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Our. store bas experienced forty-one
Christmas Seasons and each one has
' been bigger and better than the ono '
before. That's why we now have
such a . large, completely sto ?V.cd
Jewelry Store. It juBt came' to us
through honeBt, progressive business
' methods and,natural growth.
Most, nil these years, our store has
been recognized the "Gift Store of
Anderson." That's partly due to the
. fact that lt is a Jewelry Store but
mostly on account of our honest ,ef
fort to always give our patrons the
hesi'-possible'.values and..service..
We have stocked our store with
all sorts of . little novelties which we
thought you wculd Uko to' "select as
gifts, as well os laying in an unusual
ly largo assortment of'.the* regular,
staple article you 'would ' expect to
, .find ?? . auy up-to-date Jewelry Store.
' ! "We really:'dd not believe there ls a
single ' thing ?nyono could , expect to
, find.in a Jewelry Store anywhere that
. ? we haven't provided.
.. ?o^ie- in aiid let us show them to
Hubbard & Co.
$1.00 Lion brand shirt.. .AU new stock, and best quality, Sale
; price .. . ...... ...... ....''?. ._7Sc
(5b'cent White Dress Shirt, good value, at.............39c
S4.So Men's Dress Pants, Special... .. .$3.48
$?$0 Meli's Dress Pants, Special. ... .$1.98
Ten* Do?:. Jeans Pants, Regular $1.25 value at .... .98c
Dress Goods ..
$1.00 Quality, All VV?ol Serges; ftV?li?colors'at ... .. ;.. ;75c
5uc. quality Serg'e. ;-;Extra- good value,- at? ? vV i. ... i .39c
Regular 8c Ginghams at..5c
Dress Ginghams: at.'.. vi';"....',..'.".'.". .viv'.".-, i'.'...'. .5c
, .."W.hite, Homespun, Regulax 8c quality at......,'. .. ....... 5c
Some Unusual Values in Fall Coat
Strikingnew^models in serge gabardine and FfehcH. broad
cloth, featuring the new box coat effects and fur or braid trim
mings. Some handsome and striking models in the popular,
new shades of Crow wing blue- field' mouse gray, Russian
. green, .French blue, navy blue .and . ;black. Wide choice of
' NewFall^irts. _ : , ' .'.
Some plain tailored, with separate . u?it?li} others; braid trim
i med with pockets. Navy and black -gabardines 'ftre-lthe popu-.
? lar styles. Special at. ........'.. ;... .$3.48
J? anderson, ii* C 107 Main Street.;
All Monthly ?lo?mers
?ftit?iW co.
rftO?i? Oil 688 H?KSHALL ATE,
Our shi?wing\o? ?pat Suits and
Coats is equal to that of any. other
cituse; we,hear ; it ?from
many different anales.
Coat Suite ^' ;?T^ $25;
Coats $4to.|35
We are seHiilg our . Ready-to-.
Wear at' Special prices; r<o\v--s?
drop in and give us a look before
buying.; otherwise you may pay
more and ge\. less.
N?*;Dbotf to C. A. fed tflvtskt Hoeofc.
* I_jj ' j ;_I_-t
? * * ?-??#??.???????????.??
Auuuimeomcnt ?arty.
~A beautiful entertainment for Sat
airday apb , a pretty compliment to
two. channing'young worooa, Mra.'
Piotr Rico ot Belton, and Mi6a Floride
Harris Ot this ,clty, wac ti;o elegant
course luncheon given by Miss Bessie
Major, at ber lovely home on South
MeDuflie street.
: A charming color ?cheme of gold
and Steen' was effectively carried out,
in,tho i decorations pf tho pretty
luncheon table, in tho yellow chryr
santhemums used. Over all was tito
radiance of many soft lights.
After tho 'guests were all seated,
each drew the ribbon attached to their
plate, and read, tho attractive little
verse written on it. When Mrs.
Julian Clinkscales drew her card she
read tiho aunouncemtmt of tho en
gagement of Mis? Floride Harris, and
Mr. Prue Ligon, Uro of Ander
son's most popular young people. This
announcement was received with the
heartiest congratulations of all pr?s
ent'for'Miss Harris and she was the
recipient of many expressions of love
and interest from her friends.
This t?axrl?ge will bo an interest*
lng' event, for tho Christmas week,
and will bo the most Important social
event' of the month.
A- delightful course menu was dain
tily served, and a most enjoyablo
morning was spent.
