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VOLUME IL ANDERSON, S. C, FRIDAY MORNING^ l^iw?wBER 26, 191sT ~ "'" L-JBOT'?"???-? _ o^
: v j_ - "ii i agggBjajg 1 .?s^assssmmm_. ???'????ia.?._~.
Will Greece Oppose German
Troop? if They Enter Terri
tory is Question Raised.
London, Nov. 25.-Although tho <
full text of tho Greek reply to .the
collective note presented' hy the cn- :
tente powers hos not been made pub
lic, tho hi di ca Mon herc ia tf?at Grceco
yielded every essential point and tho
British government is satisfied with
the position taken at Athone.
Whether tho guaranty of safety to
the \nglo-French troops will carry
Greece to tile extent Of opposing Ger
man forces wf?iich anight atempt their
pursuit should tho allied troops re
treat Into Greece, could uot be ascer
tained until tho full dispatches are
The Gormans aro reported to have
raised tho approaches to the Kessove
plain, "which, hnd,. been, expected . tu
form, a strong defensive lino for the
Serbians, wLto' li is reported are now
In retreat toward tho Albanian border.
In the "south, -where the An?lo?
French forces aro operating, tho sit*
nation is reported unchanged.
. Heavy fighting with thc repulse ol
j tho Turkish o fiona! vo is announced-in
? an official, statement from Paris J. Il >c
j. . aiiles .bombarded tho raliway between
. ? Constantinople and Bcdeaghatch, Bul-,
garl?rdamaglngrbrldges. and warships
i; fired on tho coast of Asia Elinor.
Small engagernr-vts, includliiHf. ??rttl
?^i*i?Ui%hri&vofeivt-g?to??jari? Russian:pf-;
. fenB?ve on the Strips, occur-in . the
Russia's proposed move in the Bal
kans Is now tho center of atteatJ'm.
It is known that a large .MuBovite
army ia massed ? on tho Rumanian
frontier and lt *is reported that heavy
. . guns for tte use have arrived at Odes
sa from Japan. ' -?
The Rumanian attitude, while caus
ing uneasiness in Germany, for a re
port that Premier "Bratlano said that
. . relations bctwf immarna ard tJJS
'ola TV ero heve* better, is' etUl in
doubt. .
. .Hie French.and British- naval bri
gades t*ent tO't3Ve Balkans ar? ?renort
ed safe, tho French drrlvang.ln .M?n la
tir and the British were heard from
at Mltrovitea. Tho Britten tars took
part in tho Serbian defense' at Bel
grade a year ago.' ' ?
Athena Nov. 25.---Greeco has met
4ho demands of the entento powers
- and given guarantees, that their re
quirements will /tie. filled. '
From the optimistic tono of dis
patches from' Athena to London, fiow
over, it may be inferred that Greece :
baa yielded In every 'essential point j
raised by tho olUes.. The situation
then ts'regarded having been cleared
" finally.
'Events in the Balkans appear...to be;
moving swiftly to a conclusi?n ?4isas
trous to Serbia . Approaches to tho his
toric bat'llefield on Kosf?vo> plain
whlcCj bad b&en. expected to form a
stroug defensive .ilneu. seriously de
laying the ed vane? Of the invaders
already have boen traversed, In tho
ensuing bottle the Serbians', are' re?
ported to have bean'unable to ?with
stand the shock of attack and? aro said
to bo In retreat toward the Albanian
border. Since tho fall of Phisitan
and MltrovltZ' the keys to .tfio Ser
bian defensive position, a final Seri'
blan retreat is considered inevitable [
Tho Gen?ansvann?mn?O'tbo capture
of "a large ^ninber of prisoners at
tSlOSO two points;,/' '. il%?>$$_
In7 tho absenco ot definite^ newe ]
fIDHI Katerumlek pass it Is assumed
the Serbian* rs?ll ere .holding out
.there... in tbe south -wher^-lihe allies
- aro operating -Kve : . situation is?, un
changed;,. V'f,:,y>r -P ?
