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Only 8 More Shopping
Days Until' Christmas
H?re Are a Few Suggestions
Fur Set*
Silk Kimonos
Lctmg??ig Robes
Silk Waists
Rain Coats
;7"_t_- .
Serge Dresse?
Cont Suits
Separate Coats
Silk Petticoats
Children Furs I
Auto Gloves
Art Embroidery Work
Center Pieces
Kid Gloves
VoUe Waists '
Neck Ruffs
Charlie Chaplin Dolls
Lingerie Underwear
Silk Hose
Cotton Hose
Silk Gloves
Bath Robes . 1
Silk Princess Slips
Gossard Corsets
Warners Corsets
Thompson Corsets
Mer ru-. J
.... ': .?>'.r?>S.V.'.?
i? ?/y> ri.-.-. ? ?iii \.ty?v !?.,..
The man with top many scarf pins,
and cuff buttons is yet unborn. Here
are scarf pins and links for the quiet
dresser,. for the college boy, for the
young business man and for his father.
Stocks ; glisten with novel designs.
Guaranteed Solid Gold.Scarf Pins from
$1.00 bp. Solid Gold Link: Buttons
from ?2 up.
hiarcMi?tT^ & Babb
Sellable. Jewelers
lg! Grade Nuts for Chii&ias
?llf?-niia Paper Shell Walnuts. These ave the best walrl?js^
ever sold in Anderson. They ate simply delicious High
in quality but che?p in price, lb.....-..35c..
^California Soft Shell Walnuts 1b..,.. . ? -Jfi ?
-Horne Raised Stuart Pecks 'are the finest flavoreu ni:t? that
:.. . groxvs.-;; Extra large, plum full of meat, lb ...-.. .40e
; ^aner; Shell pecans, tb ....... V .. ...............- 30c
Almonds 'ind Filberts, f?,. .....U. ....?oe
B,a>.il Nuts, lb.. ~?c
? Jordar;.Shelled Almonds, ,1b ,."?T
Vat?ncra Shelled Almonds; lb ; . .-..?Oe
Shelled Walnuts, extra quality, lb ....-. . . ;. ;6gc
/Shelled Pecans, lb..? . . .' -^.'?f5
; i^roVit layer Raisins, 2 lb Sj for... .,-.Site
. Whole Pulley Figs in 2 lb boxes,;-;sach. ..-.50c
Dromedary?tes. package,.......... v * - >,<........t?e
J^Sa?.Oates,;stufTed with Pecan Meats, box.. v. . ?^gt??
ff#it GAKES ih 5 lb.tins.for........... . :-.
l^^v'P??d?n^M ?: tins.........vv..... .L:..... .25c
^Rp2 Mince Meat in;,glas? jars, each .,....... v. ,..... .gOc
. H?inz Mince Meat in \ tty;tins, each....... ...v
Family Mince Mftat in bulk, 2 tb............... .. : .25c;
We certainly viii,appreciate an order from you for your
Christmas.goodies, -lt is a well known fact that we sell the
^st;besi'of;ey?ry thing to eat.
' ?
North Main Street Work Being
Poshed as Fast as
Greenville etreet was completed J
yesterday afternoon and tblo morn
ing: le open for trafile. All asphalt
work is finished with this street's
The asphalt work ot tho paving
crews has represented U.e ' biggest
part of the vork here. The streets
ordered paved have all been finish
ed end within tho pas-- weak, two'new
streets have boen openo?*4 Whltner
.'.treets have been opened. Whitner
traffic, and Greenville street ls also
opened this morning. Everything is
now completed excont North Main
street. TViis work will probably be
finished about thc middle of Janu
As the asphalt plant is*now idle, thu
crews which have been at work tn
this department will leave the city.
The- exact number of men employed
is not known, but it ia estimated that
thirty or, more will leayo. All tl:oso
employed at thc asphalt plant, and the
gang with'* the roller will leave, there
being only those required in the
brick work remaining In the city.
rNoTth Main street is, yet to bc con
creted and then the bricks are to be
laid, finishing up tho Anderson pav
ing jo!?.
