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No Decision Yet Reached in
Case of Austrian Consul
Washington, Dec 4.'-'Investigation
into tho conduct of all foreign con
sular officials, suspected of .unneutral
activities, aa the result of the Boy-Ed
and Von Papen recall Incidents, was
begun by tJ?o stato department is in
dicate! today. Should it be shown '
that officials aoted improperly, they
will be asked to discontinue their
No decision ls reached yet ip the
caye cf Austrian Consul General von
Nuber, whoso name was mentioned
oiton in connection with the activi
ties of Boy-Ed ad von Papen.
. 'It was ?tamed that the entente
powers would probably not grant safe
conduct to the successors of Boy-Ed
and Vdn Papen, as tfaey would not be
civilians and might proceed from the
United States to Mexico and other
Captain Boy-Ed came to Washington
and conferred with Count Von Bern
storff, out no statement was issued by
the German embassy.
Word from.San Francisco indicates
that the "department of justice ts in
vestigation proceedings, there. Fed
eral warrants for Baron Von Brlncken,
who says he is military attache to the
German consulate, ! at San Francisco,
and Robert Capelle, ogent o! ?ie North
Goman Lloyd Steamship ; company,
have been issued in connection with
the alleged activities of tho steam ir
Sacramento, sa??Tto "h&vs coaled Gt rr
anon warships in the Pacific- Vcn
Brlncken IB being, watched and offl
cors. are hunting Capelle.
? A Germait fund bf $750,000 was sent
there, according to Hamburg-Ameri
can trial testimony.
Yon Brlncken Arrested.
The department of justice, whici'r re
ceive! a report tonight of tho arrest
* in. San Francisco of Baron Von Brlnck
on, who surrendered after claiming
: immunity, today as attache to the
German consulate, and believes it bas
under arrest most ot the men impli
cated' -in plots . to . interfere with tho
American munition trade. .
. Von 'Brinckon will be held as a flg
"./rre -tn tho plans'of C-" C. Crowley,
'recently arrested charged in the plots
against'munition factories.
No word was received as-to the ar
rest of 'Robert Capelle,.' steamship
.agent, against whom a federal'warrant'
' Was issued also. . ,'-'".
'-....- -, --. .
New York, Boc. '4.:-Dr. Karl
. Bueno; George Kott?r and Adolph
. Hachroelster of the Hamburg-Ameri
can" line, convicted' of conspiracy to
defraud tho . United .States ' govern
ment, are sentenced 4to a year andr a
half ih tho Atlanta, penitentiary, Jo
seph Popptnghatia '.?van given -ayear;
Tiie steamship lino was fined ono
Tho defendants' ure allowed bnll
ponding suing put a writ of error.
Buena, through-his .attorney* asked
Judge-..Howe io take . Into^ebnBld^ra
, lion that his three co-defendants wero
hi? subordinates and if, sny offense
"" was committed they morel Jr^ctea un-;
: der his orders. Bail -wa? rise! at
V$10,OOQ . hud was given by a Burety
District Attorney M>rshall,V -m'ov-.
i?s','\s?ntenee,:li^ild lt was ."His pain
ful duly to^ash; for.substantial punish
ment, not so. uiudh for its- effect on de*:
fendants as for . warning to others."
'Buehz:''said in conversation .^before
court opened ills only .regret was the
Americans should believe-that he had
: dorie anything' te injure them ;or, had
Any hat the klhd^t feelings toward
.'them.-'', '.. . ''-V'..-"-. '"..y...";
Iii sentencing Brien*, ?'afs Jadge sii'id
If thehighercourt snsialne<? the Ver
dict Ite Wouid bc wilUns to, support
any clemency niove/on account, of
Buenos ? advanced ?kp.
.' * f 4
.^&--W'& *
* . ~ .
V ? Columbus, Dec. 4.-Federal -,*
,'ft.rJudg?. satpr hofd today; that ..*
4v Medicines containing habit- ??
<$? .jltat? trafOo la ?
* which ia foit5*?^? .li?der the *.
* ...'.Harrison sci'..cannot be. sold. .>;?
