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Want Ad Rates
KD words for 20c.
1 com per word each insertion
for more than 25 words.
Three Insertions of the same ad
on conaecoUvs days for the pries
ot two insertions, ft paid in ao> j
. No ad less than 26 cents.
' i ' I ' ' I
FOR KENT?Oho seven room cottage
on Craytou street, 401. For terms
' apply to JatneB F. Rice, oftlco over
Atkinson's drug store.
FOR SALB?A good form horse for
$885 cash or good note until tall,
with Interest at six per cent, win
; Werfe ot wagon or plow, and So
far as wo know, anywhere else,
.Anderapn Phosphate and Oil. Co. .
room cottages. Address ; 038. North
Faut Streot;
. FOR SAbE?A lot or second hand
tin In Al condition. Dont wait If
; v: .'rou .naed It, .as. there, is, great do
ntsind. John'T. Durrisa/fir Son.
FOR SALE}?DeLhval S?'iarator, No.
5. TJied only one mojith. AddreBB
Box 73, Anderson, S. C.
.... FOR SALE?OaiS, h?y.t Corno dry
'^?i^no eweet feod, Como hen aad
' ; chicle food, cotton seed meal and
lintlcsB hulls, wholesale) and re*
:; . tall. Stock on hand.at all times.
300 bu?hels Lookout Movtutaln seed
Irian, potatoes and 400,000 Nanch
Hall and C?wtawba yivm potato
^^??a?lpa?our own beddlug-^at $1.50
per tho it a und. Martin Cool &
Wood Co."
zzs?r-.- -.-i
Il I '111 '< I ' . I I '.,{ I ' I I I f I I I "I IM.^
i; AT YOUR OWN PRICE?Fifty* atWctly
tailor rnnda suits, made at homo
by expert tailors. This Is no
scheme. All bran new goods and
this offer Is m?do to clean up >for
fall slock.- Don't mlaa It. AH lit
. .guaranteed.; J. A. Mullinax, 3186?
128 Tffest Benson. St.
Tills is one of ?he most I
oehcipus aurt refreshing J
tf tftiks we haya : ever handedf
over the /courte/. ^ One ; J
g^ss WilF con vine you and : J
*M. treat/ is nil us1 *you a'e < I
not delif.hted. J
Our soda is always as
j??ld is ice will hVakc it. ' \
Meet your frjt?nds at ouf I'
^itntaiD,:-; . I
F?At a Mile a
variably want the beat. You can
cot the beat here evory time and at
a saving. 8ee me for bicycled
and accessories of all kinds, and
if you intend purchasing a bicycle
any ttrae soon boo me now. A
good stock of Pope and Ivor John
son wheels on hand at prices that
we will not be able to duplicate
later. J. L.. E. Jones, 103 Mc
Duflle Street.
AUTO CUSHIONS?Wo repair Auto
Cushions and put in new springs
when necessary. Paul E. Stephens.
j .- .
SUMMER SCHOOL begins June 5th.
Tuition $10.00 per month, in ad
vance The right to.reject pupils
la reserved.. O. W. Chambers, 603
East Rive: street. '
closing out our stock of paint?,
wall paper, etc., ami can savo you
25 per cent on most anything In
our Hue. Phouo 48, Guest Paint
from .ray; old stand bver Kay's store
. to east Benson street, over Robin
son Brothers grocery storo next ?o
Peoples Bank. I am bettor pre
pared hero to do your work prompt
ly. Palm Beach and Kool Kiotu
Bulls a specialty with me. J. O.
Thomas, "the old reliable.".
SLABS?For a saort time I can supply
' 'oil with goo % clear, thick low
.uuntrj slabs at |8.50 per'cord, de
livered.. I will also appreciate your
orders^ for cotton seed , meal and
halls. B. N. Wyntt. 'Phono 1G2.
- Springs or make now leaves and
, put In place of broken ones?can
do it promptly too. Paul B.
