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?Papefs Diapepain"" is quickest,
surest stomach relief
known-Try it!
Time lt. Papc'S Diapcpsm will di-:
gest anything you oat and overcome a
Konr, gassy or out-of-order Btomacli
ourcly within live minute?.
If your meals don't flt comfortably
or what you eat lits like a lump ?>i
lead in your stomach, or if you have
heartburn, that is a aien of Indlges-.
lion. I
Gel from your pharmacist a fifty
cent caso of Papa's Dtupepsin and
take a dose Just, nu soon na you can.
Thcio will ??o no sour risings, no
belching of undigested food mixed
with acid, nb stomach gas or heart
burn, fullness or heavy feeling in the
utomuch, nausea, debilitating head
aches, dizziness or intestinal griping.
This will nil go, und, besides, Ibero
will bo no sour food left ?vor IQ thc
stomach to poison your breath with.
nauseous odors.
Pape'? Diapepsin ls a certain cure
for out-of-order stomachs, because '.
it takes bold of your food and digests
lt Just tho sumo au If your stomach j
wasn't there.
Ilolicf in five minutes from ?ll atom
aeli misery is waiting for you at any
drug store.
These large llfty-cent oases contain ?
enough "Pape's Diapepsln" to keep i
tho ontlro family free from stomach
disorders and indigestion for many
months. It belongs in your home.
Sage Tea and Sulphur Darkens
So Naturally that No
body can tell.
Almost overyono knows that Sago
T?a and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, bringa back tho nntural color and
lustre to the bair when faded, streak
ed or gray; also endo dandruff, Itch
ing scalp and stops falling hair. Years
> ago L ie only way to get this mixturo
V was to make lt at home, which ia
mussy and troublesome.
Nowadays wo simply ask at any
drug storo for "Wyeth's .Sago and Sul
phur Compound." You will get a large
bottle for about 50 cents. Everybody
UBOs this old, famous recipe, because
no one can possibly tell that you
, darkened your hair, as lt does lt so
. naturally and evenly. You dampen a
sponge or soft bruah with lt and draw
this, through- your hair, ? taking - one
. small strand at a time; by morning
-thc - gray -bair-.disappears,,?and niter
iL,. .. . . _.
another application or two, your hair
becomes ' beautifully dark, thick and
Roof Paint
Anderson Paint &
Color Co.
132 Nor th ^oin Street
?ho?<e 647.
To cook with is the most
Cwhveiiieni fuel to b ?
And it ia the, cheaper,
; too when the least bit of though!
fend attention is given it.
' try h ?or .awhile, and
, you .will like it. There We many
satisfied u?crs of goa in .'Ander?
ItV just th? thing to
heat the bath room with.
?as f n
Peking, Dec. I.-Chinese women
have entered lulu . the monarchal
movement with a vehemence which
would do credit to Mrs. Pankhurst
and lier most aggressive followers.
MiM An Shlang-snn and twenty-eight
of her supporters, chiefly school mis
tresses, Bet t o ball rolling ht Po
K .iK by i'suing a manifest? urging
thc women of (.'?lina lo participate in
ti e movement to restore the monar
This manifest? Immediately called
lor:ii a protest from a large body of
women unli-sunrngeUcs, wno deplored
tilt- eifort to involve women In the
political movement. Th OHO protes
tants not only denounced tin; attempt
to enlim women in the political agi
tation, but were harsh In their cri
ticism of tito monarchical .movement.
They declare that tho men who were
attempting to restore tho monarchy
"es pool to receive seme rich reward,
audi as titles of nobility from the
new government for their service?."
Their protest then Inquired "What mo
tive.* luvve actuated a section of our
women to participate In this cam
paign? Do they aspiro for a space In
thc? new emperor's harem us con
sorts or malds-of-honor?"
These protesting wome:i urged thal
the women of China have not tho in
telligence necdJfjary to a proper dis
cussion of tho affairs of state and
that tho?- "''ould not interfere with
politics L . . way.
