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Weil Known ]
Important To Dispose of Waste
From thc Stomach With
People frequently attribute. to fail
ure of the digestive orgaus conditions
I bat arc primarily due to incentivo
bowels, and apply remedies that from
their Very nature ar? more apt to ag
gravate Utan to relive tho disorder.
When ?thc boweis act regulurjy the
titomach is in better simpe to perform
its. ulolted tasks and can usuallyrbe
depended upon. To keep tho bowels
in* condition there'ls'no .-more effecr
tivo remedy than the combination of
simple laxative herbs known as' Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup P?poiu which is sold
in : drug stores for fifty cents a bot
tle. ^ ... v
Dr. Caldwell- has prescribed this',
remedy in his ' prs-'dlcs . for ovsr . 'a'
quarter jf a century and it is toduy
thc standard household remedy in
thousands of homes. Mr. ThoB. De
Loach, with the Department of tho In
terior, Office of Indian Affairs, at
Washington, wrote Dr. ^Caldwell re
cently that "Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin ls thc best laxative I have
Government Figures Give Gener
al Decrease, But in South
Gain Made
Washington. D. C., May IC-Com
menting today on tho report of the
United States agricultural depart
ment on the condition o? winter
wheat as of Slay 1,. President Harri
son of Southern Hallway company,
said: .
} "From a southern viewpoint it is
- -M-ruify'tg td note that, while the
denartment figures Indicate that the
total crop in the United States will
- . " nf_
I Fine Quality, Hi
I-' l
Chronic Case]
- ; 31?. TII08. DeLOACII
any ?.n?>A>3cdgo o? and-the cleaning up
guaranteed hy its use rell?vcn every
organ." x * ?> ? :
A bottle of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Pepsin should bd . ipi hand in every
home for usc when needed. A trial
bottle, free of charge." can be obtain
ed by writing to Dr. W. B. Caldwell,
454 Washington St., Monticello, TU.
be 155,765,000 bushels below the
crop of last 'year, they indicate an
increase of 3,0."4,000 bushels in thc.
e-outhern s" >/?n traversed by ' . tho
lines ot 8( .bern Hallway company.
Increases . shown for er.cb of the
strf.tes of V ,A'niavtjtrrriia. Alabama,
Kf.ntuulcv. and TtoJitrceo; and slight
decreases in the states of North
Carolina, South Carolina, and . 'Mis
sissippi.' These figures afford an
j other illustration of thc tendency'of
i southern farmers? to get away from
I the ono-crop. system of farming and
to . strengthen the economic position
of.tho south by growing a largo prc
portion of it3 food supplies. The
same tendency is strikingly shown by
by the marked increase In tho num
ber and improvement in tho quality
of live stock in every southern state,
as was illustrated by a recent cen
PUB of hogs in South Carolina, show
ing an increase of more than 150 per
cent since ,1910." . .
gil Grad?' Dresses
For Afternoon
and ;
l % % ??' - ' ;>.:v' ; * '
"A-".description' .thut ' would do
these dresses justice is impossible'
here.' Wo can only say that there'
arc Taffetas, Cropo de Chines. Silk
I'OpUns, and combinations-all in -
tho most approved styles-and col
ors*. ,You.^u&..s^ tliem to appre
. ciato i their, beauty-.add fineness
$4tp??5.p0. Each.
. . /We would say./too; that, y?u will
lint find fri our stock a.single cheap
''sale dress" as" Is so often tho. case
-rrthcy're the finest:,examples Qt
.beautiful silk ;drcssOB-rieyery ono!
Sec us for all your wants tn
Millinery. ...
Delightful Event For Little Folk |
Was Party of Mis? Jennie
'Ruth Freeman
Beltoit, "-May 16.-Air. ami Mrs-1
Marold. Breazcale returned Friday
from a.4.Vi? to St. Louiw where they
attended a convention of O. O. C?
Friondo ot Mr. Clyde Nicely will
regret to learn that, he has been Bick
for tho past' week.
.Mesa;ru. Henry and Helen Camp
boll, Walter Cox and Fleishman,
spent Wednesday afternoon and cv?ri
idg hi Greenville.