Stephens. S
EASY?-Make Ufa's walk easy by hav
ing os repair your shoe*. We are
not only prepared to do first .class
. woTk on short notice, but wo meet
any. legitimate competition when it
comes, to prices. Hoa*at work and
best materials always. Ct. B. McKea
& Son, 188 Bast Wh'-ner street,
opposite .Tolly's.
HAVE you a keep kool suit made to
your measure. From the latest pat
terns ot: wool crash. Palm Beach*
Grey pencil stripes, worsteds and
Mohair suitings, for 510.00 at Sal!a
Tailoring Co., 107 W, Barle. St,
?-?:-?^- ?1- '< '
WE ARE now handling some j fine
stall fed cattle and selling the very
host steak that money can buy for
20a per lb. Plenty ot year and
mutton at market price. Chicken's
dressed end alive os cheap as you
can buy them In the, country/ Also
plenty oS fish any day.in the,week,
Vour. trade will be appreciated: '
Give us a trial Phone 755, Bob
bins' market, oppesito Tolly's.
FISH, PISH. FISH!?The doctor
tails mo that good: fish is tho best
! meat to eat in spring and summer.
W? have for this week?daily?
tine Trout, Spanish Mackerel, Red
Fia Crotikers, Pop Eyed Mullets,
Baas, Plkf*. and (tab to Suit your
taste?wholesale and retail. We
I keep: plenty of fine pork and, fceef,'
[.v-"-**Wje,.wit?5dv Call 892 or come
. io ' ??7"E??? Wu?twr s?r??l , rnXid
see George senders ; be ' will be
glad to'see you " W. J. Maaess,
; the Seafood Wat ,1 ''?anfflffiaM^
FROM X A. IAV.' TO 10 P. M.?Buy
your Ui^oUne and Motor Oils from
H. A. Caudle, the one arm gas man
on the. corner next to Owl Drug Co,
ne wirt appreciate your business
aud alwayp gives U?* utmost&t?\
value. H. A. Caudle.
HIDES?-Bring thea to ice ,tf you
want best prices. I buy and sell
more hides than any other dealer. In
ihto section ot tba state. Alt hidsa
bought by ma era obippsd with ab
attoir bides cod t-sawand better
tirii^ ifeerefora I can aha : do. nay
b^tw price*. Bring them to WUU
for?*s Q^m?r. a. ?X Henderson.
Day They Sho
DBVOE'S PAINT?The old stand by,
the-oldest paint makers in America
and the best. Paint with DeVoe'n,
fewer gallons, wears longer. W, L.
Brlssey Lumber Co.
mand for our ell pork sausage is
keeping us very busy. They surely |
are the highest grade on the mar
ket. Made from fresh pork carefully I
selected and seasoned with Just
enough fresh ground herbs and |
pure splcos to give that very un
usual and dollclons flavor distinc
tively Lindsay's. Phone your order I
to 604, The Lily White Market, J.|
N. Llndssy. Proprietor*
PIUJPARRTjNEas Is 'he order of the
day now, while the Fire Insurance
Companies urs withdrawing from
( the state is the ttmr for you to have
your bouse, barn, or out-bulldlng
protected with a Burriss Metal
Shingle Root. Of course the Initial
cost is just a trifle more than wood
shingles,-but In the long run they
are much 'cheaper and they are a
tremendous protection against fire.
Drop in and let us show you. No
trooble nor obligation on your part
' whatever. Respectfully,, Jno. T.
BnrrlDB & Son.
The undersigued esc cut or a of the
estate^ of Frod O.. Brown, deceased,
hereby gives notice that they will on
July nth, 1916, at. 11 o'clock a. m.,
apply to the judge of probate for'An
derson county for a final settlement'
of said estate and a discharge .from
their office as executors.
July 6. 1916.
D. A.
j. m;
I will pay
For clean mixed rags $1.00
per hundred. .
Far clean dry bones Soc per
iron 30c
For mixed
G?od prices for rubber and
Manning Street, Near Blue Ridge
ice Co.
Phone 671.
