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* .-??-. .
-..- yt: i '
Doctors Advised an Operation
but Simple Remedy Made
It Unnecessary.
For- over eight,: years Mr. U.' S. G.
llcmry, 806 East'- 6th St., Oklahoma
City, had Buffered with' stomach and
liver trouble until finally he could no
longer stand tho pain. Ho saya: "Tho
doctors told me nothing but an oper
n?pn would'give me relief. I decided
to first .try Fruitola and Traxo. which
relieved rae of a quantity of gall
stones and I have no. further pain or
trouble from my old complaint. I
would not.< take $500.00 for what your.
remedien have dohe for mo."
Pruitola, aa the name implies, ia a
pure fruit [oil, combined with certain
harmless salts,' and acts as a lubri
cant on the intestinal parts, softening
tho congested; masses, disintegrating
the hardened; particles that cause so
much suffering , and expelling tho ac
cumulation to tho patients great re
lief. Traxo acts on the liver ana kidneys,* stimulates the flow ol?, gastric
juices to aid digestion and removed bile from the general circulation, lt ls a
splendid tonic and serves to ibulld up and restore tue weakened run-down eys
tem. . *. . ? ' ' . ' .' >. ;
Fruitola and Traxo aro prepared in the PlnuB laboratories at Monticello,.|
'H., and arrangements have been made to supply them through representative'
druggists. In Anderson they can bo obtained fat Evans' Pharmacy, Taree l
Jins in vs? Doubled.
The boom in our Lalln-Air.ericah
commerce wMch was prophesied when
the war started in at Inst under way.
GoverEjmeat?a*oport8 r?!tow that in ti :?
month of SOptcmborr-o*?r ,trade with
tbe?Sou>th ?m?rit?nh: 'chantries was
doubled ia comparison with' the'-samo'
month's,business last year. Fron? now
on it should continue, growing stoai
ily, aa tho coinrirercial development
work'wdqne by our. experting- f Irais Inj
the. xlast year beginR. to make' ' i incl :
fe!'";.-(greensboro News.
i..... i-.i
Prices ?ut to Smithereens,
?his Saie is For
? iVTE\??S>PAa.T V^n^r r?/*d/\rvf? nniin?mir
ANDERSON URI uuui? wmrAm
Anderson, 8? ?. 107 Main Stareoi
Tho C. S. Sullivan Estate owns a fa*m of 700 acres seventy tftiles : ..,
Weat of AngUBta, aa., which tliey have putin-our bando for salo. Mrs. j
Sullivan cannot handle the property. She would t?'ie ^Andarson'i J
County property in part payment
A.spiendid public road made of sand and clay runs through thc
property; " .Tho roads ave all evaded and aro much-better than itt'.tilts
t county, Tho Augusta ?jo?thern Railway runa t*irough the property
and" uni- a side track on thia land. Theresa alm<^'V 500 acres bleared.
Tner'? is ' probably^
Thc tenaht houses afc bettet1 tit?n^ Otiythlhg "in^ tliis county th?^^^
have peon. There aro si? houses.. Four of toepiiare als: rooms. ^wn.
four rooms, .lit? laud in pandy,' with a good cloy ssh-soil within;S
' incites cf "tito top.
Thia'plac? waV' eol? by tho present', ownora for. $10.000.00. Thc
':. purcliOH?rV who-'wrr? speculators' wont broito bvylng about $1^.000.00
on lt and voa can-buy it for that sum.' - Now there are io's pf morin;
thincounty with otic' or two hundred acres of la*jsd that will bring'
enough: to pty for this placo; ' ' .'
You can give your childrena> term eoieco and still fe^vs enough
for yourself, lt ia. in a splendid white .section, good water,?Hp^
lutclr healthy, and all fight in every particular. '.flHH^i
On- the farm ' ?didiDipis' ibls,'..tUor?--ts'.tb? finest'dalry I ever saw.
