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V- V.
._._ Wt
Senate Agrees To Confer.
Ap? In Discussion Engl
Execution Irish Leaden
Mexican Policy, and Ni
Political Force.
(By Associa
. Washington, May 17.-TJjs senate t
cn tiic army reorganization bill withou
u> approve the report within a day or
measures will go to the president.
The bill provides a regular army of
peace strength and two hundred and i
tito federalized national guard, four lu
maximum strenc^h.
A discussion of the conference-repoi
Britain for tho execution of Irish leac
policy, and renewed attacks on the nat
Senator Fall, ot New Mexico, deda
eign governments and the United States
Mexicali soil.. He said Pershing with
command could march to Mexico City '.
Senator Hardwick, of Georgia, attn
nitrate plant Included in the bili. He
- (By Associated Press) . .
San Antonio, .May 17.-The early
withdrawal of the small punitive ex
pedition under Colonel sibley south
ot Boquillas was indicated at , army
headquarters tonight*,'-... -.
The rcs eue of Jesse Deemc-r and
Monroe j jRayne, Aha JattS?" a ; negro.
Who were carried across the border
by bandit?. when. they raided Glenn
Springs, waa reported today - by
colonel sibley. Major Langhorne,
who rescued tue men, vapor ted he
was endeavoring to overtake the ban
dits nour El Pine. Officers think as
n , result of the successful encounter
Sibley's forces ..will 'be . withdrawn.
Aller Sibley. .
(By Associated Press.)
San Antonio, OWey 17 - S. P.* Seif
er, who arrived at Eagle Pass today
from Torre?n, was reported as saying
that eight hundred Yaqui troops
started north three days ago to wipe
out Colonel Sibley's column.
" ' ' ?
War Now Places This On Plane
With Other Things
'? ii'. ' . i ^
Atlanta,. May 17.'-^Newspapers are
being, printed on yellow paper. The
cost of rearing children h,\B gone up
.because tine price of. castor oil has
?increased- the last,few- months '. .Al
most everything-the thinga that are
necessary and the things that are
lu xe. vies-have- Increased in price.
Now comes the. news-! that .tin foil,
considered at one time the least cost
ly thing made and something that is
not necessary to daily life, has In
creased and "fStfaBr's" favorite cigar
will no longer ho wrapped in a nice
and shining piece of tin foll.
Atlanta cigar dealers have ; been
notified that the .'factories - will .no
longer wrap cigars In tin foil. When
u cigar . is wrapped . in tin foll/, the
cigar' smoker feels' that lt .waa made
for him only-and he. knows that
no other cigar smoker can feel of the
cigar with hands that are not clean.
Bot tc* a?i'oir now-...
Power of Southern Bell 5?emon
aerated at Mee?^'&IflSK
.nee Report On Army Bill
land Is Denounced For
>5 President Attacked For
ational Guard Flayed As
ted Press.)
oday agreed to the conf?rence report
it a roll call. The house la expected
two and the first, of the big defense
' two hundred and eleven thousand as
Blxty thousand as war strength; for
indred and fifty seven thousand men,
rt embraced the denunciation ot Great
lers, an attack on Wilson's 'Mexican
ional guard as a political force,
red Carranza is negotiating with for
i might have to fight foreign troops on
the fourteen thousand men under his
If not hindered by orders from Wash
eked the proposal fof a government
said lt way "socialistic and parental."
Officials Thirds The Possibility Of
Getting Through 1,500 Ton?
Is Remote
Washington, May 17.-Count Von
Bernstorff,' German ambassador, con
ferred, with Counsellor Polk of the
state department today on dyo stuft
exportation which Germany said she
would he willing to neram the Unit
ed States. Officials said that the pos
sibility of getting through fifteen
hundred tons from Germany seems
to oe remote.
Government VV?rned of Destruc
tion Arsenal at Lisbon >
Lisbon, Portugal, May 17.-Al
though -thia origin of the fir?* which
destroyed the Naval Arsenal in Lis
bon' on April 10 is still undetermined,
it ia aald that the fire was foretold
several Weeks before lt occurred in a
warping ?letter .to the government,
supposedly from Germans, threaten
enlng a long B?rieo ?of reprisals i*
Portugal persist;.' in participation *u
the war. It J s also reported that the
minister 'of . war. Major Norton de
Mutton, has been threatened with
death If he persisted in tho . inquiry
as tb the origin of tho Arsenal fire
or any similar.'disasters.' i;i
. On Trial For Life. .