The work yesterday was delayed by
rain and mud. Tho gangB/are now at
work on North Main street and are
getting in ?ill the time possible. They ,
tire nt work every hour they can get
in, trying to get all done while tho
weather, ls suitable for the work and'
then laying off the days , alien it is
raining. The end of the paving ls
very near, and while matters are very
much. improved, the general publie
will-be glad when North'Main street
is completed ?and the paving,ls all j
dene. ,
For Several Reasons, Winter lu Best
Timo for Fencing1.
Clemson College, Dec. 15'-Winter
l's.the .best season for fence building
and repairing on tie farm, fer, more
than one reason, and experte. , .a t;
Clemson collage advise farmers o tb;
set aside some time duttng this
month, or ?ext for doing such work
ot thia kind-, as Is needed.' \
Fall and , winter are more severe .
on fences than ?pring and summer
and right now, especially, they sufr
for much damage from fires which
are started . in nearby brushwood.
I Ono step ia fence work, therefore,
ls .to v;mko certain fiat nb niles pf
brushwood and dead leaves are left
at the fences. People secarcojy r?
alit? how. niauy fences are. lost by
fir .becau?e such .trasr. plies aro
heaped about tho fence* posts.
'Ono thing that makes.this a good
eer.son for. fence- work 1B the -fre
Quency of hard , rains, wftl?h ? toave
tho ground-soft and In a condition
that permits one to bet fence posts
Finally, any job that can bo done
On the farm In winter should be
done then, because on most South
Carolina farms it is tho quietest
season and thoj-e ia . moro time for
carpentry 'and such work . than at
atiy other season. ' - ,??'?'
Tl:* tatara! Finish.
. #ho Sunday school teacher put; to
her .class; a number. of questions
touching tho., history[pt. the cities '.
mentioned li* the Bible;.
"Wlhat ^happened to Babylon 7'' was
the first query. ''.?'-'.
i'? fell," said one.
. "And what became of Ninevah?"'
"It was destroyed." \i >.
"And. what of .Tyre?". -;i
Cuuldnrfc Tell n Lie.
Mrs. Eve-''Hero's an Invitation'
from Mrs.' Boreleigh to One. of >'her.
tiresome dinners, .' -i. h?te tl"9m,rt ;.* .
Exe-Why iVot ?>lead that too have
0 previous e???eeinont?"
". Mrs;. Exe-'-That ' would be" a He .
Edith, dear, write Mrs'. Baroleljjh
tb^t we accept with pleasure." :.
Qoo4 Medicine.
G?ilggeV'How does your brother )
t/iko married life?"
Briggs-^AccyTdlng', ,t? Uirect?orip,
? b?llove.'"--Boston . Transcript.
Itceointten?etV for Croup,
Coughs, colds, croup, hoarseness; ;
inflamed throat. bronchial troubles br ..
sope chest are rel} jv cd by Foley's ?
Honey and Tar which opeas stopped '\
aijr>jia6?aKeo,' BoOfme?i and heals: in- 1
dandee ft?rtaess. ?Da" restores 'normal k:
breatninlff.',; W. C. Alien,'Bossley.''-Mo., <
r?a^s:: ,r'i; have raised a family O? i
four children and used Fo!ey> Honey 1
fcnd Tar witli ali o? them. I Und lt i
the be?t cough and croup medicine I i
over o'?e?. I uacd lt for, eight OT ten
years and can -recommend lt for
eroup.^'Soia EtcVywhere. j
AH persons having..claims;against
(ho estate bf Fannie Cole, decease, j
?rc hereby notified to press?t them?-'
properly proven "to the undersigned. <
wlthf!: ibo riia?,'trf>si?fiuC-d-:UV j:
?nd thoaa ; indebted to ?make settle-, <
Vi-:'.. j
FL ft Marett, j
Exor. J
Tho Report Dealt Clearly and
Strongly With Social Ser
vice Question.
The. Greenville Piedmont of Wed
nesday hoa the following nccount of
an interesting episode In the State
Baptist convention at. Its session bu
Tu-?day night:
There was a tenso moment in the
State Baptist convention last night. It
followed tho reading of I'-io report o?
the committee on social service and
public morala by Its chairman, I".'iv.
