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Nothing ' is Authoritative O?ljr
Statement of German Ncr. va
. paper*.AB io Importance.
London, pee. . 1.-?mpcrdr. ? W?
lianvs visita to Vienna, coinciding with
tii? /r^dgnatloh of th reo ' - . Austrian
ministers, is tho cause.offniuch spec
ulation. Tho two overits"are various
ly assumed to ho connected/ with tho
reported effort of Germany to force
Austria, into the German zel'lveroln.vjr
customs union * and the desire Jo f Em
p?rer Francis Joseph to secure se
parate. peacoH/irpugh the ."Intervention
of Pope Benedict and.the rumored dis-f
puto between Austria' "andV Bulgaria
oMor tho division of . Se-roia;.
There ls rio authoritative'.' basis for
any of fcaosoreports; '.beyond stated
menta iii German newspapers that Em
peror "Willilam's visit wa? of highest
In the meanjime ^n ^0'Balkan
erations, the movements '.BCthe central
powers' annies,contin?e. - Liker;Ger
many, -Bulgaria announced, . with the
' capture or Priorend that &?r campaign
:'?,-.against Serbia had -/ended'.Thia
? "seems to support tho suggestion that
to- avoid:a. dispute:. with.--<Sire?c??;. tho
Bulgarians/decided 'against occupying
. Mohistir. 'jMonj?tlr^wns u?llr.in ?er
blau hapds lota Monday; . ^/Np/OS?qia?
news xii apy chang?: has b?eurre?aiv-i
ed. ;
Austria, assisted hy B?rne?' - Ommn
/ - /;:tro^pB,^cphtinuos; operations 'against
Montenegro.' VPhel Montenegrin's " are
being.aided by come.portions of Ibe,
Serbian armies. Bottles aro /being
fought in that part o? tho ?anjak pf
' Novlpaaar taken' hy Montenegro dur
. ^ing.the Balkan-wari
Tho teutons are advancing sohth
from Blehica and across tiie-frontier
from Prlopolje. Itt tho north Montene
grins claim to have dofeatpd.the. Aue
-.. trian? near Fotcha; -Bosnia. in
"southeastern 6er?l?..sn?w. at?I prer
. vents 'i^itant/moven^ents.^^^-/
Tho Rumanian* ^ttttud? is i still un
moor tain V T^ov"^^/^j^.rts;"*a^..'/?b??
. shp; Uko Greece,via trying to remain
.. . Greece, In reply to tho latest note
of the^stents.'???ies inH-lsts." u*>t?n. JIBM
trnllty and independence. The final i
settlomet of Dbe disputed points is npc
yet in sight. > " ' ;
; ;__^ ;.
Loudon, Bue. i.-The Balkan states
continuo to dominate both. th?,/: mili
tary ?iud diplomatic situation in Eu
rone. Ritmah?a's attitude ls appar
oni'./..causing Mba '/centrai.', powers,
.". 'great uneasiness "while' Greece's re?
fus'al to limit her military ^effective
nops vls' CQ?al concern to the en
tente. Burrum ja ' i's . said, to be ; only
t win.(lng the.'preserictj ol a predbmih
?ure or entente military forces in
I?att->u*_< .bhtpro"' Ro'?'diiyr-.;'aa: ultima
tum id/Au (trla a??l Qaljaany./ .
Military,critics, according .to diu
patches .received here express . con
siderable djse?t4facti.>u with -- the
. Balkan conditions, predicting both
i??Hiary aad dir<lr?~.aU?i difficulties de
spite the : brilliant. Serbian campaign.
. : .rxMoi-?ovbr.' St is re-sorted, that Austria
. Bulgarian
. -;;/? dom'Jnat?j?tt,??u ..'the/.'?ilkiuift and il is
;/. ,a;c'?^t^';^i?t''Bthpe^pr Wlf?m Went
jp? \Vleana-' to forestall a- possible fric
." , tion ip r*?*rd to thia
tl?r^ce s^?dfaf;?ly refuseo/,to con
."; cade iba ??atente demand's for iv~t "<->.
. strictest., uss. of tba Greek ports'1 of
.';.. ; /S?^?nj??i a?:'a b'as?' and";.iur?ermbrf
...^^I?^?^/tp;?r.'f?a7? . "???V :?&y "'from
Maued/mto, .
