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Published every morning except j
Monday by Tho Andcruon Jntclllgon- j
cr at 1I? Weat Whitncr Street, An
lernen, S. C.
Published Tuesdays and Fridays
L. M. GLENN, .Editor and Manager.
(.Intered an second-class mattel
Ap.Il 28, 1014, nt thc punt oiiice at
Anderson. South Carolina, under the
Act of March. ?5, 1879.
One Your.fr?.00 j
nix Months.2.ri0
Three Mentha.l.?iS
(Ino Mouth.42
Duo Week. .10
Ono Year.$1.50
Six Moni hs.75
Tho Inlolllgonccr ls dollvored S?Jt
currier In tho elly.
Look at thc printed lubel on your ]
paper. Tho dato thereon chows when
tho fubrcrlpliou expires. Notice date]
and label carefully, and if not correct
pl?as? notify UK at once.
Subscribers dcsirlug tho address of |
their paper changed, will plcaco state1
in ?.heir communication both the <>ld
and new addresses.
To Inauro prompt -delivery1, com
yliilnts of non-delivery in tho city
rf Anderson should bo made, to thc;
Circulation Department before 9 a. n?.
md a copy will bo sent at once.
All eh ce !<? und drafts should .> o
drawn to Tho Andorson Intelligencer.
Rates will, be furnichod on applica
tion. .
No tf u'lvot tining discontinued ex
cept oil written girder
Tho Intelligencer will publish brief '
mid rational letters on subjects ?.f|
general interest when they aro ac
companied by tho nnmos and ad
dresses of tho authors and aro not ni |
a il "f Minatory nature. Anonymmii
communications will not be noticed,
fcojcctcd muruccrlptn will not be rt-j
tu rn cl.
In order to avoid delays on account j
of personal absence, letters to The|
Intelligencer intended for publication
should cut bo addressed to. any Indi
vidual ii tin? : tod with tho paDcr, but |
.....inply it Tho t Intelligencer,
WEDNESDAY, '.MAY 17. 1016.
. who-snhl~T: vjt.^atrds-fbr * "'tired i
. running"?........,,.... , .. " . .. ..".
".' - ? ? o .. ?
? Crecen is in tho running ?gain Blucoj
thc weather warmed up.
".? . --o
Hrandeln ls a close rival of Villa lu
the way of publicity. .
We wonder if tho Chinese president !
. put thc Kal In Kaiser William.
$ Charges of , underhand - stabs by j
I Greenville-politicians go merrily on.
Retrospecting Just a little, we won
der if niVybody'remembers' tito Thaw
Thia lu n hard lifo at its beat,* and
were it not for buBobal! and politics
.? lt would ho Impossible.
nuhcbaliioaliy speaking, that. Cleve
j] land bunch I? tho dnrkeat horao yet
discovered in tho America? leanne.
ilncuuco she has discovero?/tbe only
.?.. living yeo.UH'do Milo, Savartjtiah thinks
?'?'.?i; ?.lt's ; timo- for AtUnta to heep quicr
Ono "PD" a Week Since Prob?
. bitlon Want Into Effect-Hoadllne
Augusta Paper. We wonder If P-D
?V means "policeman drunk;"
:.-o_ ?
Capturing tho "peace element** must!
;. be worrying Wilson but vory little j
since ho learned of the New York pro
'?-. : puredncss parade of last week.
.1 ; : ? ^ . . .
>*.-'. > " ? -, -???<? ..
That Spurtanburg p. m.' sheet is
Dilti , grlcylhg,. because the man who ;
; movo'd' to 'Anderson from that town
|||p..huB - nt laut Tound a''pface worth^ call
ing his, home.
. ''If thc >drhnth continues we will
ehj?y l'huv^fcr?/ vegetables thia sum
.mor.'* ono. man' ? remarked, "And, er,
]{? Utora's.tho :pn^ licker wa'U misa, too,*
?&,chlt?ed In atiolhor. We say If that'?