4; fhrpnfththo^^^ *
* a T?ult"against-- ino - ''^ttMBB
* SpeoLt'c c?inpsny? ;... , ?V:*.
* . ' ? *
Exposition of Two Hundred and
Eighty Eight Days Was
Great Success.
San Francisco, Dec. 4.-The Pana
ma Pacific International exposition
closed tonight. Hundreds of thous
ands of tir.i incandescent lights twink
led and trembled the farewell signal
a few irtinutes before, midnight and at
twelve o'clock the.lights went out for
the last time. The exposition of 285
; day..?, duration' officially was at an
end, though the farewell carnival con-'
ti?ued In tho morning hours.
With tho extinguishing of tho elec
tric lights there was a flash in fie.
sky of thousands of rockets. bombs
and star sheHs. More than half a
ton of powder was used to hurl them
into thb air, making a salvo which
Wi D. A. Ryan, the director of ?he
illumination, said, was the heaviest
and most elaborate .pyrotechnic dis
play everlAttemptwI.
Hundreds: of searchlights which had
pointed to tho art of the sculptor and
shone on* the tower of jewels and tlie
domes and minarets each night since
February 20 when tho exposition- be
gan, wer? also dimmed in the closing
moments ' ard for thirty seconds the
635 acres of exposition grounds were
In total dar laicas. Then patrol light*
hero and there along' tho avenues and
byways and iii' the courts began, to
glow so that the thousands of merry
makers could make "their way about.
Throngs remained to go on with the.
dunces' in the open spaces and in the
courts and to wander about the
grounds in trie farewell \ festivities.
Tue Carnival Spirit.
The carnival spirit prevailed, in.
keeping with the decree of President'.
Charles C; Moore and the exposition
directors; who said: "Let ibero be
cheers instead'of tears. Tho exposi
tion has ibeen a success.": ; :,.
In a -financial way it ia expected
the exposition will show a profit of
something like $2,OOOr,000-perhaps
more. All indebtedness was paid be
fore the exposition was two-thirds,
over. TbV expense of preparing the
site and the buildings for the oponing
date was said. to bo. - approximately
$50,000,000.. There was no . federal
appropriation for -the undertaking,
a'th??gh the various departments i of
the United ,States.- government prado
displays for1 whit!'* $500,000 had been
allowed for maintenance.
The . exposition ' attendance was bo- .
youd all, hopeo of the management, es
pecially after the'outbreak ot tho war
when for; a" timo there was talk, ot
:^8t3^^?nt;:!.?^-t??.''''openlng date.
On a daily average the attendance has
been more than 62,000. Within twelvp
days .after February 20,^ 1,000,000 per
sons -passed tfirough Hie gates; The
17,000,00o mark was. reached -Novem
ber io;: '^^^^?0' "'
^^*i?' ExposliioSi cf Progress.
. : San : Franfci?co's exposit lon In ovary
particular was ail' exposition or pro
gress . A ll exhibas entered for sward ;
were contemporaneous vafl?eles -.orjgiW
nated or Iproguced since, tho St. Ixjuls*
oxpojaiflon :ten. yeara ago; . . .
;' . T2?irty-n?no foreign- nations partiel-,
pated. ?f?clally.'.th tho exposition,- sey
;3raJ , o? ; the:i;\TarrIns' nations of Eu
?rdp?; i chief ^atpon'g them bein g France
and Turkey, having buildings;;;^
ty-seven states of the union were T6V
presented, virtually all-of Lhem fravjng
t?ieir ova state buildings';
It waa estimated there wer^;aoj?"*"
: diff?rent ?xbt&H?rs the displays o'.
Which iwcre .valued at sotnothing like
WP* IK-raolfgh .BaHdlnjotf.
Most. or tho expofiltion'? bulldinr*5
1 ero to ba demolished.> A. movei?'ep't
lian, been started, however, to preserve
ff? -palace bf fine arts, perhaps, the
oboist Imposing, Mildlng of them..all,
which stands oh govern trico*, i and.
As Vor tho majority of tho volher
bttfl dings tho* management ls . Updef
contract to el car tho. land within fonr
months,vend tho workman**'vlnwnmor
will echo in t?? courts' after tomor
row.: instead t? tho: bands Of; iiirjetc
whfoh -have, been there Xor tho last
tea ptonths'..'.".'-".'," .:
Carrying Won
From left to rlglit~311ssc? lng?bord.
