*he 'a>p,
?' This place \va3 sold hy the present owners for $16,000,001' ,The
'J ?.irchasers who wera speculators went broke owing about fi?.OO?.OQ,; ,
ra it and you can'buy it for that sum. . Noa' there ara lot? tdrmeu in
this county with ono or two hundred acres.of land that will bring .
chough'to pay for this pince,
r , , "you-can give your children ?; iarjn .apieca.and''.still have enough'
tori'your pelf. It 'ia in s splendid'whi?o^section, good water, abso
lately healthy, and ail ri?bl'.in'6vc?> -pavii'sulaiv. . I v.
On the farm adjoining tille, diere ia ike finest dairy I ever saw. V;'.
'-"Thi'y were mllkmiexadly'lOO Jert?oyis at the tim? i. wfc thijfe, land
.'<..... 1? sel?ii?-'?ti<'a??iaad; ?bis ?t"?S0,.?05't?:<?o.O0 ah-acre.. This farm has
heep rented1 out tt*>" several years; but it: io cb lovel that ihey could not .
wear;t?pu? I liave just made a;trip dowR there to look- orei tho
plac?, and i th\h?? it IS ? g1rt?t b????lii.
: The?:fe:s^i^reom- tot io'-mui??;" ?a-, the place ' Fina road> to
- j Ana'?sW--''People:
?lay They makoCPje round trip i^ 5 or fl hours. Now if you nave
' aa?* ^roti?rry^ .fe-And?rtop .C??nt^' that '.yen" tfdul? llke^toput 16to this,
nco mo at once and let mo see if I can't make a trade for you; We
' > wljl ?ivb yba'good terms pu the.balaaw. i
' V . ^This'place ia ?
.; ri ' ." : Sit?d?rBvnie. The : land nooks the lander ort tho} road-fr^i
Uelt?a to Ifohoa Path or Will?/i?nstori. Tho place^ in^ lying cut Xhp
year becabse i^was li - lltigatlonr, 1 mi,:'^^;J!??^?^f
\ 'coUba:wlm:Veryiin!b gaaniv ; ... , w v ' j
You cab taV?_;t Irom me that tb?fe country is filV rlgbt and a good
flaca to live.-- See'rite. .>,' s ' ,/1 ^ "
- ?nc?eMcra Re?i ?ttate ?I?V^I!?^^^
Pleasant Meeting of tho Dixie Chap
A delightfully pleasant meeting of
the Dixie chapter Vas ?held .on Tuos*|
day afternoon, nt the home of Mrs.
Ch?ties F. Greene, -with Mrs.
GTeene, Aire. Phelps Sasseen and
MJTS. T. A. Wiggington, as Joint I
Besides - tho members tliore were
.several visitors present, aud the !
meeting was tin unusually interesting]
one. . After a few business matters
were disposed of, the reporta from
t?e general and state convention
wore given, and were splendid. Mrs.
Carrie Patrick gave in her own
charming and attractive manner, an
account of Hie general convention in
San Francisco. Mrs. J lt. Ander?
son, and Mrs. 'Rufut; Pant made the
reports from. thc state convention in
Aiken Oast weekl Mrs. Anderson
gave tho .business side of the* conven
tion, while Mrs. Pant told of tho
many lovely social attentions which
tho Aiken people had planned for
the delegates.
Mrs. Graco Cochran Toad a beau
tiful tribute to the late Mr. D. Ht
Jlussellr a Confederate veteran, and a
splendid citizen.
Two beautiful songB by Mrs. Cora
Ligon, and Mrs. Greene were great
ly, enjoyed, by'all During tho pleas
ant uoelal session, tho three vera
cious hostesses, assisted by- Mrs.
Horace McGee' and/ -Mr. CT. Mc- j
Gregor served un elegant Balad'
course. V
Mr. arid Mrsi' J. T.. F/jchey, and
Mr.--.and "Mrs. Ralph Ramseur of
Central came down tor "Tho Prince
of Pilsftn," arid Tuesday evening, and
were tho guests of'Mr. anti Mrs.
Horace McGee.
Authur and Pluckney Ligon of
Spartanburg are spending a few
days hore wi-: h relatives
Mrs. H. Li: Adams of Charlotte, ls
hero tb spend. Thanksgiving with |
her mother, Mrs. Stephens.