.. Sylvania,. Ga., May 17*-The case
against Dr. J. B. Hiera,' charged
with the murder of Willie Randal!,
tho Augusta chauffeurs was begun in
tho lAiperlor* court here, today, "hes
tore "Jndge- Hardeman.
? . ?. , _ . ... -, !
Three Americanist Aboard.
? Washington, May 17~Tbree Amer
icans were aboard tho Bunken Can
adian steamer Britree.v the United;
States consul at t?roch?Jl^'-PraHpeVj
cabled the ctate department today, j
r=pasa.'' . ?'.?.'i^-t'A'V'hi
; i... - ,.y ? "; , i r.v 'nTTiw
(By Associated Press.)
London, May 17.-Trom ,the Tortata'
?ass in western Tren ti no to Monfal
ions, near, head ortho Golf nf Trieste,
Austrians are vigorously attacking the
(tnliahe. in; Tyrol,, south of Trent.:
;ho italians have been forced to aban*
Son their advaheo positions, result
ing in :the' capture by "Austrians of
nbre tlFan rix thousand men. Vienna
taya aonth of. tte ve rta the Aus tri an a
j tor med Zeguotorio,' bat Robl? saya '
\tiatriahB attacks were put down
repulsa of Austrian ' attacks In ,tlv
ia Valley were also reported b
_?r?rat Germon aircrafts have I
brought down i o fights . with ailed
ir? on British ana French lines
Denied Permit To Defend Ware
house System On Stump--No
Change Campaign .
(Special to The Intelligencer.)
Columbia, May 17.-Tho Stnt? Do
.mocratic convention, which has been I
in session practically all of today, is
distinctly a ntl-131 eas c. No test vote
has been taken on Manning or Coop
er, yet it is known that the governor
controls moro than 200 delegates Ct
the 338. The highest nu?r?oer re
ceived by a Blouse candidate on any I
question was 74. T. P. Cochran, of
?Greenville was elected temporary |
chairman and later permanent eV-.hlij
man over A. J. A. i Perritt of Dar
lington, tho Bleaso nominee.
'Tonight John Cary Evans, ot
Spirtanburg, WUB re-elected chair
man of tho state executive committee
over William A. Stuckey, 81608*0
nominee. Senator B. R. Tillman
wad re-elected national committee
man over Lowndes J. Browning df|
Union. The vote was 276 to 43. Geri
eral Wilie Jones, of Columbia was
re-elected, treasurer of the party
-Without, opposition, '< I r^-iv'i
L?t? tonight the conrenticd refuo
ca ky e. vote of .275 to 74 to alloy.
Jo! ui MoLaurln to enter the campaign
to "defend" the state warehouse sys
tem. Tho resolution to allow him
to enter'Ure race caused a sharpe
debate.. . . .
Campaign Upheld.
The movement, to abolish the coun
ty-to-county campaign met defeat in I
the rules committee. It wa':? decided
not to br!UK the matter before the j
state convention.
Delegates to ' the national convert-1
ti on elected t - .represent the various |
congressional districts were: first;
V. C. Badham, of Badham ] and|
Philip H. Gadsden, of Charleston;
second, J. L. Walker, of Johnston,I
and T. W. Davies, of Aiken; third,]
C. A. NeufTer of Abbeville and E. P.
'McC?r?veyj Plckens; fourth, David B.
Trailer.of Greenville and S. T. D? i
Lancaster, of Spartanburg; f if tn, I
.Td'in M. ,Hemphill, of Chester orid|
George R. Laney, of Chesterfield;
sixth. Bright-Williamson, ot Darling-]
ton ami A. C. Hines ot Kinlet rec;
EC ven* h, 'John P. Thomas, nf Col um
bia; and Robert Ltde of Orangeburg.
Aak Official Inquiry Aa To Safety ;
of Americana '
(By Associated Press)
Washington, May 17.-S?navjr
Kern, of Indiana, introduced a resd
l ti Hon today directing the secretary
of at?te to make an official InQuirV
as to the safety of American citizens
Sn Ireland, in the districts affected by
the recent revolution and' to take
steps to safeguard their lives' and
?. ?attte at 8c?. , .'
London* May 17.-British destroy
ers ?rtd; monitors engaged German de
stroyers ift a sfaort fight off tho coast
ot Bc-1 glum yesterday, the admiralty ;
announced. The GerrartnB withdrew
The .British suffered nb loss.
Frahc?. Artillery fighting continues
t?. tn? -???fty- ?l\Vara?*?V . .
