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.. '?<"-?(.: :->? :? ts ?<s?s?
Spenut Hrirtdred? of Dollars for]
Merkine-Had Almost Lost
Hope When He Began
Taking Tarflac
Perhaps hocsuso of the hardships,
he. woa forced to endure when tho
South was being devastated - by tbs
ovcnta of the War Between the States
J. E. (Middleton, of Marlon, . 8. C.,'
now n retired merchant and ono of
tho veterans of that conflict, began
"forty-five years ago to suffer intense
ly with stomach trouble. Try as he
would,' he found hlmaolf unable to re
lieve this condition, which he finally
came to look upon as a Ne men in.
Hundreds of dollars he spent in at
tempts to Cm^at thia ?trouble and
hundreds, ? : .. va thousands, of
dolalra ho indirt^..;- lost because of
impaired health ; .nd decreased cit- j
But, after his troubles had. forced
him to retiro from business, perhaps
years orllorv than he' would have had
ho beien normally .healthy,- ho found I
in Tan lae, the master in ed leine, jr, at]
whojt ho needed to. relieve his ail
ments, though his physical' ills .hadI
Etaadily strengthened their hold upc?nj
him'during-his forty-five years of suf
J Mr. Middleton is* a well known and
highly 'respected citizen of'Marion.!
He voluntarily came to Dr?, *Wv,i>.::
Harrelson.?manager of tho Harre?s?n\
Drug Co.;" bf' Marlon andi gave -*hov
following remarkable endorsement of'
Tan lac. ;"v ,1
. Tanlho :has done something for me.'
which dozen a . of o the r medicines full-.
ed to. do, and I emphatically gay "so. !
I can polt' say too .much for your med
icine Tanlac,"'-'auld . the veteran. -
That statement Bhould &:ttlo many
doubts. - , He is> th position to know,
and ho, like ali;: other aub?taniial/
citizens, .doea not recommend ? med
icino : utiless lie la aura of its value,
Continaing Atr..'Middleton* said:
"I suffered from stomach 'troubla" for*
forty-five yearn and . I have spenthuh
drods of dolalra : for. medicine but.
none btbught mo relief. Finally, af
ter yea'rs. of suffering with ill health
Biat pMbabjyA was dlreetlyX brought
on by indigestion i tried T?nlac and
it worked wonders for. trio
"My trouble besame so^-bad^thnt
7, was unable tb retain anything on my
stomach-. I had nov appetite, and
?could not cat. -My Bleep was brc'ion
and unrefresbing. My syatorii be-:
came -generally run -down. When
my trouble wa> growing worse I was
a moi?iVarit in Marien, but, as a coiri
. sequence of my physical 11,1s, I, was
forced to. stop merchandising and live
a quiet life. Bsforo I took .Tahlee I
-would havo fantiistic AM*"*^ ** night,
but,' thanks to. Tapir c. I. new aleep
'. ' sddndly and * 1 never know what it ia
to havo a dream.
'You cant' imagint how dreary the
prospect waa for me, and I rwa> ijireU
along in years, lt waa a happy day
for. me when I saw tho advertisement,
of Tanlac. I bought a bottle and I
obtained relief from ..tho very.' f?rs?
doss. ? have taken sis' bottles arid I,
oxnect to continue taking lt, for T
believe lt ia the . medicine for me. ;
"I c.hri h?arlily endorse Tankte and.
' recommend lt. 1 X, know 'what ll will
*do, and I- thing everybody who suf
fers with stomach trouble 'should
know about this wonderful' medl
. cine.?' - . *
Tanlac. the master medicine is
sold exclusively in Audersori by Evans*
Pharritacy-rttvo stores.
? ?soi ? kv j?? ?? Vf-'. .*. A?*aytP.eIUol#
Truck Purchased From Seagraves
Company-Sealed Bids Op
- ?ned In Meeting Last Night
From Three Cos.
" In an adjourned session of city
council held lu the council chamber
last night, and which adjourned this
morning at 12:45, a motion was
adopted for the purchase of a triple
.Combination motor fire engine truck,
! the contract being awarded to the
Reagrave Motor Fire Truck company
tof Toledo, Ohio.. Just previous to
.this action council purchased 2.00G
-feet, of bose to be used by the fire
department. One-half of this amount
will he secured from the Eureka
company and tlio. other from tho C.