' Tiley ^oro' milking exactly 1?? Jerseys oVthe tin^ *T ^s'tUete, taad
?> ts^lt?al? around thirst $30.00 to $50.00ap sere* . This fs^in Has
. beet* r?ut?d but for; several yeats, but lt?it?;Bo level tha^thsy. eonld pct
wear ,lt out. r bave jost, made ? trip doWn there to Ibo* over the
place,.and I-, think It ls a gyeat-barg?ihi v" /:
There is'stall-room for io mule* on;1 Vak $\i<b:yt-<f$k
Augusta. '. People running, dowp tliwe tn automobiles-sltnoit
?m?*Itaako the ropnd-;trip in:,5 or. .0 ^^^^^J^^S^
'Wprop?rty io" Anderson4 fJoOhty.thafeyea.wonia Uko te pufci?to thia,,
seems at opes and !etme;sso^
"liHtt^ ? . :
Sandersviiie... Tbs lshd l?e&s like'the->apid'??8 on.?to roaa^fwmr
. . liri ton-to H?nea-Pft? ?rrWllsJnaiot?.. The pl?c$ ia l7^\W'*$g,
.year becanee,lt was in litigation. ,I mot>mao who work?;4 *WP
: ^^?e'f?r?i on the pta?e la?i year und ho told oin bo mnds^ttbsla*,^!
^.*f8C't?ea-w?tlt-Toty ?lttto' gnaho.
Yon can tike it from m?? that th?? coniltv:- is All right'??o*&-.*joa^
'V>??W? to lite. Se* nie
xv? jar?, uioooney,
' A beautii'ul social- affair and ono
that was a pretty compliment to a
charming bride, Mrs. J. Hillier Glb
boncy, wnn given on Wednesday after
noon by Mrs. B. Prank Mnnldin, nt
her homo the "Anchorage."
Tho guopts for the afternoon woro
U:o younger married set, and these
gathered at this pretty borne, which
had been made brighter and mort- at- !
tractiv? with many beautiful yellow
At the door the'guests wcro wel
comed by MT3. Raymond Mallison,
;Wrs. Harm- burris, Mrs. H. H. Wat
kins aim Mrs. J. M; Paget. ! .
'.? Mrs. Mauldin and her lovely honor
guest received lu tho front parlor,
and recelvipg. with them were Mrs.
.H. A. Ligon, of Spartanburg, Mrs.
Frank Cunningham of Greenville and
Mrs. fiori*. Llgon.
j In Uio prettily decorated dining
room Mrs. R. 3. Ldgon'presided, and
here an .elegant salad coure was-serv
ed by Miss Annie . Cooley and Miaa
Loutso Llgon. Conoe was " served
from an attractive tablo in the rear
of tho Loll "hy Mrs. Tom Allen and
Airs; Prue Clinkscalo3. The after
noon was ono of tho most delightful
aoiclal events of tho fall -season.'
The following announcements havt?
been received here:
"Mr. ^pavid T-hompson,,.nnnouncc-3
.tlio marnago'?f (Sae'daughter, Nannie |
?Victoria to Mjr. John Manning Black
; op .Wednesday, -November tho twenty
fourth, 1915, High Point, N. C.." and
tho enclosed ord, "Mr. and Mrs. John
Manning Black will ho at homo after
December 3rd, Anderson, 3. C.
the following party of Livonia, Ga..
|"wero;an. automobile T?r.ty here yester
day: Mrs. Frazer. Miss Marie LcdV
bettoV, Miss Bulahc).' Lcdbettor and
Mls$ Annie Manon.
I Mrs. W. W. Russell ha? gone'.to '
Chicago lo v.'sit hqr daughter.
.* * *********% y*********
Mr. and Mrs. FJ. M. Allen of Gr?nV
ney ore visiting tho former's sister,
Mrs. A. M. Cooper. ' .;?:,.
Miss Mercedes Faulkner ot Green-!
wood I? visiting Miss.Iris Cooper On
North McDu?lo street.
;... Mr,, Vt:.-.M>. ^i>\xil}nsi? of . Iva was..a-.
: bnshieps - visitor >in : Anderson- 'yester-i
I day. - 1 ?iffc
Ur. il. H. Harris and Messrs. A.
?G. Barton and Sam Jones, wont to
Due.West yesterday afternoon to at
tend tho Erskino-Horncr football'
Mr. Ensene Evans of PondletOn
.spoilt' yesterday afternoon in Ander
M.i(ise3 Dora and Virginia Hcllanis
lot Greenville ai-o tho "guests of'.their'
.'.Dr. and Mrs. Hirsch, Mr. and Mm.