??$p ' TO su* nt 8*ton&i. ~?*y
Ijondcttr^?ov. 25,-A meuter correa-.
pond ont at Zurich ' say? that accord-*
ir.g to roik?rti? received from Vitana
tim allias are", preparing- to r?matn at
; Saloniki dttdetInlteiy. T^ery, ?r^^gijgf?s
lng machinery:' for tho Section pf a
power st?t?op v besides, ^ftrding conV
. tracts for expenalva and substantial
??rtoari?.ra la Belgiern.
Havre, -Nov*; 25.-Word has been
^^pt?ved.t?^ Mlle. Juliette : R?nkia,
X elster ^' tTfO Belgian-minlal?- Of .coir
enies; hps be?n 'J&rrosto?? by, Gorman
BjpecineA :.lt;4s also reported that ?wo
priest? ,-^et?r^;s?wte^?ed to-,; fifi?on
lire -pi vyj/wiiim -?f? ^i?wlivSa?? ? CC-lcgC
? ; . ,.. .%tth,
The Result Was a Number of
Mexicans Were Killed and
Wounded Captured.
Nogales, Arizona, Nov. 25.-Fifty
eight Mexican soldiers, crossing into
the United Statu?t the Harris randi
east of herc, fired six American
troopers of tho Tenth Cavalry. Twen
ty-five others of the samo troop fired
on tho Mexicans killing a number?
according to rcportB, bringip^ **ne
wounded prisoner into ou-ovp.
Acting Gove/nor . Carlos Ran tall
telegraphed Washington ?oday that.the.
rioting last night was caused by
rumors oitat General Obregon '.ad
been allowed, to advance on Nogales,
Sonora, byer American torrltory.'
Nogales, Arta., Nov. 25.-Copfgfit
ing rv??VUi regarding tho probable ,acV.
t?on of the'y|lT?^4rpo^8.wkp^
lng forced lowurbVNbgaTesfeoV?ra try:
Carranza troops he!?/.: tened tho ex
cltemeut, caused hy tho hurried plac
ing -under arms/ of the twelfth United
States' infantry on tho border yes
terday. Mexicans ?near the border
hurled-defiance at tho American sol
diers and dared them to fight. Feel
ing, is ; high: In tf:e town against
Amoricans because of the refusal to
allow foodstuffs to cross the border,
andi further reports thnt Carranza Is
onn^lnw 4?*?w**\ta t-1-V?*Aiii>b A ls??* 4IVMM.
ritory to -fight Villa men.
Tod Sloan, Famous American
y.?.'?v. <.> ^?'.'v.* ll? y? ../ ...' ?? vr": .... . . .'.:.*-?-.
Jockey Sent Back to United
'.'London, -Nov. 25.-r-The recent ar
rest of Ted Sloan, tho famous Amer*,
ican Jockey, on/a-deportation.charge,
accusing thira of' operating a? g?mbr
ling house, revealed tho campaign re
cently, begun by thy London police,
to-rid' tho city, of undesirable allens, i
?I Since, the beginning bf tho war, It j
is said, London has boen flooded with
undesirable aliens, who make their
living by. their, wits and off of youag j
army bf?crrs home from the front on
furlont?'v -who fall easy .victims to |
gamblers .of both sexes.
v Asheville, Mpv. 25,-For the : pur
.pono ofr;ojrrajyrlng for tte. erection of
'?v'?LUTOoria? alair to th'-, late George I
W. Vanderbilt in All SoulV church at |
Biltmore, a. meeting, of the committee
appointed at the. parish meeting last
June, will bo held this afternoon ai *
vy?ssrs.v.I??nt, 'a?^ltects - of- Now
York Ci-ty,: have preaehtcd: a deS^b'
for the ibemoriat. alta*v which will
bo considered-,by tii-e committee -'ot
|j?I?MwW?tipj8< ?alsV?httorn?b??.'.Tne? eng?
fcostion has hae.n. mada that tho altar,
he^mado "bf oak Ciston 4hG"Biltm?r?l
ea ta te, and carved by tho. members v'bf ?
th?' Bil tm oro estate .'industries.