Tho views w. Misa An Shlang-sun
and her followers are set forth in the
following petition:
"Since tho Chou An Hui made its
appearance, tho cry,for a constitution
al monarchy das echoed from 'the
lips of every body' /and tho whole
country bas responded, t?..t,le calf/.
From mero theoretical study of tho
question, thc movement has niatorallz
ed into a practical campaign. People
In every walk of life have raised their
voices lu favor of a monarchy. But
to bur great disappointment, not a
single word baa been uttered b>' ,?ur
women, nor ha3 there been a single
ono among our 'slaters' who has fol
lowed tho load of tho' men lu this
movement. And thu mea(engaged In
Boy's Consumptive, mother Inspired
lied Cross Seal Stile.
The little boy said that be wanted
10 cents worth of Red Cross Christ-,
mas seals. Tho rich woman was buy
ing rt') centB* worth and the lad seem
ed impatient.
"JUBI a minute,"' counsel 'the'dork
In charge. : ' . _ 1
"But I must get back to my mamma..
S^o's-alok,-but-bho. wants, the. seals
just tho same," announced tho Ind
with a show of spirit, j ,
/.The rich Avohmnfinrjfod io look at
him'.'llb waVa^sweeti faced youngater.
With sparkling eyes, who seemed not
to mind tihat his suit watjjaot as warm
as it .might .bo. ', > , .
"You say your mamma ?B ill?" she
asked. ' H -,
"Yes," ho said in a tono that Indi
cate dan acquaintance with suffering
boyond his years. "She's got consump
tion, but Bh9>Sf bl >ahevwas going to
take n whack at lt'by buying the
seals. How can she.takes a wuack at
lt with tho aoals?'Y' ;
"You had better give mo moro Be."'??
iMOlead .of diengei f^p .this five dollar
hill." she said"io ?io'?ldrk.'Then to tba
lad slid remarked:
"Von toll yppr itassma that she has
taken a bjggcr. whack at tuberculosis
that! shh thought." ." '
There ls no-need tp.point tho moral.
The seals are'orf*,?ale everywhore.
fir,-r-^-..... ,i;
Seals.Help Himself.
A lad of ' aloyen entered the Antl-Tu-V
berculOslfj'.society's headquarters yes
terday; Ha^ hail'?elt>?chcol Some timo
ago. Yesterday he saw Somo ot'the
boys ahd-^rlii'Jwtibl had. bben in his
scltoolroom carrying Christmas seals
and ho' thought he'would like to helj>
contribute to tbe'reliof 'of the tubercu
lous p?tlonta.lnitho. clt.v. Ho got some
seals fromipne.pf^h^childron * sold
n hundred .of, them."
Enf?tis'cd^with. success ho thought
ho'd try?td'6el? t?mo for himself. When
ho reported .^headquarters tho nurse
looked at"him ub? GM took him Into
tho ellni?rthen^in-.session. An exami
nation showed.marked signs of tuber
culosis, and today little Tony ls in tho
sanatorium at?rttngi,??fV?a''?lggor fight
than ho's over bcd before-a fight for -
health.' ' His hundred seals helped to
give him his chanco for WO.
A, lisb- tot* 'Thom. ',
A Kew England houeowlfe ono af
ternoon received a call.from a. boho to
-.-? tu"* ^.?wi- -r.i^Jt : ---
TT 11V I, i vu LAV uiviniii{,*?wv..|Kr.? : B1VCI1
some doughnuts.
Th? knight the road doffed his
ragged head piece and with great civ
ility, addressed her? Giu*:i- ,\ -b
"Madam,' this Worfijpi j^bjpave mft
thr?o doughnuts.;y$v\JjdAlf >bo ask
ing too much .to request a fourthT"
"PH be glad to-give ? you another,*
said the woman, as Shh prepared to
wrap oho in h newspaper. ' ' "So you
like Wt doughnuts,- (la-jong^^ ' 1
"it Isn't that,- madam," rplied the
hob?.. "You beb, tonio friends of mine
flown''in the meadow w|?h-to have a
;ame of quKs.'Vthechangb.