Turka oh the offensive around Dlar
bekr. -Armenia, haye hean repulsed by
Russians. ? " - v .
-...'Th* Frefacb are shoeing activity
aloe? Lake Deiran and others sectors
sirot? of the Serb-Greek frontier/The
French occupied Devetepe nnd pushed
forcea toward Monostir.
Of r?ia three Americana aboard m\%
Duthch steamer Batavier,. th?^BMi
sunk by an explosion in the north sea,
tito wai'drowned* One Aata*cart>tiir
u ethought th?; vesaet Mi'Mt-HW^ti
f?rpcdo boat hes- been sunk by a Ocr
ttttttinlno"off Falsterbo, Sweden./ j
if****.-*..? A '-.-Vu.*. J i.1*.- ? * !
1 1 1 " "
Ruined Sf
Thia photograph , was taken from t!
anti. It sUovtrs; I-ouaes fronting Kdep
.lodge tho rebels; who had taken rofug
house, and others pointing Out Britii
The Baptists
Wom Unite
In Missions
Decline To Enter Union With Any
Other Denomination In Work
(By Associated Press.)
Asheville, N. C., May 17.-South
ern Baptists decline to enter into a
union with other denominations in
loreign mission work for reason?
summarized in a report made today
to the convention by gie foreign mis
sion board, aa follows:
Arbitrary territorial divisions for
missionary operations proposed hy
federation are opposed.
^Proposed agreement for an Inter
change of church letters are held to
be contrary to recognized custom
amoog Baptist churches of. south. .41
The board considera it of primary
importance that it control, or con
trol Jointly with Other Baptist bodies,
the religious Instruction:; given to
boys and girls entrusted to Us ,
care.'. . ^
A policy abroad consistent with -de
nominational, policy ot homo is
strongly favored.
.The foreign mission .hoard points
out?that tftis;..question, which has
caused some Sharpi discussions in
the eon vent ion for - several sessions,
ia closely allied to the. church union
question.' . .' ,
'.'Southern Baptists are on record
?by repeated actions of the convention
tn recognition of that spiritual union
Which exists' among. all. believers ot
Christ,'' says the;report, "and in rav
er bf their organic union as soon as
it' can be perfected on Now Testa
ment lines, . Wo. reaffirm these senti
ments. We would pave alli our po
pl? .recognised tho hondo of "brotftor
hood which unite chris thins of every
nonie, culUvate a large spirit of frav
?tornlty, opd strive-together with oth
ers to secure tho closest possible im
pact of our modern Christianity un
od the social order fdr the establish
ment bf righteousness tn .the earth.
"We would, however, admonltlt our
people at home and abroad to remain
true to Kew Testament principles of
faith and church polity, and hy SQ do
ing, to-seek to preserve the unity of
tho denomination, enlist all of oui
tdroe? for the holyicnuse cf missions
-Hd'--thus-: e?sura - the- Integrity and
BUwv-ess.?f this work/' :
A Tho honr? expresses regret that Us
dissent, is mad* necessary by a g?n
erai . program of un lofa ? sud coopara.
tlon which conflicts St the* points
mentioned wit/v ; policies' ot the. de
nomination. This program, the re
port, ssysy *i Neatens to,hinder rath
er than, help. Chrl?thur unity."*
? Explaining its objection? th* board
say a It bahnet consent to- hst* ;shy
llmltatlohs ?laced ton lt In keating
Ita'for?es nor to bb put In a position
?Much would forbid tts ioynlty to *any
company of. Cbrt?sar converts ! Who
may now or hereafter profs** t% Uko
precious faith with us?*;. W'? regard
tb thetotwohange of letters, the board
?^tfttff?tD bS PADS POUR.)
? ? ? ? ' .'-' ,
reel in Dublin; Irish Spin?
liui O'Connell statue in Sackville mn
i Quay torn to bits by tho bombar? ni
o in them. The lower picture shows
sh soldiers to be shot.
Capitol City Win? Over Tulsa And
Memphis By a Close Vote*
(By Associated Press) '
Birmingham, Ala., May'H.- Wash
ington won the honor o; entertaining
the" United Confeder?te v?t'orahs in
1917 by a close vote dver 'Memphis
and! Tules, Oklahoma, here tonight, j
?General George P. Harrison,' of; Al
abamn, was elected commander-in
chief to KU coed General Bennett H.
Young of kentucky.