C. C. company. ' ' ?. v ?
City council met last night at 8
o'clock and after tho disposal of a
few. other matters went right Into tho
busiuosvs of buying the hose. Scaled
bids' were received', from tho two
companies mentioned above and al-1
so frorui tho Goodrich . company
through the Sullivan Hardware com
pany. 'After the bids had heen
.opened and tho representatives had
told oftho merits of their hose, the
members of council thoroughly dis
cussed the . different ! propositions.
Finally upon motion ot Mr. Wal
ter Dobbins it wan decided to pur
chase 1,000 feet of hone from the C.
! C. Cv company, known ay the multi
ple Hoso at a price of 96 1-4 cents
per foot, making a total of $962.50;
.also 1,000 feet of hose from tho. Euro.
' ka company,' known as thc Shamrock
brand, for 05 cents per foot, making
a tu tal of $650. or a grand tdtal tar
tha 2,000 feet of $1,652.50
|, .After the'above, business had been
attended to bids on a combination
fire truck and engine were .received.
-Representatives of two companies,
' tho American LaFrance and the Sea
graVes company,-, submitted nealed
MdB in person. - Another bid had
been received from Aaron Fox com
pany'and''whi?lv was net opened un
til last night.
I ?' After, the bids had been upsned, the
representatives ot the two companies
appeared beforo council, explained
moro fully their propositions and told
of the merits ot their machines.
/When:,th?svhuslneas .bad -been fin-,
r?shed,'tVe members of council dellb
^erat'?d ;'o>;; sonic ttme and discussed
tho prepositions. Each member of
connell : was asked ' to express his
opinion and the majority of them stat
ed t-hat they preferred, the Seagraves
j truck because of its. being equipped
|iivlth a centrifugal pump,'while:, the
American LaFrance had:: a rotary
j-fcoar^'pump. Upon niot'on or Mr,'
1 Dobbins a vote was tal-:en, lt r'esult
.'.Ing. In a unanimous decision - for tho
Seagraves -car.
I . Tho pump will cost the city $9,440,
' Including interest-..*--The, hld waa for
" ?9,000; allowing $1,000 .ta; a pair ot
I gorses and one of the trucks now
..being UBed; with a rate of interest
at six per cerjt. Minds the amount
! allowed for tho horses and Ute './old
truck, plufi the amount* of interest.
, tho-price will bo $9,440. ;Eatimates
'. on'the cost of tho American Tja
^France truck were $.7.980, $1,400' less
"ihau the ono accepted. '
Ka^fja buying the Seagraves truck tb?
' members of council stated that they
were dpipg what they considered tho
'.'Wisest: thing. They visited both tho
?je?graves factory In Columbus, Ohio,
'iBbortly after Chriatiuos.and also saw
I many'of tho American TjaFranoe ina
'.cbihos'..?demonstrated on this, trip.'
They stated that-topy. preferred tbe
I Seagraves machine, ?ho main reaoon
be'tig because of the centrifugal
pump arid thought it was worth $l?
400 ' more than other truck.
The machino bought, ls. Model T trip-;
le combination truck and pump with
vi capacity of 760 galions arid ia like
those recently purchased by Charles
ton. Augucta, Birmingham and Green
wood. It' might bo stated In th'-t
connection that nlnce the - big . tire in
Augusta early this y?ir.: this ojty has
purchased two o? the Seagravpa
pumps: They already /had ono and
it ;. wai/, tli? only one lh commission
'tba morning after the fire, the otb
cr?, U.i? said,1>elhg put out of b??i
ness; by ibo night's work.
I' ;AUaato^ June-:.6 -^-Recently ;<WU
nia?v Wilson, who .sells tinware ;
! Nashville, ? Tenn., and . Thome* . K
Marshall, of McKensie, Toop., wa
. selle harneas, registered ?t ? h
in Mariona, Ga.'; conting froni
toAtUinu ?!. thf. suburban ll
itVAS At: tho Marietta hotel ct.
nh? record io read; Woodrow W
. end-Jmmed?at?r? the '.tfrvrn wa ?ia ex
.citehiebt thartti? PX*Bld?it and.
president* Ot the -United State?
note!,', sud tae .bi8T*3ax /p^r
_population turned' out to
a glimpse ot tho dl3tts$ui?hed;
j; :^iHe^t ';%ii*b'fiv' of -Hssbvlne.