Mer. J. ll'. Hobeniciht of Columbia I
{s tho guest of her sinter, Mrs: Wal
ter Beaty, on<Soutii Main street.
Mrs. G. P.. Tolly has returned j
from a visit to her daughter, Mrs?
Wilcox in Elberton; Ga.
Mr. R. M'. 'Spearman of'Piedm?i
a business visitor yesterday...
! Mfa. W. A. Clement was Ih tho
city shopping yesterday from Bel ton;
,Mr> and Mrs,. P/. E. .Campbell or
I tho Eureka section spent, yesterday la
the city.' '
Mrs? J. H. Darby of Walhalla was
m Anderson., yesterday.
Among those,' homo from denison
vi?l?t-???" TJiTo M"csf3T3. Jv .lt-. Martin,1
Robert Wtbb. Roy Masters, Gl?dadcn
Acker <wd'I<ean. iRlch?rdson: I
? '??? ; ~-- ,.
5!r.' Earle Smith cf Clemson col
lege passed through Anderson .yea- ;
?erday on his way tb his homo at
: 3 5 : ~- . "
r, Hr. G. D. I"???4uii,. Who, .?we??.-. t?
Florida ? few days ago,. has,ra.turnod
to Att?^rsoh. vg
-. ' "'.
; Messrs H. ' Hamilton," Syd . Jacobs,
Of Now York, ?nd Mr. D. D. Smith
Of Pittsburgh, a. j were-.Jewelry drum
mers to ; Anderson yesterday .
Mir. H: B. Fitzgerald iv; &pending.
TCianksglving Day in Atlanta;
Mr. -tiV B. Johnson, ot Belton . was?
a . brininess''visitor'.:yesterday :] ? ?'
?Mr. O. P. Werner. of Pendleton
^va? Iii4bC city Wednesday .
H!aso3 All'?o. and: Gr.nco Peartnjan.
Sro visiting, iii W'iliiamstou. ! ,
Mr. Henry M?Ttln: of liberty. was
a visitor ht the city yesterday.
'\ .Mr. John D. C?d? bf Mi. "Carm??
s^ht' ye^erdtty^n tiio city.
> -Mpy Amos Adams ot : Gxpt.wcl?; was
in Anderson yesterday;.
- Mr. . !Frahk Pearson^ bf. Greenvillo
sfras a bus bisas visitor yesjtcrda'j^
Mr*. J. e. Laltm?f. o$. Hopea Path
spirit a few hours in' tli?'.cRy y?st?jc;
day.. . ? - :'
. Mr .j Hyder Neely, who 1?-.a. studert
:a?< the. Clinton college,. U at home,
pn ; account .of ' eh. ihjjury. ho received
In'a-fttot?&fcgk?e- several'^ee-aa ago.
While - th? ; hart^waa' not . a serious
it ?nd -5uvU : decided io 1 cym? homo" tm .
Ul fully Welt ogam, ,
Wan t>; Japanese Gold. .
. Tokio, - Nor. 24.-Tho French gov.
eminent has bee* -masing inqulriea
ia Japan roletivej ia th?.^sR4M-y'Of.
jwjfewlrr,* part of tito Japanese.gold
how on depOsh in Europe. Discus
' siti&i- ?re under wi^. ?oncernlhg the
practical forim. of a 4oan.
; -i. . -~-<r-----r--:.' . ''
.. A?>t??2$?*MM?;, fonaicg ,?aSW /at
Chl.irt^a??I?te?V'Mt*? C?tWt?fep.
?r.r. .
Birthday 'Party.
: Llttlo Miss. Caroline Speer enter
tained j about twenty-five little
friends at a pretty party on Tuesday
afternoon .itt her homo on Bleekley
btreet. Tho occasion was the
iseventtr birthday of tho pretty little
hostess,' and a very ihappy afternoon
was spent by all
'. Aftor ? merry ?cries of games, tho
guests w?ro^ served with dainty re
freshment .
\ Miss Ldbra Horton come home
from ConV?rse college last night and
brought .with her u.s her guest, Miss
Lucy Bomar, of Kentucky.
Misses Lila and Inez King of
TowaviHo are spendlug Thanksgiving
w2lh Miss Sara King.
? Mr.. and -MTS. Frank Cunningham
of Greenville are spending Tianks
givhig hore with relatives.
