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ITA I a Rina s
Haste By United States Would Ap
pear That U. S. Acting At
Behest of Germany
(By Associated 'Press.)
Washington, May 15.-Negotiations
with Great Britain regarding inter
ference with mails and interruptions
of neutral trade will ho resumod.
shortly. , A .noto. : insisting sharply
upon modifications of the treatment)
of mnlls is already being prepared.
A 'reply to the latest' british note on I
neutral trade interruptions will be
begun in tho , near future. Great [
Brituln'B reply is considered unsat
isfactory to President Wilson. J;
. The United States' new demand, it
is said, will be more decided in its
language than the first. Germany's
last submarino not--, by insisting that
the United States take steps to force
the modification of the allies block
ade, made lt difficult for' the United
States to tann up tho neutral trade
question with- Eriglaud at once. It
was Intimated, by..Secretary Lansing
last week that hurried? action on -the.
part of thc' United State:; would look
as though this country -was acting, at
the behest of the German . govern
ment. ? ' . f}
Greenville. Woman Claims Has
j band Deserted Her And Car-..
' ' - ried Off Two Daughters
Greenville, May 15.-Alleging that
her husband, David' it.' Belcher, who
died oh May 2, i !)}<;, Resorted her last
.November and took with him their
two daughters ?Jvangoline, aged 4,
and Vivianna, an infant, -Mrs. Emma
Belcher han entered suit for Uto cus
tody of tho children through' habeas
corpus proceedings, and the petition
will be. he?rd before Judge J. T.
Maupldin In the court of sessions
Tuesday morning. This action was
brought so that tho court may ^leter
t ii ino upon; the proper custody of the
children, who.are now reported to be
. ju tho possession of Mr. Bo'cher's
mother, Mrs. Narclosas Bolchei, who
.resides near Mills mill..
MTS, Belcher, the petitioner ullages
?that her husband went to live with
. his mother when he left her'and that
she waa denied the privilege of even
seeing her children. She contends
that he ovon struck and ran her off
from- hla .moth*1.?'? home. She also
alleges that aftey he had abandoned
her he went to her home and took
soma^r the household goods.
Tto mother prays from a writ of
babels corpus on the gro'ind that
.theyfore* her children and that she
ls capable of - supporting them. She
haaJtietalued. countiel for the. purpose
of nrafehig a hard fight, if necessary.
- td stfcure the little tots. Mrs- Na*
clssaa ?Belchor, lt is understood* will
. also' iv make . a determined effort
. thfongh con^pt.to, .-.retain her fraud
George^ Rnbiee ?&? Plac? On
? -V ?- - - . ' '
Washington,; Max. is.^?ha ??nate
today rejected Ahe nomination .?of.
Georges B?MCS. ot New Hampshire,
aa a member of the federal traae ?om-,
mission by ? Vote v bf forty-two to
thirty-six. Futile?,;who ha?? bean
serving on 4he>o!mmIs??on.:*a4*i*rf?
ca?a appointment* .'.waa / opposed, by
Sentttor Gs*Unger, of New Hamp
sh?reV-ontfca.grt?wd, that >? ls "per
eanally obnoxious.**
O Ufo
Americans in Skirmish W
Out Foraging And Are \
El Paso Has Created B<
tween Governments
tV:' ('By Associa
Lake Itascate, Mexico., May 15.-(\
including Julio Cardenas, Villa leader
ment near Rubio ranch, twenty miles
twelve in number, comprised an autoi
George S. Dutton rut foraging. No A:
A Better Vt
(By Associa
Washington, ,May 15.-Both (he Slal
lng a detailed report on tho recent El
lng any agreement OB to the Mexico
channels. General ?Scott returned 1
conferences had created a better un
which might furnish the basis of a f
departments advices showed no' chung
14 Dead And 30
Hurt III Powder
Plant Disaster
(By Associated Press.).
GIbbstown, N. J., May 15.-At
least fourteen, were -killed and about
thirty, injured in an explosion at the
Repsuono, plant, of the Dupent Pow
der company ' hear here . today..
/mm. - f^ML?'~l^}Ml
assistant superintendent ihm George?
Marsh, foreman of the' Trinitrbluloul
plant -where the bl?st occurred. A
nearby building in which ntter-bett
zol was manufactured also blew up.