/;;;?t^?.a?'^om<pair?ttwy:- "inlets on??ii?
/ ? OJMJiefn./froiat. : The :.I?nralanV: aro
- 1 <- \h>.;: ?tr?n"- - <
. ~~:\:':'i'^ -
HVJ? '? fi?Eti1IT St? COR? *
? DrV John E. Anderson
, Because Uncle Sam: does not pay
salarian sufficient; to hold able scien
tists b/ is losing them : like the many
naval i'.ftcers wjno have gone tb muni
tion pJunts'.i,' This ls' Dr? . John F. An
derson, late director of tim.'hygienic
lahorhtoryj of tho public health serv
??bi^Tlf . I'D. he received : a salary Aof
Ono of. the' largest chemical con-.
a&imi^ tbb'i United;' States, which baa
its }nttih|;plahtVbt Nefw, Brunswick. N.
j., v.'ant?dii?m, and an offer of ?25,O00
a year .w?hjm?ae,: -Ko could notre*
?fst, sb he has left/the sgrvice -of the
United. Wat'
Says .MeeAWi'6 Was. Adopted' Aa]
: Cui?ance 'fcy . British Couria
Only. ,
Lodop, '.TJ?c, 1. '-:Rxpla?ning, the'pos
opri't^Dt 'Britain respect!trig he dec
laratloriVof landon; ?he marquis of
L-an s dorine ; Informed. tho : house, ot
lords "tb'it it had beeb adopted only
with imjjprt?nt .modifications and for
tho guidance of British courts. The
Wk^Ufctirivolved in tho adoption;
: Ho^xpressed tho. conviction that, in
all cases where thc law courts failed
to afford^ a satisfactory:.!solution, . or I
diplomacy fiad been" unable'tb gaih-ad.- j
Ju3lme??t. it Avas T?ght^hat-arbilratlori [
bo ccnsMered.
i' J??1c??ovt tb arbitration {.for ?*ttle
ment Of dispute was provided .for in!
tho treaty crmoluded- witb tho United
State's. lastVye?r.
Amsterdam .. Dec. i.^-When the year
covered ?by the .original war levy in
Belgium-expired la?t: month, lt was
reponfed hore thnt the German ad
ministration continued to collect
$40.00&,000 frarica.; month ly without
rinnjltu; the total. Kow tho. Belgians
say Lhat?nhe Gormans will require I
54'?O.Q001?'|? franca total at that rate.
Oonflictibg Ret>ort?{
Fjome, Dec. 1.-The Tribuna says
tho real Object bf Eriiporo? William's
visit to Vienna wa*;to stop .tho efforli'
l,hat Austrisf"."?? reported to. be. n^aa^mg;'
through Madrid and tho ->>ti?an . <0
obtain a s?par?triipeace, ^Sa^jnl'
Vlariha dis?gf ??s^?n?t&ei.'qt
l^tt? ?. thu paper ? says< >"t
siresi^-:;tx^ . v
ally, soas'ioibreair.'^
eritehte, ? and ihbb to /cr?^'i&s^rid
jw^^^ri?h? desire? a r^^{an$aa^?.
mV.peifCel". .
.'. c:Rai^^/8^ln^et.;r
r^n^ereri bb^
thf? rall and writer; 'r'?v?'/of ? tho A?ar
tlc: ??o^^i.i?e;;0n. 0#?dn piece ;g'? "' "
?f?bni':?^irir?^'">.?r^th?-. Carciin?.
Sts tb Kbir .'Riviavf
r'imt?ittory. - :
Clarke of Arkansas Opposed Be
...? <5?tjca cf Opposition to Ship >
Purchase Billi
' . . -?- i ?
Wachluston.D?c.l.-Senator Poni
eran of Ohio, tonight. became a cantil
date foy president "protempore of the
Senats "against ganator Clarko of Ar-'
knueac, who seeks-re-election,-lt was,
announced after thc'.session of Ibo'
d?mocratie -caucus, assuring a' brisk'
conteston Friday.
Antagonism to Clarke- has been de-j
veloping since his fight on tlio ship;
purchase pill, at the last session:; of.
c?ngr'053,. but the administrtVdon
hoped to ni lay'opposition-for the cake
of-party harmony.^
;'A light ls expected.tpmorrow. -Whch;1,
the proposed .rules, debate, to- prevent
filibustering',- is placed/before;! the j
caucus. ' ?