* Washington, Nov. 25;^p5*'
+ President Wilson' abandoned ,4.
.+ all plans to spend Thahksgiv- .
? laji day wltit/hte flan ceo, Mrs *
? - Norm?n Galt, and' locked bim
?;'. sejf in his private* ?atady and -
ap ont tho day at a typewriter <*? j
* : on his tn carago* to congress. *
Three Desperate
By "....?"...A-ii'.-.vittj,..-..--.?
Tho annual fooball game of Hir
Ivord. and Yalo, which ls consldjred
tho biggest gridiron event of tho year
1 Tire Blew Out and Machine Over
turned---Two Dead and
Arnerlcus, Qa., Nov. 25.-MI33
Edith Hlldreth of idvo Oak, Fia.,
eighteen years old, and Henry Lancer,
ot' America:; are dead and Miss Sarah
Towera, "of Amerlcus, aged nineteen,'
! >vas ; seHoualy. injured, and? ?te??:en
Pace an Amerlcu3 lawyer, John Four
ney. Miss Mary Hell Hlxon and Miss
Mildred Hillls, all of AmerlcU3,
slightly: hurt is the toll of an "auto
mobile, accident near here.
' Tim tiro blow out and tho machine
overturned. '
' Washington, Nov. 25.-A pilo of j
three hundred telegrams, ls oh Prpsi
Ifep^irilfion's doak, urging him t?ave
ibo United States./participate? th the
conference ot neutral power?, In oh
attempt io restore peace tn .Europe,:
?Jw^niessages worn .sent ht the- ir .
atante -of tho Women's Pea?e ~ ?Paf?y.
and came from all parts of tho coun
try.. A' conference ls to bo heitt {tb
decide whether tho . tlnited ' St?to3
Joins or not, it is said,
i t' Pensacola, Pla., Nov. 2D.-Judge
WlHlanv-M:. 'Wilson;-,, postmw-ter al
i Q?ni4V':?bas?; 1PI?U;, ' .who'^lsappesred
? tw?fcmontbs ago,^ .committed silicide In I
la Billings, Monitum,hotel, according
j to a telegram received, at Santa liesa*
-; ' ' H?ssi^ws?w*'.L?feB.
Nev. .York/ Nov}. 25.--F?present?
of a group otBusi??*? hanks aro
? to n^ke . negotiatlbus.- with ,
.?rp. hero for a net; Credit '.ht sixty ]
IHio? to bo :?tt?edstor . ?tu'asb?l .".pay- "
[jMKS? tor purchases l? the ?nilj?i?,
States'; iOijo proposal, ls : to seeuro
|cir&A?6^?'y a pledge o?- Ruasi?n ^v*^:
?^Titfl^?wa^iV T
?uniMMfhWiinv ni
Scrimmages Between H?
wa3 a spectacular same, -but lt prove:!
that tim Blue was no match for tho
Crimson. Tho Varvard stadium eas
.:. *vovw'2-ov<:>?& ?>.:. ?& *?** ?&
Tedi *
!l; Mer
??,At - Macon-.Florida
c?r 7
?t Atlanta-Giorgia
7; Auburn 0.
At Nashville-Vanderbilt
27;. S?wanoo 3.
At Athens-Georgia 13 J
Clemson 0. .
At Richmond-Virginia 14;
North Carolina 0. \
At College Station,. Texas
Mississippi Aggie3 7; Texas
Aggies 0.
At Birmingham-Alabama
53; Mississippi 0.
.At Philadelphia-Pennsyl
vania 0; Cornell 21.
At Plttsburgfa. 20 ; Pennrv?'
vania' State 0. , '
At Roanoke-V. P. I. 27;
V. M. I. 9.
. At Lexington, Kentucky G;
Tennessee 0.
