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Will Be Held Tomorow Evening
And Very Important That
All Be Present
Captain Louis L. Ligon, of the lo
cal company Palmetto Riflemen, ha?
is*suc(l the following in cormection
with the annual inspection:
On next Tuesday evening at 8
o'clock the-adjutant general of South
Carolina'will hold the annual inspec
tion OL the Palmetto Riilemen. This
inspection will detovmino the amount
of tho state appropriation that caph
company tn the Nationi', Uu^rd wiil
receive and will decido whether thc
company will get the rifle range and
gon on the encampment this year.
The requirements for the InBpec
tl?n are first that every company have
7f> per cent of the total enlisted
strength present -for tho inspection
second that the men are reasonably
trained in close and extended order
third that tho corporals aro able to
drill their squads and tho sergeants
either squads or the company as a
Tlie ofTlcors of the company urge
that all the men he present and ar
rive at the armory early so that all
who .have not been issued the neces
nu ry uniforms can secure them In
time and so that the company will be
r?ady to fall'In promptly at the pro
.per time. -'
Those of you who -were present to
' hear the mik to tho company by Col
onel ' Blythe will remember that he
said that unless the mon did their
pa vt ? th at there could be no company
so in .this case unless the men do
theiri part by. attending and'arriving
pr?njptjy,thor? will, not be for long a
company- as a loss1 of the appropria
tion will'most certainly mean the loss
of the company.. -
Each man will wear high tan
shoes if possible but if .not at least
wear high shoes. On the United
States inspection all of thc men wore
'high tan.'shoes which: gave its a good
report oh neatness and appearance in \
ranks. Let us all try to put up as
good- an appearance. for this inspec
tion-. . .
Tho last drill before the inspection
will be. on next, Thursday night 'and
we deslro that every man possible be
present, no that ii on o will, be new to
th?^d?ttes: The company will at
tbts l|t. be divided Into permanent
eqiit d and a corporal assigned to
each squad. There will nhortly be a
vacancy for corporal, and we will hold
an oral examination for'the p.ace tak
ing Into .consideration tho character
" of the service rendered In the past of
all applicants.
Louis L. Ligon,
Commodore Benedict Will Convert ?
Estate Into Model Sanctuary.
(Greenwi'ch? Conn., Dispatch New.
^ York ; World.) v .
Commodore B. C. Bonedtct, mil
lionaire banker, JS planning'to con
vert his estate .of 100 acres here .in
to a ^ model hird sanctuary, combin
ing a frontage of, Long Island Sound1
with ?/hack, country. .The estate
aGmyeare.ESil- cht vb era ct shrdluuu
v compares favorably, with the 'Adlron-'
d a eic a for primeval wilderness.
The Greenwich Bird Protective So
ciety, Which has .a membership of [
300 prominent and wealthy residents
oft; tho community, including E. C.
Converse, William. G. , Rockefeller,
Mrs. . Ai A, Anderson, ?ndd Ernest
: JPhompson-Seton, has agreed to .fur-';
; nish the' ways, and the v commodore j
f proinisas to supply the means. "Th?
; work of preparatlog^ for returning |
. birds will proceed .af once,
ACohfmodore .Benedict, now 83 years
nhl, attributes his good health to', bis
outdoor Ufo;
' A dollar down-A t\oY-\
lar a week or pay day. '
That's ' the Stmplliled l
Sa r ings. System way. On
ly you cati-pay In any!
amount from 10c uri e/ich
week or. pay day.
, You?; money hears Inter?
est : "c?impoun? quarterly.;
Youl? when you need ' lt.
Every, man should Join the
. Club. '.' ; . '
v.-'-'Btart-'any:.' time-Com
p?fete In ' ftf?y paWfnta...
Says She Had 200 Convulsions
Tan! nc Almost Restored
Health in Two Weeks -
Just tv i and a half bottles of
Tonlac bj.ve banished in Xhrce (tf)
weekf tho stomach trouble with which
Mrs. Mary G. Kernels of 1(J Hammett
St., Anderson, SJ C., 'suffered and
which, during tho preceeding .elevon
(ll) months had caused her to h a vt?
at least two hundred (200) convul
sions, Butd her fathbr.'G. "W. Hale,
of 18 Hammett St., Anderson.
Mr . Hale said' he, with others, had
laid out Mrs. Kernels' body at least
two hundred (200) times during the
past eleven (ll) month's, each t'mo
thinking her dead.' "I 'hoped * sho*
really wat' dead;*' ho said;- "So..she
would not have no longer endure that
awful suffering." . T
Mr. Hale's statement follows, and
It is one of the most r?m?rkablo that
has yet come to-tho nttentllon of thc
Tanlac representative ;.
"For iflYie years my daughter, Mrs.