Sdi J. Poley, Mr. and Mrs. Fems
Funkcnstc'n.' 'and: Mrs. Hertz, of
Athens. Cc, mc tort :1 to Anderson
yer^crday " and speriV the- day with
[?Mr-,'.'and' Mrs.'O'. Geisberg. r
^Mr. Ralrr^Smith attended th? Fur
j -nrm-Avv>ifcid- football gaffl?,-ln..t?rebni-.'
i vlllo yesterday jaftemoon.
?MriLawrence Brownlee ' o.t .' Due
[ Wost spent: yesterday in 'Anderson'.
* \ . I.-KYlilt LAND '.. ,;;jfr'
. The.mnny/fricnds of Mr. Will Me
Whortcr; will bo glad tb 1 car A that he
" is^-iinproving' tills week, but slowly.
Wcll. OJd 'J. K.t has nlways been
uccijs.tomedto punching everything be
met fr?m 'a cow. to a elephant, so >jo
walked in tb' w; W.Wilson &;Co.'s
Store Monday and pantfhfed at a board/;
So he got" a -nicei; watch 'in- return. I Ie
is-'now ready for tes*' Wiila?H
Tho--ral?y at Kittie* River ' Sun-Jay
-^^rgely att^Uvod. Good pik-ochea
j were'dclh-^i^
ens. '
Mr. and Mrs. I-.-, li. Carwile,;spent
Sunday, with hc^- parents;. Mr. a id
Ya?. P. C. Temple.
Y tyrt.;Ajery Lee Crumbles of ?reen*
ville; h?s'bom? to tho bedside of ber
fdther, Mr,. W.*Jl fcPcWborter, w'ao has
beeb seriously; iii for some timo. ;
Tho vChi?f of "p?lice of Level Land
lias bbca, ?rathori?ed to arrest-.'?t?v
girl foundi^earibar on? bTMbbse knee
aro ankle w-atcbesr,- #10.OOS tino to v be
imposed by mayor. . . '.{. '.
"'^Ugn baB been placed' on: Main
WiT tb frtoht of Walson Ai Ashley's
JW%08Rt?jft?p?d$^^ Don't
{stabber*. . ; \- "..
-^'-S^piiifc- !e_tV,boost pur; town; -W
tnciro gbod?cbuld we dor,.
?lhdl^ -sn orp-h&n
?li^ftinigVhe- wo
tend get'-'a^ivbtco f
_,bn.r?turn would ".mai;
4.^l.:!.'i^?^^t^a<S?> Hosea Path;
&??-???. ' Ox W: order ia tt?atfns
?6r him, una. is boped by
l?ft^wBl be oyort^ken ?bob
i , M>. A. B. Y<mn? and farpUy wi
l^'?^d! get off by Mbnday, NOVB??
Giifii?? HOUSE
?Speaker -and Enumerated Many i
. Tilings of Today H..VO to Be
Thankful For.
Exercises wore hold at thoToxdway'i
and F/.verside milla community house!
last night commemorating Thanksgrv-1
I lng Day, and they were well attended,
over 1C?, being present.
Capt. H.* H. Watkins'was the
speaker ; of thc evening and ho com-j
pared tin, things that tl te people of
today hayo ?lo be thankful .for- with \
the thins?1 fn his boyhood days. Ho
spoke of the educational advantages,
employaient advantages, transporta
tion, amusements, etc. Capt. Wat-1
kins also compared yesterday. with
ono year' apo. Last year evury.t i?K
Avas' dark,, and gloomy and yesterday
tho outlook:-was bright with prosperi
ty reigning all over the United States.
In addition to tho address of Ca;:t.
Wlatkine, Dr. Jas. P. Klnard. presi
dent ot Anderson college was -nros
ent, and. made a short talk. Four
Anderson" college students were j.roa
eht also and read and recited.
As a whole tho evening -was very
enjoyable.- Miss Frances Finley has
charge, of.v? the community work ot
these mJHs and ti.o deserves a great
deal, of credit for tho prog-..ess'she l?
making ^abd] ai so for tho meeting last
eyeulng>... Alach interest Ja being
|.shpwtt'hyr tho operatives of Hie mills
in'this .cohununity work.
I*: ; ? fcVHKKA ( .