?'n?vir g?nerjt?Sy .recognised in
M:#oedr>w--'-^ll8on,:'"'ss-?ite ro*k03
jftftietit-**' a treveimai *?esma*?.
ia: .a. Jnllv. taimw - and ..antara , _.
i Convicted Man Telia Questioners]
He Canot Talk
Atlanta, Gd., Juno 6.-A Hst of I
questions' bearing on certain phases
of the mysterious disappearance of
tbe Nelmo sisters that were not clear
! ed up In the triul last week of Victor
E. Innes on a charge of larceny af
ter trust of Mr?. Eloise Nelms Den
inls, the elder of the ttvu aia*ors, were
submitted yesterday afternoon to In
nes in his cell in the Pulton county
tower, and Innes declined to answer
them, explaining that his attorneys
had given him strict instructions to
make no statement without Consult
ing them. Among the questions sub
mitted to Innes were the following;
"Why did you uso so many flctltiout,
names on your travels ayer the coun
Wby^dld yea esn? yc-ur v7?3, under
tl;.! guise of your aunt, to get money
from Mrs. Donnie in Atlanta, instead
of seeing Mrs. Dennis and getting
tho money yourself?
Did you tell Mrs. Dennie you were
going to marry her, and if so did you
intend to marry Jior?
If you didn't intend to marry
her, was it necessary to tell her yoi
wanted to marry hor In order -t<
make her love you? j
Did Mrs.? Dennis and her stater
Beatrice Nelms1, come to your bunga
low at 120? Wilkins avenue, San An
tonio, Texas, during the month *ol
June. 1914?
If so, what transpired?
How long did they, stay there.
Did they leave there?
. If so, where did they Say thoy wen
Mrs. Innes, who probably will POI
bo tried for several months on th?
charge of larceny after trust " for j
which she was Jointly indicted wi ti
her husband, waa aaked if she coule'
?throw; any light on tho above quos
Hone, and she replied that she be
lie ved her -husband to be ab3olutel>
Innocent of any crime, and that alu
would, follow hla lead In declining ti
j answer''any questions, on the advlct
(of attorneys. ', -
hurt, -Yuan would become a Boxer
So sublime waa the faith of ono lead
er that he submitted to tbe test,- and
a-j'-urdtug to the story, fell dead a
thc first rifle bullet, .which piercet
hil? heart. . Yuan Shi Kai . was tree,
from,any .Obligation to, Join the. ian.
fe .movement .of ?.hu .Boxers.. .Aar!
matter of fact, lu was given credit
for material assistance to thu for
eignere during the warfare.which thc
allies - waged in China. '.;
With the death of tho ' Empreiii
Dowager and tho Emperor Kuanr
H&'u, arim-ot; coincidently, and pos
sible each by. poiaon; at tbe hands ci
tho other, the. Child emperor Suai*
Tung ca;na to the throne under thc
regency Of ?Prince Chun, Yuan, ^pre
sumably bc eau r.o he had gained such
a control of. the army, was dismiss*?: |
lu disgrace although nominally or
pretext et "during,a sore log."
When the autl-Manchu robolllot.
broke out In October IOU, th<
Manchu regency, "in despair ?rg?vV
Yuan to return. The latter n piled
that his leg. was not yet well, bu?
when- given authority vas supremr
commander of all, forces of tba north
he accepted. Ho also became the firs
premier ot the "responsibly cabinet?
which the 'regoncy offered the rebeb
as a concession of peace But nolth
er the. rebels nor Yuan wore satisfied
The' abdication of tho Manchu ruler
was forced, and the boy, emperor, a'
the; dictation of Yuan Stil Kai euther
Ized tho- premier to organlsse with' tl?
"rebol leaders' at U?vik?hg, ? rep?ollc?r
form. of. government.
. Sun, Ynt-sen, tho prov!?Ional p.r?s
[ideut bf tho fcouthern rebels . wai
forcead to retire .aud YUTLU Shi Kn'.,
was", elected provisional pres'dohlv o'
the- Chinese republic, at Nnuking or
Fobruory If?, 1912. Ho took tho nut h
pf ofTico at'Peking : -the follovylogj
.Abbeville, Juno O^Dr. W. ?
J McCord Of Greenwood ?pent Surida.n
jin the city with W. T HUI,,
* : Jim Rd Hagan of pue Wett was a
j visitor to Bia oliy on Thursday after
Mrs. A. B. Cheatham ot Charlotta,
f.pent.tho week-end In the city with.