The causa'of the explosion was not
Almost ? Coot 1
Pockets Of
Shelby, ?. C., May 15-Thomas
Dixon, the famous Cleveland county
writer, minister,' ltwyer and actor,
whose, remarkable success lu finan
cial revenue with '.'The Birth ot a Na
tion," reads like a -tale from Arabian
Nights, ls now in New York, arrang
ing for the presentation of a mam
moth spectacle-to-be known as Vibe
Fall o? a Nation.", ThiB ls to be
presented at the Liberty theatre, New
Yorkivthe." first; week'; in June, ..with
special music by Victor Herbert and
cost nearly a million dollars, accorti
ing to official announcements.:
"'.Mr; Griffith, under whose direction
"Tho Birth of a Nation" was pro
duced, is not concerned in "The Fall,
of a Nation." This ia Mr. Dixon's;
own venture Jn which he is associat
ed with acme'Wall street bankers,
who were allured. by the prod igiou s
profits made by "The Birth of a Na
tion." , .
. The unprecedented^success.ot A'The
Birth of a Nation" ls responsible for
tater big undertakings.
The Unsocial history of^Tbe Birth
of a Nation" ronda like romance, and
Would h? Itself furnish material for a
sc?nario, particularly the way In
which over $700,000 wa? practically
forced into the pockets of Mr/Dixon
Ita author.
tMr. Dixon was willing to sell his
rights in "The Birth o a Nation"?'in
the beginning; for an advance ot $2,
600 and ? small weekly royalty, iiut
Mr." Griffith and his other; associates
?steted that he tak?;a:25 per.c?nt in-"
rest'-ut the- profits, but with no ad
iilS^jft-i-'^ay 15.-^Vith. fifteen
thousand persons as witnesses, in
cluding women and children, Jesso j
>Vn?h'ngton. .a .negro - boy who cot?-,
resMQ to the assault and. murder of
Mre, Lucy ffryar, seven miles south
ot hore la?t Monday whs -taken from
jt??^fl^. ijistrlct court room shortly
befdre. hoon <and tKxned tn public.
3 Killed; iS Hurt.
GIbbstown, N. J.Y May 15-Bight
^Sh;?wet?;sported ? kilted-and '; al
dozen hurt in the ; explosion of tho!
Repahno pi?nt of the, ^Pijot ;?^;
^^^^^'^^^^^^ti???ii ?nd !
ith Band of Bandits While
Victorious-Conference at
5ter Understanding Be
ted Press:) * . .
VlrelcBs to Columbus).-Three bandits,I
were killed with an American detach
east ot hero today. The Americans,
nobile detachment under Lieutenant
mericau caualtles.
iderstundlng *
ted Press.)
e department and Carranza are await
Paso military conference before seek
l border situation through diplomatic
tero today confident that tho border
derstandlng between the. two nations
orinal proctocal. The war and,state
e 'today in the border alttt?U??!
Allow Churches
Prohibit Cards,
(By Associated Press.)
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., May 15.
-RecommendationG that, no change |
$e made in;.the discipline of the Meth
odist ehurcb.. which prohibits mera
th?n^EOm - dancing', playing , cards*,
fahd ^U^ndthg'-theatres-'W?B: adopted
today' hy a committee on the state
of church. ' '"The. sub-committee
which ' h Ss recommended .that prohi
bition against these amusements he
I" removed announced lt would submit
the minority report to a conference.
bn" Porce?
mUmn Into The
Thomas Dixo?l
vance on royalties. His 2~> per cent
nf the profits to date have amounted
to over $700,000.
Miss. Alice I Miser, as Mr: Dixon's
agent? unexpectedly came into a for
tune because of the authorVwindfall,
lier contract with , him for placing
tim scenario called forviO per cent'Of
hit prplitsj so th?t her share" of the
big clean-Up hos been $70.000, with
no effort ott-her part but to forward
Mr. Dixon his Weekly check, minus
her commission.
fl%Vft.-'Cl?ho, whose great picture,
'.?larabns/'.viB now" coining mohey for
him at the Forty-fourth street The
ater.; JKeW York, hatf prof lied nearly
S900.00Q; oh-Vjbo Birth of a Nation"
because i h? advanced $S'?.0d? toward
tiie,.prtgin?l promotion,, rind received
therefor a 30 per ceht interest in the
Some. R?sten men who bought the
Nr.?v England rights for 85.1,000 have
a?f??dyv'eis?red toeatiy triple that
amount add. will make UB much more.