Thi desir? of veterans to march
down Pennsylvania avenur ind be
reviewed by tire presider- won for
Washington. General Joh* P. Hick
man was chosen commander of the.
department army of Tennessee, Gen
eral K. "M. Van Zandt't commander
Mississippi department, General John \
Tliompson Brown, VlrglnV?, comman
der of tho. department of army Vir
Seven Thousand Expected At j
Grand Lodge Session
Atlanta, May 17.-jMor? lhp.n 3.500
delegates with a total attendance ot j
7,000 are expected in Atlanta Tues
day, Wednesda/ and Thursday of
next week for the state grand lodge
meeting of the Odd Fellows. Among
the distinguished officers who wit! be
here are ?rand Sire J; B. A. Rob
inson ot Oklahoma City, head of the
world's Odd Fellows; W. H. Barnes,
of California, grand scribe- of thc
grand encampment and John. . B.
Goodwin, of Baltimore, grand secre
tary. 'Ar. Goodwin, former mayor
of Atlanta,'has been secretary Of the
world's Odd Fellows for twelve years,
special honors will bo paid bim by
Atlanta friends.
Atlanta merchants are making big)
plans tor decorating the city; assist
ed by the local' Odd Fellows. Ses
sions of the grand lodge will . b? |
held at the city auditorium.
M-Fated 4 Forest City To Be Tait
; - ?. !
(By Associate*. Press.) '
San Juan, Porto Rica, May 17. ~
The hull of . the Ill-fated American
schooner Forest City, known .among
shipping men, along tfce.;, Atlantic
?QSSt hs a "hoodoo" ship, is to -be
raised from Uie bottom of tho bay
??ro and rebuilt, lae Fotest City
W?\H "burned hore on New Year's day,
ho -blaze hoing finally extinguished,
if ter, burning; for twooty-fodr ' hou rs,
jy tho rdnklng ot the bull. ,
Now, tho hull -has boen, pure"--ascd
it public auction for i& and after a
preliminary survey \ tho purchase';'
ins announced that the bull will be
.ebnllt'-nt ? cost* pf approximately
f?fcouo add Wheri cbmnl?toa H ts b<i
?evcd ?hat th? afeuoohSr ; wJUA, sai*
>ack her coat ih u very short limo. :
?NM$$ff? ?CT*, (
Rear Admiral Knight Saya Only
Invincible Fleet Can Make'
Shores Safe
(By Associated Pre? )
. Mohonk Lake, N! V;, May pW
Bear Admiral Austin M. Knight,
president of tho Naval War. college
at Newport, It, I., told fate members"
of the Lake Mohonk conf erence o ii
International arbitrai lon hero today
that the Atlantic' oc?an could nb
longer f be considered a . serious, ob
stacle to the invasion of the United
States. "Unless those water a arc
blocked by a Cest Strong chough to
command -them absolutely?" ho said,
"the ocean ls a highway, broad, spa*
ciona and convonticnt beybnd ali mil
itary roads the Romana ever built:
"What will the P?eifistb? tatnu ot
themselves," be asked If; aa a direct
result or their efforts, our- fleet ii
destroyed by an enemy fleet twice ita
site?-and I tel i you now.that if thc
fleet ls defeated lt will be destroyed.
And what will they say if af ur our
little army bas been offered ap as a
further sacrifice up on tho alUr Of un
preparedness, some hundreds of thou
sands or our so-called citizen-soldiery
are in their turn offered-up. on tire
same altar-and', all to no effect?
"We urge that tha ?united; states
bo made great in physical power ld
order that its moral power muy be
made effective beyond its borders. 1
believe that power in tue nation as ld
the Individual ls tho necessary bas!
of .usefulness. Without power. i
is assuredly not posalblo td, bo help
ful.! A great army ?md navy niuy
be used td provoke war and - to op?
press nations who have no power to
resist, hut the remedy .1?; not { ta. alt
m?nate armies and navles-r-it' l's to do
away as rapidly as may lo with those
! diseases of h u mn ni ty walch make ar
mies and, navies necessary instru
ments of progress and enlightenment
and civilization. Sb lou;; as nations
whose Ideals are Ideals of selfish
ness, . whose methods aro methods' ot
ruthless disregard for tho rights ot
o the rs-2 o long ns these nations Con
tinue, to maintain great armn'rrients
tho, obligation . is imperative which
shall make, their influence.' effective
in combatting and counteracting J tb*
influence of those, who stand fort
principies the opposite ot these.
.A;:.;-,<By/Asic>c?>t?d? Fre??);... ...,..