This is the expedition of women
who traveled across the United
States from Pv Francisco,- hearing a' i
Senate Will. Be Organized on
fr?ond?y Without Fight Be- ; r
ing Made?
? '. I
Washington, Dec. 4.-Virtually
abandoning attempts to egree on a
rulo to limit debate, the aenato <ie-\
mocrotlc caucus today decided that
non .partisan- effort through the sen
ate rules committee should be made
during i'ae coming session to correct
filibuster abuses.
Aa a r??uit the organization of the.
senate on Monday will not he delayed
by any fight on the floor and'tho cid
rules will'prevail. '?'^
. House democrats caucused harmony
lously today, approving tho commit,
tee assignments. No resentment was
suggested over the revolt of Kitchin,'
the majority leader, against tho pre
paredness program..'
Washington, Dec. 4.-Thc fight to
restrict', the debate, in the senate will
not be .urged- in tho opening 'day .of
congress, democrats In conference"
agreed. It wllj he postponed ; until
later" in .the vjre?k. " ,ln view r.f this
decision -, Majority l^e?der Kern tole^
graphed jVice President. Marshall, at
Indianapolis it will ;not be necessary
tor him tb.be pre'?enjt ow the opening
day. MnrebalL wis?ed tp delay, com
ing hore on account o. tba illness of
his wife.,
Tho renato will be called to order
by the. secretary. The first ^business
will toe-the election of Senator Clarke,
of Arkansas, a3 pr?sid?e: pro tempore.
What fOrm tho rules ?ight will t?k??
late in tlie week is not Sotoriuin?d
BO tho democratic caucus is still de
bating clo*un? 'question.
President Pro Tempore of Senate
\Yul Support. Administra
tion's New Bill.
, Washington, Dec. 4. -Senator.; ;
ClarUO of Arkansas, the, leading, otf-.
ponent . last session of ?*h? defeated
sn*p-bill,' which attitude*causey'(.. a,
fight Ja ;tli?cdemocratic cauoue again st
hi?> re-reloction as president prc- tem
pore, declared >dr?5ght that he wouVfr
favor... tho; aam?nlstvaUon'B ^iew .-ei?iip^;
ping pie?sere. *
Senator Qlitkvs- former' oppcsltlos
is said lo he becabjieottticVgnvom
inent .ownership feature i Tho n?w
bill contemplates a naval au3illary
merchant :marln?, providing -for .goy
eransent pwhersblp of ?tock only ;wheh
privat* capital ls; .lacking., .-.<
Voa Mackensen ??uri.
.'Pvitregr?d, -.Dec. "4-r-Fibl? ;.Marshal
voii M?>,ckclis<yh waa slightly, wounded
by a Sisr^uW bullet duririg ths! recent
Op'?ratl0ojf,-i-*"?y?v ?-^So'Jen dispatch io
ian Sura gu P?tition From 2
Kim's tout. Moria Kingberg, and Frances
hugcNpetltlon io be presented tb' con
gress In favor ot tho passage of the
Susan H. Anthony amendment to tho
Engegemenfc ?s Looked for Be
tween Corr?r?z? and V?la
Forces m Sonora.
' . ? ' '"
? ?-??^<- ?- I
I Douglas, Ariz.,.Dec. 4.--Indications
.point to a general battle betweeu tho'.]
'Carranza and-Villa forcea in Sonora,?
and it is believed tho battle front 0
[^.rouli extend twelve miles along the I *
Nacbzari railroad. Tho railway is ! t
? guarded by Carranza troops, ordered J !
to prevent the forces or.tho Villa
commander, Rodriguez! ? from moving
eastward toward Chihuahua.; Tho
.'Villa forces arc reporte! - advancing
from bVe: . vicinity .of Hacienda Na
.b?bl. United States army men in re
gard to tho.Villa forces bald the lbrge
Lest .'.numbers were rendered , ns total
ing between four and five thousand.