Mr. MVF: Breazeale of Mt. Ollveyi
X.' C./t*Pon't awhile last x*sek with
his mother, it
'Mr.. . J..->'. Ji?e Dalectino of Anderson
js Ste^giatiJiis brothels, Z. C: Bal-,
len tine, -.'illa many; friends will bo
glad to' know he ls much Improved
anice nisi trip to Baltimore.
Kyle, .Shirley Bpcnt Sunday- .ol'
n.'.'by or tito Belton Behool
'op?ntlt?e'week-end'with Miss Lillian
Shirley. : . ..j',/.
--Mr. andialrs. R. y. H. Nance, ot
Anderdon >cr.-inc out to Sunday; school
'S.unday.-.afiorobon.-." .> ', v.'-ijv'
l> "Mrs v A.N.- Campbell 'baa been 'suf
fering' 'for 'several. days' 'with- a severe
Mr. and.Mrs. Dewitt Masters have
gone to Florida .for Ole winter. i
- W. Li Anderson went over to Cedar
Falls mill ht Greenville county. Cr?pB
ar? izci zz ??~r"S ?ri thai ?e?t???? lir*?i
tha 'farraers' donU Seem io be-sowing
very' mu>ft 'grain:
Mri - '^.s .?' ?. Campbell spent
thc Nv . wltli her sister at Pied
mont. ( ;',;'? "
Mesdames^ Lena .Qainbrell and Wal
ter Anderson visited Mrs". C. B.-Mc
Cown of Mt.. Creek.
Mrs. Elizabeth Carlington had
the following ladles to dinna.* with
er Wednesday: Mesdames Jas. A.
Shirley, M. J. Harper, Z. C. Dalloa
ilne; Byora, Vipd'"Wi L..-Anderson..
Lifesaving Apparat us.
Iii; an attempt to-provide- a means
.jf safeguarding, locomotivo engineers
: and firemen against' ser lona, injury,
and' deajh:;.ipj\rallway ?ccidic?ts ' u
qbuth'?rn- ihventor -lias developed ri
.moohaUical apparatua which ; has ele
ments Of hovo?ty and* Interest, .even
though tho practicability . 'of all i . Its
feature^.may -bo contested In some de
gree*says the ; 'December", Populjw
-aTeeltadlcs Magazine. ,
; iMm?rlly ? tho contrivance consisto
of two large cylinders uiounte'd in . &
ffdine atmVjhled^beneath and at; tho
eldes; of an 'engibe"Veabhpmedlntely
udder tho seats. 1 Tko\&yi?rd?r? -V aro
made of "bollQr- plato' remforced'ph tho.
Inside ;witb1 a .series.:of channel irons
that enable lt;-to withstandcrush4
lug.-force ofis outch" ah'. 500'tone-;
By^ pulling ^Iever,':t)tD'^bht!upon:wb!?h
a n' operator Ur sitting: is relbalsediri$has
dr?pj? i??lni'. :s?at aad' ail}-. into; the. cy
:UddoW: ivfc?cbi? .tben> closed mechaul
cva^ipr-?mit'iiiiVTT??' *i.vy.,ui'w;*,,v- ctzzi.
Besidesi. offering ap ongln?.crew an
avenue of .escape; the" apparatus' pejr
nwnis .tire ouwea''br- both! the engineer
and fireman after ; ch'ey. hove ab?tidoa*
ed tbs locomotive; .in this way tfe?
wellere ot passengers aboard a trald
h, .looked'.aftevs- ; Wheh; \ln: ?rd??r to
.'--'. bli W|sv ; op engineer;.draws back
jsver-.thatidrppij huu'dntO the cy
ier#=<;? Iber. \ action ,< sbnaUanebusly
nttlea- tho ' englue, anpllca sand'
?:. rajll^ seaaV.^ .airrbrak^si. don
, je fire, P?d: ( pours cxtihgulshi;
?g?nts-.upon Itv- -
j: ( A full, page.^XustrStlott ..oixows tb?
