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Xtt?ehes;;.-- '
_________ i
(Asking "Do You Want to Bs Q
Soldier?" and WAS WeU Il
lustrated Throughout.
Dr. Jolm E. Whit? preachM a
eerionn of striking interest to a
very largo congregation in the First
BaptiBt cUurch Sunday night. His
text was "Enduro hardness, as a cood
soldier of Jesus Christ." II Timothy
:3. His subject was, "Do you wont
to bo a soldier?"
"A remarkable sons" Dr. White
"aid, "is now being sung around the
world. It is entitled, 'I.did not raise
my boy to be a soldier.' It ls ?
Btartling. refrain. It sings, tho up
rising of motherhood against tho
folly and sin of war. Something has
happened, In the world ti?t entitled
Chis song to live, invostlng it with a
piercing appeal. W_-.t has happened?
Why simply this. War ha3 lost Its
glory, the soldier's trade ls in dis
repute. The Idea of a man devoting
his lifo to tue study of how to kill
his fellowmen, the Idea of men, with
only a. little while to live in thia
world at the best, absorbing them
selves in the profession of shooting
down ono another, is a dying Idea la
-the moral regard of mankind. It is
doomed, as ah an-achronhi'a, which
all the king's horses and all the king's
men will never drag back into tho
respect jof christendom. War hus
killed, war, the soldier'- business has
killed tho soldier's business. The
deed was dor.?, and is being done in
(Franco, in 'Belgium, in Poland, in
Servia, and at the 'Dardanelles. War's
false beauty has been torn off, showing
the hag. >. The old glamour of tho
soldier's trade ls overwhelmed and
buried out of sight uudcr its mass of
barbarism. Tho fifo and drum and
(*gay banners strive in vain to enliven
the/sordied brutality ot what ia ac
tually the fact of war in the trenches,
its hideous details ot brutalizing (hor
ror! Once men stood up face to
face on battle fields and died in tito
open. Now they He down, burrow Uko
moles, squirm under cover like snakes,
crawl on their hands and feet like
Jungle beasts. Chivalry has drop
ped out of war with a thud. It has
become, on its personal side, a sneak-j
[_lngt sulking business, a ditcher's Job.
Do you wonder us a little of the truth
if t'.:e modern soldier's trade, and on-. |
j ly a little of its actual brutality, has
filtered out from the European w?r
that a mother rocks her baby .boy to
Hleej> to the .efrain, 'I am not raising
my boy to be a soldier." From cbr
re?ponjl?nco which could .not b?' pre
vented, wo read the private letters
of tho mon tn the trenches,, telling of
thellaolllBh crulty, they aro compelled
to endure and participate in and . we
unow that- the Joy. of the soldier's
trade is dead, its chivalry la. gone for
. The authentic story has Just been
told from tho trenches, "In a.German
trench facing a British trench, ?Sae |
dorman soldiers raised a board paint
ed with-the-words, The British sol-1
dler Is a fqol?' . This was followed
immediately with another sign. 'The
French soldier Is a fool.* The .Brlt
lt'i and French"soldiers shouted lu
derision at tho insult, but tho next
sign, raised by the Germans read, 'We
are fools,* This ls the way the.boys
feel In the trenches of modern war.
?iy message to you tonight Is to nay j
ttihat thiu -world has got to find a sub
stitute tor war, a moral cgulvalent j
tor tho soldier's business. As we j
read "history and i observe human na
ture, wo aro compelled to see that I
ttis soldierly spirit is a grand thing.
On this ground - the ->only avgument>j
with a sclntlla.of sens? in it is rais
ed lu behalf- of war . Every other I
argument, and to some extent this j
ono, has been buried by tho Germans. '
For instance if they say that war iaas !
1>?an the xcetho? of human progress
and point to progress for proof, we
reply that war has depressed human,
progress, hindered learning, annuled
religion, and destroyed the'fittest of
every nation on its battle fields.;Hu
man" progi*sS has como In spiJ^, of I
waar? more often! We can onlr ura
gino how far advancoi .beyond1 its
present estate feumanlty would have
been had/men and nations co-operated
wttiu each other in the things that
Were'^gOOa for. all men. Instead of Op
posing one another and wasting one !
another. '.Tho argument from nature
that the animal wm ld whlt-V. accord- j
lngly aciones Includes tho haman
nui mal, is on the lovel of a gladiator's
show, that Hts is a coaunuous?|i??n
fight, and that the war of each against
ali ti*the hor-nsl state ot .?xtstence, !
viss been exploded as al scientific
theory of evolution *>7 Kropotkln<<tfc>
Russian, and. Henry ?hunmoad, the ;
Scotchman. They otind ; that : nature
has t)3en a ^^t'sinner sod ' has suf
f o re d measu releas impediment thiMwtf;
t?^Ui?'^?!!^"t?n? that the deeper
fact of evolution ls tito 'law, ot "Mta
tual Aid/ and tho 'Struggled ioV rt?