Dr. and MrB. E. C. Friera?n mov
ed into the Campbell house on South
Main ntrect Thursday and are .af
humo to their friends.
Mrs. B. E. Greer, of Greenville,
spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
Joel T. Rice.
Mrs. Rosa Harden left Tuesday
for Greenwood .whore she will spend
a month as the guest of Mrs. L. W.
S tansell. She was accompanied by
little Dorothy Cox.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Reid Sherard and
children and Mrs. Isa Brown wero
guests of Mr. and 'MrB. W. C. Brown
Rev* A. G. Alderman. Mrs. W. C.
Bowen and Mrs. Joel T. F/lco wore
delegates to the Sunday school con-'
vention at Hopewoll Thursday and
Mist? Sara Latircar leaves Monday
for Washington whero she goes to
attend a house -party for a. month
given by her friend. Miss Helen B h?l
set to. From there she goes to At
lanta to be bridesmaid for Miss Ida
Winship in June.
_Miss Mildred Southworth, teachei
at Rabun Gap Industrial Institute,
is.tho guest of her friend, Miss Car
rie Kay. this week. ?%
? Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Blake and
children spent Sunday afternoon tn
'Mr. sr ' Mrs. C. P. Kay will leave
Monday tiflf Johns, Alabma, for a
ten days visit to Mrs. Kay's brother.
Mr. John T. West was a business
visitor to Greenville Saturday.
Miss Reppard Brock, of Ila, Ga.,
was the week-end guest of Mr. and
Mrs. W. B.: Todd. .
' Miss* Lorena Graber of Cumming?,
Ga., is visiting Mrs. W. F."Smith.
Mrs. Hattie Richardson ls the guest
of Miss Emmie .Warnock.
*? Mr. and Mrs. J. Polk Cox. Sr., left
Tuesday for a trip to Richmond,'
Washington and Dal timo re.
Mr. and Mrs. Charilo Horton and
children are visting relatives in Prin
ceton. .... .. '.'- .,--,;}
Miss Jessie (Brown of Anderson,
spent Friday afternoon with Mrs. E.
C. Frlor8pn.
Mr. Chas. M. Brown, who has been
in Toccoa, Ga., for tho past two
weeks is spending the week-end .in
j.town. Mr. and Mrs. R. ?! keys
were guest of Mrs. M. A. Breazo?le
Mr. CD. A. Vandiver- of Anderson
was. a business visitor In. town .Mon
day.' .
Work on the .paving of the Bldo
[ walks -was begun Wednesday. .Mayor
Mitchell has the contract and is
giving the work.his .personal super
vision.' Three streets will bo paved
iii'the next few weeks.
Mrs, Sarah. Martin, mother of Mr.
J. E. Martin, died at ber borne in
Anderson Thursday/ afternoon. She
had been ill about a wok and Mr.
Martin has been at her bedside prac
tically all the time.
M?B9 Nancy Blake, daughter of ?Mr.
and Mrs. L. D. Blake, was awarded
-the,scholarship - med?l at tho closing
exorcises of the school. She having
made .fha highest average over the
whole - school during the session.
.>Mi&s Leda Po o r e has : returned from
a visiteo1 friends' in Anderson.
LittleJe^lrnf^M^i^^v-'F^nwn en
tertained, a fow of . her. friends at her
home on Latimo?. street Friday after
noon,' ' Many pleasant games . were
enjoyed and timo passed merrily for
I about' two .'hours. -A .tem nting sweet
I course wes''.-th?h served .and ' llttlo
souvenirs of the occasion was given
; to each guest ' The: frien/? < present
*ery.jFrances Drake, C ^rrl? , A^ksr,
Etta Watkins^. Wary Aiken, Nan
Tramtiiqli, Dorotli Cox, . Annie" Lou
r-g?Wfh-'.and Augusta .Ragpdale, Bob
! Grammen, Robert Parker. Arlington
Bagsdale, Jamea Matlsbn, Eugene
Brown, and Fred Willingham v
Miss Marguerite Matshall, who has
been teaching-, in the qlgh school de:
partaient o? the Belton school this
year, has accented a position -in the
Greenville. Woman's Coll?ge and .will
he . at, the head of the grammar
school bf the preparatory department
Miss Marshall has* made many friends
In Belton who will regret, tb see he>
MicJdga'i. R?pabUea? cute???m?