-i the only hotter coming, let tho d*y4ith
;?'.frrinti?ue.-- ,rr ?\C.-. <
? n door v,3ports: ,
Stooping. . :' /
Stuffin?? ; ?:
There uiay, or may not, be some sig
nificance in the fact that thc city elec
tion Uli.? year wa? nulled off/ just one
month earlier than two year? ugo
but ii lu nevertheless/a fud, and the
figures or two years ugo muy be or
some Interest, The total vote cast two
years ugo wa? 1292, the election being
held on Tuesday, J I> ."(., KU lr.
in thu llrut primary thc late Jus.
M. Payne lcd the rucc, polling 403
votes; J. ii. Godfrey come next with
327 votes; K?l?or? 392, *i?n<ft Ashmore
200, necessitating a second race be
tween Payne and Godfrey. Thc sec
ond primary wu? held one week lut
er and the total vote was 124?. Of
this number of votes Godfrey receiv
ed 709 und 1'oyne 540.
The total number, of votes cast yes
terday wu? 1221. Of this number
Godfrey received 801 and t?andcrB 420
- leimed by un ardent supporter us u
"land slide," whatever that is. Hut
to ?et back to our knitting: Two
yours ngo Godfrey received lu Ward
1, 152 voles and Payne il4 votes.
Yesterday Godfrey received In Ward
one, 151 votes und Sa m lera 115 votes.
Thc totul In both elections being ex
actly the saine, 2UG. And while you
aro rumlnutlug over thut we will pass
on to Ward G.
Two yeats ugo Godfrey received
in Wurd 'sls, 179 votes und Payne 122,
ll total of 301 votes. In this election
Godfrey received in Ward, uix 153
votes und .his opponent 7G votes, a
total of 299- votes. Tho linc? have
been changed and the total effects the
vote in Ward four ns follows: two
yours ugo there wore cast In Ward
four 235 votes. 141 for Godfroy and
94 for Payne.. In thlB election thoro
we,ro polled In Ward four 253 votCB,
175 for Godfrey and 78 for his oppo
nent. .
Ordinarily figures make rather dry
rcudlng, but a oareful Btudy of the
ligures ahn ve aro interesting and at
least ure worth mention.
Tho intelligencer accepts, along
with all other good citizen? tho result
n? declared by tho Democratic Exccu
1ive committee Tuesday, and wishes
fur thc new old administration-and
for tho city of Anderson -two of tho
hesl years that tho old town has over
bud. We have no apologies to make
and cxpoot nb ?avoru--J-u.U?, (pr tho
city's welfare, aa wo see it,, we will
give placo to nono and hereby reserve
tho right tb censuro or commi-sd those
whom wore yesterday elected to ad
minister tho city's affairs. ; Sic sculp
tor tv ninnis, 0 pin ri hu s un uni, by, the
great horn spoon! Belah! '
Slnco iho Frank lynching bee near
I Marietta by u mob of ouraged Geor
[ gin citizens certuin dally newspapers
ot tho Bust' ?nd Mlddld Weat have
j.ciuifcstcnUy ranted against what they
terni moh rule In the South, and es
pecially has Georgia come in for its
share of censure. Since that timo
Texas has had two such outrages that
would maim thc Georgia lynching ap
pear as mild as a corn shucking in
i; ?The latest succosful offert to thwart
thc buds of Justice in tho big.western
state ls briefly told'itt the following
uowu'story from Waco:
. Waco, Texas, May lS^WUh 15.
00? pnrs?ps ns.. witness, Including
women and .children; Jesse W?ah
. ingtoo, negro boy, who confessed
: to the.assault, and murder' of
Mrs. Lucy Fryar', |eev?ji milesic
south of here, list Monday, waa
taken from the fifth district
. court room . shpr.O.y, before.-noon
and burned on the public square,;
, * Tho bu ro'ng canto immediately
. attov the nbgrb'a trial had ended
and the jury had returned a ver
dict ot guilty' giving him death
Is there any record in Georgia, The
Carolinas, or in fact In any stats In
the un lort, of a more daring, dastard*
ly outrage being perpetrated than the
ono descttbed above T Yet, sn far as
>e nave boen ?able' tu ascertain, cer
tain of^cSe^'hs^? lo'vl'dg, South hat
ing newspapers of the Nsw England
SUtes iv'.'ths?'B?iddl* West, .notably
Chicago In that section, who have be;
rated, vilified and slandered the.orig
inal eouthe*n staves.- ^ never ot
tered one V?.vd 'against outrages coito*
mlt,teii, bof?re and aince the Flr?nlt at?