.Fred Smith, 328 Main ISL, Green
Bay, Wis,, says: "I Buffered ? long
Ihne with a very weak back. Foley
Kidney VPills .eompjtet^lj^iyrilwi?pd nib
if all soreness and pain and ? now
tm strong and well, as ever.'* winter
tggravates sympt?me of kidney
rouble; cold w^thorVmakt* aching
?bre bnfc?a rabie. * Foley1 Ktdnoy; Pills
ieip\ Gib kidnoy?,elimln^-U' pain-caus
Q?'^isons.^soia . j^erywhere. ; .">' i
c'v-i'.i.: \. ^it^k^^'-?^
tho campaign har? also omitted lo re
mind the tvoroen of tho country of
t'-.olr neglect of duty. Are not we wo
men citizens also of this country? i)o
men thin>j that we women ought to
ho excluded from participating in
?ucli ii momentous movement us thc
one thal in now loading un all to the
foot of tito throne?
.'According to tho constitutional
compact, the iiovcreignty of tho coun
try SH vested in l!:e people of tho whole
country. 'Thc people of t!ie whole
[country' naturally moans thc people of
I holli sexes. Out of tile 400.000,000
people, half are women. Ii wo let
the men ?ilene promote thl'J movement,
nol only will tho movement he Incom
plete but it will seem that men alone
uro entitled to rights that belong
equally to women. If our women do
uot understand lie importance of
this, it may bc due to sheer Ignorance,
but if como of them understand, yet
temain Inactive and indifferent to thc
movement, they will bc guilty of neg
lecting their duty to the country.
"We admit that the intelligence of
tho mass of our women is still at a
very low standard, but they have tito
Kamo interest in the country and have
tho same desire for the safety of their
person and property ar, the men. Why
f hould we women remain passive
without raising a hand to support the
movement? Being women, wc aro of
frail constitution and limited educa
tion, yet we have beeb deeply con
corned with the unsettled conditions
of the country and cannot but express
our anxiety for its welfare. It ia sin
cerely hoped that tho 'two hundred
million women' of this country will
awaken to the Importance ot their
duty and follow the lead of Ult? pat
riotic mon by petitioning the govern
ment for tlio restoration of a mon
Vernacular papers contain repots
of associations of women organizing
In various C.iinC3c cities, and there
are repeated efforts of the rival or
ganizations to discount each other's
strength. Apparently there ?3 little
fear of libel in tho Chinese papers,
as communications aro printed which
make direct attacks on tho personal
character of women leaders.
# *
I*'- *
* + +++*?++*?**+++**??+?
The basket ball team of the Lebanon
h|gh school had Its first game, last
Wednesday afternoon. Last session
Lebanon won two games from Seneca
high sc;..oo 1. Seneca came this time
with a.determination of winning bac*
some of her lost honors.- Both teams
played good ball. The game .wjas
oloso from beginning to end. At the
end of the first half the score stood
3. to 2. in Lebanon's favor. The sec
ond ended 10 to ll, thus making tee
score 13 to 13. The team? decided
to break the tie and for ton minutes
a ;hurd battlo was fought. Finally
Seneca scored a field goal winning the
game "13 to 15. The players were
as follows: .
Lebanon-Center, Ducworth; tfor-<,
ward, Horton; Forward, Robbins;
guards, McAiister, Thompson.
"Deneen-Center, Bradberry; for
wards,. Dalton, Moore; guards, Moore,
Those scoring most points were
Horton for Lebanon and Dalton for
Seneca. Each player did himself
credit and their teams should be
proud of them. ' .