Life of Otbors,* ns explstotog the ft*
ward march of natur? HP tl ?n>mwjffcjw?
tara. A*d yet there'remains in posi
tivo virtue th? idea of courage, de
votion, loyalty. \ selfsacrlfice,. -and .
dylngf-which has been associatetra^Ki
a soldier's life. It ia on ?d?o, Indeed
i^^iclpl?/ absolutely : indispensable
to the nobility of (iumanltr. It we
cannot rely upon war ia furnish the
ennobling discipline Of self-saertfics,
'then we must'?./?k for other ways to
li?cnlea?e U.
j To thia human need christianity
raakea full reply. It takes the ima
gery of war in good faith, and opplles
lt to man's salvation and civilization.
It taken the bloody Lusinces ot Ute
I joman soldier and along sido Boto up
tile same courage and debatlesa valor
Incarnate In the soldier of Jesus
Christ. The ApoBtle Paul lived in
dally contact with militarism. He did
not shut hi.-, eyes to tho heroic and
noble qualities of thu Roman soldier.
But he knew that the basal ideal of
war was devilish and utterly con
trary to the Gospel of lovo and broth
erhood. He saw as wo seo today, that
the soldierly Bplrlt was to bo con
served and the soldierly virtues per
petuated. He stood up in the midst ol
ItRorhe's marching legions and pro
claimed himself every whit a soldier,
abandoned to his cause, devoted to his
commander, ready for the battle and
hungering to die- for men and truth.
Where did Pnul get this idea that there
was something finer, braver, and
mero heroic than the Reman sol
dWu.trade. Ho got lt from God; ho
got it fron. Jesus CUri3t. It was hts
gospel', Ihe good ncwB to a war
wrecked world. Christ showed him
that it was courage of a diviner order
I than Roman soldiers know, not to
fear but to lovo men, not to kill but
to die th nt man might live. The
fierce and vengeful Jewish soldier
of the sanhedrin, - he had been
breathing out threatening and-slaugh
ter, till ho met on the way to Damas
cus tho divine soldier of God who
Icu rca him nbt, and who having died
on a cross at Jerusalem for love'o dear
sake wos'-m'Ife'i-.tier than' he, a soldier
indeed. .He.sfoll down and worshipped
at tho feet of Him, a soldier of hato
surrendered to'tho soldicrhood of
Do You Want to Be a Soldier I
Do you' want your children and
your children's children to possess thu
sclclt-rs virtue, to have characters of
courage and endurance and live lives
.of devotion and sacrifice, thou 1 say
to you f.at thcro is a. substitute lor
war. and that this- subst.tute makes
braver 'men and nobler mon titan
this hideous business of h:.te And
blood. Look nround you, there Ic
beauth'ul fighting nil along the lino.
Truth ?3 Imperiled by falsehood virtue
?3 heECiged by vice. Woman aud
children aro assaulted by sin. You:
hemes aro bclcarjuoj by *viU. 'Pie
times call for men. You do not have
to dig in the trenches to d'e?Ucji lite
and waste wealth, dig like a holdior on
your farms, in your mines, in your |
s'mps und offices, In you.* mills aud
factories. '-/It .'takes a finer man, und u
Unir? persistent courage, to conquer
rature ny toll than it does to pull
th< trigger of .'a gun, ducking heh'nd
trenches in "the excitement of battle.
If you atv looking for a iield of 'gi .try
oa whick to" bestow a gen-nue vnior,
lo'ik v'il h in yourself. There ls' Un
hardest fight,! there, tho aiost terrible
t'lcoumer, there the issue is vital,
there tile Jeopardy of destiny. "Ke
thut ruJcth hi? own,spirit is greater
than he W?IQ' take.th - a eli y. "
.'? Do you want to be a soldier? Then
enlist. Have the courage to bo u mau
io. the face of ftbe world. Naturi -ho
red: flag of tho cross before your face
and pour out your.oblations, lk-.'ievo
mc > thc chivalric souls of biston- have
not bren Its .bloody saldier?. Cuii
tUc roll of Caosarsand Alexnidors uud
Napoleons, and "by-flem stand the
Pauls, the Augustlnos, the Savonaro
la!!, the Lu thor P. th:> .Kn oxes. tho
Wesleys, tho Sold ?era ot. the Cross
and the Christ whose names, when
the gladiators-of history are sank in
oblivion, will, be the ascqndnnt stars,
rising to new power aDd glory aa long
as'mankind endures.
And hero in this time, when news
papers, politicians and statesmen are j
pr ea'.du ii g fear?- and' a preparedness j
of dread, and Inciting the people to
get ready as Germany got ready and
as Europe bas been getting ready for j
quarter of a.'century, and . fanning
away at the slumbering spirit of war
an iunbrotberly hate which. abides In
iiuman nature as yet unconquered by
tho Christ, 1 raise tho standard so far
aa in-mn Hes, in jj the face of lt all.