fair, ln^T?iBWinHid ^irther;'?w?etefn
ctatet?. -'Not that we ^vTd^t>*id^Ts?>
u>V*res^^ it, tromi bp
to blame, any state'for-^?ch/a Con
dition, especially wheo 3*,a^ea in nearly
?very, carper arid sic tibn of. the-Union
have sulTsrea??ic.it outrages against
tibWr coarta and civilisation. But
: wp do fool that \t ls a propitious time
^ make it plain'thai certain news
^"bere, have used euch mi s for times
as lynchings and bitter' .'*m?tt'Vul*bur8t?
as a cloak to hide their real motive
Il) belittling the South and the civ
ilization, sense of honor and refine
ment lt representa. Really, lt should
lie beneath our dignity to notice such
affairs, and were lt not for repeated
recurrences in ull parts of the cou',
try of just such outrages as perpe
trated in Texas .Monday we could eas
ily forget und forgive tho petty, un
dignified, narrow-minded and preju
diced outbursts of the dailies who do
not, and never have, represented the
best interests ol their country or the
section from which they derive their
BU port.
Tho prolonged basing of Mr. Bran
deis was supposed to he over, and
the .senate was believed to he ready
to accept or reject without more ado
|hls nomination to the supreme court.
Hut now the long injury ls being reop
ened for new evidence.
inasmuch as there is to he further
delay, the senate commltc that is so
closely scrutinizing Mr. Brandeis's
fitnoss for the position might do well
to seek evidence of u sort that has
been Ignored thus fur. Representa
tives of the professional, propertied,
learned and leisurely classes have
hr en hoard from. But there aro other
sorts of citizens, representing a ler
ger part of thc nation, who might
give Interesting testimony.
Why doesn't the judiciary commit
tee ! minnon some of tho New York
and Boston factory girls whose lot
has been mnde easier through Mr.
Brandeis's efforts? Why doesn't it
summon some of the laboring men in
various sections of the country who
owe shorter hours, better working
conditions und higher efficiency to
Mr. Brandeis's championship? Why
doesn't it summon some of the min
ority stockholders in thc corporations
whoso erou.ed munugement Mr. Bran
deis has exposed? Why doesn't it'sum
mon some of tho small business men
who have been represented by Mr.
Brandeis in resisting crushing mon
opoly? Why doesn't it summon lead
ers of reform movemento and cham
pions of social justice and let them
tell of tho work done by Mr. Bran
deis in many good causes, without
compensation and at his own ex
I Surely lt is only fair to admit g*ood
report-ns well nu evil.when a, man's
reputation is at stake. Perhaps, too,
the various classes of citizens mention
ed have a right to be, heard.
Weather Forecast-Fair und cooler
W>nineaday; Tthtrudnv fuir.
This particular scribe WUB never
very fond of ghost stories; in fact,
ho never care;, to listen to .them, much
loss to toll them to others. How
ever, one certain ghost story has
bosrr'repeatedly told to him within the
past few days and his curiosity hus
bcon aroused to such an extent that
he has decided to publish it as it bas
boen related to him. Juut who or
what the "ghost" or "spirit" ls, ho
divs noi a tem pt to bay; neither does
hu vouch for tho veracity.- or We ac
curateness of what lu to bo related.
As stated before he baa no special lik
ing for ghost stories, much less seeing,
or hearing tho ghosts themselves. The
following is tho story as lt has been
told to tho Line 'O. Dope man, names
being omitted:. ?.
Down in the lower part ot tho coun
ty between Starr and Iva there lives
a. well known family whose home
is -now. the center of attraction for
miles af iund. Sure the house IB haunt
ed, for people are flocking thore^ ev
ery night hy tho- score, tb hear the
spirit speak and to try and solve the
deep mystery.'
It started Ulla woy. -, For the past
lix months sounds as if soraeon?
knacking on the'wall have been heard.
Fer a Unie lt was'thought these sounds
wc re 'caused by flying squirrels who
had made their dene in the walla.