$ $ $ $
A. dollar down?A fdol
lar a week or pay-day.
That's the Simplified
Savings System way. on
ly yon can?pay : in 'any
amount from lOc up each
i-"w^sk'or,pay day.
Yc.u? sxo^cy-hears tatest
eat compound luarterly.
Yours when. you naSfX^a:
Every man should join the
Start '] any time?Com-?
pie te m fifty payments, r
Bank of ?sders??
The Strongest Ban*
In the. County,
iM Reach fife
f. : ?l<-j t'-X~ * ' ' '.' I
i? n.M<??inii i um Im w?.mmm ?
we ue 6ot to
iTeo Resses vteee
The Army Mi
Does Work <
And 250 1
<3y Associated PresB.)
With tlio Bulgarian Army, Mace
donian Front, June 5.? The motor
truck haB revolutionized transportation
for the Bulgarian army. An officer
In charge of the Bupply department
of one of tho units stationed here sub
mited figures which he could
prove that each motor truck used
by his army has been doing tue work
of 500 oxen and 2G0 wagons each day.
In the past the Bulgarian army has
depended entirely upon the oxen wag
on, fur the transport of .its food sup.
plies and ammunition. In the arly
stageB of the campaign' agalnBt Ser
bia no cither means were, at the dis
posal of the army . The .few horse
drawn vehicles had to be used'to'com
bat trains, ao that all the work of
bringing up supplies had to be left
to the ox wagon, a rickety home-made
farm affair drawn cither by two ox
en of the two va ter bufaloes. With
railroads few and 'far between in Bul
garia and Serbia lids mhde-campaign
ing very /iilflc?ltr Not only 'was 'the'
supply system its:olf slow, cumber
some and u?reliab'e, but it also pro
ven ted tho trop.? from advancing an
rapidly ;v ; they might have done- had
it been possible to get food and am
munition to the ,front more rapid
; The openingof a through route of
communication between the Central'
Empires, and Bulgaria , changed all
this. The first motor trucks reached
Bulgaria over the Danube. - Later
more camo over the re-established Bel
grade-Nish railroad today the. ox
wa.'jmris nearly a thing of the past
as Tho' Associated Press, correspon
deh'tt' waa . himself able' toa scertaln.
The conveyance is still used to carry
frontward such light supplies as straw
and hay, or materials when delivery is
hot urgent.^ and bread is brought into
the' trenches, by the ox wagon,' but
outaldo' of this th? vehicle has been
suplanted' entirely by the motor
The ox wagon is in charge of a
driver, generally a man of advanced
years. It carries an average load
of 300.kilograms and moves at a speed
of about two and a half'miles an hour
foreig ht hours each day.
The motor truck carries a crew of
two, is able to transport 3,000 kilo
grams at an average speed, of 16 miles
an hour* and runs IG horns a day it
necessary. This means that each mo
tor truck replaces ( at & 16 hour run,
180 ox?n, 360 animals, and about 200
men Considering that' the motor
truck with a capacity of more than
3,000 kilograms is by no means rare
at the Macedonian front,. and taking
into I consideration the . length ot the
various lins of supply, the averago
for ?Euch truck is, the, officer .stated,
250 wagons, 600 animals and about
300 men.
These figures indicate that only
about 120 motor tfucho were necee
say to permit tho. Br^garian general
staff to restore* to ,the farms the 60.
060'oxen which trare "furloughed"
Bosa?i time ago. Theo hange also lib
erated from military service, or mndo
availablo for othex- branches, moro than
20,000. men who had been drivers.