Dr.-Geo. W. Quick, pastor of tho First
Baptist church o? ?ii? cuy, in wliC?
building, tho convention held ita ses
.The.report dealt clearly and strong
ly with the liquor question and ot'icr
similar inattors usually considered by
B?ch a committee; Then lt went into
what ls ?''new field for such commit
tees'in this state and made a pro
nouncement j upon tho relations be
tween capital and labor.
In view of tho criais and certain la
borers In-this- community ot present,
In view of the general unrest In the
cotton ; manufacturing industry of
Chis state and in view of tf;e promi
nent membership In Dr. Quick's
church of men identified as mill offi
cials or-counsel with tho capitalist
eldo of the serious trouble at Judson
mill, the reading of that part of Dr.
Quick's 'report0 which dealt with the
relations pt capital and labor waa fol
lowed whit tho very COSPM attention.
The paragraph which :'. elicited thc
chief interest was as follows:
"The great '. industrial development
of this state' is centralizing labor and
Investing vast sums of money. Thia
industrial prosperity will create new
social problems.,It is to be hoped that
the two parties Whose ?interosts. are
Involved -may 'be permitted to solvfc
ti telr own problems In friendly coun
cil., ? : ...... .
/"W?thcrit ?pa.,Interference, of un
scrupulous hireling third party ad
visers, labor and capital', never had
?ny serious'/trouble in' this country
over their, industrial interests .until
a third party,-wjhich .had neither mow
by ' nor labor' invested iii the enter
prise ^assumed the rolo of an .unwlso
delator and sometimes an Iniquitous
agitator. uti
"Both tho social welfare and public
morals aTe Involved in the matual re
lation and muthal benefit of both la
bor and capital everywhere, But the
reasonable requests pf labor and the
wise tand sympathetic . judgment ot
capital will have no serious difficulty
m conserving'' tho social welfare and
public morals.":
? At tho conclusion of the reading of
the rorcrt, niter a motion lo adopt.lt
fiad beon made,s Josiah" Crudup, o?
Timmonaville,'-equated that thfe por
tion quoted 'hbove be ,'. read again.
When that bed been done, he said he
thought he hal\corroctly understood
it on its first reading," but- wanted to
bo B?ro of his understanding. Ho
then moved H\ ai- tho words ot tho sec
ond paragraph vbe stricken out of tho
Dr, Quick said, lie. thought there was
a misapprehension of thc meaning ot
the/ passage sought to ba stricken
' Tho reply was to the effect .tfiat thu
labor-capital question ', which had
been dormant th' South ^Carolina, was
'becoming how! of '.?re-emlnent .inter
est and ;Importance,''that interest was
centered: upon it. Unions are being
formed. .
Pr, Quick, said .he h?d not usod the
word,, "anions. V.-i^
.. Tho other; speaker admitted mat
"union", .waa not", mentioned, but said
many would Jnfer .lt . was indicated,
lie .lamented )lJO fact that the gr??t
labor, movement wa? not in harmony
iytta "the church and hoped nothing
would bo dope -,by .. the convention'
which might whifen the line of cleav
age. However good- the intention of
tho repprt,' its language might create
Uev. Dr:.', D.1 M. Ramse'jV president
of' the 'Greenville'Woman's college,
then po?rej oil on trie troubled wa
ters. ; He; said thc report Had been
./feparedi by ono of the safest and wis
est mra in the invention; and that
elimination. of 'the words objected to
ty oh ld make tbi 'report' moro in keep
ing With;tha kindly, language, usually
employed by tho auCwr of tho report
He hope^.^at; \^ttiaut' fi?rth?r discus*.
Mon . or agitation the cOnvenUon
would quietly Wide those Words ?od.
adopt tlib ..report.. Th's was done;
without ?i dUt9s?tlng vote.
; There, was o quiet feeling ot dee?
satisfaction >?t 8ils disposal of a dan*.
Sotqu>vqu^stipp,. whose injection into
the i cpn'Ve'htton many pf. the', delegates
r?ga^ed as unfortunate, ^l?re
?"? Baptist.churchtn'-:'pTa?tift^-''9lrery'
-oili.yJHasO th ?ou?t (j??o?na; andi the
Report; aa originalt*-; presented might,
pWppted ha\ia creat'id dissensions lu
wine, ' of those "iStyrg&b.