I construction hat : (Jfei ;, apparatus and
graphically ..<dts^r)iiies ? Its ?bo in an
condition:':.?ti-'Miii . J?seph.v N.
fwa?>,rejrj?rted''.?s; Amtofr''id&
;J improve on Wed?|Baday: ' ?tght, -and
1 resfcd;well7y^e^tty? ;
Mftrt?ff. flosedi \
.; ; On accounts pft/Th?nk^gt^p^ Day
**ris^?s*fcY?f?*: cotted inarket. -/.were
clooed >^ei'4sy.-'ttndT^'???>i#e$ttBdtiy
tkei-e .w?ro-^no^r^rls., '.,-' '
..'.' ?AtOils ii?P?ui^;<te ?ceciis. j >i
t4Mstlil?'' ^t^?l.>^.W?.on^\..lB^t'.Jlltt^
! i pi?s^?ni'- vrt? :^'^yd>^ibXvn;
:| ?i?tcipT? cab?iret.*-s?part?nburg -?f?r
?aid; . ,';;."^'^'''-^-v':'.;-':-;
Interesting Incident of Work in
Connection Salvation Army
Related and Illustrated.
Col. J. E. Morgclts, national scout
superintendent of tho salvation Army,
delivered an address last evening lu
the court house to about ICO people,
-his subject bolus "Berooa."
Tim lecture waa iiluhtratuu willi
beautiful magic luntern slides which
in addition to the Kpeaker's talent of
telling things, aUiied muelt to the
pleasure cf 11.e evening. Ho spoke
of "the scout work In connection with
tue Salvation Army, plainly depicting
and Illustrating nauiyu interesting in
cidents. Tenement life in New York
was shown and many of the experien
ces of tho workers In thlB big city
were related. Tlao lecture was very
entraining und tiiosoprcsont enjoyed:
lt very much.
Colonel J. E. Margetts, the lec
turer, 1B an ofllo^r or over 84 years*
nervlce, and haB been for t':o last
M years the National. Young Peo
ple's secretary of . tho Salvation
army, at?t?lied to the national head
quarters In Now "York City. .
During the colonel's.leadership this
important work lia? neon greatly do
.'olopcd; and many now features hayo
been' introduced to odd to the. ofh
clency and a'itractlv?noBB of U:c work.
Among tao new* dovelopiuent? recent
ly *??guil ivte'd' aro tho Life Saving
scents, for boya, and tho Lifo Saving
guaids, for girls, which aro very pop
ular and are glowing continually.
Colonel Margotts ls- tho national
scam superintendent of the army, and
?3 hc-p?pg -to leo Ufe Saving scouts
and.guards troops.organized, far oyery
; lt. was primarily In tho interest ;of
the young people's work that thc
colonel wos.in fia-(6 city.
Sydney, Australia, Nov.. ffi.-Let
ters from the Gallipoli Pailnknln say
that a Queensland cavalryman-named
Slag holds tho.mco'rd among tho Aus
t ral a.s ian troop:; as a nilptr. Up to
ITie first of Septernbor Sing! had shot
91 Turks cf wnom at. least 50 wero.
Wileri outright. Sing was ; a crack
marksman toorare, tho war and had
won prlzeu for lils- shooting at Brls
ua?? ?ini at iiy;;""y. Kia?s .cussshig
in systematic . sniping in tho- Dar
danelles operations ho has rarely
missed one of lils human targets.
Day after day and hight 'ofter night
r:te settles down . c^m?oriahlyi ln- some
pet posltloa and .waits with, inexhaus
tible 'patience far his chauna. He sits
for boura with a telescope-as an aid
watching the Turkish trackb 'over tho
hills or the lengths, of tll ? Turkish
trenches until sooner or lalor a Turk
shows himself.i If. the Turk ls wary
and? quickly "boba' up and thad', down
agoSn>.Sing- does not fire....Ho pro
ceeds oh tho principle .-thai cnbo'ld
ched by fancied security tho Turk
will gradually risk first''bte;bead, v on
his shoulders and finally .the Upper
half of bis .body. ?t this slago Sing's
rifle'cracks a*ad tho Turk ls econ to
fall. A notch 1s mad.3 by'Sing'4b
av stick - ?Ataich li? keeps" by way of
a record.- Slav's shiping perf?r
lnancer; arc said .tb bb,.^-beyond ques
tion, for every tolllng/e?O- hy him
has-been.:chocked by sorno ofllcor. .