Rapid progress has been pnvla in
training Bulgarian soldiers ?a motor,
truck drivers and: asslaianta. C?eneraily I
th? men aro taught by serving as as-; \
aiejtanta to the German driverai.: Alert,
y?\ing men with sonXo previous ex- !
pericTice with machinery are pr*Ter
r*d,: b?t 'there sema-, to '. he no -trbhclo
.??&h "<wh?n yo:mg Janaer? ?r? t*)e ap~
prenUcba.' This to^ a largo degree'
Is, attributed to tho-fact that the Ger
';'. ;.;.'?otor. -^?K^i^lS?
throughout, and easy to. operate,
; ?T?csnoLiiKirjs ?eetsko
,Thi annual meeting, of the stock
holdero of tho Peep?en; Oil and For
\p&. will h? r^lfWUhe office
t*the,compiny at Anderson, 8. C.. on
Tuesday, June 13'<M4fi*at o'clock
'x m.--.. a full attcfadene*.. ^desired,
I*. M, QBBft.->K?std?fO1
J. B. FAHMER, Secretary. '
>tor Truck
Wagons Daily
additional advantage, it Is pointed out,
is that the motor truck has decreased
the size of transport columns, making
'them less susceptible to attack by
hostile aircraft, and that it cannot be
Winthrop College,
The. examination for the award ot
vacant scholarships in Winthrop Col
lege and for the admission of new
students will be held at the County
Court House on Friday, July 7, at 9
a. m. Applicants must not be >ess
than sixteen years ot ago,. When
: Scholarships are ' vacant after* July 7
they will be awarded to those making
the highest average at this examina
tion, provided they meet the condi
tions governing the award. Appli
cants for Scholarships should write
to President Johnson7 before the ex
amination for Scholarship examina
tion blanks. t. h
^Scholarships. are'. W?rth 9100 . and
free tuition. The next session will
open. September 20. 1016. For further
Information and catalogue, address
Prea. D. ll. John so; -, Rock Hill, S.
C : ' : .' . i -
.' ' '
81. 7:35 A:
33.,.... 9:35 A.
36;...........,......11:4b A.
37....:......-....... 1:10 P;
39....... 8:40 P.
41.?........;..,.,... 6:00 P.
48..0.... 8:25 P.
45.........10:30 P.
80; ?.....,...?.....< 6:25*A. ?4
3J.i..... 8:25 A. at,
84..10:89 A. JM. j
86..............13:10 P. M.
38............... 2:80 P. M.
40..............4:69 P. te.
48...... 7S?0 P. U
44..............?:16 P. M.
Augusta, Ga.
To and From th?
lEffeetiye Monday, Jau*
* ' . U?vcs V . ,
[No. 22. . . .6:00 a.
INb. ? . . .3:35 P.
>, 21. . .-l i:i? a, J?J
No, 5. . . 5yl$$:-l$<
Couch Hammocks
Make Comfort
able Beds
For Bummer comfort, day
or night, these high grade
couch hammocks, with good
tufted mattress and easy
springs, bring rest and eaBe.
Stepl frames, guaranteed
springs, sanitary filled mat
Anderson, S.;C.
Are You Seeking a Gift for a Fair Im Bride?
; . ^?piir b^ stocks are help
fully suggestive of useful
x;, gifts ??i: the . brtfle-tp-be. j
Whether y?u are planning {
to give \ handsome present
or. 5ri inexpensive remem
brance you'li find choos
ing easy here.. ,
And we aire partictdarly anxious fojfcyou to .see out new
. lines of Sterling Silyer and Hand^amfcd ?fain?.
North Hain Street Jewclerj
At the Sign of the Big Watch
Well, that's us. W^'ve got
MORE ?F IT' than any of the
other guys. And that's riot
all, we have the best and quickest
?yer^;system iii this man^ town
9 ^^;;^l? n??t?l?|(oVf^'" :
/? 'ft /<./ Of all roof? a metal roof U
.r/?ne which you caaaot'jSra
*? ?*psrim?nt w?th, Nine
k >? <>f present day roof
?^/.containsv/V^c?s -v.an^fpwB-'
_ft. V' an?tett4he life cf yaurnra^
.StSS^M -^^SiP?^Vell?Int made? ?t is not only We na?t '
' te;, : . :
I bed and it's many use*- ex!?
?a va a copy fre?. , : ; '
V/ VlKv 5 ' ' ' . ';v',mt'V,it'i.i

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