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[email protected] Tib?ate
Linton De Wolfe Musical Comedy Co.
Mustang Two Reel Drama.
in ? Five Reel B. U. F* Drama.
Hiiii T?cate
And Own Cast of 15 People
Paramount Feature
^??? :. ' ??V 1 Spital and Surplus 0125,009?t
C nf^AlTA. K?.I>K & w-Uons Glien Careful Attention
V&UWf a a^????^. Ellison A. Siaytn, Jno. A< Hudgens,
t- PnlrOr ? (P PrcHidenL Cashier.
HliU, ?. U JR. E. Tolllaon, Acst. Cashier.
* Belton, S. C.
Capital and Surpia? 8130.QO&00
Collection? Given WomptAttontloa
Ellison A. Smyth, W. 15. drear*
.President, Ts P. and Cashier.
II? II, Campbell, Aent. Cashier,
25 c, 50c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50
T?e Anderson Floral Co.
PHONE OH ??U il A BS 15 AM/ AVK, i
Member -of Florists Telegraph Delivery
Specials on ?^e
Four Cans or Sp->ilew Cleaner, which Heans anything;
with. One Luster Box, which brightensx?r-v3 polishes Glass
and all Metals, with Ono Jiffy Brash Free. All for 25 cents.
. /
Seven boxes oilcakes?;bf either Golden Rod . W??hin^
R?dder, or White Flag Laundry .Soap' (or you'-may-fMi
them mixed) for 25 cents.
Tiict? Special preiss.'..ore/.gtoo?,\wh3e our. ?$$!M
? .
n^eVjistock lasts. These aro truly vemark
atle prices, so take advantage of it new.
This'*\ve?^':^e;^.a1so'::hav? . Special prices tm Teas, Cocoa
and'Spices;' Money saved-is money made. Phone 22.
The Law is Regard to Fires and
Other Regulations Strictly
"There aro just a few tilings I want
to call attention tp," said Chief of
Police j. W". Sanuhons last night to
a reporter of the Intelligencer. "The
??r?t is the tact that no fires ave
allowed ow tho paved streets and the
other lb that all licenses for Car?si
mas fire works stands should he se
cured early."
Tho chief stated that the law would
bo rigidly enforced In regard to tim
fires, and that.no bonfires would be'
allowed on any r,art of .the paved
streets. It has been customary for a
long time, when fireworks are being
discharged to Btart small bonfires on
jtytde square, or on other etreets \Vhero
a number of "celebrators" are congre
gated. This is injurious to the
pavement for one thing, and is ugalnst
tho law. Watch the fires.
Tho licenses for stands, operated
Independently, ls ll a day. The stands
operated by a store, In front of the
Btoro are not licensed, but aro run
In conneotlon wfejh the store and un
der tho store's license. These stands
muBt not be constructed in sutli a
way that tiley will interfere with
persons passing on the sidewalks.
In making application' for a license,
tho location of tho stand Bhould be
mentioned, and the chief of police will
personally see to the exact location.
Large Amount of Money Sent
Out of State for Usual
There will be no lack of Christmas
boo-/o in Anderson if all that bas
boen ordered comes. In the first two
days of-this week, there were '4UB
hionoyr orders sent off from the South
ern Express office alone. The num
ber of orders sent represents a eura
bf over $1,100 and all ot this ls goirg
out of Anderson for booze.
On Monday orders were sent off
for 282 persone, the sum being $668.49.
Tuesday was almost as heavy, Ai.:3
number cf orders being 164, and the
sum represented being C446.01. This
makes a total ot 460 orders and a
sum of 81,114.60. ,
The shipment coming ia ou ono
train was two big truck loxda, whis
key,-whh?key. and roon* whiskey. All
kinds ot whiskoy' from mean whiskey
up to good whiskey, will? all fue dif
ferent grades and species.
? Tfto big i.Wpment recalls to mind
the fact that on tho last week the
county dispensary .was run in An
derson, tile whiskey salos averaged
over $1,-800/.a'day. This sum seems
almost incredible, .when it ia consid
ered that Anderson was such a very
small town ht that time.
Local cotton market 113-4 cem?:. y
Cotton seed $42 pcr ton%
Kow York, Dec; lS^r-Cotion opened
steadlor owing to smaller volume bf
Offorlngs. Steady Liverpool and' re
pbrt or southern spot holders refusing
to collet declines; After opening 2
to 6 points up,'prices eased back to
about last night's level but later ad
vanced to 12 to 14 points to bullish;
rumor? regarding ginning. '.>?
Kow York Cotton? V 0 <.-.
; Open. High. Low, Ctose.
Jan . -. .12. 06 12,17 12.?I? 12.10
March V ..ll;8r i?.40 1 2.50J 12,3S
May i . .12 .54 ' 12,68 12.60 12.58
July . . .12.65 12.75 12:6? 12.72
Uti . . .12.23 12.23 12.?3 .12.3*
.Spots 12 3.0.