ThL Won-fcrftd ?tt?e Motor
vVhoal'ttt-'J- L; E. Jon?-?" -l^m' ;
3hop/ is the topic of the;. day? only
?&M: You can attach/ lt to your old
bicycle. . It iV*?re a bill e?Jmbcr. c>
I also have a tine lot of Ivor John
:on and, Gendon Bicycle* :..'". &?? ;hand
I2fc$0 and up. Ccm* atndj?ee beVoir?
TH'S "-SvHi'O'-C??sr?i?*^. yrytiix -vtiiifc- tn
?Overdo up with, prettytpaint.
J? !>. ?.- Jone?,
.:' lea -&M?M&U f?v
?ndersoa, S. C.
Blanke for making tax returns
have been recelve-i by Auditor Win
s'.on Smith. Tho blanks aro similar
to those in use last y?ar, and arc di
vided into many sub head?.
Tho divisions of tho blanks are as
1. Horses.
2. Cattle.
3. Sheep and goats.
5. Hogs.
6. Gold aud Sliver watches. . ..
-o-?Value, 5*-~<Jold ?and
silver plate, valn? 8--r
7. Pianofortes, melodeons or cab
inet organs.
8. Carriages, wagons, cartB, bug
gies, drays and truokB.
9. Automobiles,, auto truck, bicy
cles anc* . motorcycle?..
10. VV>prf?.
11. Vaiuo of goods.' Merchandise
monoys and crcdltB pertaining to my
business as a merchant, during tho
year or part thoreof, ending the 3l8t
day of December, 1915.
13.? Value of all machinery, en
gines, toole, fixtures and implements
UBod or provided for use in my busi
ness as ? manufacturer during tho
year or part thoreof, ending tho 31st
day of December, 1915,- and of all
manfactured artlclea on hand one
year or moro previous to that day.
14. Value of moneys, including
bank bills and circulating notes, on
IP* January, 1916.
?5. ' Value of all credits 1st Janu
ary, 1916, including evidences , of
16. Va.luo of all lnvaetments In tho
stocks of any company' or corpora
tion, out of thia state, except nation
al banks.
17. Value of all Investments In
bouds, except bonds of tito Uuited
State3 and of this state, expressly
from taxation.
18. Value of household furnivuro.
-19. Value of all other property,
including steamboats, vesBolB,
yachtB, row boats, and other watei
craft. i)
Total, r
Fifteen per cent penalty for, non*
Benr This in Mind.
"I consider Chamberlains Cough
Remedy by far the best medicine in
tho market, for colds and croups,"
says'Mrs. Albert Blosser, Lima, Ohio.
Many others aro of the same opinion.
For eolo by all dealers.
For Infants and Children
En Use For Over 30 Years
Always beanv
... ?he
Sa tiate re of
Phone A. Geisberg No. 733 for
Holly Wreathes.
5*ge Te~ end Sulphur Darkens
So Noiure?ly that No
body can tell.
'Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, bring3 bnck the natural color ami
lustro to the hair when faded; streak
ed or gray; also ends dandruff, itch?
lng'scalp and stop.*; falling hair. Years
ago tho only way to get this mixture
wac ' tb make it at home, which 1B
mussy and troublesome.
Nowadays wo simply aBk at any
drug store for ..Wyeth's Sago and Sul
phur Compound." You will get a large
bottle for about 50 cents. Evarybody
uses this old, famous recipe, because
no one. can possibly tell. that you
darkened your hair, as It docs it no
naturally and evenly. You dampen a
aponen or soft brush with it and draw,
Uiis through your hair, taking , one
Bindii strand at a - time; by morning
tba: gray hair disappears, and after
another .application or two, your hair,
becomes beautifully dark, thick and
and quarterly inter-*
est vvili create ?in an
Try lt
The ?nvlnga $??trt-<
v^*t of .
Tb e Strongest Baa!*
- ra the Cowaty.1
Gifts For Met?
A Manas'Store.