' Among the guests present were:
Mrs.. Blair. Rice of Belton, Mrs. Leon
Rice, - Mrs. Prue Clinkscales, Mrs.
Julian' Clinkscales, Misses Jean and
Floildd : Harris, May Ligon, Magslo
Clinkscales,' Janie Gllr?ath, Anni?
Cooley, Nelle' Barton, Rosamond Bur
dine. .WUheh?in&F??t.
? . For Miss Do?ean.
. Mrs. J.. R. Vandiver entertained a
: delightful box party at the Anderson
theatre yesterday afternoon In honor
pf her charming guest, Gilsa Louise
Duncan ot Barnwell. .
. After tho picture, Mrs. Vandiver
carried her- guests, to Atkinson's Drug
store where a delicious sweety course
was served.
The guests invited for tito after
noon, were 'Misses Nelle and Louise
Duncan, Jean and Florido Harrif.4
Luta Smith, Isabel Webb, Zoe Braylea,
Marguerite and 'Louise Henry,. Sara
Sanders, Elizabeth Buxton, Elizabeth
Van Wyck and Annie Chapman. ?
Mx. and Mrs. G. B. Greene have
gone to Laurens to visit relatives.
Mrs. Herbert Smothers has returned
?to her homo In ry>lnmhia[ after a visit
lo relatives herb?.
.Musicale.. :
' Thb: musicale to walcfi the Robert
E. Lee chapter issued Invitations some
(weeks ago, and whicn was postponed,
has been arranged for Fridry after
noon at half . past three, at the resi
dcaco of Gen. M. L. Bonham on
Greenville street.
A beautiful pTogra?u'y"'the' very'
best local talent has been:planned and
the afternoon will be a most enjoyable
ono for all wi'ao attend. . During the
soldai feature, dainty' refreshments
will bo served.
.. -Cablria, ono of the most ?woL?>rf?l
and beautiful moving pictures ever
ajado will bo shown at tho Andorson
theatre on tho 15th bf? this month.
There aro over 7^000 pec?lo In the
cast, and it took fourteen monthb- to
make the . pictures , /feils, will , be a
splendid opportunity for tho people of,
?Anderson to s??Hhls marvelous pic
Miss 'Carrie Fret well has returned
from a two months visit to Tennessee
and' to Madlsonvilie, Ky., -where she
.was "tye guest of Miss Sara H?yeB.
Mr. and .Mrs. F. B. Crayton, Misses
Louise GUroer. Linda Thompson, Sara
C ?'ayton and: Mr. George Mcconnel
will leave this -morning for Darling
ton, where thoy will 'spend: several
days with Mr. and Mrs. William B,
McCown; TiVey ?will mako the. trip
In MV. McCcnheU's Dig car.
Take no chances! Move poison?
from livet and howiih at
ogga? -,
Mothers caii -,'pest essy, "siter fciving
"California Syl'Up of Figs." because
lui a few- Hbura all tho c?ogged-?p
waste, sour bile and- fermenting food
gently moves out ot the bowell and
yb? h?v'a .a well, playful child' again.
Children ' simply .will not take.'v-the
limo from play to emptly their -"bow-;
ole, arid they become ? tightly pa ched,
liver gets sluggish and Stomach
ojidered. ,,?'.>
) Eviten * ?rose;- ? fovertBh, ; restless, <
J&fttmguo is coated, then give this ,
llbirms **ruit laxative.** Children 1
it,:" and lt e&n not ?cause Injury,
difference^ what alls your-litio nn
if full of cold, or a sore ti^bat, d
rboea, abimaeh-achc, bad. breath,; re
member, 't\% gent?o "in>(dc eieanelng*;
should bo the fi wt tre?tnlt\t git??.
Full directions for bj&MfS, -children
ot all ages, W? grownups are print
ed on eaciJ bettie.
:?JeW*re of - c?untetf?? ; -te ?ytups.
As^'Vonr b;rtts*
ti o M ''California if?fiyP oi k
then look oS?rb?uHyV?ttd See that-\ :
mad^by ..the': ''Calif?rsia.; Pig
Company." ." We iaAfyt; od, sgu$!
Hand -bscte yftth contetti^.BJcy.
Depend ob Whitewashing Out!
BuHding?, Pruning and Spray
ing. Tye?, Etc.
Tho women's organizations at tim
various schools in Anderson county
aro doing a great work and especially
is this so with the one at thc Lobanwa
school. Tho ladies of ti vat section are
taking great interest in their work
and splendid results have already
been obtained.