'.lr. Crlfiith's share has tu-^t about
a mUA?oh, and thc minor ito-it ho?a
? rs lenser, but very . handsome
}>.Thomas. Dixon was born in Shelby,
January ll, 1864, and was graduated
f rom Wake Forest college 1883, grad
uiitin? from: the Greensboro law
>^hbtT Itt'1886. He was a member ot
the jNoyrth Carolina legislature from"
1881 to 1866 and resigned to enter
tho .Baptist ministry in October,
3886V ??? waa pastor of a . Baptist
church In Raleigh in 1887. HU win
fer homei id'-.at 867* Riverside drive,
Kuw York. .... : , . .
TAFT ?$ wnmss IN
{ W^hlJB4<?h,^J. May , 15.-4-Formfer
President Tjafi tesU?le? as a ; charac
ter yrllri?ii in ih? per jury (rial of
ihfee officers of the Riggs National j
honk calitfJf to testify.ld behalf of ?.
fc. Clover this president whose che**
acter he . salti Was excellent
\ *^??av?-iyo?lrWrried >an account Jn
the Riggs bank," he was asked.
I "Shea ?s V bad,- ho* said.
grew as it got Into - the $r*?identlpt
portion 4 ?. diminished - af (Let1 ;v^w
the presidential portion." .?--..
'' fife' '
Enemies Ever, Bui
Ex-Spcaker Joseph G. du no H.
When the house of representatives
hehl, tts little celebration of the Eigh
tieth birthday of Uncle Joe, no one
took a .greater interest than Speaker
Clark" : tinelo Joe abd Champ Clark
are old men now, Uncle Joe wrs al
most in at the birth of the repub
90 ?jUG?f ?0 G?
(By Joe Sparks.) - > ;B
Columbia, May 15. -The State
Democratic convention will meet in'
Columbia Wednesday at noon In the
hal) of .the house of representatives
at tho state hon ne. A close study of
the delegates as named by the county
conventions, shows that. Governor
Manning will have moro "than 200
supporters out o? the. 33$ members
of the convention.
Ono of the first question to be
brough* before the convention will
be the abolition of thc ?.. county-t?
couhty campaign; About {90 . ' dole
gates have ?been instructed by the
county conventions to vote for the
abolition of the biennial circus. The
leaders , in the convention are-oppo*
eil to tho movement and will fight for
the retention of the system":
: A fight will be started in the con
tention against sending office holders
and office seekers to tba national de
mocratic convention at . St. Louis. !
The general interest; will be in tba
s?lection bf the "Big Pour" or the.
delegates at large. It Ina been cus
tomary to aend the twa'United states
senators, the governor ?nd a layman
to the national convention. '. Some ot
tho members of the convention . will
urge that' four plain'; democrats be
members to represent South Carolina.'
Henry ???lson Snyder of .Spnrtanburg
has bc?n suggested sa,cue ot tho
delegates-at-large. Co?.. Aibnry Co
ward hus also been mentioned.
, At; the p recen t tl tn e. the Indications
aro 'that S?nr.tor B. R. Tillman will
?be' reelected national committeeman
from South Carolina without opposi
tion . r John Gary Evans.of Spar tan
burg will In all p-.obabli|Hy bo re*
elected v as chairman ot the State De
mocratic executive cpmm!ttee:.
J The SohtH Carolina -State Ware
house association will send a T?pro*
senatlvo to the convention to ask
that John <L. McLaurlt?, state ware-,
house commissioner, Ivo given one
hoar' at'- each- campaign meeting to
defend tho state system.'~S Tn-V*,.*e?
quest ; wilt e?ua? constderaWa. ' ?dt?f
cus si on in tho convention-. : Mr. M?
L?uri? has already announced HM
fie wiB be ii candidata ,for??a*te???nt
Bovernor in order tb??'ho: may" defend
the system on >h? ''fitumfr.'^Thla at?p
will surely-iiplaee tba- cotton arafe
houso system la politics.
It la understood that W. P. Pol*
\ock ot"ali? Ch?r?w bar' will he nomi
nated erf 'a m?mber di tba'delegation
to-St..Sonia. - . '? '
T: P. Coibran of the Greenville
bar will be nominated' for- pr?sident
'bfr'ih?Vc?nvontlo'n.' "?:??',
; 11i? state '?Mtwntla^:^m>^.;a>kad
r j ; -.'fr'1- -J'1 ?>>j^^-'-fa -?
t Friends Always.