Mr. and -Mrs. Arthur Llgon of
SiMLrtanburg are the guests of Mr.
and, MrB, J. Haller Gibboney.
Charming House Parly.
. Misses Jonhle and Lal Cunningham
reached home Inst night from Con
verse -college, and brought with them
PS. their. guests, Misses Vera Kellar;
I Mary Lee Skeggs, Elizabeth Rc-idey,
land Maud. Barron, all . ot.Comv-Bs
I college. . .
Mlm Anna Rows Cunningham en
tertained .these young ladles and a
few young men at a delightful little
buffet Slipper, at their homo on Wost
.Market street, lt wa3 a charming
[.little informal affair. Lpter danc
ing was enjoyed for awhile, making
in all n most, enjoyable evening.
Mrs. Rosa McCully is visiting
friends lu Greenville for Thanks
giving. ..? ?
: Miss Mab Benham has gone to
.Chicago, to attend the National Alum
ni association which meets there
She Will represont -Notre Dame of
Maryland, ..aer. ajmA mnter. y
. Mrs. ' ^FforaOverman aad lier
motlier,'.'"Mrs,.,..Mary: Keith returned
yesterday ifjom .a visit' to friends In"
Aur.u.^a, 'Gci. Mrs. Overman .-also"
attended iho state *L--p. C. conven
tion, ip Aiken, while away..
Walhalla, Nov. ?,4.---The remains
of Mrs. James T. Wilson, .who died
on yesterday; morning In Greenwood,
wero brought hore last. ' ??ght \? %\\o \
home of her son? Mr. George L. Wil
son. The funeral will be held at
I i-ris b/wnb tills nttern??n, ahd'-.t??e in
terment will iba j in'. West View cem e
tery. Foe many, years Mrs. Willson,
made Walhalla. her homo, and has
many friends who' regret to hear of
ber death. She leaves her husband;
cine son, George-L. Wilson, and three
grandchildren,-Mary Ellen, James and
Annis Wilson.
Tito 'home of Warren Smith In WcBt
End was destroyed'hy fir** nt on ear
ly hour, this morning. Very few of
the household!; goods were saved, as
.bone, of the family were at-home at
tbb:time. Mrs? S^ta 4? yt?tinc re
iatlve3 in Gedrgia, and Mr. 8mlih had
gone-to his work *>nly a bnlf-?cUr be
?*?J?-?., th? fire. Xi. is s."t known .wn??b.-"
or or not he'bad any Insurance.
rijv. T. L. SmltbV ot Pendleton,
w'hbr bas' -accejrtea'. tho' call bf the
i Walhalla Baptist' o'jtircb, will bring
I his family to Walhalla.. In Ibo near
^It?v. W. B. Aull, who hos' been1
pastor of tho 0fc? ', John's ; Lutheran
char dh fdr' some ."timo, will bring. hts
family'"here t?he first of amit week:'. '-<.
' Mrs. Fannie: Brenn?ck?! ts Visiting
ber uncle , Dr, Mill Wee in Greenwood:
Dr. J. L: Ktokt?' ?nd Jas.. Mi.
Moss- have 'gom?;to Spatt?nburff to
attend the annual session, bf tho Jp
per South Carolina conference. ' ;'V:
"Mrs. J. A. Steck and Mrs. B. A.
Lockwood are vlsjtlng friends in At
lanta. :'-'>":
. Miss Dorothy Dohme has returned,
to ber. bomb' .In. Baltimore siter a
pleasant visit to relatives hero.
To Bs. Eiwtrochted.
Albany. Nov. 24.-Tho. appeals
court ?'/.ed the week beginning Jan?
I nary lr ob Kia limb fof-eiebtrocbtibh
[ot Bails. Smydt.; convicted' of ^toying
f AntiaTSmbller: -, in- ?fe*<Y?rk in; IPI*.
. . . .;. -. . . 'o<?.?-? ;
Consmnti?ople/Vt.r?oV. 2i,~ytpl??t
, fighting near S^dd?V Bahr, at t^b tip
I Of Gallipoli peninsula is rep?rtbd- In
offlclaVcomm?pnfe?tio?s.. A British
{.aeroplane and/?d.lot .was captured
i?t? ?ilSBi?
And Day Will Pau Off Uko Sun.
! day is tho Prediction-Spe
cial Music is Arranged.