- .-1--.
-? Washington, Det*. I,-Democrats ol
tbs senate - In caucus fated to reach*
an agreement on tho rule to provide a'
' ilnite reeoiumehdatron. - They"also de
ferred, the-election . of president pro-;
um. .'This . will' be taken, up Friday.
Soyeral senators have shown oppoel~>
Hon* to* tho reelection of ' Beriator
Clark of Arkansas" and have, sought to
havo Senator Fomereno as a candi
date. . ;
All Bodies Were Recover^ Af
xer. ino explosion on. xaiSK
Boomer, W: Va:. Dee. 1.-Nine
Americans and seven-, Italians perish
ed, ih ah. explosion In the Boomer Coal
and. Coko ..company's mine hera yes
terday, according to . company oih>
dals. All sixteen bodies wore, re
covered . Tho four meii"found OYO*-,
Ip?j?^';.today, will recover, tho physt*
dans think. . !
Nov.' On aaa ft, Dec. l.-^Miargihg
that a reign, of lawlcssnei?|ln?&^ffi
Jefferson-, parish;':'adjoining >N?w.\?r<;
leans, Qoye/hbr Hall today formally
pl aced.Ufe entire parish'-huder innr
>!?t> law. Ho said that ho did not
jmt?i&ovt.loins, it would be. ?nrantain--,
The.troops burned tho slot machines
'seized'' last' /night. ' ' l?ato today/r?ey
aoixe'd other gambling paraph?rial*
?lcstr** to "Resanln. Keniral.
M tioti?on-i \ <Doc. . Iv According. tu a
ielejg^?m from Edehar?st, Rumania
n otified. ?tui sid: o f : her ea mest destrq
to remain ? neutral .' Conf-eauenriy;
ft-issian ships may. hot enter the .Dan
' & whl ch lt U ; ^inpkas biod has bown
ine?,"- says a Copenhagen, -dlaoatob
tho l^c^?gp Telegraph,
K?p>l?^'.?^;a3wifc: : De&ta'?'d.
ic^ ot'mcat ?1??'?l^ pali to 1
' ?^e^en?ed> 7S"?a ' pniy?< coat.-.;C
tc-bor m$$ **dv?mo<?r W.. mo\
rt nient, or- agr?ouU?i^ ^npun?ed
s ?sst-fit?<jbsVsi''pvi.ces:;de?lthsd.
ttUllll LL I ll
The Officials pave Practically
the Same Testimony As to
- ~-,- .
"New York, .D?c, 1-Tho'summing
.up of counsel :and Federal jJudgp
Howe's chhrgo to the Jury le ail'that
remains to end thfe trial of the Ham
burg-Ab?o'rica?i officials charged with
conspiracy- iri/.i sending supplies to
German warship* In Atlantic and.
Pacific oceaus nt the beginning of the
Four defendants,-Dr. Karl Bueaz, dl
: rector; George itc-ttc-r, superintendent;
Adolph Macnmelstcr. purchasing agent
of tlie . Hathhurg-Ainci'lcan lino and
Joseph" Popp.ldKfca?se?' wi'.:b" sailed Vs?
supercargo oh the steamship Berwind
and dej?trer^^opda' off" the Island of
Trinidad^ testified' today, to substan
tially tlie'eamb facts.
. -Ketter and Hachmoister': said 'that
they : bought '.the goods and? cleared
thb-shipV updor;rDr, Buena's-instruo
tiona; .' Ho^la turn, waa acting, nuder
an agreement^botwoon'tao, Hamb'nr'g
AmerJcaa ' line and .the-, Gorman gov
ernment ., ; P?ppUihaijse acted on Kot
ter^s, directions
v - Although the four said that they
had no - intention of defrauding ihe
United'States,all admitted that the
j^f^nn?ire?.]$ 1 .GOOLOO"from the Ger
man government and spent'it.