- Llrerpool triton. ?
Opern Close.
?an-Feb . ;.-.7.31 7.30
lar-Anr .. .. .. .. ..7.29:'': 7.3S
May-June .. .. ..7.22 7.28
Spots 7.50.
Salc-B 8,000. V
Forms* Hfiovemor ; Stubbs of Kan
sas, is sponsor for ; this One :
A tramp meekly : knocked or. thc
back door ci1 a rural bomb and .?eked
for a bke to eat from tho house wit?
who responded.
'.'You don't ' look like a man who
should starve," she declared, afc'eri
critical sur?ey, ^Why dcu't yon eb.
work?" ol??,
"1- would, lady," Was the reply b?;
the -ira'rap, "only, everybody I go tjjf
wants ? tetter of reference from n*jt
last employer."
'Weih can't, you get brtet"
"No, ma'am," bo answered; begin?
nihg to back away, "tie; has been dead
morb ytfctA 30years."
Quihee, pigs do net tome from /-Gui
nea, ?or are they ?pigs. ..
' - ' Phon? A. Getsheffg Ko. 733 for
Irfolly Wreath?*.
Webster Farm Owned By Man
Who Formerly Visited in
Accompanying a basket of delicious
red apples received yesterday by tho
,<ditoi of The Intelligencer from Mrs.
! J. J. Fretwell was tho following noto j
slvlng aa interesting account of
these arpies, whlcu- grew on 4TV>JS
planted 3y Daniel Webster, and the
man who ls now In possession of the
historic farm:
"The four barrels of apples which
come to us yearly In the month of
November and sent by our good and
Konerobs fr'.ond Mr. Walton Ball, of
Marshfield, Mass., have arrived as
usual. On opening ? barrel wo find
a most magnificent display of red ap
ples, and marked by wuy of Introduc
tion "Table Baldwins, from u*ie Web
ster Farm' Mass.',
"Everybody goes Into.ecstacy over
this treat from applcdom and the
eating begins and keeps dp night and
day till tho last barrel ls emptied.
We open only ono barrel at. a timo
and try not to be 'tbo greedy, but to
make them hold but for, .several
weeks. Then when they are gone we
wait till next November before we
have such a treat again.
"These apples are quite historio,
as tiley not only como from the Web
ster farm, but from.'tim trees original
ly planted by Daniel Webster, which
have been pruned, and made to bear
for many years. ThAs veijy valuable
pleco of property formerly belonging
to tho Websters, and now owned by
our good friend Mr. Hall, hos been
sought after for/years by the state
of iMiB&achueetts, .'ito be used as a
kind ot show place [or museum. Thero
are so. many mter?utlng relics there.
Ure nm tn Tesidehcp.wos burned a few
years ago, but many of the relics
were saved. Mr. "Webster's old ofllco
In the grounds stands intact. Many
pictures, chairs-.''And the famous
speech of Mr..; Webster mado in, re
ply to Robert Y. Hoyne or South Car
olina In 1830 aro preserved. This
speech of Mr. Heyne was such a
masterpiece thatVOije of the house
hold ot Mr. Webster ls said to t:a.ve
remarked this speech of Mr. Hayne'?
is "unanswerable,*? T&ut was reconciled
alter hearing Mr.',J Webster speak:.
Still it is considered a most brilliant
document. A magnificent collection
of butterflies Is to be fouad here In
a glass case which. wah a gift from
some orowated head.. The old Web
ster coach is to be seen ?nd one cen
but imagine ! with what dignity and
pride tho Webster family would drive
about in those palmy-.-days
"Mir.' Hall not obly.- grows apples
but hos som? ?f t^erf4n Oat cranberry
bogs on his place'-which have cost
bim a thousand dollars per acre to
get established. " Sbme'.'Of these cran
berries have B?B? been sent to u3 and
aro the largest and finest we have
over seen. Mr; Hall ls an enterpris
ing mill. man .of Boston, Mass., and'
once v>Uen on a visit to us ,unsollclt>
od subscribed a thousand dollars to
wards tho erection of tho Episcopal
church, which was then struggling in
its finances. This only shows ' this
.good man's generous and kind noti.ro
and that other good kainga besides tho
sordid affairs of commercialism ap
peal to him, if thero t<ore 'others
like our good Mrs*- Hall the ' world
wonId: be better and-brighter."
: : ' ...
; Dean, tho 14 year ?old sen of Mr.
and Mrs. H. H. Bussell bad his
rlfifht leg broken wihen ho foll from
b mul? ho was riding on the pave
ment pn South Main ' Street.
. . The lad was coming: to Anderson
from the. home of hie father oh ida
way to school t*.? was riding- a mule.
He waa Just this hide of Prevbst's
store and -toe -mole ran, and Instead
of /coming ?t.ralghV-'; up /South ??ais
v.??bet , turned eudde??y into g?iyrb';
street. The lad wa?- thrown heavi
ly- to thoVground,; breakibK' thh thigh
tu\M ?t KI- t.- ..' . .