I want, to bo a soldier, I lovo my I
country, but I want to be &'soldier ot
Jesus Christ, a soldier of tho Kingdom
bf God,' a soldier of human brother
hood. If.you tell mo that this is a
dream, then I say do not wake me.
If yoi Lell me that i v is impracticable
; idealism ti ien I say :hat rn y heavenly
Father is an Idealist. . It y?u tell me
that it is a mere religious sentiment,
Wien I reply Um^ Jesus Christ is a
sentimentalist. . Progress by -war ls
a dream and' a bad dream; the mili
tary 'ideal is on'ideal and an un
worthy ideal ; civilisation by force is1
a sentiment an ? a disreputable sen-'
tinient. Tho call is for-soldlera. of I
undivided loyalty and who are too
brave-to serve ?two-masters, who la]
too staunch of soul to bs swept by
gusts'of popular .passion, who ' de
mands sovereignty under his own bat j
and who if to die for cause, or coun
try, be his portion, dies as. be has |
lived only for that which is right and
good in tho sight cf God-a*'.?? clear to
thefceart of it Cbflntlaa.
* .', ' Sh-, . '?-!
The oyster, supper by Grey. Eagle I
I Tribe bf Red Men craved a great
rm eec sn. Last Saturday night about |
tO nomo two o> three hundred~?ath- !
id in' thu mill h?ll,>htcb was. beau
_jilly decorated, and after several
pood select ion s were-rendered by tbs.
First Regiment ?' Band, oysters were I
served, both stew and fryv After)
everybody had enioyed the delicious
lopper the Hon. M. V. d'. ; Cooley,
mayor of WUHamston, acted as toast
master and introduced, the 'following
gentlemen who made -i*cme very In
teresting talks: Messrs J. H. God
frey., J. lt. Sherard, Xeon Ix Rice, A.
H. Da?ttal?v B. ^, t??ssedt and W. L
' ?ey of Anderson. and. Dr > Frank
ier and JSrpbs P. GcBsott of Wil
ston. After, the speaking every
y returned to their homes feellns
t ino meeting had boen a grea>
And is Being Watched By All As
sociations in State-At Honea
Path Next Time.
The third meeting o* the Saluda
Baptist 'Ministers conference was held
yesterday morning with the Belton
Baptist church and was attended by
twenty-six ministers of tho associa
tion and a number of visitor?, In
cluding deacons of the churches. Af
ter tao business aeBslon a delight
ful luncheon was served.
During thc meeting tho Rev. 13. S.
Reaves of Honea Path presented .1
naper entitled 'The Most Difficult
Text in the Bible,*' which was very
Interesting and Inctructlv??
This paper was followed by (.nt
from Ute Rov. A. G. Andersen, sub
mitting outlines of "My Three dost
Sermons." This was especially cr.
' joyed.
Dr. John E. Witto came ?oxt with
the "Fiyo Beat Illustrations 1 C?VJ
n?ard." ThU was one of the most
enjoyable papero on the program and
il ?eoniod that Dr. White was (tSMbO
lally suited to his subject.
I During tho meeting lt was decided
that-tho next meeting would he heidi
wUr the Hones Path Baptist church
on January 3.
Thia conference yesterday- was M;e J
third of an organization -if tue min
isters in the Saluda association and
is proving moro interesting and in
structive each time. Thc org?ub'a.
t tun ls something new, its progress
io being watched by all ol thc a'tici
elations In South Carolina and lt will
probably be adopted by ?ill of thom.
Those' vv0.o have been studying the
organization believe that it will ia a
shurt tune lead ' to a closer union
of all the Baptist uilnlst?ra in thc
Henry Winston, Bob S.Uby, Tillie
Brown, Jim Foster, Doc Jones, Red
Fraser, Sam SuW?Tuo, Jim Davis and
Ike Matt ison, all colored are in jail,
awaiting trial on charges of gamb
ling. Tho game ia which tho negroes
sat was flushed on Saturday night
by Sheriff Ashley and his deputies.
Tho raid was made on the house
occupied by Brown about 12 o'clock
on Saturday night. Tho house was
well filled and three games wero In
progress. The negroes wore playing
In two games of cards and ono crap
game. Tlie excitement,was running
high and when tho officers knocked
on th? front door, (Ho negroes wore
first aware of their presence. Deputy
Sheriff Sanders went to the sido door,
and when Mr. Ashley knocked on tho
front door. Several negroes started
but tho side door where Mr, Sanders
was Branding. They ran right Into
'hiB arms.
"""Yassir, boss, Fo' God, I was Jest
coming to open t?e doah fo* you, when
1 heard you knock."
. "Well, you hit the. wrong Iloor, and
you better como along with me."
Two or tho negroeo ran upstairs
when tho officers entered the house
and when a search was-made, they
jumped from hie second story and ran,
They struck tho ground, but ovldent
ly struck it running. Uley have not
yet been caught. *
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