^Bftwaln Boy-Ed, G -.val. at
talfiaefw^ -again 'referred1 to ns taking
part in tho fiuabclrd transactions
New: York; Dec. T^-All correspon
dence relating to an agreement which'[
tho Hamburg-American. Uno'had with
the Germ?n "government, to Buppry
Gorman; vrarahips froid tho United
States soon after th? war opened haye"
baan sent to thc - German: embassy,
at Washington according to the tes
timony bf Karl ?5ucnz. at ?is trial
with thr.-io other? oh .'charges of con -
spiracy. ' 130011?; -testified that much
of the correspondance ls in Germany's
secret c^ode end while this cape was
pending lt. was Temovcd to tho em-1
cassy, i so tho secret codo could not be.
made public and get into' tie hands
of Germany's enemies.
^u.rBu?ttz ? testified that - C?ptala Boy
Ed? tho naval attache ut; tho Ger
manembassy, was in. hl3 outee fre
quently ^svhen ships wore being sent
from: American, ports with supplies
for war ships, ?.nd know what waa go~
lng on but gave no Instruction?
iz ibek the position that he* was
ijr-. under tao instructions of his
.STMe'cordlpar'.'to an ; agreement with
/ihi^^ovmay government and Bald he
CH hot be'itevo in violating any law.
..iie^s'^d lt''was his intention for the
Ship's^<o proceed tb, norts fof which
they cleared, empty.-?^i??r;? supplying
tho warships, thereby . conforming
with t?vo clearance regulations. '.!'..;i
Parla, i?co. J.---"Partisans and ad
verse ries bf. the. government c?nio to
bTo'vs ft~? the opening possioh.-.'bf:- tho
Bertt? cb> respondent of Thp Matin. ; :
King Ferdinand had .hartyy begun
hiV speech when he w^* , lnt?|OTj>?S|j
with crier, of '/Down with the gtfterh
jnwtt^;3frOB)t M. TrilUB,-tii? leaderwritio;
intf.iv?Btionlsts, and tits. adherents.
TJ?I; .su^poriors of the itoyorhnie?t re
j?Y,&\ with; ch?ftrs for; .the 'Uing.
, ??uV oo?jf^r, had the Idng 'teft -thai^
iWtwb/'tablions began fl^hUnji. ".
.' ? - ^?'^'?J^?<^'\
.> -Washington', tVsc??.~Spt?'
o?r ?lhiyli '' today ' Invited
:/ Ann's Howard Sba*-, and . ot
4,'' er/ suSraststs to.-;< .b'??cupy the
^?':r?^9?Sk?f'z:gallery. 0&j0$t?h*M: 4?
A i*-,*. k?y \-oi .,congresa,-;\wheia'- *
Ivo Meado?'- of *
? -.
Presiding Judge Threw Govern
ment's Testimony Out of
Court tur Insufficient.
Now York, Dec. 1.-William Rocke
.fetler and ten co-defend'ants, 'ac
cused as onetime, directors of the Nev/ I
Haven railroad, ot anti-trust law vio-1
i at ions, wore declared innocent of one
of tile principal charges. This wan.
tho . alleged . unlawful acquisition in
1?U17 .of tho New York, West Chester
and Boatoiu railroad.
*''|Tiie government- alloged that lt wai
bought to stifle competition.
.'.-/.Judge Hunt threw the' goyernment'fl
testimony out of court. Ile ruled that
it; tailed to show that tho defendant
had'any criminal Intent. Ho will al
'tS'?. government to Introduce more
.?vidence, but Intimated that lt mu?t
bo very streng. .
? Augusta, Ga., Dec. 1.
* Tho Jury. , in the trla^;".of *
*to -Thomas - B.f Wateonr'lndtcte*^''
<V; for
obscene matter *.
Judge Lambdln ordered a mis-,
trial and the "jury .was ?is^
missed ?t 8:3.0 tonight." ii. ia
understood that the jury stood
10 to 3 during- the whole time
of consideration.
Augusta, Ga., Dec. 1.-Tim Jcry In
toe . trial, of .Thomas Watson charged
wltii sending ' .obscene : literature j
through tho mails were .reported at l
tho opening of ti'io federal court
as ^hopelessly diragre?d-. The Judge
naked them If it was over questions
of law or facts and tko foremen Xte^
plied that it was questions of'is
tludgc Lambdln. stated' that '. some
jury must try thls-'caso and- told the
jurors to retire and try again to
mach: a verdict. He refused-..tho re
quest of the prosecution, to, recharge
tile Jurors on points bf law-affecting
the case.