, : SmaJI E?cclrlc rrojector.
j As an accessory for motor cans, a
small electric searchlight has been In
troduced which may bc attached to a
.windshield and used' for iilumlnntlhs
turns' lu , s rojid,; or. bouse numbers
from,- a' dletance. says tho'i December
-Popular Mech?nUis -Magnilrie. in an
illustrated article1, lt ia tubular in
Tj^0?$''ln\; ip; length, and has a. dia
meter of ,2 1-2; Joches. By^oniploying
a. i.i iifxr?ifH?n ? sca? ;U V^?^?V??J?? or ti
rr Hector ;ba^ l^b ' eilmra'atedk. Cir
, I . ,^ _ -ty, rr .v^,,. ^ ?-^ i'V.
i.v..? v. v? u \?. , - .wu- mVIUQC H.IUCI .T i
The; compact housing, and the;; fact
tba$ the lamp may, bp removed .readily
Irom its^eupr^ makes lt
'convenient ..wfe'?n^'.?ngmV.on^tlreVti-;?
ble? develops, en the! road at. night.
Tho lamp.? eo mounted, that lt may
.be turned tin any direction- by .a.-drtv
er'?when he <recfuircw an ?'. auxiliary
light ; Since it ; ii dsitohabfeMt'may
b^esiriiw'-lti & 0<>r box vi urtu g th?
j day'time; : ) ' . .
?i ; ; Patiin^; lt Up to Fattier.
; After several onauccessful at
tertipts^to (dr^v ^k?F-' hmnWrid' - {atc
.conversation at tho - restaurant thc
wife discovered tho cause ot- his ab
straction to be. a..'beautiful7'-, girl
di&sed tn black and seated'st ? near
by table: ' " '. .
"An attmcllve jrjdow." observed thc
"Yo, Jiidcea, li' very attractive
dow;" agr?#cd ,t!it> Ciusuand- cntht
ffigaESffi steh?ti . tito wire "I wish
. _. *. . . . ?''i'1** n' ? ?^ijid.r'i^ i^??^ iCnlxj t .'.
. speaks, six
"Rfu* Van' .rv&?? iilfc An^'?i. ^ ?ti
Ypwt?i^?yfh rc-Ungr?m,
*^*rr V*Ay*?
? ' Hr
$20.00 Pattern
$18 00 Pattern
||l 5.00 Pattern
$10.00 Pattern
S 8.00 Pattern
#6.00 Pattern
^ .5:00 Pattern
; ? 4.00 Pattern
Hats Saturday. . .
Hats Saturday .
Hats Saturday. . .
Hats Saturday. . ,
Hats Saturday. .
Hats Saturday. .
Hats Saturday. .
Hats Saturday. .
. $10.00
. .$ 9.00
; $ 7.50
$ 3M
S 2.50
, $ 2*00
.>.- a
j. .,"...?.. UCv. ....
MAKE YOUR P?R?H?SE \1^?^ -'-^^;
A? Usual Our St^? WiilBe
a??c*vn^?otri?;r? a~w- ;.:...,'
i #
We have a complete stock of
"New Club," '?Nublack,"
"Nitro Club" and "Repeat
er" Shells, in all standard
gauges and loads.
??eilon, S, C.,
GreeriTlUc, 8. C.
?Tf?E POPUL?R JEWEL STEEL RANGE : ^?* 1?' jf?' ?B>
Aimor,t cVdrijr: ic-"?';
pir?c?? Btco? rhngo ia
?'sii?? v^ili? 'light-Wbight;
??oei walls. painted
Wjtl?lj?pan to hide itu
' defects; but not so with
. {^Popular;- Jewel or
Cea^ar.v .^o^ol. stove
rohgoi-' In fact al!.
i- I?it'? steel ; ranges nw
made, honeatiyi and ;
bold oh ?iovit .rather
tliat?'.'U?o?p?ioh. Tho
low price ot a Popul?r
Jewel Steel Rang? Sa
. iaw^ tb smaller-&t*e ?nd
. ;t?Ot^nSvt?R aait?any or?
?inm?htol ^arfa or ^st
ings; byr:?t6t? d?i?Wl
?trcv?nlck baltfng, fuol
'? economy^ nhd cnnyii?*'
i?ttOo?- lt will compare
favorably W 1th v tho
,???^*pri?eid rouges.
; The walla:aromado from heavy bine pl?niphed steel, dbiibl^Vand aaijeotOH
, llnc^- . ?.Uv$^ ??dfitted
ran ?*. lsjnboh,.boiler Y.?AM-w???rf?
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