*' . At Baton Rouge-; Louisiana
? State University 12; Tutano p.
:'*-.'. At Austin, Texas 7; N?cre
damo 3G.
At St. Louis 0 ;'"Georgetown
90. -:
At Missoula, : Montana. G;
Syracuse C.
At CoIumbia-~South " Caro
lina' 0; Citadel 3.
At New York-Columbia 18;
"Wesleyan 0..
:'''.,'-at Norfo1k~Washfns>on and
Lee 48; North Cur?llrv Aggies
43, ? '^.';';
At Chattanooga '80; ., Ken
tucky Central 0 i
, At Charlotte-Davidson 21;
Wake Forest 7.
At Grconvllle-^-Funnan 20;
? Wofford 0.
At Louisville 0; Transyl
vania 2G. .. t . ;
At Arkndelphlar-Ouebits. 6;
MlasrisaipfI College 0.'
. At Duo ' Westr-Eraklne; fl;
Horner C. ? .< ,? . v''.?"'.'-'-.,.'
. At Ol inton-Newberry :, 19 j ;
'South'. Carolina. * Presbyterians
33. -
Br. areli to See Poyo.
'.- Naples,- Nov. 25^Bettor Cecil L4
f?^;??,?;ow:Yor?:r- 'th^?a?y American
born, ;passbnger on. tho Ancona,will
go to Rome tomorrow, to^repeat her
f-tory of tho vessel's slhk?0?;tO . Am-'
babador Paite. She viii W acepm-.
panted by an American* ' as.s?stant na'" :
val attache, who came to- -Naples to
?et. evidence. aVo Vrett'et^tea her- as"
jr^?On" that fthe #?bh^ri?Vehel???^J
-5?. ^.V Wh".-? t1-- '-nw-jiK-^*?; '.?j^1
urvard and Yale.
> ' . . ' .... M
|M?? . .
filled, and ono of trie largest audiences
that over saw an athicllc event in tao
United States witnessed Vale's defeat
by the crushing score cf 41.to 0.
Five Pereons Are Reported Kitt
ed and Moro Than Kan?
I AtraA ?r?i-.saA
Little Rock. Nov. 25.-Information
roceived at;the local office-of tho Hock j
i Islnud railroad tonight reported that
ilv-o persons were killed Stfd more
than ?0Q Injured in a tornado at Hot |
Springs, today.
.T*ho conductor of a Rock Island |
! train wf.vlch reached Malvern, Ario,!
?stated -that when his train".left .'Hod
Springs tho number reported killed j
I wa? eight and the Injured: sixty-five.
I Ho said that many buildings were-/ de
imollshed' and somo vrero burping
when the train'left.
"While the "'latest reports, indicate j
rthat three persons, wore killed and '
sixty-five .''"injured in the~tornado at
Hot Springs, advices arc so meager ?
that' the death Hst may be greator.
The .southwestern outskirt of die city
I,1B the only secldnt said to have been
I damaged. Tho United States reser
vation in the conter of tho city was not ?
Greenville, Nov. 25.-?-When. the
coori bf '-; common,'- pleas took /receafci
Wednesday .night for Thanksgiving,
itae;. case" of . Di W., .Bollard\ against
Hu; Fountain Inn ,Manufaetttrihg cora-1
pany 'was, Jh 'progress ' The trial will-j
he-'restnncd when tho court-Is .'reopen-1
Od . Friday morning. Mfr, ."allard is |
siting l?.e. Fountain Inn cotteer$?t0$
$5,000 damages beean?3 of Illness In
j pia family which' ls alleged was caus
ed by. tho-negligence, of. tho compahy
in failing to - remove certain j ref Ose j
from tbt? nlU premises. Members of j
his tem5ly, be ?al?egod contracted ty:
li .old from ;. tue ~?erm-ladea excre
Tric? bi.H^iagBfe?;.Ch|aks.
finn Francisco?.VJNovi \ 25.--The' tUl:
eral - ?rdn d jury, ; ? n ve g; i sat?n ? th?; at'
.'empted > smuggling': or Chinese (from
tho steamer Mongolia ort which; elght
ty^six stowaway* -.. wero discovered,
"heard: testimony to tho cit?bt that the
conspirators wers/.<o be paid eight
jlAUUcO. Thia icto.lod J7?.S0U.