However^ tearing the coiling from the
wails did not. solve the mystery. One
.Irjtoa^afio loot night, there caine from
tho direction of tho door, a sound of
Vriocklng,and a Uti o girl 14 years of
age. hearing the,noise, end thinking
lt. was soma of tho neigh bora who
had come'over for n friendly chat?' fife*
vited the supposed porson io. ''' The
knocking continued, but no one cam?
lp. Finally the Rtle girl opefaed tho
door, .hut not a soul could bo seen
or heard. Sh o asked who {t was do
log, the -knocking and ? Vole? re-?
pited: i"; "I am from Georgia." .
Investigations did : not lead to tho
location;>Of.<:'?tiy^e.^The little girl
asked the seeming spirit'what it want
ed, and thus a conversation started.
\ThS title girl asked numerous qn?s
tiona, and each time received un In
telligent reply from the spirit. There
were questions dealing with affairs
of the fumily, those dealing with cer
tain members of the family, etc. The
spirit replied to ull of thetiv iu au
intellgent manner. Thc spirit stated
that one member or the family who
was vi- Irini;.there from another state,
hud not better go home, for if he
did. he would bc hilled.
Of course all of tho family became
terribly frightened, and could not
account for the voice? from the empty
space. Other members or the family
tried to converse with lt, but tho
spirit would not pay any attention lo
The story of thc occurrence became
circulated around the neighborhood
uud the next night there were several
of the neighbors present. The spir
it was in one of the rooms on thc next
night and contained, to talk, to the
little girl. It laffin first attracted her
attention by knocking on tba wall.
' The next/night ; lhere was-** a/ill
larger crowd present, and lt hus '-on
linucd this way until now it ls said
several score of people flock to the
house every night. The house has
been thoroughly searched and the
ceiling hus been 'removed, but'nothing
unusual has been found. Tho fum
ily is worried almost to death and
stute that they ''will leave the; house.
The a?>? rit hau ??ld that if they'do,
it will not make any dUTer/mce fpr bc
will go with them.
The above Is the story us it ha's been
told. Various visitors to the city
from Iva and ' iStarr have related it
and suy that hundreds of people go
to the haunted house every night.
They claim that others besides the lit
tle girl can hear the voice, but can
not understand all timi is said. Thor,
are vory much concerned as to what
the .'volc?" la und many ot them ap
pear both worried und extremnly
There was much hilarity, in Ander
son yesterday, aff^/uoon lifter the
results of tho .election became known.
Many of those , who had supported
Mayor Godfrey got in automobiles,
rode around town, yelled, sang and
celebrated in general. The fire bell
waa rung several -times and the peo
ple of the city made sure that there
was a fire somewhere. Last night
Mayor Godfrey'^wsa^ serenaded,, bress
bands, bells, tin ,'r?na, automobile
horns etc., being used with great ef
fect. It seems that oorno of the people
really "celebrated" and kept it up
until a late hour last night. Police
headquarter* reported last night at
ll o'clock that there had not been a
singlo arrest made, during the day.
Judging from indications laBt night,
tho rain has passed for tho present.
Thero was n stiff cool breeze-'.blow
ing and the sky was clear, not a
cloud being seen. .'Early yesterday
afternoon some sections of tho coun
ty wore viBlt9d by refreshing show
ers, none ot them very heavy. It
rained rather heavy at the Gluck mill
and on up as far as the Orr milt, but
only sprinkled in Anderson.
w|fe for tho custody-of their two. chil
dren and said dying declaration in
that instanco was not admitted. Mr.
Price replied that it. was under a dif
ferent circumstance, aa thore was no
evidence of the Slightest blemish
against1 Mrs. Tillman's character,
lu .'Filthy Condition.*
The elder Mrs. Belcher who ha*
been keeping the children at her home
near Mille-mill,-swore that she was
capable of taking care , of them tn a
comfortable home. . Sho said that
when her son left his wifo and
brought the children'to h?r house the
childrens clothes were In a" "filthy
condition." She said that her daugh
ter-in-law came to. her house to got
the children and that; ?ho wat- order
ed out. After cross-eramInatlon hy
Capt, Blythe she admitted that"her
eon slapped bis wife.
Gh-Ps Mother Testifies.
Only three witnesses "were called
for the plaintiff,; ^or; thb petitioner.