Hon Indicates Its \CVSk?.(^H.?
(lansing, ?-Mich.-. Dispatch.)
In ?hs biggest, voest attended 5,
"^c-fsi>rlng :;.pbhvsnt
. of the oldest sit
__t the Michigan . republican*"
ratified the recent Vr#sH>hUal4^??
#arf i'lnvso'^t'.-aui the as?fectt#^]
Henry 'Ford aa a favorite son abc
ate;1s^ foncerhed
?, conation thc
Jffgtoae-ih c-f A. il. Van
Grand R?pida sounded th?
- "Protection '-. for,, Industrie?
; ? f ?ff? j, itt;i'\.i J ? ? ,*
Notfung tetter. ,for the i
two os* three tt^bos of. candy..&?.
[Oratorical Content Will Be Held
. Tbl? Afternoon
Thc colored schools of Anderson
close Friday of this week. PlanB for
the closlnt exercises or the Reed
street high school have been complet
ed and are announced. Thc program
is as follows:
Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock j
tho'temperance' oratorical contest will
he hold. There will bo two gold
medals to be awarded the winners
of this contest, that is to tho pupil
makt?fc'^he best rhSitullon on thc
i-H bj..-et. : of temperance. Tho ladles
?f'thWW. C. T. U,. or the city award
these medals. This has boen the cus
fc>m for some ten years and has
^doile a *-t>rld of ::ood. Tho Into MTB.
Bleckley was y?ry much interested
In this work and requested that thc
work :ho; .carried,, on indefinitely. Her
daugbleia nta^?.iff,-ihier?bted in thc
work and are*. :carrylbg it along an
before Mrs. Blcck'.ey'B death'.
? Tho1'teachers-of the school.. will
offer medals for tho primary ' grades
lo be delivered at the same time.
Thursday evening, tho tenth grade,
tho graduating Class will hold their
commencement exercises and thc fol
lowing morning,. certificates of at
tainments and diplomas will he
awarded: ' ' ~" '- "v
AU Industrlnjl^.w.ork will be on
exhibit ? evcVy day .during the clos
Jng??xercises. -Tho exhibits, will bc
In the Industriar arts building on thc
grounds. AU ft i emla and- patrons of
the schools are invited to uttond.
Mr. James .F.. ?Rice ?'ltcs a Few
".; " \': " " i'hm rc H.
To tho thoughtful, 1'beral nnd
fair-minded people of Anderson
county and the city of Anderson:
I wish to cal) your uttention to
some facts and ligures which may bu
of interest to you and which you
may not know. of.
Mr. Allen D. Albert who loetured
tho week< before last at the chantan
qi a, and took for his subject "Tho
City of Anderson," said in the latter
part of his lecture, "That tho aver
age assessment'of property in tho
city of Anderson,'.hs sixteen and two
thirds per centjof ite real or market
value.". Mayor,?J'. H. Godfrey at a
city campaign J meeting hold In tho
court house on May 9, lslti, said:
"Tho average assessment ot proper
ty in the city of Anderson ls about
sixteen abd two-thirds to eighteen
per cent" of its rear or market val
ue, and "excusing" the mill proper
ties the a vera KO assessment will not
be . mor?: th kn ten percent.
According- to-deeds . which I hold,
I bought one'i0?> inrth?%ctty ?f An;
derson lb11905 'aftd' nine' lots In ithp
year 1906,- and-,;Improved all tho
lots shortly after buying them. Thu
following is a list of this property,
the cos*. ,of each- in round number's
ami tho locution of same: -
' " 'No; L-^rayton 'Street, No. 401 and
407, the cost or each lot and cottage
on tho .same. $1,300.00.
; 'ito-- 2--?y?n gfrpet, No. 643, thc
cost of lot and cottage on the same,
No.* 3-FalsUff streot, No. 123. 125
and ,129, cost of each lot and cottago
on same, $400
No. 4- Extension of South Fant
street, No. 1319 and 1321, tho coat
of each lot and cottage on same,
$100.00. .
No. tl-Lindsey street, No. 119 and
121. cost of each riot and cottage on
same, $400.00.
