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*************?****** * *
"Blackbirds" ?ml "The Chorus. I,uri)**
This Week.
Tho Paramount feature nt Hie An
derson* Monday will I) "Blackbirds."
featuring Laura Hope Crows. This
elaborate production I- r .!d to I- . II
fitting ?eiiuej to' Ml-*' c^ioAvs' i
photoplay, tho La?ky-i >! . i pro.l.ie
tlon of tho '?Fighting Hope," which
has created wides]; . i'd favorab.e
The 1'arumouut feature r)ii Tiurs
day will bo "Tho ('honm Lady," witli
an all ?tar cast Including ('leo Pdgley.
It ls said that thin ls one of the inont
popular contributions ever mado to
the Paramount program by tho Jesse
Laaky company. It la a picturlzatlon
of .lames Forbes' comedy ot' ?luge lil" \
today-a play which ran two whole j
ye?-t? lu ?w Yi>r<; and soasons tinin- j
tcrruptedly on tour.
Bate is ('hungert From December ic tu j
December 1ft.
TTae date of thc- preHentutln:? of 1
"Cabirla" has been changed from De
cember 1(5 to-the 16. This ls<n ia'
reel feuturo uid cost New Yorkers |
HO cents and $1.00 to soo lt.
Mr. Trowbrldlie Villi Admit Children
Free to "?Cinderella.n '
?Mr. Trowbridge states that the An
derson children have patronized bin
theatre so well, that as a Christmas
preBenf ho will present ono morn
iug "Cinderella," to which the child -
ren will ho admitted free. Another
featqro plcturo of that wook will b-'
Will Aupcar lu Anderdon,'.Tltursdu}',
December ?io.
Mr. Trowbridge announced ycslcr
rtay that he had Blgued contract to
"livery Woman," a Henry W. Ravage
production, for December 30. This in
a musical comedy with 00 people ami
no show coming soua.i this season is
recommended higher. They appear
hero.undor a very high gnaruni.ee.
"When Dreams Como True." will ap-,
.pear in Anderson, on January.8.; This
is a ' musical comedy highly . recom
mended. ' .
' A new'play Blgned for tho Andonson
ls entltfed, "He, Him, and I." It will
bo hero on January 7. . .
'V. '? '0 . ' 'ii. ". '?i ?? ?
I in Cutlery, but what
I us tO; offer, a high*cl;
i It Is very likely ti .at Nell O'Brien's
I minstrels will bo tin; attraction on
Doc; tuber 17, since til!? date 1H de
sired by tho company., it Ls on tho
par with' Al (>? Kields;
Nat C. goodwin will appear at the
Anderson lu ^ve&JBay rDk\" on Dc
?.ember 'Xi'.
Un*-lc?>l Comedy at (In* Anderson lie.
ein nillir This Week.
The following from the Asheville
citizen speaks highly of tho Jaquith
Musical Comedy company.
Presenting something entirely new
and dfifcroni?ir(Uii' thc usual run ol'
musical comedy, fin- K. C. Jaquith
player? mored an inHtautancouu hit in
"Oil" Little Maid'.' al they Majestic
Cleat i^ycsteida>\ ulaylng to wood mi
dien? wv at botn afternoon -ind night
jierforinances. Tho show is new and
wi.nl is decidedly better, is original.
j Thc liine-worn Jokes that usually ?>m
I bellk-h these shovs are missing, and
I tit?; <'i?iiijjjlyxJij .clean, and ..wholesome.
Tile conti'Mos''are** new, t/ie aereen
. iVcets . ?plv^ilid^^irh^v voiqes of both
j .uinelpal.- -anil chorus are 'excellent,
and Hie ?volutions of the chorus, li'
?onie rV^y-'YiuinhtVi".' wou?fJ?tlo crfeillt
to .sollie o', tm- high elana musical
comedies ou the road today. . A if rei!
Beaumont, Dolly Kundera, Walter H.