?."... w. ...",."?. r'ittr^fBBHKB
He was taken to the home of ' Cds
grandmother, Mrs. ; / ^Russell,
aiid was later takeo:?t? the Anderson
hospital. The leg was set and lest
night, ? the tittle fellow /waffs resting
easily. -Th* hospital authorities bs
WbU aa the' attending 'pbo^lclao
everything la favorable for a rapid
. . ...ir ,,., rtfffl)VT , '
QT^aR/anim?is tigers are the most
?ush cop tibie io soaSicUnpss.
ie Gift in a Parker 4? Bolt Box
Give a man things to wear and you no*, only
-.ickle his taste, but you pin a Legion-of-Hon
or Ribbon on your own.
The gift to another in a Parker ?Sc Bolt box proves
that you know "what's what'" and "where's where."
"Alco" Suit or Overcoat* $15 to $25
"Stetson" Hats $3.50 to $3.00
"Emery* Shirts $1.00 to $5.00
"Interwoven" Hosiery 25c to 50c .
"Fownes" Gloves $1.50 to $2.00
Coat Sweaters $1.50 to $5.00
! Auio Gloves $1.00 to $3.00
Beth Robes $5.00 to $7.50
Neckwear 25c to $1.00
Sail Cases $3.50 to $12.50
Rain Coats $4.00 to $10.00
Underwear 50c to $2.00
Mackinaw Coats $3.50 to $7.50
Unen Handkerchiefs 25c to 50c
Silk Handkerchiefs 50c to $1.00
"Boyden" Shoes $6.50
Auto Blankets $9.00
.The Pure Linen Initial Handkerchief^ and Exclusive
Neckwear in individual boxes make particularly attrac
tive, and inexpensive^ Xmas presents.
''The cotton goode market is; rath
er' unsettled, Ju?t. now/* ?aid. Mr. J.
D^ Hammett Wednt-aday morning to
a' representative, of the Intelligencer.
I. haye Just come home ,from; nor th
orn markets., and I foUnd-tho huyere
rather skeptical about making .pur
chases j u st nowt- Of cours ?. al 1 our
business ls based on the cotton mar
ket,' and as the market had just had
S. violent break, tb?ir?' was llttle 'farad
ihg along tho lino? of cocton goods."
Mr. -Hammett steted .that he found
conditions so unsettled in tho norla
o/er tho market -that ;ho would rath
er not mako any statement, or wri?o
anything about . conditions except thB; I
merevfaci that when ? he. was there,*
tho, market waa very .unBettled.
Slrohflr and Well a? Erer.
Fred Smith, 825 Main ?8t, ^Green
Bay,.Wis.," says: "I Suffered a .long''
time with e Very weak" back. Poley
Kidney Pills completely -" relieved ?mo
ot ell soreness ah'! pain, and 1 now
am strong and woll. as ever." Winter
aggravates symptoms of IcidnGy
troaor?'"1 cold weather makes VjS?hmg^
moro unbearable. Foley Kidney Pilla*j
help the kidney?, eliminate pam^aUSr'j
lng poisons.-Sold Everywhere.
-~^$r$; ;v>.^-"-; yrr^r^.--'
Ii ?t'? Good Meat You
'hat You're Look
; ing For.
Here, you'll find the very
best of fresh meats at all times, '.
but particularly so at this sear
son. We have some of the
b?s? beef, pork, veal and, sau
sage, we have ever sold.' ,!We;
S are aiso selling lots of fresh
I oysters and fish. Let us have1
f your orde*r th's month. You'll;
erijoy thc change.
Pork Sausage,. Mixed Sau
sage, Beef aha Hog! ? Liver;;
Liver Pudding, Beef Veal;':?#fr
and Fresh Oysters t and. f-resK;
. Phone 755
Our Daily Sal?s
? . -. ,."v . '. . -
Are creating such a sensation that it
eyen woke our competitors up. While
people were busy getting bar?aiss c?iiir
Petitors were asleep.
Tea Spoons
Headquarters ft* Gorhan Silver
% ttisfti' -Gifts' '
..; Be Qener&iw
Be Practical
? f . : ? ? ? I..';'
:;;?Lei your gift be of an enduring, serviceable navire; a Jewel
flange, or Ke^?y, Goal Vases, Shot Gun or Rifle, Kitche/i
Utensils or Tea pots/ Servjng p^?'??:
^ ;Garving Sets, Cutlery, Pocket Knives Scissors, Razors,'fi
U less. C?ok'ersi Steam Copiers, 'OH- ^byc?^ivVa^ons? Ve?oei-;
any other one of hundreds of practical jjj$fts usually found in a.;
Harware Store.
M.. i-racitcal gifts, s?ch?ns Ifiesc .??rv? io remind the:fec?pieni:.bf"
';' Mic giver n?arvy ' n?onfhs - tt?. come.

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