Tlie'cost of all. Including lots and
.cottages, $5.700.00 in round num
bers. :',\r'.r"t[ :
I have deeds vas vouchers for thc
cost of each lot ,and }1 have ??hecks
ua vouchers BB to Jbe cost of each
??oxlagev ?the cottages* Itavini? been a
turn ltoy contract, and tho samp Is
,0?r inspection for any., wh J may be
According, to my tax receipts thc
?two i-tbperty was acERSsed 'cr
thc sum o? $2,50O;00 up lo tho year
ia 10, ?nd according fto my tax re
ceipts the above'list of property bavj
l cen asnesr.cd -'rom 1910 up. to thf
j.resent/tinta tor the sum of $2,Df,0.GOi
Aro there any purchasers f ?r ' cain
1er eil of this property'for tho above
sum,- $5,700.00? Are the assessors
,thomBelve8 willing .to givo me. all
cash, the sum of $B,'7OO.0O for th?
above list of property ?
You will readily Ses from these Og
uros that this property is assessed fol
a little more than- three tlmeB thc
average assessment of. property lt
the city of Anderson, according lo Mr.
Albert and Mayor J.,1H. Godfrey, anti
Vexcuslng" the mjlis, for nWrly'- nv?
.'ti.mBB^the-'.averakp':a8s?t|?Tne'bt ni
I will here say for the lnformatior
of thoko who may not know thal
there- are three county' assessors In
the city, appointed" by >; the goveraoi
tft^ffia r?cettmetiaatiori of . tho conn
?ty'?) auditor and . thoro aro also tbrei
asaeaa?ts'ifof ItbeTcHyV elWftad hy 'th?
olty-.cdiittcR'. " At'the pr?sent time
erbona?fldr' V. SArpjaTaseyiaro . - th(
?onntyv?,a?ae?8orscf6r th?''city, abd
.SIBSW-SV' ?X Br?wnl?s, W; W. Rob
?Vspn' and E. .?P?-?St?Bi^atf6r? v thc
. Hov ; fong wllt;af ?btlent-and tali
nlmded public walt tor the propel
^patni'ant^ot natter^ jot this klaai
Shall; 1 say morer : I rest v
?; Respectfully tmbmtttad to ?> tin
tirMkiK and fair mfnd?d public.
May 15th, I9??. '
O.---; M-,-. -s
cUy^pritaary yesterday may recei.,
.tSafirv/^Ajr calliat, ?tpoa tho seers
tary of the city execntive: committee
WflraL'-S. - Atkar^ ?* -Wa Office lr
the1 court house. : ?^^^sS^^^
Candidates Cards
I am a candidato..tor Congress from;
lbs Third Congressional District, sub
ject to tho rules ot ttte Democratic)
I sm a candidato for congress from
the Third Cougrcuulonnl district, eub
Jcct to tho rules ot thc Democratic!
I aunounco uiysolt a candidate for
congress from, tho Third District. 1
will abide tho'rules, regulations and'
results of tho Democratic Primary.
I am a. candidate for Solicitor of tho
Tenth Circuit, subject to tho rules of]
th? ?cuiot?atio ty.
I hereby announco myself a candi-1
dato for the office of solicitor of the
Tenth Judicial circuit, subject 'to th? |
rules and regulations of tho Demo
cratic primary.
I 'hereby announco myself a can-|
dldate for solicitor of tho tenth ju
dicial circuit, subject to tho action
ot the Democratic party In tho en-|
suing primary election.
I hereby announco myself BR a
candidate for tho ofilco of Supervisor'
nf Anderson county, subject to tho]
rules of the democratic party.
-I hereby announce m y cc IC a candi-:
dato Cor County Treasurer, subject
to thc rules of the democratic .party.
. J. H. CRAIG. 3
I hereby announce myself a candi-,
date for County Treasurer, subject
to tho- ruler of tho democratic party..
I hereby announco myself a candi
date for County Treasurer, subject
to tbo rules ot the democratic party. !
8. A. WRIGHT, i
I hereby announco myself a candi
date for re-election to tho office of
Tfcasuror. for Anderson county, sub
ject to the rules of tho democratic
primary. '. ' "* ... ". ' ~
- ? ? ? _
I hereby announce myself a candi
dats for the ofilco ot Sheriff for An
derson county, subject to the rulos of
the democratic party.