Mrs. P. A. Cheatham.
Bilaa Genevieve Hubtor returned to
Anderson yesterday after a' vlrit to
Mrs k* Arthur Scott Thomas. .
\- Jaa. . A. HiU and Utile di?ghter,
j MJ33 Judith HIB, spent tho week-end
in Columbia.
, with Miss 'Carrie . Mc G a en : -and Mles
11 iegton v.in visttfhg Mr, and ' Mrs. Ot -,
to Bristow.
Miss Margaret Cothran ia at home
from Chlcora ?Silage, f Columbia,' tot
*fc? sander \ - y
V; and Mrs,; w: A. Leo spent the
?-end. lu Elberton With tho la-,
r parents.
".r. and Mrs, A., T; Hall spent the
j week-end; in 't??eenwood. with their
jn?rgbtei',. Uls{?;i?ertha HalL
j G./breton. J?&^
ir?^-en?; iii the efiy #lth -SUv
?nd Mri. J. ?. Korr. -.
Mis? Margaret ?Perrin: returned on
Sa?urt?ay from Anderson .^:*oU*??V'i
? ?pend tba summer\?jf?|
?^t/fa?^:a?rs;.hj;y^. .Perrini
The Mort Important Event
fectly plal
cool, at ..
: Ladles'
ed, largo
at... ...
quislte q
.trimmed, f
LadieBV Mar.cellaB ,Skirt Drawer,
Ladles' Marc?llau Sfetrt Drawer, $1
Ki Ladles' ; Out-Bt%'Morcelles Bkirt
! at J:.'... . .. I;;-../... ... .
-Ladles* Drawers,'OeriociUy plain,
at. . i i ? ... ... .
Ladles' Drawers,; embroidery. trim
. Ladles* l^c* TrlH??f?d Drawers, i
' Ladies'' ?Oubs4lse?:f)rawer?, special
. ... .. ....
Misses Underwei
Mladen* Gowns at.
',' Misaba' Driven; wit.... ... . .. .
.Misses' PrinCesjS'&Ilpa at ... ... '.
? Ob ad?en 's Drawers,* hemstitched,
V. Children's Drawers, embroidery
Children's Skirts, Msvlth body, nt
Children's Gowns, y beck, sp?cial i
Children's Gowns, lace trimmed, e
look and feel
Clean, Sweet
Fresh; E|^y
Drink, a glass - of1'real .hot waiter
: before breakfast tb' wash^ > ;
out poisons?,
Lifo, ia not morely . tb live, but' to
I live' well,, eat well, dig^i well, work
wall,' sleep Sv?ll, ' look V^ci, . What- a'
clorions condition to; attain, andi yet
[how y?ty' easy it is if ^bpe will only
vdopt tho morning Jnside-bath.
Folks. who are accustomed to feel
.Tail avid heavy whou.tKgw ariBe, split
; hu; h c-a dache, B tuf fy ; f toni a col d. foul
tongue, Instead, fool aa fresh os a daisy
|;>y opening the slnuesS?f.the syfileE1
nieh morning and . flu'ijhibg out th5
vit?lo cf tho Ictorna? pbfaonous stag-,
ant matter. !
Everyone, 'whether- ailing, sick or j
'veil, chonld ' each . nioroing, ' botero
breakfast drink a ?l??fe of real hot
water; With a te?sp?n?ul' of limestone
phosphate ?n lt to wash' from the
-.tomach, j liver, ?chraeyis, and. bowels
?he previous day's Indigestible waste, I
^,u'r bile v'aud poisonous tpXfnsV thusi
il???isins, swcoteriltig and purifying
ifio .entire alimentary^ -canal : before
j puttin? mor? food ?ntcV thet;*tQmach
Tho action of hot wtfterr and limestone
phosphate on an empty stomach 1B
woadorfirily InvIgorvA?Sg. -ft cleans
out.ollj th? sour ferhseatatio?s, gases, '
?rasfe? nod acidity ? and gives one a ,
splendid appetite for breakfast. While
you are; enjoying your breafcfart tho
waters;ajr?d. phoaphafe^is -qni?kly_ ex-,
?^^Werf? wrlpo rtini?^W:W*W irbm
tha Wood ; and :?e??ttiVt?a4y. for a
thorough., flushing ;of>'?H the* inside
.Organs :- ? ;
The ntfiUcn* of people who v are
bbjth?red T$th constipa)^/; - ; ; bilious
Bpfcl.S, 'Stomach tron&io^rh^maUsar,
urgedVto.' get a' ?uarTer.. pound' bf 'tijj??}
stone pho^phnta front ; the drug ??ore
wfei?u wiu- coat very .kittie; hut is.,
ro'mptenivto'. ..ma?bj ?nybae a lari?*
&^i&c^.c&n% -on -^a^att?tw?'