Thirty-one Workmen Were Killed
and Others Seriously In
jured on Tuesday.
Wilmington. Del., Dec. l.-fA ko?To?^
lag iriviest?gatlon Into the explosion of
the DuPont Powder plant yesterday^
causing iho.d*ath ot al. workara'jl?d
seriously Injuring babers, is not ex
pected:: to result in attaching, : th?
?blame. In tho minds of the bridals of
tho con.pr^r?y. ?.' ? *?*o"o who ??*'s?it
t?vr?w light on the accident aro.de??i
It in stated that tho explosion might
havo becn.cAuse?ibyva Bpark from th?
housiroof or- bv a sinall amount t?
the:j)?Tvder coming Into contact witi; a
train ea*, loaded . with.; explodive s. A
r?port that placard* (were posted near
tho : ptsat admohishlvjg mea. of Tonton'
origin' n?t to work in ths plant, Is
being investigated. Sohle my they
saw theso ?otices, which w^aH?we?
-ramaln posted only a abott tim's.
Sciais of - tho company say they
' those reports several day? ago
id investigated, but fouhd .'.tho Ve-?
r^?itaiess/ >Bi*'0??i^
aro not expected to' itv*, vr;h
Moscowi'.Dec. ?--The" S?cc?ssfttI
transplanting of the nerves of
pigs Hain, tho hninan rh>dy/:,fcas: bosh,
reported io the Moscowsociety of earn
jeans by. Dr.. D.\ A. ^Gr?s?.t^r. T?ire?
Dparatinna, all of which , gav*
suits'; w?r0 d??vcrih?? by. Dr. G
"' tegtw?^a^w?T-#a
a'nnd? In the tb?rfccAse wi
i that Said Swen similar ;"pSrV)
I'rof. Tlieodoro W. Rickards,
Prof. 'X'.?-odoro W. Richards of Har
vard has Jiiat been axyarddd tho Nobel
Prize for discoveries in 1 tho atomic
weight of chemical elements. This ls
tho first prize to bo given an Ameri
can for. chemical research. One each
in physics and. medicine' had tocen
voted to Prof. Michelson of Chicago
and Dr. Aloscio Cnrrcl of the Rocke
feller Instituto in Now York. Two
Americans, Theodore Roosevelt nnd
Killin Robt, had been , honorod for
services tb peach.
David Frees Succumbed to Inri
Saturday Morning.
Oreonville, joe. 1.-David Frees
a striking operative, who was stabbed
In rioting which occurred at Judson
mill last Saturday morning, died this
morning at 10:30 o'clock at the city
'hb?pRai. His wife, expecting to be
come a mother- soon, Buffered throb
convulsions ? after ; shh learned; ot his
death. . Poverty hovers over *he home
which death has made cold and som.
The finger of accusation points nt
ll mei:, seven of w.Uom, chnrged with
accessories, . were released Tuesday ob
hall, in the snm of $2,000 each.
??i?ije.ihree were overseers lo the mill;
Tho ( defendants oro awaiting with
grave anxiety tho verdict of the cOr
oner's;. Jury, which will Thursday
morning' hold aa inanest over "- thei
dead body. : <^|flP
Av G. Justus, special mill deputy,
Floyd Tidwoll and;; Jesse Jackson,
overseers In Judson mill end ' four
other hon-uriion operatives, accused
Lu a warrant. Issued-Monday by Mag
istrate W. W, Smith, were admitted to
bail in the total sum of $14,00C!, which
was Justified Tuesday evening about
7 o'clock by John M.- Geer bud D. E.
jMi^ry president of JudBbnimill.
.'. "Upon affidavit that tho aceusedj
oovt-ul who 'were charged specifically
wlih assault and battery wtib -intent
toMill,were not participants in : ?he
rioting, and that none with- tho ex
ception bf Deputy Justus were in tho
immediate vJcl??ity, tho magistrates
deckled that the law" wbuhi uphold
them in griming ball. Their atten
tloh - was also, called to the statement
or, President; Goer ?? that.'. d?tention of
the d?tendante would fhayo: seriously
qrtppl?d tho mill in ita efforts to opeK-:
a?o. .. -
' Four mea-Gordon Browb, D. G.