They-;were the mower.!.her' brother
and : UielrJ mothers-Mrs. Vaughn,
while on the stand, frequently divert
ed from tim course of testimony hy
appealing for divine assistance and
Judgment. She vowed-she was hurt
by "in si nu a tiona," und '..'sala . that
somebody w?Ul d have tb pay the pen
alty . Sho declared there was uo stain
on her daughter's character ?s far
as She knew and that abe always kept
vigil over her. -She .expressed wil
lingness for the children to stay ; tn
her home where ber daughter has
been living, and told of tho means she
had for their support,. She said she
was a member of the Hoi In osa church.
Dented Improper Conduct.
, The young mother, -who like her
relativos, were mourning but of re
spect for the deceases; ' took the Stand
and answered the . qneatlons . of
her attorney in ' a stratghf/??rr
waul manner. She denied iaetiwpw
was any improper conduct on hoi
pari sind said sha bad never beare
that her husband hod bf on jeajous ol
Herc is the blue serge suit
you from disap ointment, thal
your e5?p2Sc4atioos, fhs*t v/ill
cents of value for every do!
for 'em.
I her because of thc alleged attentions
of other men. She vehomently denied
I that she had accompanied men to
the spring at .Mills or other places at
night. She said she wont to an cu
tcrtt'.inuicnt at thc Y. M. C. A., ono
night with her sister and two of her
gentlemen friends.
IV eu ?I n't Lire With Jlother.ln-Lnw.
She swore that her husband wanted
her to move with bim to lils mother's
home and that she refused, which
resulted in thoir separation. After
he had abandoned her and had taken
their children with him she said sho
was taken sick and that she wer.t to
see tue children, Bhe was* denied the
privilege of talking to them. She tes-,
tified that her husband left her noth
ing to subsist on.
Net bin LT Like Mother's Love,
i 'No one hus a love for a child Uko
a;moth??%t said the young woman
between suppressed . sobs as tears
welled in her grey eyes. She said
sho would bc ll) eyaro old on tho
19th of June; that she married David
Belcher six years ago on tho 14th of
October. Site was then about 13 years
old. She said they wcro happy at
the start, but alleged that her hus
'band in later years began to go with
other women, gambled and squander
ed his money. She pleaded, intelli
gently, for thc custody of her child
ren . .
Tho young widowed mother testi
fied that when she went to get her
children hor husUand struck her in
the head with a bottle, inflicting a
pulnful wound about the eye.
Motlier Gets Children.
Af tor argument by Capt. Blyth',
and afr. Price, Judge Muutdln for tho
benefit of the mother gave tho two
children to her. Ho stated that if ?ha
will not behave herself they could bet
taken away from her. An order was
issued and the transfer . of : the chil
dren made at once. >?
After a most successful year. Wel
kor-AfcEMmoyle closed on last Mon-;
day. Thia has been a,'pleasant year,
everything has moved along smooth
ly, the attendance has been groa;^r
.than ever before 1? the history, of .ho
School, 'the. enrollment being 215'pu
pils. The Domestic Science class .was
a new feature this time, much in
terest was .manifested both'by teach
er and pupils.
On Tuesday night an .-entertain-'
ment slven, quito a large crowd
attended, abd every ono seemed', to
enjoy the program. Ytie school was
fortunate in securing the services of
the Zion band, which furnished de
lightful muele. Thc Behool was al
e? fortunate in. securing. Mr. Dag
nail again for the medal Orator. In
a few well chosen words ho deliver
ed medals and prises to the follow
..Lottie Lank, Rufus Newton. Mary
MBTtkV.iEllon Martin.
Y Prises were awtt?dod: tho follow
ing: ...
-' Agnes Gillespie, Sara. Evajtt, Ari
nt*'Latirte Smith.
Jionorablo mention, to..the follow
ing: L??ra? Wilson, Anple fumier.
Robert Thompson. Myrtle Clerke
Misses Lucy .Haddon and Lizzie
Hasan spent Tuesday night; with the
(Majority tor J.'?.H. Tata-. ;V .' 57
^v,?.; ??: j For Alderman, Ward C.