Mary G. Kernels, suffered after eat
ing the most' severo attacks of in
digestion. -, "We. had ^rled every way
IQ fl?d'.'reliefVfor her, suffering,, but
without success;' She**-had-, even been
under the knife, at ? hospital. Dur
ing-the past year we spent at least
six hundred (600) dollars for doctors'
bills for her, but Tanlac was the only
medicine v.Jiich gav?shor relief. Tan
lac ia tbe greatest medicine on earth.
"lier suffering was So intense and
so terrible that it caused her to go
into a kind of convulsion. We had
laid ber out, thinking r?io was dead
at least two "hundfed (200) times in
the past eleven months.- Scores of
times- when she wah laid-out, 1 hoped
sho really was dead, so. sho would
not have to longer endure that awful
suffering, 'i
:'?; "But, she > was . relieved In just two
(2) weeks by' Taniae;"and now, fif
teen (ir.) days after she began tak
ing lt, she is up and *?oen out- visit
ing though she had boen.confined io
her bed s*ix (fi) weeks before she
began - taking Tanlac.'' - . . ^
?Mra. Kernels, who live? at 16Ham
mett St;, said:..
"I 'suffered -from chronic stomach,
trouble, and . steadily - became worse
despite /all treatment,. Laat summer
I was . twice ?-peratca on, without
tr al nine relief .1 waa toi d\ m y cape
was hopeless, but I began te klug Tan
lac. and the very first dose decreas
ed the intensity-of those awful at
tack? ivhich followed each meal. 1
have taken' two anu a half (2 1-2) bot
tles ot Tanlac, and have gained ten
(IO) pohnd~ lu. weight. : I am doinc
my iionsework now, and do not suf
fer; those attacks."
-Mrs. Kernels* fatha?-and'his wife.
Ker htisbahd '. and a neighbor w?ro
present dvrfag these 'conversations
'Evan*' "Pharmacy,. Anderson, will
be pleased to ' answer ahyinquiries
regarding the attove Btatemente
Tanlac,* tho. master medicine, is
sold * exclusively ~>\.\ . Anderson hy
Evana* Pharmacy.sAttv.
The auto otvner finds the Want
She bti-st medium o? exchange.
Homo Raised u'':"
Nancy Hell and
Porto Rico, '??;%{^^^?i
so ?ood-sUaliil?
pungsiera parafes.
-Jjecause they not
nut ore nour***
Genuine Bristle Dauber \
Big Lamb's Wool Polisher
Easily worth 50c. * Sold
to make the use of SsnotA
pleasant at 25c. With
StHJseiA 35c.
SaisoiA is Wax and Oils.
Contains No Injurious Material. Good
for all Leathers, The Quick. Durable
Shine. Accept no Substitute. If
Dealer cannot Supply you send to
Strni?iA Company, Rochester, NY.
j ?-; I-,
We have a good stock et . Ajax Tires on
hand which were bought before any advances
went on. We want to sell you What you need
in tires at the lowest figures yoti' ckn buy a
5 OOP mile written guaranteed tire. Call in
and save yourself some money and at the same
time get an "A, No, 1" tire and our guarantee
for 5000 miles.
[i* ' itv
i mm : ??
.ii .-!
Wesi Side Square
rs '-?. -.J3
; ft I ; , I .. <*. j - i
Travelers Checks
V/hcn you take your trip this summer be sure and
'supply -yourself with K. ft.&'K. Traveler'-* Checks.
Cashed every where; your signature is your iden
tliicaUbn; if lost no one ese can get them cashed;
and the cost is very small.
K, N. and K. Traveler's Checks ^re for sale at
Peoples Bank of.. Anderson
The Anderson Comity Mntoal Fire Insurance Co.
3.3, flKlTIL I^rr-hMpnt nnd Treasurer -jf. M A JOB Vire PresMsot
JOHN A. ?A JOB, Secretary
CaJ! and see ns at Peoples Bank
By Which Townvffle School Rc
ceives Its Part Through
Oconee County
A total of $1,518, was received yes
terday hy tho county treasurer. Mr.
O. JJ. C. Boletuan, as high school ap
propriation for 1915. Thls-money has
been deposited to the credit of the
Those recoivlng money yesterday
were ?s ?o?cws:
Honea Path.....$242
ivs.; .. ,.$2sr?
Pendleton. .. .. .$200
Starr. .. .. ..$200
Wllllamston.- . .$225
"Tile Townville high school is lo
cated on tho line between Anderson
and Oconee counties," stated Supt.