Arc Willing Co Spend Motor Mil-'
lionaire's Money to End' (
Now York, Nov. 25.-Hoary Ford
tonigut said that ho had received ac
ceptances from Thomas A. ' Edison,
John Wannamaker, Miss Jano Adams,
Miss Holon Keller, 'Mrs. Anna Car
land Spencer and Frederic C. Howe,
to his proposal to take an American
penop com m IK Sion to neutral-Scandl
hay lan countries In an effort to end
tho war.
Governor Monning of South Caro
lina and Former Governor Slatop of
Georgia received Invitations.
..Columbia, Nov. 25.-Honry Ford,
Detroit manufacturer arid philan
thropist, today wired-.Richard I. Man
ning, governor of South Carolina, re
questing him to become a-member ot
a pcaco commission that will nail
aboard the Oscar the ' second of the
Scandinavian American lino from
Now York on Dccomber 1th, for
Christiana, Stockholm and Copenhag
Among tho hundred Amorlcanc In
vited to join tho expedition and (have
accepted said Mr. Ford nro Jane
Addams, Thomas A. Edison and John
(Governor Manning ls cut of.tho city
today and it ia not known what ho
will do with .-Mr. Ford's invitation. In
his wiro tho Detroit manufacturer
says: "I a racabllng leading men and
women of tho European nations to
join us on rpute and at some center}
point to be established later. Es
tablish nn international . conference
dedicated to the negotiations leading
to toe Just settlement of thc war."
The expenses of tho-entire expedir
lion is to bo defrayed by Mr. Ford.
San Francisco, Nov. 25.-Tho throe
hundred marinea ordered to the cruis
er San Diego yesterday to proceed
to Mexico -were taken from ; the ex
position grounds where they have
been stationed since Ike fair opened.
The. fair management, objected in
long distance telephone message to
the secretary-of war over taking the
marines away when the exposition is
to end dn two weeks, but to.no avail.
Tho men are on tho cruiser and are
expocted to sall late today aud;'are
under, orders to prepare for tropical
s er vi et ashore. .
Tonncge Sunk hy Enrh Side Since
War llegan.
London, Nov. 25,-Of tho 5,459,lM
tons of which tho Gorman merchant
marino consisted at tfcc beginning of
the war,' 230,000 tons have been c?p
?pr?i by the ,British pavy and 38,000
loiS by other'allies, while 117,000 tong,
h?y? been Blink and 307,000! tons
Interned in ports ot .tho' BrlUsh^epa^
ppe'i The remainder, except the few
ships at large to Baltic, aro Inf
terned In German and neutral .barf
Those figures were given outb^Bljf;
Owen Philippi white presiding at a
meeting here <of a British shipping \
Results of Collision bn Southern Bari
../? way ?'ear Salisbury. . .
1 Washington.! -Noy.,. '25.?^0. Max j
GarSnor of Shelby,; Ni 'C...'.'candidate, j
for nontenant governor suffered '. a
broken le? and ^ sprained back in the
Wreck ofit the northern train number
28. and She-special?;. carrying. North
Carolinians to Richmond ror the foot
ball game, near, Salisbury last utgh$,.