' lt . is said they aro disorganized ns
i result of the recent rcvereo, (heir,
j supply of ammunition is ahoit and-!^
j they are net believed to have any ar- {
tlllcry. Tho Carranca . forces are ;. {
?.said-tb haye twelve pieces of artillery, j
I -numerous . machine guns, plenty- ' ot j
ammunition/ a good-s-app'y of food ll
and water, , and it is claimed, l>;at the j I
j Carranza force'a morale is high as a . '
result bf continued successes. j.
'?' ?'. '
Carranga on Tour.
El ?asb, Doc. 4,-Oeneral Car
ranza will visit all sections of Mexico
before ho - re* ur.m to Mexico. City . to
j ir?/awiperm^ nent headquarters accord
TU.?".;" Mexican consul Andres G ;
Gaie?a hero today from Matemo'ras.
where he conferred1 with ?be flrBt
chief. .
Cbttinibbi Dec. 4r-*-0over?or 'Man*
jnf?g tonight ordered aL special term
Vcf -the ?ichons court,"to boffin. De
cember127, to .try. Pete'Hamilton, ?
heijo held at -tba state' penitentiary
on tho .charge'of attempted criminal
j assault ih -JEaeicy several .-dnysvogo.
j The court will continue for one
j week if sw much tim? h? necessary, :
I Anc^ier ?xl>osIHoii AHrtfexi ?edy.
i . San- Diego,- Dee. 4.-lt -'was oin
> clajly announced that ; ihn ; .P^nonia?
; California expositionV which?r -opeas
' hore JftJi?a'rr first,';-'\wlR' continue
through 1 Si G ; It will W caRert tho
PanAbta-^alifornln iht*vnatin??l : .;4ex
: position; i: ..- ,. \>V-'r 7
l + ^v^l^/KK) VW Hfl?jl ?
Ottawa. Ont.'. Dec. i. -R,w->V
; * ..liv; ?Brand, financial''agent-, o?s
L#;;.;W?ydi George, British. minis- *
w , of munitions^ told, Cana- ?
?r:. dishs today that half . of ?S>
.5? population of Karand was- *
? engaged in- producing .munlf>;
*, timss at A cost to Great ?rl-, ?
?fr- tain' of a, ?1,000,0^3-per hour.
d' Tho speaker sald,!that nat?onal : ?
14*,?.e?b>?iKay. would wtu the" war.'. * ] t
San Francisco.
ionstitutiou. Tho photograph was
akon In New York Just bcioro tho I
lUto left on ?he last lap of thc
ship Was Delayed"By the Late!
Arrival of Some Party
Now York, Dec. 4. -Delayed an
tour and fifteen minutes by the late
irrival of fifteen members of the par
y, Henry Ford with moro than olgh
y peaco advocates amt fifty-eeven
oportera and magazine writers sail
;A tor Christiana, Norway, on tho
iteamer Oscar ll this af temoin.
Mr. Bryan spent somotlme. on tho
fcip bidding the party "God speed"
md Tliomas A. Edison wont.aboard to
tay farewells, air'. Bryan declared
hat - there was somo chanco of the
nissipn succeeding. '
At sailing tim? crowds gathered at
he.3ocl< and sang patriotic songs nnd
'iivc .'.'ord and ovation. Several per
sons ; %vhb inf j?rrl tho ship will sall
m tba Frederick. VIII for the'Barne
iort Wednesday.
Soldiers, Teamsters, Sanitary Of
ficers AU Trained to Use
Rapid Firers.
Petrograd, Dec. 4.-The Connan
irmy has become on? great machine
run battery, according to Russian
Colonel Clorget, ; in. a published nr
inle diecusslng equipment dovelop
nentu during Ibo war.
Every common soldier, oven team
;ters anil sanitary 'officers, aro being
aught'to ? UGO rapid firers and tho
3 erin an forc?s, are introducing auto?
natte rifles. Ho,says that, this de
re??pmeht ?B duo to the'German dis
ike for. bayonet .attacks: ,.
Colonel Clerget'.-declares' that tho j
Vus trian troops aro vastly, botter than
it ' the beginning of tho war, . now !
Quailing tho' Germana. .