At a meeting held at the rural hall,
tho only one of its kind in the county,
on Saturday afternoon was Very en
tertaining and a program, is give be
low. At .this meeting Miss Jayne C.
G arlington .suggested that a house
cleaning contest be, inaugurated whidi
m6t "with hearty approval, 20 homes
pron'islug to enter. Score card3 are
now being made~ out and three prizes
will bo offered.' Points are made
by' whitewashing outbuildings, fixing
fences, hanging iguteS, pruining trees,
spraying, etc. X .
Miss Garli?gt?n stated yesterday
that sho hoped te .havo these contests
started at all ot vio women's clubs
in. thc county .and If she docs, it will
mean, much ?to tbs* 'communities. This
1B ono of. the best features, in thc
opinion of many, that has yet beon
stinted, "and -will dobutlesn result in
many homes and -places being reno
vated and fixed ilp.
The fol'owlhg program was render
ed at the meeting Saturday afternoon.
Farmers union's song. .
Clean Fall Farming, paper-Mrs. C.
M.. Robbins.
Selecting Cotton''/.3eed,' paper-Miss
Sadie Horton. -
Alfalfa Types, What ls fae Most
Profitable Variety, .papor-MIBS Alma
Thompson. : ".
The Split Log Ding; paper-Miss
Mary Broylos, Discussion,, Mrs. Law
rence Thompson: ;
What Will vthe. -Farmers Do Next
Year? papers-Miss Garltn?ton.
The State'.Fair, paper-"Miss May
bell Cooner .' .Discussion, Mrs. T. M.
Wei bo rn e.
Agricultural' R?vol?tlon le; the Pal
metto Stato TUdstrated "by tho State
Fair1-T. M.^Wp^?jtfne.
A Placo . for ihrer^lhing and Every
thing in. ?t? Tlnoc^A very witty piece
written by Mrs. T;';Mr Welborne was
road by-Mi&B ' Sa'dlo "Clark.
S...M?-Byers; demonstration agent
discussed Farming for. Profit,' touch
ing bri - 'soil fertility; ' plant- disease
and ^insects.. . - . -, ,;
VA""number of helpful'" comments
were made by Rev; OV L. Mar tl* j and
others." . , ;".:";~ . ;
? .J , ? i i ? mj0
Olden Time School With Cos
, tomes Cawd tt^tb Be Very
. Enjoyable,
Tlaeregular monthly social meeting
of the Epworth leag"5?. ot: St.' John's,
' Methodist church v:** held last njgbt
j and ?was fcy far ono of the'most eri
; Joyablb affairs of its kind ever given.
The attendance was good.
Instead of .'tho usuo4.social gather
ing hint evening something new and
yet ola. :wa? ft?e ;Orde^^
it was decided to baye: this, gathering,
in the form of an. old ' timo .cchoo],
which wassuccessfully done. The
girls were costumed. Utto tim ? school
girls of long ago and the boy s Uko tho
youngsters ot olden times. Mr. Ed-,
ward Valentine was tho old; maid
scj'ibol ,'*eacheir. and ti?j " like ,th'o chil
dren, and in, fact tho. enure affair,
.faa, very." I Tldlculoug^, . . vfc, . spelling
match, was.xme of: tue-principal fea
tures of tho evening eittd during recess
f^ii? .wcro enjoyed, ;\;
Why Sott- Should Use ?tuimt>er?sJa*s
Coogh Bcwe?Vv
Because it has an established repu
tation .won, by its good'worka.
?iec?upo it lb most;; esteemed, ?by,
thcjo.Vv.ho haye used, it " for nanny
years;. aa occasion rewired, and, ere
bett acquainted with Rs good quaU
i tics. . ... ."..'.... . .
Because it loosens. and; relieves,a
cold and,aids nature In restoring the
! sys tem to "a healthy .condition^
B^uiuse it doss not contain opium
br anyother narcotic .,
Because it Ya . within the: reach of
all.i.Vril only- costs a;
sale' L? all dealers.
Tho o u?.or Phuathea class of tho
Firtt Baptist church, wjU?gain Sartre.
Oysters, nes? Saturday in tito; former,
mi'ihan. store;*c&m oa> East Whiinejv
^pept. San vice,will -.jbesin at lt
o'clock and' run to &* -.and. from ,6
O'clock to 8. In ufal?oa:; io oy?tars.
*an4wichss, teas, soups, ?tc., will be
aorvcd.by these cnarmlng -younu
ladies; >; - . :'.".