On . . Wed???d?y owning before
Thanksgiving the Improvement asso
ciation served oysters in the new
hall. Thoro was a large crowd pres
ent. The amount taken in whlt?lt was
$38'wUl go for school purposes. All
seemed to have a good time even If
thoy did. have to. stand around. Wo
.will havo e.eats'. some day.
TheHTliiink8siving program of the
GoldoniRbd Literary society was very
interesting. Quite a .number Of visi
tors -were present. Among these was
Mr. Felton. He gave the society a
very nice Itttlo talk. Wo always wel
come visitors. We want others to
seo w?iat wo aro doing. '
As school turnod.out Wednesday,
until Monday for holidays, most of
tho teachers visited homo. Misa
Shealy -wen*- to see her homefolks at
Little Mountain.. M|ss Cooner want
ed tb.see Greenwood and Mls3 Broyles
wandered over to Townvlllo. How-'
ever all got. back and are now down at
good hard work.
- The school month has ended; -The
school ia progressing nicely with the
addition of another teacher wo expect
to accomplish great things this year.
The .?honor roll for November stands
as follows:
First grade-Marshall Stone. i.ntA
Leo "Williams, Thelma Smith. Hester
Second grade-Nancy McAiister.
Isabel Casey, Nan Wallace, Vivian
Williams, Miss Mabel Cooner teacher.
.\?H!rd grade-Fred Owen .'..
Fourth grade-Mell Wolborn, Annis
Dalyymplo. Miss Shealy, teacher..
Fifth grade-Ruth Hicks, Clifton
Sixth ' grade-Sarah . Richardson,
Mary Welborn,
Seventh 1 grade-Georgia? Welborn,
Miss Saidee . Clarke, teacher.
ghth grade-Ellen HapnicuttV
Ninth grade-Floride Welborn, Guy
Advanced tenth grade-Roy Craig.
Max Welborn, Wade Robbins, Malcolm
Duokorth, Cecil Copeland1, : ?Mary,
Smith. . ';.
.K First Recruit-what do yon-; thl?fc
of- the mp^or, Bill? P^J&
Second Recruit-He's a changeable
kind Of.bloke. Last night X says to
him, "Oo goes there?' an' lie sa:
"Frl?nd;" an'_. today 'e ..'an?ly koo
rab-PuricHT7^ ,? ". '"^"^^S^^^fflSBfl
London, Dec. .1.-India's youngest
war prince has just won tile military
cross for marked gallantry. Ho is
Second Mc ur. i am I^iia Jodi?a Jang
Bahadur ot the 30th Carwal Rifles,
grandson or the Maharajah of Nepal.
Tho olllcinl account of his bravery
says :
"During a feint attack north of the
La Basso Canal, he commanded a dou
ble company with great. ability and
conspicuous gallantry in face of a
severe fire from rifle?, machine guns,
an? grenades and bombs, ills brav
ery was previously obserf?d\ pt) Sep
tember 25, when he led his men with
marked gallantry right up ta the Ger
man wiro under heavy rifle ar.tl. ma
chine gun fire,"
The prince ls now in a London hos
pital recovering from two wounds re
ceived in tho La Basse oncounter. He
is something less than twenty-Ilvci
years old.
"I take my men into action armed
wita kukris aa weil as rifles," he
told an Interviewer at the hospital,
"but we don't often got a chance to
use tho knives. When we get near
the enemy, they always surrender.
They have ;hoard of our kukris.
"In peace and wnr wc keep up our
Bkill In tho use of the kukri. At our
principal festival evory man has to
use his knife. Wo have goats and
buffaloes for victims. If a mun takes
two strokes to dispatch his animal, in
stead of doing It with ono clean stroke;
he ?3 disgraced.." . .
llesir This In Mind.
,"1 consider Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy by fur thc best medicine In
tho market for colds and croup,"
.../..y;? Mrs. Albert Blosser, Lima, Ohio.