Wa?hingtoitV Dec. 4 .--^Tho viam
jaign of <v vsiiouo cities to v cap
are- tho democratic and republican
iat ional conventions wan given added
mpetiis with tho arrival of tho van
guard delegations from Chicago; fit:
[xml?, Dallas and Sah'Francisco; The
lempcratlc national commiue? meets
jere h?x? Tuesday,- t?o'.-.7. republican
V week later. Ballas an(? San fran
sisco:, -want' the... <Semocrui.ic convon
?5onvv ;.Th?v :fornier has a hundred
.housaud ..to. oifAfv
St. ; M?TJIS and Chicago .-oacu want
?>.th au a have funds of two hundr
noasand. ,. : ' 1..
No Formal Invitations Issued to
Marriage of. President and
Mrs. Galt.
Washington, Dec. 4.-President
Wilson will hnve no best mon and
Mrs. Norman Galt will not formally
select a maid of honor at HJO wedding
December 18th, which will bo marked
with unusual simplicity, according to
au announcement here tonight.
Ofllclal Washington was surprised
when it learned that no forma! invi
tations would, bo issued and mombom
only of the two familios would bo
present. It hud heen expected, at
least, that A few of \i\e president's
friends would bo invited. |
The wedding will be celebrated in
tho drawing room Of Mr?, dalt's
homo, whoro a temperory altar will bo
erected. No largo reception will fol
low, but ofllclal Washington will have
an opportunity to extend personal con
gratulations at.tho P?n-Amerlcan ro-'
eeptibri,?h?Tfir?t of the White Hoare
social i session January 7 th.
Honeymoon -plans are secret, but
will partly be spent on the presiden
tial yacUt Mayflower,
Whshtngton, Dec. 4 .-^President
Wilson and Mrs. Norman Galt will be
married . on Saturday, December 18,
at Mrs. Gall's home here;'it wa' for
mally announced at the White House.
It was also announced tho only
guests will be ?Mrs. Gait's mother,
brothers and sisters, .- tho president's
brother and bister, his daughter and
members of . his immediate'household.
No i :i villa ions.
There was no announcement bf hon
eymoon plans. - lt is expected tho
president and his-.bli da will leave
soon after tlie ceremony for some
where in the.souttu
I -.Although no announcement-of tho
bour'of the ceremouy it wno under
stood it will bo lato in tho afternoon.
Fiji stives of Mrs. Q&lf; said 6 o'clock.
Revcrond Sylveater ii each, tho pres
ident's pastor at -T^ineeton and Rev.
Herbert S?odd .'-"mlth, of Airs. Gait's
church here, are expected t,o officiate.
Tho president wrote thc formal an?
noiincomont himself* and immediately I
afterwards visited Mrs. Galt. Doth
agreed tho .details would bo simple,
aa possible. It was intimated to dip
lomats who made.. inquiries at tho
state dopartmOpf.. vo display Is desir
ed. Despite that, lt is expected many
oulcials and admirers of tho presldont
-^111 send gifts. '
Legation Sends Report From A th-1
uns-Altnc?c?it* By Austrian or 1
, German Submarine.
' Washington. Doc.. 4.-rTho Ameri
can : legation at Athena report?? that
?A S, Ol Si call i was! received there
.to^ay ^rem ab. unnamed. Am^can,
Ship; ' sayleS that she wa.? being .at
tached by an;Austrian or German sub"
marino south pt: Crete. .
v ^Apprehension Is felt here/ftrst for
sae ?-safety.. Of the ^ American . collier
'Caesar/ which '. sailed yesterday from
3?Q&lj??d for.Alexandrini Tho navy
department enid tonight, that the
cruiser Dc?. Moines .. was ? probably
iH?5rj)r? ? the point indicated, than the
Cat* ir.
* ; ?JuciAls r?gftrd It aa'Impossible that,
anv American warship WM'-sftt^W,;
believing lt likely that it la a:'G??&
owned vessel of American jTbgist-Try.
plying, tho Mediterraneans If bal? ls
the (ca>e it Wlti: barely present ?n in
terna? tonal incldont nnlesB Americana
were aboard. >'.'