Washln?rtori.. Stay.l7v-~Tpa ?"..?oad
cdntr?r bui?: prompt mmph^~
ti on tor tho Minsl SB! pp t' abd ?
monto ri vors, passed the house I
by a vote 'ot one 'hu?d|?d M$ Mu
to fifty-three.
The tlooa cbptr??' .*?llv;?p>r5p'irl?taa
^fty-five mllit?* ooll?ra for 1 th?
ment?. Govermnmt , ,
a p?rl&d fiv6 years-mu?
mentad^ by an agfal!-' atfb1?t|?L ?
?tatt* tfr focal ?emmiinitl*? ' befit
ted, .. - -VVvV-.-''".
? |jp-f ' j
Force Or Deputies Raid Shops De
spite Protection Orders
Given Police
(ny Associated Press.) .
CdMtnbus. OS.. May 1?.-Captain \
Dallas B. Stnlth, comulahder ot tho
Opolka, Alabama militia wa'* sent Ito
take (?uar co ot the' nit nat lor at Gir
ard, Ala., across the state tino trom
h?re today. Thia action was taken
airer a torc?,Ot dSp?tl?s'r?shod on r.
special fcrftin this morning from Mont- ?
numery, raided alleged Illegal liquor
shops in Girard and confiscated many
thousand dollars vbrth ot liquor. It
was reported tim?. Governor Hender
son of Alabama said In Birmingham
tonight that the militia was sent to
take char go of. the on or m our, quanti
ty o? liquor seue?.
Co vernor Henderson said tho liquor
WOUld not he . moved without die
court so ordered. Despite thia M.
8. Btughn. special law agent of tho
attorney;goberai of Alabama, Who had
charge, of tho raid/ made arrange
ments tonight for fIvo railroad cars
to mon -ho Hr.uer .'tomorrow, i Ho
seid he - jhld move lt unless stopped
?by- an injunction.
. Mayor Morgan,. of Oirard, ordered i
policemen to protect -tho property of
Girard cillions and/ Bautthn's . 'men.
Wera instructed td arrest any oho
who interfered. Thiu*?far thar? has
been no trouble. 1
IV-reo hundred 'b?rrela of Whiskey
were found.in one placo in..lower
Girard. . In a farm: .?house five mlies
from tow ti a stock pf Uquof estimat
ed to be wbrth 150,000 was located.
Some estimates pluecd the, liquor
found as valued.at $500,000 all told.
Town Rivals Havre in Sbippng Aa
Effects War Trade
(I3y Associated Presa.)
Rouen, Prance, May\l7.-The port
of Ron on is now running a close race
with Havre, the shipping now aver
aging more than 1500,000 tons n
month as compared With . less than .
500,000 tottB bef?te tho war. Land
In.tha immediate violriity 'ot tte. wa
ter-front lifts mord than quadrupled
in -value sthco 191*,.
'Ro?en'B Industry, which is ?hletly
textile, has felt only tho draughts' on
Idbor hy tho mobilization. All tho
spinning and twisting mills in oper
ation- hetf?re the war; oro running
and three mills th n had boon idle for
?lz y??V's have been reopened by cot
ton manufacturers who wore forced
out of their milla Ia tho department
of the Nord by tWe Connan oceup?
tion. Dya manufacturlee and, >
number or other new businesses uro
being established hSf?,, The iron In-;
dustty, unknown id Rn(i.en before tho?
war, ia to be represen ted, by, two how
Important works to ?be; erecto^ by
iron and shell manufactureros or the
north and east of Prance.. .
4To take care of tho incensed trade
acquired and In prospect, th? pork
hr?'?mU?^'witt a n?w o^ipment
ot hoisting apparatus, including J?
new cranesV steam and vlectrla.
A huitflred' mim?n^ht?cs will bb
spent ?tfMr?ttirlhg tts' Wine and tte
building xi'a. a*w, beam covering n
surface, of .72 aainta^&W-?**?
ysjrda.?t'.nu?y sur?fce.-- ?s ,.w?rfe.
will he- begun aa soot?' ?s hostilities
Stfot/v^-v- ' ' ' ' r^^? V: \ i ;.'
tba Ju?fatT Ox^Ue* Ffates
Washington;\?la>, i7--^Agr?enlen|.
lo tuto on the Brandeis nomination
is.-?-M?mos*;at tt^i^pireme . e?nrt
S?ojtt^ ? ?cnn%^ailm& ?y ?S
^^.judt?ift^ r vi;

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