R. F>. King,vv.."AI'?. .'.vvi.4
. -?.^O.-'?t*a^;-.:>..CS
Total Votes Cast, . .. .. .. . .142
! Majority for TC. R. King;. . .. 26
For Alderman, Ward 6,
that will save
will live up to
^ i vo you 100
liar you spend
There's not
vantage of a
and all 'round
Most of you kn]
is found in B-O
At $15 you get
it's an Evans Fl
ard but it's thej
At $10 a blue I
matched no whl
At $20 the bec
A* $25 n?r?
Marx and B-O
luxury and ^-JOE
It. L. Carter
Total Votes Cast.101
Majority for It. L. Carter.194
J," H. Godfrey having received a
majority of all the votes cast for tho
office of mayor"ls hereby declared the
nominee of thc democratic party for
said ofllce.
W. E. Atkinson having received a
majority pl all tho votes cast for the
office of Alderman of Ward 1 ls here
by doctored thc- nominee of the demo
cratic, ^partV. 'tor said ;otIlce. .
W?lter Dobbins having received a
majority of all the. votes least for tho
orne? bf Al cd rm an of Ward 2 ls here
by declared the nominee of the demo
cratic party for said ofltcc.
C. . F. Spearman having received
a majority of all the vo.tes .caBt, for
the qrTica of Alderman of Ward' 3 Is
hereby declared the nominee 'of the
democratic party for said office.
J. H. Tate, having Received ?< ma
jority of all tho votes casi for tho of
fice of Alderman of Ward 4 ls' here
Your Daughter'
Mbther./if yon' ami Winnie will pat
yoar heads ; together between the !
present and the time she, must havtf
?nc,of us but knows tho ad
?lue serge for wear? service '
itiiity. ; * .
Dw that the best of all serges
-E suits. .
the famous Clothcrnft '5130'
iftecn-a mighty high stand
serge you'll expect to sec
t one yet. 1 <'
... - . . v .:, '..*... -
ion in a Kari ScLaSne? ?u-jd
E made suit that ?fters both
? by declared the nominee of Hiv ?demo
cratic party for said ofllce. .2 ,-.
K'. rt. Klug' having recoded "
majority of all the vote? ca^- fur tho
?frico of Aledrman of Ward 5*" is
hereby, declared-tho. nominee, of, til?
democrutic party for said of^ee.?.*
? R. L. Carter having received a
majority of all the- vot?s-.-cast'for
the offlce of Alderman of ? ^jjtfd^. 0,
is hereby declared-thc nominee;' <ii
the democratic Yp?rty . fof] isihl "oilicj. '
C. Chl?c?r ^n?v.nn;,
. .".?' :- .' v Ai'. : . .".johnirrimn..
J. .3. Acker, H ..","''. - - '.'
'?.'?'- Secretary;;-: \%V'v:Ny .-."."'. .' ..'
Tho-followingis."the.vote hy Warda
for mayor; :;;l:'X? ?y'"'" " '".
"Ward 1-godfrey- WI;'.Sandcni 1 ir?.
" 'Ward 2-^?dfr?y HU ; Sanders 49.
, ..Ward 3-HGodUrpy ? 412;Sanders
esr v?--T- p^>;f^ "
'.-Ward 4^<3odfr?V i'7i;,Candors 78.
'"" Ward "5-Godfrey 90;' ,Sandera>44.
Ward 6-<3odfrey^ JB3t;Sandere';.7C.
Total for Godfroy'?Oiv ' ' ' V
Total for Sanders-4?0V* . /
8 Proudest Day.
Iii 1
...y ? ?; :
Si *
tri;? ?
..-.?'- fe ,A?;V - y ? f. i
? .;./'. V-};
-. ? "? : ? ? ? ? '?.'. ' -"C"-j' "3 i
MBWpsT^'- :. ;'::'.: '''?',:- -wB - -
<L ?S?? i I ? 1S?
, at higher prieoa?
lt ls mad?J?f volte, with a tlpuhlo
atybjgher prieset; .. . -".Wo '
; It' ls made of volle, with a double
fl??ncar:, and -'two'TOWS-/ o? cording.
Irfsh Joe? ls introduced in the; fcod?do
which makex; ? j^mp?e and: appro
priate trimming.

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