No Confirmation of fVSi'seovitea
Entering Romania to Reach
Balkan Fight. 1
London, Dec. .4.-After Craving ad
vanced to the environs of Bagdad, tho
British forces under General Town
send have boen forced ra tho arrival
of Turkish rein forcements, to retreat
to E?t-el-Amura, eighty miles . .>uth.
according to British,' German and
Turkish advices, agreeing on Impor
tant points ot the present status of
the Mesopotamian campaign.
The Turkish forcea aro now said to
outnumber tho British four to one.
Thc English position is now the same
as In September. . <
Although thoro has been no confir
mation that Russians wero moving ,'*
across F.mmanla, that country is cre
dited RB hoing on. tho verge of enter
ing ?'JO war with tho allies, or at
least allowing the passage of tho
A Rumanian order cominan dearing
ships In h?r ports ls regarded as proof
hy somo that sbo would abandon neu
trality, but tho British press 1B skep
There has been no military events
of importance in the Balkans .since
tho fall of Moniatlr. Scattered Sor
ban bands aro still resisting tho Ger
mans on* tiho Montenegrin frontier,
and tho Gormans report tho captuto.'of ?'
2,000 prisoner?.
Tho Turks report that tho. recent
bombardment of Dardanelles positions
by tho allied warshlp^jwae unsucccs
fu1. . . " " ? '
Heavy fighting continues between
tho Austrians and Italians in the
Gorlzla district. '?',.<
London, DecV 4.--Tho much ru
mored Fresian dlvortilon against tho
Bulgarians has not materialized, In
tact no Russian oUtoial statement ".
waa Issued last night. However tills
glvos riso to hopes in London that it
Is being withheld la order to chron
icle a new phase of thp^Balkan cam
paign, lleporta reached hero from
Bucharest, that throe Bulgarian dlvl- .
slons crossed Hungary cn ronlo to the
Italian western front, lt true this ,
seems to indicate that Bulgaria does
not fear an Russian invasion. Reports :,
of such aefriftof Bulgarian forces
are as vague aa tho report that Teu
tonic troops havo been ru'sv??l .east- .
ward to face tho Russiaii*.^
'. Dispatches from several.sources ss*
sert that . both tho northern and
southern Sontrlan armies, are safely
established In Albania, while tho.
Serb forces <who evidently formed a
part of thc? defenders of Monlstlr
hava reached tho French camp at
Gievgell. ,V i...-"-.;V.i-;r
An optimistic feeling over .tbs near
eastern situation seems growlux. hero.
Thore. ls. little to Justify lt outward
ly, however, except oil tlie theory that ;?;
tho FAisslan alack on Bulgaria will
quickly dovelop-while tils entente ne
gotiations with Groeco seems to\ be
progressing ' favorably. Gorman
nouroo? report that Greece has grant
ed ?ll UP . control of railroads in
Macedonia together With certain
Aegean 'sea ports. ;? .
Steamers 8jink.
London, Dec. 4/-^Tho BrUM? steam* :
..rs (Middleton and Clan Macleod were
vunk In the Mediterranean by s?b
t?arlnes.v Four men D? .tho,.Middle
ton wero killed ..and pnbV /wounded,
nlne?on landed at Malta, f
ire^potainlan On*upnlgn.
London, Doc. 4.-Tho british army
'invvi-Mesopotamla.-.fa In: retreat... An '
oOlclal apimuhcement says "Gene*xl
Townsend's forces are > retiring to
;t?uifl;Amara. '? ;'<.:-,:''
"Wore RerbH Ta1te_.
Berlin, Dee. I.-The capture ot /.
over two thousand S?rb??nR ls re
ported In a war ofllce statement;
,-. ?. ~
?> .. . : v
* ? . :?/ --- ? : ????M *
? . Decatur, Ga., Dec. 4.-Dr. -.
?>. B. M. Sprayhervy, aged sixty* *
? eight;, recently1 indicted oh a ?
+ murder Charge ot polBonlng s *
* wealthy. .;ToiativoV-'>?iv*?.-:-*
? Sprayberry ; and wife.. ..and .*
4v Whose, tils 1.. was .to bogia; jn?dtt ' ? ?
*Jv week, died here today. < ; :. ?
* . . ; . *

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