Hngeltia.. J. M, Htimp?^<* T. A
Hii^v?y--who were arrested Sotorday
by^ Sheriff Recibr, are held, in cu-iiody,
.With tho CK?epTvbri bf .Harvey, all of
??ne'accused are said tOrbe n$?-union
operative!-?.. .? -
... Arrangements for the burial
David Free* are yet. to bb made. Tho: I j
body ' wllS^ ba-viewed .Thursday morn- I
Ib?.at b o'clock by the coronet juiry
?mmeo^nt?ly after; ^hlcb Coroner Tay
lor will proceed jvith '.?he ;jnhne8t.-y
; t CabinetKmbcra Scsigb,
Amsterdam, J?Ke.. l.-rSleports that
Bsveral members of the'Austrian ,'cabl-4
Spgraph Jotter of Emperor* Fran?
pedyT.yoy inundo tho rsnlhf?ter of tho
t?ter?or, tito minister bf commerc? aud
the mlnlswr of finarle.
; Cl?icagb.'NOoe; l.-Flfy-nlne hil Jed?
sixty-five t?brtn? a ^?t^^?bli fti ?6
?faOTJ?fa?g.'*rf?i thtddla vroatera?ej:atefeln:li
tb* ?^&?o.??. elost$ " SW?&?$^i'
thro ash fefic*?: vend;:; other aci?l*ebwi?
ty^f.victims'. : . '- .
. ?. m
Obregon Claims That VtiWa
Power ia Completely Broken >
in Sonora.
$fognles, Ali? i, !.. ?c. 1. -Qo^rrfl
Urbaieje. Villa's Yuaul chief :a':i,;
his catiro command ' ??;'?H?$tftj-;.tifi '-$6;
ported surrendered.' today: to' Car ra nzn
oiflcers ,.*\t Corbo, 201? miles / south o?
Two Villa generals and fifty ??b?rs
were' captured in a battlo ari the Rtir
ente river, Sonora, - and wore cou^j
marUalled and shpt and Villa's pawjrtr'
completely broken, according1 to : the
report of General Obregon ocrosa?'.the .
border from here and supposed to bo
Bent to Lbs Angelos.,
* It la reported thai/rlila will shortly
evacuate CWthuahia, . administering
his territory from juarez",,,'.
Douglas, Art?.i. Doc. 1.-Colonel
.pi^, c&mpb^
beguiv yLi today disposing bia mc :
meet'. . .' threatened attach'on Agua/
.Prieta by Villa- force?, under Ro
suet . . -f
' General Chaton arrived from y.vz 1 -
ioa?jnO &?i? ihat ?miOioyetnonte. of
Rodriguez '.'woulds determine whethor
it would be necessary to call f>
provisional brigade; of United States'
troops now at Nogales." Central'mori
ston said ho received permission
from Washington tb, allow tranapom
tlOn of B.O00, Carranca.'troops from
Nogales, Sou?ra.jto' Agna, Prieta over
American. teni tory, :.'.';.
Washington, Dec. 1 .-A.ttr)bat?ife
hts presotnt situation io iluv fa?luro
of tho United Statea to suppor* him
VHis. is p'annj?jg w'-ram/AmcHcTsu",
territory along tho border, accord"
lng- to a. report to General Funston
on tho border. (Funston says he
don't boliov)o. Villa Would attomut'
anything so foolish.. HO reported the
border garrisons strong enough for
BJkslcans llai?roads Freed.
Laredo, Tex., Deo. l.-General
CarranzaisBUcd a dooroo at Monterey
terminating military supervision of
railroads in Mexico. yHb directedj.th?
management of: ?ib;?Btional l?ues \o
rc^uuno control, -' .^V
Villa to I^rifanlse.
Bl Paso, Dec 1,-ThVreorganisa
tion of tho Villa government lu Mexi
co and,tho election of a, n?w.president
will be considered ot a meeting ot
tho "?ovorign couvent ton of th e Vitia
government," soon, to be held ot
j mirez, according to on announcement'
tonight. .'.
nmier Asoa(tb
tabor ' feadbrtf
London,. Dec lr-P?*
told . a'?- t?ht?ronco of
that four and a half million;engl
map had received, an ?.; ines "
wages hinco thjb .war^ beges,
i?oniohea tho leaders riotS^o
farther .'-increases. ?iwgaL*
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