.. \, : ?:
I m
\- :
? rn?*
Speaker Champ Clark
Hean party, but Champ ls not old
enough to have sceen tho democratic
party born. They have fought each
other th the house for more than a
I CHUM ter of u century. But irever hus
there* been a time they were not
personal frieuds.
21 DAYS io mm
-. ?. : (By Associated 'Prosa.)
, Santefe, New Mexico, May ID.
Governor McDonald today Kraut cjd a
twenty-one day despite to the seven
Villa bandits who have been sentenc
ed to hang, at Demming May the
(-nineteenth for their part ju the Co
lumbus raid. -. Tho respite la to en
able the governor to.make an inves
ti ?at lon as rocines tod by President!
Ready To
IS e creary Baker Is Tendered Ser-1
vices of Band Of Vol
My* <
m . m
A tl an'a, May 15.-That Georgian? I
?tand ready to defend the nation in |
time of peril was r.triktogly demon
strated in Washington, D. C., on
Saturday when- Jesse B. Mercer,
former state game warden Of Georgia,
it?ndered to Secretary of War Baker,
tho services of 1,000 men SB volun
teers ' prepared to take up arms at]
the first call.
rj For several weeks Mr. Mercer baa
been quietly, enlisting recruits .for-a
reservo regiment ot voliinteera
around Waycross, Brunswick, Blade
shear, Ocilia, Vatdosta, AmerlcUB, |
Cordele, Moultrie, Fitzgerald, Hazlo
tiursV and other sooth Georgia, town?;
And when he went "to Washington to
tender the services of his, regiment
he did not present the secretary, ot
war with a fine-sounding . hotvajr
speech, 'bat . with tacts, figures, abd
names and ^ addresses.> The *>eryj<r
ci the regiment were immedial|ly|ai
ehthuBiastfcally accepte* and?!?!
roster waa filed tn the war depart
ment. ' ',-'"* "'.
; : The /week; anding .Satprday : waa pap
in which ' several Georgiana. - came
ominenUy to the front: In the itys>
>hal capital, along . the Colonel
tercer . and ,hls volunteers.
SUiy-une KeiaUres In War:
t Youngstown,., O... *toy ; 15-^AtWflrtf
lUnsky, of tblB city claims tb??OJf
jctlon of having sixty-one.relative
?btfvely Engaged .?MMih**;-. pwii
rar. Babinsky in a lotter receive
if hlin from bis mother who reside
N?gybfccBkerrtc, HunpiTy,??ot
Plcte tabulation of alt metal?)
f^'famll?t - callea to the colora1-t
ie dual, monarchy ; : So far. ?dWK <
thhv largo Hst-of relatives has;./lbi
bia IU? ia battle.
Under New System Would Make
Lean? on Five to Thirty
Year Mortgagee
(Hy Associated Press.)
Washington, May If?.-The rural
credits bili, providing a farm loan
hoard and a system of 12, land hanks
passed the house today by a vote of
two. hundred and ninety-five to 10.
A similar measu.ro hasJ already pass
ed tho senate and thu difference prob
ably will bo worked out In a confer
ence soon.
Under the terms ot tho bill land I
banka would loan money to farmers |
at not more than ala por ebbt inter
est through-local vloan associations on
mortgages,.-running.from five to thir
ty-six years. Mortgages would -he
UBed by babka as a baals for- farm
loan bondB.,. One- of the principal
differences between the twp measures
is tho Goaato would capitalise each
farm loan bank at five hundred thou
sand dollars and the hpuse at seven
hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
I Demented end Hilf Dead F.
Bundanb Discovered Five
Mites North Botiqmlla
(By Associated Press. )
Marathon, Texas, May .15.-F.
Bundanls, lost trooper ot the four
teenth cavalry, who had been missing
since tho Glenn Springs raid, wen
found wandering in the woodb about
thirty-five miles north of Bouqullla
today, demented and half dead from
thirst, A champion . wood mining
man, who found Bundara!*, turned
him over to the hospital corps hera.
It was reported here that Major
Langhornc's column ls eighty miles
cou tu of tho border awaiting thc ar
rival of Colonel Sibley's command to
attack tho bandits i said tb be en
camped farther south? ff:
I Asquith Discussionof General Di*-1
armament For Ireland is
. (ny Associated Press.)
?Belfast, May 15.-A. disinclination
to accept.any plan.of government for
Ireland, that wonVl. subject. Ulster to
homo rule way evident today tn ibo
Occasion .ot Premier Asquith's visit
to Belfast, ic is understood- Asquith
discussed a general disarmament tor
Ireland, but tho "osult of tho discus
sion .was unsatisfactory. Belfast has
not shown any signs ot accepting ony
i compromiso , overnmont Fed mond ts
said, fb l?o i willing to offer.