: i.
j' Today will almost bo Uko Sunday
ju Anderson. AU ol' tho stored, or
practically all of thom will be closed
and also tho business houses. In
a'ior>, Thun ksgl vlng Day Is to bo gen
erally observed in this city,
i Union Thanksgiving services will
bo hied' this morning at 10 o'clock
In tho Central 'Presbyterian church
?nd special services <wllI ai. o be held
ht Grace Episcopal at ll o'clock. Dr.
john E. While will deliver tho ser
mon at the Union services and several
?f the ministers of Che city will take
Special music has beon arranged for
tho occasion, and among that render
ed will be :"Venlte," hy TjecBoon Pow
ers, Anderson College glee club; "A
psalm of Thanksgiving," Mrs. C.-It.
1 Many people will, attend the foot
hill gamo t his' (morning wliich is to
be played botworn Anderson lilgl?'
fcch?ol and Ejaklie sub team'. Tito
gamc-!win bo calle! promptly at 10
o'clock at Beuna Vista, park. Slnco
all. of the st?r?.3 and business houses:
?vlll- bo closed,- doubtless tho attori
?anco will be larger than that of any.,
of tho other , games ployed by tho
local scioOltlhfs season.
. Capt. Jones stated yesterday that
this ought to" be one of tho beet
?ames' hi?'team hos" played.; Both:
Squads will be nhout equally matched
. ?d ibo contest, will, be hard fought.
Viiose v/.vo' have seen tho Ramos of
ibo Anderson sebpol this fall' have
soon some football oqual. to. that of
tho .1>cst iteania lu tho country and'
are anxious to soo tho game this
May Iiisann Them.
I Paris, Nov. 24i-Premier Skoulodls
rjf Grocco Is quoted hy tho Petit pari
sian- as Saying If tho allied troops
retreat into Greece" they may bo: dis
armed although the Greek government
lias not' committed Itself on - this
point: . ; .?.. .? . j]
3f?rc Australians:
Melbourne, Nov. 24.-?-The Austra
lian government- hos decided to
r'aiso nnother 50,000 mon. This
brings tho Australian contingent to
v This is the newest defini
tion of salesmanship: "The
art pf selline goods that
1 don't come back" to people
.' who do."
Cinnd goods is the first es=
But, to reach the "peo?
plc who do come, back" it is
necessary to get them in the
- ?first place..
And the logical way to se
cure them is by telling them
. the merits, of the goods in
the Daily and Semi-Weekly
S Intelligencer.
For tfce; lew..' hiM?,
dozen .. '.... 60c
Hot the regatar vase,
... per dozen.v!Hfe.
For fini disp?ay, per
, d?sen. .-.
Creen given vriih all
Marshall Ava! ; ; *
Phone 911 '
W^jgioriRi Telegraph Delivery
i cv
Why Not
Assume that
''?.Vic" and yourself pulled a "wish
I1' " . bone'* and "She" gol thc shorter aid?
is cxtntly what ''She" would wish for
especially on ThanKsgU ty Day.
Thc special Thanksgiving; boxes arc
extremely pretty, but at that, they uro'
?not so pretty as tli?ir rvht?nts is deli'
Phone us your orders-our delivery is
very prompt.
Evans'* Pharmacy
X '.' -f,
Phones 522, $28
Ho ?ld It
, Lady-How much aro the?? chick*
\ Marketuian-Four1 shillings each.
'?Lady-^-DId you raiso them yourself?
toarltotman-r*-Oh, yas; thoy wero 3
shillings and'G. pence yostordayj
William," said tho tcachpr during .:,
the lesson lu physiology, "what ls thu.
uso of-tho external ear?"
William considered a moment, "I
think, teacher;" he rald "lt ls mostly
iiscd to catch dirt:'/--Ladles' Home
Journal... ;. , * . ." . . ^ ?
A Possible Kel ruction.
"I boar you are having a 'Tako it
Hack'campaign,In this town."
".Y?s?? admitted, the . PlnnkvIIlc clti
zeu'. "Have; you fal lol to return?"'
. "Oh, no. - tiwant to ?seo a man' wbo
called mo'*??1lar''n1jout three years
. For Infanta: dad Children
Ito Us? ForOver30Years
Always bearra'
the ^
S?ynaturo of
t i^xf
I iii
vVe hope yoiur
t'y . ,. '
very ple?s?ntiy
. v spent |fl
rr^vt?.-:- t v, J-..

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