Our Annual June WI
of its Kind in Anderson. A?Fordii
Gowns, V
ie trimmed,
Gowns per
n, thin and
Gowns, lace
low . neck
at .. .. ..08c
Gowns, tuck
sizes, special
I Gowns, ex
uallty, . lace
it '..' .. $1.2?
$1.00 at..76e
.GO at. .$1.00
Drawer, 85c
. ....ssc
unod, at. .Sic
ipeclal ?iASc
at. I .J.98e.
. .... ...48e
..... ...48c
atI... " . I ' ?
trlnuneu; <-?t*
. ...840
.... .....Wo
it.. r .. ,34c
t.. .'.' ..48c
. We hove been ph?;
for a whole month,
gratifying, for hot O?
all past records for li
but are now ablu ' to
values than have herc
Ladles' B. & J. -Brassiere
LadieB' H; ? Vf i Brassier
'Lo??ea' Br sleres, Gusm
AU Underwear dtspla;
Chisholm, Trowbridge & Sugg*
pr. Wade H. Sherard
*13 Four?h Floe* Blecbley Bidz.
. Tefeakfiae M*
can. be properly: designed : oed fitted
! if you have it dariel byr.Camphell.'^jr?'
: This; lo ray specialty and ail Y do.'
.H IS very natural that one ctm rr>c?i?rue
I can in so many different" thmg*?' ?
t more proficient in ono thing than .'they
don't please ev?ryj^ii^?^^^.?l?^
nV*. :. However, yon must rbmember.'
.Psst .eyeryb^-^oeBb't. please./Sme/.;
1 rf you would .consider???X-,from ?ila
gie we would bo nearer on a
you ever think of thief v.-';
^gr^ftfttytf'ri|ht?|SAb;tb^B-W up.
nie Underwear Sale
ig. unparalleled economies tn underwear of every description.
i nm j this great sale
The result is very
dy have".ve brohen
bcro?ity of selection
offer even, greater
itofore befen ihought
Hi: S*vd.
Ladles' Petticoats,
neatly trimmed, at.76?
Wi " \ .' lill
Ladlee* Petticoats,
embroidery trlmmod, at
.. ... ... . 98c
Ladles' Petticoats.
;ace trimmed, ot .813
Ladles' Petticoats,'
lace trimmed, nf 01.48
Lad.'es' PettTjoats,
I lace trlurmed a?.,.
... .... $1.?3 aud $2,08
B, lace trimmed, at.S?c
ea, lace trimmed, at 48c
n d, special at.,. . .'ific
Corset Cover?
Corset covers, special at ... ... 'V.^i^jpK
Corset Covers, lace trimmed, at ... ..... 48c
Corset Covers, silk, special at ?..480
Teddy Beare
Ladles' Teddy Bears ut ..?.,;.
Ladies' Teddy Bears at. ... .88c
Ladles' Toddy Bears nt ... .... ..>,.ijjU
ped on Mate Floor. Thia good Store will bo Snowy White
Special Lob of Mussed! Garments
Teach the children to be thrifty. Habit?
g formed ia childhood aresiot apttochax&g?
gi after years. The key; opemsg box of
*8H?0!A with more thaa fifty"el?nes amd
foFgoMiiag is aa outfit
unequalled for ecoitom^
?t all dsa?crs-Tabs po *ub*tf tnts.'j f
SflMK WITH ItaluAr AND $??1?
j (From The! Uterar^ Digest)'
i; If your radiator leaks.: poof in : -
B??E'*' .tf^'^ .
Se-Mfcnt-ci is a powder put yp in litJq?^phed tim cans. ;
When poi?r?d iht? your radia?or it ?lsso?v<$.ift ?ne hot; water.;
At the Iqfek, tri? cool air songeais it into a cement, that repaid
lt automatically.
WW8 Wt- V V-V'??*?'<:?"?
'that-; lis .rii^?^t^

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