Number 38 ploughed tato the rear end
pf. tho special; Henry C. Sfilvars and
C. E. Ha1!! cf Charlotte. w?*e killed..
Twenty-one" otb? I
S cc ? clary of ?u? IVesSUTy M?kcS
Statement As to Fiscal"
Washington, Nov. 2C.-'Increase. In
national taxation, rather than tho 1K
snanco ot banda lo mut* tho : first
year's expense! of th? administra
tion's defensa.-.prottram,-wa*! advoent
cil by secretary Mc?do-J. in n; stat;;
mont estimatif*, tho govbrnmo.it'o
venues and oxpondlluro* for tho'fi 'ai
year beginning next July,"
.BHumlng Chat congress will keep,
in offoct the presort ortiergoncy lav
laws-the- Kocretary- oatUnates aiu.t
.SUa,890,&94: of . additional revenu?
would to needed for -1017 expendi
tures, including $93,80.0,009 for the nu
Monal defense plans.
Ho suggested a reduction of thc in
come tax exemption ot sinario ix.-- :.m .
from |3(000 to S3.QQ0 nnd on married
persona from I4?O00 to $?.',000. in sui
ting .forth ?the figures, wlilch shows
in the present emulation ?i. a doti
cloncy la, 1917 of $25,806,:!? t.
Washington, Nov.. ?25,-Tluvaunnul
'Pan-American-' Tbr-nksgivin.',- <.-..?. vice*
ut Kt. Patricks Cal nt-'
-tonde? by menibers of tho cabinst dip
loma/tie corps, members ul tho ?u
liremo evrjft, aad other ofttclalf?. -H".-ls.:
the featuro of thu celebration '.lu-re.
H:o pre lent was ' represented ' by.
Secretary MoAdoo. After thc mass
tho guests 'wore ' entertained ? hy \\lon
signor Riscli; pasior of St. -lY-trickV.
Tho president spent the early part of.
the day on the message io congroHS
and prepared to eat Thanksgiving,
dinner with ?ira. Gait at the White'
CAD Dafofto?n?icoi?
.run mcmncuattia
New York, Nov. 25,~-?lohn Hays
Hnmmond.-Jr., - member.of a?e -nern'
onautical division- of ) thc ' naval tul -
vlsoiy ".-?board, who has Just returned
from Europe, whore he studied tho
effect of tho unproparedneBTv of the
entente powers,. declared BJO . United
States should h?vo at least two thous
nnd aeroplanes reedy to. be eat into tko
air at. a momenty notjeo;. . 'fTh?ro
should be aa. many trained obaoryers,"
he nald. "lt will toke ten year* to
build bur defenses. Wlteti tlib war
atorted Franco had 25,000 ^ofllcerii,
now Bhe (has. a hundred 'thousand' ami
that is not enough. At least. - timi
.number would bo necessary to put tho
United -Statea in a position,, to ui.eet a
.first claus power.".
Berlin, Nov, 25.-When the dress
reformers here held/a meeting under
tho' patronage of the. ^
to doplorc Preach ftohiono abd urge
the use bf simple Ge'ranan'modes, they'
niai?o ;! hitsf?ke lu. ?llbwtbig ? place
on tho prograni" for.Ov.poaitJon apeak
.er?.' Opposition sjj?akera^produced a
?number..ot tho most extremo, gowns
and roeeiy*id..tho ?pplab*a>pi ni?rtt of
tho; audience/; yr? ~: ??
? *,I''^R"1 ?'?'--- -
liillstrom's llody Cremated.
. Chicago, Nov.. 2^^^n?e,wrttten hy.
Joseph HHlstrom, ^bo was tb?>ibcini ?
son? writer, ot. tbs industrial >Work
ers, qt tho World, werb Bung , at his
funeral l?cro.
lise body of HilU-trom. who , waw
executed In. Utab<,wtH bo cremated
his request. .-. ' ?':
! :^,;';':-..::.': '-'. . .'? : *
<& -- ....... *
+ Tacoma. Nor.. 26.-Victoria,. *
British Coumota, dispatch says
that - th?? Chilpin '; foll. tigged :' v'
.ship',Caro)vMepu, ;*as ". been *
^loatVwUb aj jtt?w,' bf about;***
: twenty-five. *

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