About 80 Veterans .from Anderson Co
^ ta. Birmingham. ',
ij Seventy-nine veterans j* lett - Ander
son yesterday mor nins for ?Klrmlng
hamm .attaad .thar Confederate vet
eran's reunion winch opens in that
?Hy todays lab -veterans will arrive
In Birmingham Oils morning in time
for tho beginning bf the exercises and
will .?main until ?be latter part ot
tho week.
Engineer to Jell.
' fia?lsbury, N. C.,. M?y 15.-A
.Tnnkeraley. engineer itt charge, ?t the
Idnthern railway train which ran
\>!to ibo rear ot a' special train here
U?at ?fovemberr kellog twa, waa sen
tenced to four months tn jail on
charge.of maoslaughter'^feMv^?'
Dn re ?*re?an? Out.
Paris; May ir?.-The p^neh dravo
the Onmii?i? from fir?t Uno trenches
mm. VeWsnd* and Viltaers, ??tita of
;Vho Somme, lt 1B officially reported.
Differences Between That Coun
try and The Entente Pow
ers Have Been Settled
(By Asso.cuUci PrcS3?)
London, .May 15.-Tho French in
a eurprlao uttnek along the Mouse
east ot Verdun, have driven the Qer
I pians "from tholr trenches on a- hun-1,
dted yard front; also, ropulsed tho1.
Gormans attacks in tho Champagne ;
region. . -
Bast of tho Loos tho Germans suc
ceeded In gaining u foothold in Brit-,
ish frenches, hue were drlvon out by1
a counter attack.
Tlie I tal I nu:', in -Monte Ad om cl i o .
Bono . have occupied strategic posi
tions in their movement towards
Trent. The Italians havo advanced
in the'region br Mount Spermie'-and
! nut down Austrian attacks north of
Artillery fighting continue? on the
Russian fronts Petrograd "reporto
j the Russian progress against tho
[Turks in Armenia. In.operations to
ward 'Mosul, having Paining, au tho
(ejective.'tho Turks bro said to ho
.retreating, after abandoning .much
.war material.
rJDlfferences between Gr?ce abd. tho
entente powers..hay?. been, .ffotitoaV tho
British. foreign o ?ile o announces.
This means possibly that Gre^e\has
acquiesced to tho , entente's request
to transport serbian troop? across
I tho Greek territory from the Inland
of Corfu to Saloniki.
I Dyrmrnite Explosion N?xt to Res
ultant b Fatal to 1? And
20 Injured
' ? v.
* (By Associated Press*)
Akron, Ohio, May 15.-At least
I eleven-were killed and about twenty
injured here tonight when a restau
rant-building collapsed when a dyna
mite blast waB ?et off lu un adjoining
excavation.. .Tho crash ' come dur
ing tho dinner hour. Ten: bodies
had been recovered and nineteen in
jured had been taken from the
ruins, out it is believed others aro
dead or injured.
Judiciary Committee Expected to
Return Nomination With
? ' out Recommendation
(By Associated Press.)
Warmington; . May ib'^dt1 appears
certain thai, the.'Issue, over the, nomi
nation of Louts Tt. Brand?la tor the '.
Supreme court will be fought out In : ,
the renato without/recommendations.
ftom the Judiciary committee'. A de
cision was reached after a tyfotfsi?tvv
c:i secret session .today that tho re- ;
port could ri?t he ?gMed .npOif," bat t
seven! senators were wjilllng:, -to >
vhto to return the nomination to tho r
Spnoiav. without any recommendation; t.
? ' Xrg?wenls Appsm fjhsk ' f
Norfolk, May".15.^Afifuma?ts hi
the caso over the ownershipof the j
p>lze Bhip Appam have bee? begun in >
t?e federal court With a . statement t
by the British aide, vit .h* not ex- %.
peeled thia argument can b> conclu?-.'.
ed today ai ther? aire flv* speakers.
Massacre ls Feared.
; ' Washington, vMny 15.-liangors of
ii massacre of <&rlsrlan> in Syria ls '
privatelyirepori^<Ho>.iW^Wt^ de
partment- R ? Ihdlcaied th?t ft.
m.ight- surpass tn hnrro> many .. Ar
menian ruaniucvea of tho psst,

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