Kdmundson,'ChtfrjilOx U?Iseng, itny
King, Aleece Maurice and "Casey"
Jaquith, the \nriiicljjhJs, j^re ail splen
did in their parts, Mif?s Maurice and
Miss DeLong, In pnrticulur, possess
ing excellent voices, while Kuy King
shines aa the star vocalist of. fiie male
persuasion. willi tho'troupe. ' Walter
.li. .Bdmundson and "CaBcy" Jai-ulth
furnish tile comedy roles, the comedy
in question being of the highest order
and clean in every particular. The
i bow ls by far t?e bost that hn*3 visited
th? Majestic ia ninny; months .and ls
iii u class with tho liest that theatre
libs ever produced. "Ono Little Maid,"
j will be, offered today and tomorrow,.
i l.to bili (banging Thursday. v . ?.
" ~^TPTi;r*i; - J; fi
j Appears at the Andersen Next Friday
."The Trail of the Lonesome Vine"
which Comes to the Anderson Decem
ber" lil for ono night only i? tho story
r?i big huhfan?, Blrf'hearts and big pur
poses, iieyoad all the futile spirit of
feudtdlsiii, -thore is tho-'blue in .the
skies;1 ; euuopylng Iho Jonoly rugged
tree; tho'swccit spirit.of June, ond tho
Iron willed : master ful Judd. "TIHS.
Will B; Culhane, Amusement com
pany li av o given a most elaborate pro
duction to Eug?ne Walter's dramatiza
^^^^^ *" '^^^
\. Gu&?X?iK?e? uires an e>
ledge not only of what is
is likely to. please you, em
^sliSl linest Cut
Any? cooking or ?
this 1 i iie>-will-prove a*
& be reiai^'^r^iat?d
>.'.... VSO .<1':''" *?'...x ..
: very Amet?cati ^?J? ?want
ing will: pjea^se/ hin^ mor?
prices dd noi' '?noid?t? any
'-'i?, \ ??? /
lion of John Fox. .Ir.'s widely read
book, and loose who lovu Jun? in the
romanee will he more than charmed
with .Miss Kl ly O'Connor *? delightful
presentation of tile mountain heroine,
who hun already become eriMirined in
the hearts of a million book lovers.
JIniiagcr of Anderson Signs Francoise
l'or Exclusive Output.
Knibracing Home of the most fani
pus successes of the American drama
tic Stage for those film adaptations
tiicy have exclusive control, the World
Film corporation, throurii II fran
chise signed here yesterday with Hie
Anderson theatre assures local pat
ron? of tho silent drama the best in
featurr photoplays.
lils .- buting . tho exclusive output
o? Wi -. A. Brady, the Shuberts,
Charles K. Harris, and allied film in
terests the World Film corporation
recognized throughout the county
as tho most potent factor In tho
motion picture industry, will send to
Anderson, such popular screen stars
us Clara Kimball Young. Robert War
wick,-A"ce Hr?-ly, Vivian Martin, and
Holbrook H'..ni, in a varied reper
toire of ifljm successes, Among
those scheduled for early presentation
are: "Old DuUu;" 'The Cub;" "Kip
Van Winkle;" "Marrying Money;"
"Tim Dollar Mark;'; "The, Fairy and
flic Waif" and others.
.Miss Young, of thc statuesque type
of stage beauty is accredited as the
most beautiful woman working before
the camera today. "Hearts in Ksile".
John Oxenham's- virile story of Rus
sian oppression, showing the fate met
ed out to tho exiles if Siberia, en
trenched her tame permanently
among devotees of the motion pic
tures. - , . '
Robert Warwick idolized both on
screen and stag^ -being a recruit
from tho latter-will be seen here
very shortly in "I'he Flash of an
Emerald" made uuder the direction of
Emile Capalinna who also produced
"Les Miserables," when Victor Hugo
classic beckoned a new idea In multi
ple Teel features.
Manager Trowbridge of Hie Ander
son theatre, alert to tho Interest of
local motion picture fans, 'believes
tho coterie pf stars embraced in the
world program, is unquestionably the
most effulgent, constellation to be
?ont to And?rson since the silent
drama hus occupied so important a
place on tho local theatrical horizon.
His enterprise in this and other in
stances ls commendable and it'.ls to
be hoped .t?at his. offorts to giyo tho
people of this city thc best to ha had,
will meet with the approbation lt so
justly deserves. - ?'
Listen, ?
t Christmas Atime, m
3 best. So Santa Ch
i| si
servi, g article selected frc
most acceptable gift-one
for Christmas?
a straight-shoot- :
sacrifice of quality.