> Lnughwf.i* oar- ot
fol exertions; lt is of great" help to
dJgc?tlon; i A still mor* effectual help,
?0? dose. or, CbamberiaittV.-TaMete
lt you ohou?d>?? ^o^m^?^i.w?fe
l^stio? give tbfcm ;a trial.: . -Th^^sl^
cos>. ? Quarter.-. 2r?r sale by ?ll deal
Consisting of Solos and Quartettes
Had Been Arranged-Attend
ance Was Very Good.
Tho Elk's Memorial exercises were
held at the Anderson theatre Sunday
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock and were
iorgoly attended. Tho services wero I
held in nil parts of tho United. States
at this hour, and was an important
rito or rather event in tho Elk life.
Tue meeting was for the reverence of
dead members.
Tho orator of th? occasion wan Mr.
Alvin H. Dean ot Greenville. His ad
dress was very much enjoyed by a
large audience A solo by Mr. Sam
Orr Tribble, and a q?arteto by Messrs.
Tribble, Smith, Fitzgerald, und Welch
was. heartily enjoyed.
The invocation arid benediction were
pronounced by Dr. D. F. Dlvver.
5IF..W. A. Underwood of Huston,
Moss., was ? business visitor in tho
city yesterday.
Mr. K. H. Welborn of Wfllnmaton
spc-n* yesterday in AndorsiM.
Mi. J. L. Shirley of Helton was
bifO.ng th? business visitors, in the
city yesterday.
? Mr. Thomas H. Bowian has re
turned from Atlanta, Ga. ,
jiff s Carlton Watt of the Plslruont
& Northern office spent Sunday, with
hi? parents at Iva. .
? Mr. ,Jaa. T. Erwin of Antr/.villo
spent yesterday in Anderson.
Mi*. A. V. Barnes of Lowndesville
was- among those in Anderson yes
Mr. S. M. Jones of Anderson lt. P.
D. spent, yestorday in Anderson.
Miss- -Myra, Anderson of the Kob
errirsection was in the city shopping
Mr. W. E. Johnson qf Liberty spont
yi slf.rday in Anderson.
Mr. A. O. Rouds of Clemson Col
bee was in Anderson yeatorduy.
Mr. and Mr. D. T. Blackwell, of
Due Wost Vere visitors in Anderson
Monday. ' '
Mr. J. L, Glgnllltat of Sandy
wpr?ngo spent a few. boen, tn the
city yesterday on buslne??;
Moved and. Seconded.
'Paul Armstrong says a lawyer., ac
quaintance of .his, who lives in Seat
Ue, ivas retained to defend a darkey
accused of absconding with the ninds
of .a' colored debating society.. : Tao
cuHook for the defendant wal rather
black. . ,
At tho trial the ottornreytor the de
fense arose hs soon a sth'e charge had
i^-.-a roui, ami said:
"Your honor; 'I move that this In
dictment bo dismissed--"
Before he could proceed further his
client waa .on his. feet, too, addressing
the bench, without a -trace of em
"Your bonah," said -the defendant
briskly. "I seconds dat motlon.'
Saturday Evening Post.
- -, ' " .
Bear This in Mind.
"I consider Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy by far-tho'best'.medicine'in
the market for colds and croups,"
says Bira. Albert Blosser, Lima, Ot'o.
Many others are of tho. sumo opinion.
For sale by all dealerB.
? rn: ?: ; , y
$ $ $ $ to Ym
? ani quarterly :
'estjii^?nMg? ?^.W
ratal- income.
Try lt
The Savings Depart'
. ?eat of
Th? Strowg^fc Baric.
Money Couldn't Buy It
The relief he personally experienced mored Mr. VF. V. Briggs,
Konavrn, Okla* to write to tho linus laboratories a letter of e?p?
precia!ion in which he says:
"Frultola und Traxo iiclped me so much I am advis
ing all who suffer with gall-atones to try them. Monoy
wouldn't buy what this medicine'has done for mo."
Fruit oin Is.an intestinal lubricant that Kottens the congested
masses, disintegrates the hardened purticles that cause so much
Kuteriug nod oxpels the ncc mu ul at ed wuste to the intense relief of
the patient. Following a dose of Frultola, Trnxo should he taken
three or four times a doy to restore the system that, has been weak
ened by. constant suffering. It Is a ?n'eadid ter.ic, acting on thc
?iver anti stomach most, beneficially.