Mnny others oro bf the same opinion.
H or sale by nil dealers.
DON'T MISS THJ.S.. Cut out this
slip, enclose with 5c and mail it to
Foley & Co., Chicago, III., writing
your name and address clearly. You
will receive in return a trial pack
age containing Foley's Honey and Tar
Compound, for coughs.. colds and
croup; Foley Kidney Pills, for pain
In side and back, rheumatism, back
ache, kidney abd (bladder ailments;
and Foley Cathartic Tablets, a whole
somo an.i thoroughly cleansing cath
artic, for constipation,' biliousness,
headache and, sluggish bowels.-iSold
Everywhere. ..' '
Makes Belfghtfol
coffee at '
tho table.
$3-00 ^ $3.50 SHOES
For 32 years W. L.Lougiaw name bas stood for shoes
of ths hiebest standard o? quality for the price. His
name an J the price stomped on the bottom guarantees
full vdue. They are the bess known shoes ib the world.
VV. L. Douglas shoes err made of the moat carefully
selected !eather?taf tex-file latest models, in awoll equipped
factory at Brockton, Mru^., under the direction and per
sonal inspection of e. vaozz perfect organization and the
determination to make the best shoe? in the world?
W. L. Douglas $3.00 and $3.50 shoes are
just ac good for style, ?r?fc and wear as other
makes costing $4.00 to $5.00, the only
perceptible differer, .-.e is the price
None g enu:?c unless
W.- L. Douglas name and
thc retail price is stauiped
on thc holton.
il your local dealer cannot rupply you, write
lor Illustrated Camion showing how to order
byrcnil. W. L. DOUCLAS,
i6'J .Snnrk .Street. Brockton. Man.
&. BROS.
1870, AND 18
S3, $3.50 ANO tC
t Boys' BlToea,
\Beit ia tho
S. C.
r life
By E. E. Shively
When the Field is All Yous
Advertising is the best fortifica
tion you can provide against a possible
competitor. Keeping your name con
tinually before the public gives you a
precedence that's practically competi
tor-proof. . >*.
When? Never!
Advertising j can be adapted with
profit to any business; ill, no matter
ho\v trifling or 'iiow serious. Ask
Wanamaker or Marshall Field which
day, week, or month of the year it is
safe to lay back on their advertising.
The answer js self-evident.
Wheir Entering ? New -Field
People won't flock into your estab
lishment to inspect your stock until
.they know you're in town.- Be sure
? that your goods are: ? th? best--then
with confidence te.ll. people what you've
got, You'll get there, in spite of com
petition. ; , . ?xb>
When Business is Slack
An advertising tonic wi?l break up
the most obstinate: case of commercial
inertia and automatically plac? you on;
that side of the street where: there's
real activity. . If for no better reason,
advertise to show your competitor that
. you'veTtot'lost courage. . ..
r> ; \. ' - V ' " '.
. l% t *? T ?foi ? 1- >:,<'
r^y. . ..' : ..\..v v..; ..-;;.). ;*-..?.'.> '?'. .;
When Business is^Good
You've the advantage Of a down
hill pull so make tl^.^be^t, of the run
ning whie it's good bjb^eeping:up your
advertising. Insure yourself - against
that coming slow season by making
every season actlve
'' ? . /' . . . . .. ..." v.??fc
When Your Competitor ...
Knocks You
Keep up your advertising for "there
are nov/ two advertising your business.
. Every knock is just so much publicity
in your favor-and. it's free. In this
case you get double value for your ad
vertising expenditure..
ix v?i;?*:~?''\ ? . '.*!.*".'.: .>..'.'',.,.....?* *....*
' ,. \ ... - : . ,. y . - >'-'l.-.?. .
Represent the utmost service,
safety, mileage and pleasure
obtainable from an "Auto-Va<?
cation trip.
; Oposite tne Pato??to
N. Main
Servie? Eteeiry^

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