'.V's" J'.i'l'f , . . i . .'
"Mf^ t-Mii'? Cimasa
Tho first World feature to bo shown
ut tho Anderson ls "Old Dutch" fea
tlirlog Weber and Fields, which will
bc exhibited on Thursday, December
IC, and luter productions will bo
shown each week thereafter-1
(.und Attraction Hooked ut Vaudeville
Ilou?ie-T?I?M Week.
Mr. A. M.;?in.kston announced yes
terday that he would have the Sey
mour Musical Comedy company with
ten people at the Palmetto this com
ing week'. T?I?B company conies:'direct
out of Atlanta Qa., and ls said to bo
one of.tho very best In thc circuit.
They Oravo a troupe of 1cm plenty
of girls, und a malo iiuaTtette which
Is said to'surpass any that has ever
before appeared at the I'almettp.
Owing to the. fact that this bookmg
waa not made - until lato Saturday
afternoon, - the photos have not yet
been received and will not therefore,
be on exhibit in the lobby of the
.hoatre today.
New .Serial Feature Has Been Hecurcd
by .Millinger.
''Tho Girl and .thc (Jaine" is the name
of a new. serial*feature which Mr.
Plnkston has contracted for. Ho stat
ed yesterday that lie did not"' --Jtnpw
whether thia would' be put -bu at tho
Palmetto or tho Bijou, but v?ry.likely
lt will be at the latter place. It will
begin ou either January 4 or ll.
"The Girl and ; the Game", ls said
to be a stupendous railroad film novel
tn 15 chapters, featuring tho fearless
film star, Miss Helen Il?lmos. i .
It comos froni the brain and pen of
Frank Hamilton Spearman, the fore
most author of railroad stories pf the
world. iMr. Spearman IB'?:?.' master
creator of. plots. Ile stands tbso
lutely unrivalled in his c'..osen field
of literature-a .field that ?macks of I
thrills and realism-of. great deeds
done In the face of tremendous odds.
Frank Spearman has written such
successful novels as "Whispering ?
Smith," "Robert .Kimberly,*' "The
Mountain Divide;" "Held for Orders,".
"The Daughter*, of a Magnate," ."Dr. !
Bryson," "The Nerve of Foley,", and a
score of other-widely published works. '
In -"Tho Giri: and tho Game." Mr. 1
Spearman has woven a wealth qf ?per
sonal oxporieuoatnnd obBpr?atiap. Hb
lays bare? the ..cold-.blow 1 .coderof'? rall
finance-theii jnoney trickery .of tho
bl ik-J int ted few' who fight to control
tho webs of steel*.that-.gird-our con
tethers Md Mot
ore thfin^p^r other,
ms says--"Why no1
v Cbnta?fi ten useful
Racket that can l}e j
^ each article can be i
We are selling s
. Us?tu? gifts' for 2
and many men.
convert ancient cow:
move the "stubborn'
habitant ox the barn-;
preciate4> They are
The line is complete ?
t?&?rM^G?t Har?
Uncut. Through every chapter of the
story runs tho struggle and eventual
triumph of a beautiful young girl who
fights the railroad monster. It ls a
fight to u finish-and the young girl
. Hi; 1)11) HIS SHAKE
How Hie Rieb Man ( hanged His liliud
When Tuberculosis .Struck Home.
Aathony Schofcld Jiver*.. in Missouri
and had made lils money in cooper and
zinc. He had worked hard from a. boy
in the drift up to the rank of foreman,
then to superint'eiident and finally to
owner. Sickness never worried him.
His aix foot giant frame "md stood
many hard knocks and-was good for
many years. A year aiio in answer to
a pretty giri who asked him to buy
some seals to help the miners who had
tuberculosis ho roplied gruffly: "Let
'em work and save. That's what I did
when I was young, "and I've nover
been sick and have got enough to keep
me now."