Fruitola and Tm.NO are prepared In. the Fin UH laboratories nt
M>miK-elle. Uh, and arrangements lune been made to supply them.
' representative druggists. In Anderson they can bc obtained at
Frans' Pharmacy, Three Stores,
Over 500 Have Been Named to
Attend Big Celebration in
Charleston Next Week.
Fivo hundred delegates have been
named hy Governor Manning to.attend
tho Commercial Congros.3 at Charles
ton next week. Tho number was
evenly distributed over tho state,
tftioso.from Anderson county, being:
Rufus Fant. Jr., Anderson; D. S.
Vnndlvor, Anderson;. D. P. Sloan, An
derson: D. J. Boll,'Anderson, P. F.
D.; F?Bter L, Brown, Anderson, H.
F. D. ; W." A. Erwin, Konoa. Path;
Jns. T. Cox, Tonoy Crock; . B. F?.
Parker, Belton; W, W,. Grlflln, Wil
liam s ton; J. W. Uelley, Pelter; J. J.
McAbeo, Piedmont; W. S. Mauldlu;
Easley, R. F. D. ; Jno. T. Long, Li
berty, It. F. D. ; M. H. Hunter, Pen-.
(Heton; S, Marlon Smith, Pendleton,
R .F. D.; Pleas Mahaffoy, Townvllle;
J. A. Stevenson, Townvllle, R. F.
u.; P. H. Earle, Starr. R. F.' I)'.;
W. T. Sherard, Iva; S. L. Shirley,
Bolton, r.?. F. D. ; E. J . Pruitt, Starr ;
L. M. Glenn, Anderson; J. H. God
frey. Anderson; Capt. Hobt. ?. Hey
\Vard, Polser; Lieut. CM. Dockine,
Pelzcr; Lieut. Geo.' C. Balley; Lieut.
Col. K. P.' .'Smith,' Jr., Anderson;
Capt. B. B. GosBott, Anderson; Lieut.
Jno. C. Sherard, Anderson.
At Last?-~
Oui Fr?nt; is Completed
And the Big Dollar Window is ready.1 AH we ask is to judge;
the values for yourselves, Nothing will be sold until next
Anything Io Window for $1.00
Your Jewelers :
Water H. Kccso Raymond Ei Cochran
The Price
Bett equipped shop in the city. SSric?y Sanitary, t tQeaxs
Imess b Nest to Godliness." Efficient Wcrfmaen-Best service
in e-rery respect.
- Bavherj: Rainer, Brace, Lindsay and R&eo?<
Rasor's T?w?|??i Priors'
Ugon & Lcdbetter Bldg. Nest to Railroad on North Main.
EVEN i?Rj&Tj?R,. P.HOF?T
rich, Chatta
per cen?;
j ;-We have a Bingle tract of approximately 8<t?>:aerea.
, hooches, river, hottem laniL sita^ coud
twenty Ave mile*,of Columbus, which wo will sell for SEN
Ot^?hit BdJ??,ut farm lands are selling for now, ;*S'jfefiSBB
Of thia entire plantation; there is One portion of about 300 acres which
wa weald sell- separately. Of thia ?maller trac?-therai ard acresd
cieareOi i^ad under-ci?tlvation now; tho. balsas^ ?bout 18Q acres, is Ja,
woodland. On tht> entira plantation there are fifteen tenant bousaa,,
barns and necetoory buthuUtJIpgi, arid ?u? large a?ght rwin dwelling
I house:- Tho Seaboard Airline railroad runs through this placo, and
1 there 1? a sidetrack on the Tarm. Thers are 40 acres et nut-heartns
Pecan treas- cat thc plantation at presont.
This is a v*ry desirable plantatloa? and to a practical farmer o? grit,
: d?tarnuhat?ca. som<vmeah?; snd.who, is not.afraid of. th?* work, n?ce*i?p?:;
in th? management ot such 'a .oianteUon..'this., ottert^tue'. ?pportaftity of
a ltfeUwe. ' '
, Our only reason for offering this magnificent plantation at such a, tro-.
k laendousaacrldco io strictly, a personal one, ond wo will give it to all la
ta tere?te4 parties? privately. ' ,
We wJU pay th?t ?xnsnae of a .trip. JO. Stewart, ccimty. If the ?tvesifg?
to^orbls hacker*, hay the tract of land or any part^t? it..
There aro <iul??'? f?w'Aadef*?a county people living in:; StejfcaH?
Addfesa V3tewart;C?tasty,: Csu'*' ? J,
Tba ?R?s?Ugen

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