I hereby announco myself a candi
date for Shor?it of Anderson county,
subject to tho rules of tho1 Democratic,
W. Bf. KING.
I hereby announco myself a candi
date for tho office ot Sheriff of An
derson county subject to the rules ot
tbs Democratic prlmery. i
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for re-olection to the office ol
Bherlff. subject to the rules of tho
Democratic-party. .
I hereby announce myself aa a
candidate for ^re-election as cleric ol
court, subject to the rules of- thc
democratic.primary election.
J. 'li. PEARMAN.
I hereby announco myself a candi
date for. the Hons* ot Representativos
tor Anderson county, subject to the
ralos of tho democratic party.
- ; ' '!..'., ? .
' 1 hereby announce myself a candi
date for . the Rouse er He ur cse n t a
tlves for Anderson county, subject to
the rules of the D?mocratie party/
. ? The Mill Candidate*.
_,i r_&?
: I hereby announce myeoif a candi
data for- th o ? office ot carob b t ? f or? An
derson cemu ty, subject to the rules oi
the d?mocratie; party. It has bean mj
plc asuro to serve you (rt thU capaclt>
fenr yeara,' 1008-12. 1 feel that I an
capable, and I need the, c-fRco.
' T hereby announco myself alc?wBi
dato for reelection io tho Vi omeo b!
Corono r for i An-Jo rem, ; cou nty. f.ub j ce:
to tho iules, of the, democrattlo pri
r?ary* >^^^^^B^^^^TH?g;.^.!
?>'. i > :. . * f\ $i 's*&rr
I hereby announco myself as a can
didaio for election ta the1 brace o'
Coroner, subject to tho rules of. tht
taeraocratio party.
? hereby ' an n o u rt ca myself?^????i
dat? fdr throttle*oK?orohcr for A^
cnootv. ?Uhler! tn t*?,*?t?ita
and Durable Shoes
Here's relief and comfort for tho
Mint who 1H troubled to RV? any ?ort
of Shoes ho can wear with perfect
case. A mun simply can't enjoy lifo
In uncomfortable Shoe's. If your
shocu aro hurd on you, or you're hurd
DH your shoes-cithor wuy-hero's
In our Shoe? you find no blimps,
bumps or sciuus to irr?talo tho foot.
Try u pair of our eusy ?moca und
life's pathwny will bo much easier.
$2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00, $5.00 to
ly V The Ono Price Shoe Store
Wc Sell for Cash Only
This bed room set,- consisting of a full size beti, large dress
er, chiffonier, tripple mirror dressing table and extra table, for '
fi I 25.<?0.
Every , piece is ?well made and finely finished-every mir-1
ror plate glass, every dratted runs smoothly.
"Its-Easy to Pay thc Peoples Way0'
(From The Literary Digest.).
If your radiator leaks, p'oor in
The BoIf-aeUng radiator cement
Finds the Leak and Fixes It
Sc-Mcnt-ol is a powder put up in lithographed Un cans.
When poured into your radiator it dissolves in the hot water.
At the leak, the cool air congeals it into a cement that repairs
if aiUomatically,
: Look for tlie pumpkin colored cans, ,
Price 75c
Trie atjove advertisement is one of a series
I that is running every other week iii thc
Literary Digest.
?OE?D A?T?
It' is conservatively estimated that at least top.ooo iippli
cants for/life.Insurance were rejected by >t\\t old-line com
panies during a singi? twelvemonth period. In all prcba
bllity the greaten proportion of those whose applicators were
; declined last year could have secuted;tn&;jprp^c)j|p.^^u^ht;
if they had apphed" for.jt earlier in.iife.. This statement or
'.. facts, the Insurance I'ost says, ls an unanswerable argiiineiit
why a "prospect"...should not defer making.application for
U -I a policy -f^ile ??? ht'y?t acceptable. ??????$?
C. W. WEBB, District Agent.
, Executive Special.
Anderson, S. C.
hi i jijim ?III ; > lil m fiiW,yiiy?f?iri|i,>i>|Mni,'|

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