It waa a different Schofeld who ap
proached the Red Cross Seal girl at
ono of tho booths yesterday. In twelve
months hi8 daughter had been stolen
away by the monster tuberculosis and
his son, just graduating from college,
had been compelled to drop everything
else in his search for health from '.his
samo disease. The doctor liad said that
tho disease could be traced back prob
ably to childhood, when tils two chil
dren had been nursed by the consump
tive daughter of a consumptive min
er. ... The rickety, disease breeding ten
ements in which the miner was com
pelled to live were owned by. Schofold
now. "I'd give my two eyes and both
as a Sae
hers!-Here's S
you want your hon
t give your home a
articles with a- neat 'Jap?
>?t in your Kitchen just |
most conveniently re?che?
i limited number bf tr?ese
til school children \t ^
? ?J ? ; goi
ITTERS do the work, .ri
s into modern steak,; ant
. aualities from the oldes
* : . :?. ?::.v-v-'-1.': $ s ."
ITTERS must be seen to bi
now r?ady for irispeci
md the prices right. | 1 ;
Presents "THE ILLL
?LDEEM l<?te0 A!
Illlllll ll illllHIl) YWlr?fl?rhmttfHnWTTCTfTi
legs and arms to have my daughter
witn me and my Hon restored to
health," he confided to the lied Cress
Seal girl. "I can't get away iro mthe
and my hoy well If I'd given some
attention to the prevention of < this
disease ten or fifteen years ago. Now
it's too Ice for tl mt, but I'll keep
somebody else's son and daughter Bale.
Here, give me nil tho senls you've got
and thon go and get ail you can find
and charge them nil to me. if money
can make amends, which it can't I'll do
my share."
As the astonished girl handed over
to him lier entire supply of 20,00 seals
and took Cito check in return she
heard 'him mutter lils daughter's name
-nd repeat, "I'll do my share." "
t'liic'tgo's Protests
Chicago's "wet" population protest
ed in a body of nearly ono hundred
thousand men, women and children,
against the Sunday closing law which
^Atayor Thompson is enforcing.. The
protest was in tho form of a parade,
which took nearly four hours to pass
a given point, the marchers walking
eight abreast, w.rilo two rows of auto
mobiles and floats occupied f.ic center
of the Btreets. Dry leaders comment
ed variously on tho protest. Seven
hundred and fifty thousand persons
aro said to Ijav? watched thc marchers
from tho sidwalks.. One mau was
crushed in the crowd and died, but
'.Mere was no disorder. The parade
was six times the size of the one
organized for Thompson's "Prosperi
ty" d?monstration,'and eight times as
large aB the "dry" parade of several
weeks ago. It was the largest pa
rade held in Chicago since tho. famous
ise to be best equipp
. *?r.
Both roiind am
angle. ?
Y 75c Save Many a
I instructive as well as an
de entirely of steel, they c
. Your boy will have
ie and forgotten.
Mcv Kinley "full dinner pail" turnout.
Nono of the banners referred to Mayor
Thompson except ,y innuendo'. Some
of tho most striking read: "Tempor
?neo is Strength-Prohibition Spelle
.Weakness;" "The World's Greatest
Outrages were Nursed in the Cradle of
Intolerance;" "Oppression is but
Another Name for Reform;". "Had
Laws aro the Worse Sort "of Tyran
ny;" ."Fanatical Frenzy ?3 thc Parent
of Blue Lows;" Normal Man and Wo
men Object'to Peing Classed with De
fectives and Weaklinge" and "It All
tho Fopl Laws Were Enforced, Half
of Chicago's Population Would be in
Jail. "
. i . ? , W^-j
Mutter of Endurance.
"My Dear," said Mt1. Hawkins to his
hotter half the other evening, "do you
know that you have one of the best
voices In tho world?".
"Indeed?'* replied the delighted
Mrs. H., with a fhuii of pride nt the
compliment. "Do you really think
SO?"' " .: t\
"I certainly do,"' continued the
heartless 'husband; "otherwise it
would have, been worn out long ago."
-Philadelphia Public Lodger.
The Charleston & Western Caro
lina Railway will sell cheap excur
sion tickets account of thc Holidays,
tickets on salo December 17, 18, 23,
24, 25, 1915, final limit Jan. 19, 1916.
For rates, etc., apply to. ticket
agents, or, . '"'
Genor?l Passenger Agent,
. '.. . Augustan Ga.
. and to look
Hising to the boys,
annot be broken eas
i when other toys are
m '
?..?Ss'- C's

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