Felton yesterday, "and bas hereto
fore received one-half or its high
school money from Anderson conn
ty. However, upon tho recommenda
tion of this office to the state super
intendent thlB money hus boon paid
altogether through Oconee county
this year, giving them the same
amount as before, and probably a lit
tle more. The other seven addition
al high schools In Anderson ocuntv
aro receiving additional amounts
because of this arrangement. Thia
year we have received $3.000, the
maximum amount for tho soven state
aided high schools in this county
Heretofore there has' bern seven
and one-half high schools to receive
tho money. The $170 received for
merly from Anderson county bj
Townville has been distributed to the
remaining seven."
Will be Held ot Mountain Creek
Church, May 27-28.
The 48th. anniversary of tho An
derson County Singing convention
will meet with Mountain Creek Bap
tist church, nix miles southwest of
Anderson, Saturday and Sunday, May
tho 27th. and 28th.
This convention is undenomina
tional and other churches and Sun
day schools are requested to send
Minutes-of the fh'&t-anniversary ot
tho singing convention of Anderson
county held by an appointment with
Belton church, Sr ,tomber thc 21th.,
25th and 26th, 1869, Will be read
in full on Saturday, May the 27th. at
tho convention.
As many as was present at the
?rat and second organisation of the
convention are requested to be pre
, . W. P. Stevenson,
Some Happy Buys Tom Kills Two
and Then.He 1-Vnnts.
(Carlisle, Pa.. Dispatch tb Philadel
phia Fjecord.)
Evidently considering a day .Incom
plete unless it include? a lunch on
snake meat, a cat belonging to
Charles "ShulU bas sot a record for
snake catching. The Shultz resi
dence, which- ls * near the Indian
school grounds, has heen a center
for snakc? recently. About ono week
ago the cat brought In a two-fnht
copperhead tn his mouth, and after
it had been killed by a member of
the rami?y lunched off the choice
portions. ' . '
Three snakes were caught OB euh
- sequent days by the animal, and
Sunday he worked Overtime, securing
Nothing better for 4he sweet
girl graduate than Nimnally*?? one
two or three lb. box of candy. Owl
Drug Co. j yj
Mi?. Erskine rre?ls His Experleaee
The following ,'brief account pf. an
interview with ah Anderson man over
seven years ago, and ita sequel, will
be reed with keen Interest ' hy every
citizen: _: . .'?> ' '.
j. w. Erskine, ..retired farmer. G40
N. Fant St- Anderson, says*. , "The
first symptoms of my kidney trouble
was. pains through the. small of ray
bsck. . My back got So ?ojr? and
lame that ? couldn't ctr nigh ten. My,
kidneys didn't act ss they should and
at times lt was hard foi me to poss the
secretions, then again they were pro
fuse and obligea me tor get up dur
ing the; night. ., Finally, I got Dean's
Kidney Pills at Evans* Pharmacy aud
several bbxea ciired me." "Statement
glv?ii .^h'rna'ry' 2Wb, 1908.); v<?'M$f
On December 4th; 1914, Mr. Erskine
said: "I have every, bit as,'.much
fofth Sn Dan's Sidney Pills ,b?nV aa
When I previously recommended them.;
When I have noticed aliqht recurren
i ces of kidney trouble through colds,
a few doses of Dosn's Kidney Pills
hsve glvAn me prompt; Tsllsf."
j y Price at *U dealers. Dont sim
nly; ask for a Wdo?y remedy^-g?t
DoartV Itidnei /Pilis-the mm? that
Mr. .?reWn* h ,* .twice publicly rec
ommended. Foster-Mllburn Co., Propst
Buffalo.' N. Y.
It will be to every man's advantage to bc
on very Intimate terms with lld? House ot
good outfitting. My Summer Suits-Kool
.sloth, 1'ulm lleacb, etc., at
$7.50 and Up
are the productions ot Makers who have won
reputation for making the best clothes for
Men. In other words I have selected the
best from the best. ; ' ' .
And I have spared no pains to see that
the $10. $12.50 and $15 Suits eold here are
correct In every title detail..
You know the Hamberger line-$20 and
New Straw Hats 50c to $3
Panamas $5.00
The Up To Date Clothier
Adjustable -'.^^^W^M^ Gauze
e c W'BW' Doors from
Screens or /#XTOB^Y\ J " t
all kinds '^?r\^ eacn up> K
J \ ' various fe
and size?, ( j 8j2e8? / |
J7lita uc<Si?j?cc^Mc<?.
Jj vc ,%r,t i, etd in ul; lundi U Olih
Jnfctl taod trA ?rmi? 07 ?tnn Lim fat
l^uf. finale C> uta fey 1:0 c;s?.
gcirtti UiuU u und lo ketp them cut
Let us show' you how cheap you can screen},
your home.
If Economy
For you this remarkable offering of
Keep Kool
Palm Beach
will command instant recognition.
Palm Beach suits, self and silk stripes, $7.o? 4?? fiCI
values, at cacti-...? . . ? 4***^ .?
Genuine Palm Beach Suits-^Plain Weaves and the; quantity
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