Bath Robes, Collar Boxes, Neck
wear, Tie Sets, . Fancy Vests,
. Belts, Suspenders, Handkerchiefs,
Gloves, Hats, Pajamas, Under
wear, Collars, Shirts, Smoking
Jackets,, etc., etc.
Our line of Holiday
Neckwear in Holi -
day boxes at 50c
can't be beat any
T.L. Cely Co.
Open Evenings 'Till Xmas
Wo have now ten million cabbage plants on hand ready for shipment,
Our plants are grown close to the Sea Coast, in tho open air, and our
seed are grown by the very host seedsman On Long Island, N. Y.
We have tho. following varieties: "THE EARLY J Fit BEY WAKE
and "FLAT DUTCH." .
Our prices' aro: In lots from 1 to 6 thousand $1.00 per thousand, fi
thousand and ovor 7ficts; per thousand F. 0. B.-hore cash with order. We
win make you ar special price on larger orders.
GlveuB your order, and wo will ship you plants that will givo you tho
very boBt results. Yours very truly, *
THE ONLY PLANT CO., Meggetts, S. C.
Attractive Winter Vacation Tours to
Operated During
Tours of Ten/Fifteen, Twenty...and Thirty D?ya'Puratl?n, Coyerinrjf
Many Pointa of Great Attractiveness and Historical Interest
.-. We.have a Tour at extremely lovr, coot including all expenues to Florida
and Cuba, December 27th to Janua.-y 7th, especially attractive and of un?"iinit
* ~- . ?_.
mi ouucuuuuui *aiuo w ICKVUCID nuu oiuusuo uuuus ww Trvnir
only opportunity. \
Florida, the World's Greatest Winter Resorts, during tho height of their sea
son; through tho beautiful tropical country in nearby Foreign Landa; Steam*-'
ship Voyages in .Southern Seas rand the Isthmus of Panama, during tho win
ter months.ct home, ?ffordlng an opportunity for great comfort and ploasure.'
' Wo oro'sure one of our many attrocUvo ALL-BXP?NSS-JNCLUDED, PER* .
COST will l?tereBt you.
Tourist Agents, Seaboard Air Lue Railway .
Raleigh, North Carolina.
. Ws have a singlo tract of approximately 850 acras of rich, Chatto.
hoochco river bottom land, situated in Stewart county, Georgia, ? within
twenty five milos of Columbus, which wb will noll for SEVENTY per cent
of what adjacant farm ladds aro selling for now.
Ot ihls/ratire plantation* there is one portion of about 300 acres, which
wo ' wo'dd sell separately. Of this smaller, tract there, ore. JZ? acrif
clcnrr'i., and tinder cultivation now; tho- oalance-about igy acres, is lb.
woot*/3d. On the entire plantation~ thoroar?-fifteen'-.tenant hohses,'
barn ? and necessary outbuildings, end one largo eight footo; dwelling;:
hout. .. The Seaboard Airline.-railroad runs through . this place, and
there'?ls-a'sidetrack; 'cn tho farra. Thora arc 40 acres of nut bearing
pecan trees on tho plantation at present,
vi This ts a very desirable plantation, and to a practical farmer of grit,
determination, some moans; and who ia not afraid of thc work ne?e^?jry.
in tho management of such a plantation, this effers the opportunity of
a lifetime.. '.
??iJO$r only reason for offering this magnificent plantation at such a,tre
mendous sacrifice Is strictly a personal one, and we ?will give it to all In
terested parties,: privately. v-^^^
vf&'^<C%UI'pay. tho expense of a trip to Stewart county it the investiga-.
tor, or his backers, buy tho tract of land or any part of lt.
There aie quite a-few Anderson county people- 5ti?a^
county Ga. now. .
'Add/ess -"Stewart County, -.Giti'^^i^fe^,
. Cae Hie intelligencer, Anderaon, S. C.
Cut T?te '^Price
Bert equipped ?hop in the c&y. . Strictly Sanitary. :tC?d&n
Sinsas 2s Nest to Godliness," Erncknt Workmen-Best aerv?w?
: JBafbers: Rainer, Broce? Lfailsay and Rasof.
Etasor ?. tpissor?a? r*wr*oro
i Lig?n & LecBbett? B?d?. " ?-Naslitp; Railroad o? Nortla Mais?.

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