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V. ..".V-.Xy,"'- V^!"??! '..WVK.;?. .-. ?. . - --.V v;..v.,. ?.'>.. ? : . > , IVvX-v-i : . ". 1 !. J "^VII?^||B^^L?T"
.-' "Li" . > '' ''? '??/%."'$? v:
tf4*%Mk? % v/kt?t ^$#fsSPi
A 'Suitahle
Yet Lacking
Republicans Adjourned I
Late in Afternoon and !
Progressives Gaye"-Up
Task After Short Night !
Session - Radicals
Strong for Teddy.
-.- ... . . j
- V
(By Associated Press.)
Chicago, Juno 8.-Conferences
of tho committee of republicans
and. progressive began a. discus,
alon of pelee plain. >.t teh-thlriy
tonight.; .'Senator Borah predict
ed a session of more tJibn three
Chicago, June 8. -After strug
gling more than ?jree hours to
day , to prevent radical delegates
from nominating Roosevelt, tho
progressive convention recessed
at 5:45 to eight o'clpck tonight
. to. enable committees : of the?twp'
.conventions tp meet in an effort
to effect peace. Before - dele
gates cppB?n,t?a.. to listen to ?ho
conservativo Jeadprs, who eoun- ,
keiled delay in nomination, many
progressive, ch af ged tb/nt vtbe. pro
gressive leaders ' we're dealjng
with. , "thieves" and could; affords
<o take. no chances. .Tho aftor
-.?oon session.' -'--showed ?. lender?
' ?hey ??vari; in control, enly be
cause of, tho, willingness of the
delegates- to attempt* to secure
harmony. - ?afavprable report
frem a conference . committee,
would mean'almost instant nom
ination bf Roosey cit..
V/J?KN tUl?irdri'TKKS ON . .
Ii A?SONY JniX :JfS?KT j
(By Associated Press.) .
Chicago, June fi.-Republicana' ad
journed thlf} afternoon , until eleven
o'clock tomorrow and tho - prcgrc?
elvces after a brief'night session ad-?
journed .until ?-ten,o'clock tomorrow.
Both ?f thom appointed committeea^to;
confer on harmony. , The progres
sives fl?i decided-to-appoint" such a
commlttee, then tb^ov republican a.: Tho
republican' c?mmute'o: consiste ot
Senators Sraoot and Borahs 'former
Senator Crano .. of .Massachusetts;
Nicholas. Mur ray Butler, of New i
Y?rk. and iorraer Representativo. A.
K. Joh?son of Ohio. Tho; progres*
?lve-ji'-committee -, consists ot George ]
W. Perkins, tjovornor Hiram. John
son et Callforhia.vHoraci,iyilkInEfpn,
Charles J.;-^Bonaparte and John M.
' JPajrkerv\?; The' .republican committee
ls."-regarded as Oho that will, not . ac
cept RooijoVclt and on-tho other hand
will nbt juslst on n Joint nominatipn
of Hughes. -
. ihn. acceptance pf : a peaco co.nfor- J
once- threw tho /situation in;. uhe?r- |
tainty . , Hughes1 r ; supporters; . and
many othor :repubUcans> feel;they,
cannot provent Hushes': nomination,
but the : development., bad tho effect
of holding Off . crystal!within ' oh f
Hugh'eV In the?iwp?bllcan-.cottvwuij^
.tho progressives -, have . . not., ?yet
adopted a flatform"; v.Mahy thought
they -vppuld.*^'efid'-'tombrrevy'. on that, f
Forrrier -Sedate*
Greenville, Juno ; 8.-Word baa
been received, ihat,;:; former! ?i VaUefl
Slates Senator:,->Jbh?"',i?.;mt?nri?i'
will arrive in Greenville friday; on a
niidday train . ?Hi
Knight's ?teH^ft
deliver anther'
t*raaon. at 3. o'cto^ in WiJIiet
-:-- - ^. ?-'
-: - ? >;v*nt?ea^Yras>l^t. -;--^,:^
norlin, June. S4-rA CFe*nA?n.> ef?cia?
Statement adm?^^he lose of ibe h*$
^fc^rtttser; O^ti^and in* ;?-.e?am
'fto?Wl?-?> :Vlaaj?^tla^d:-*?t^.e',':-;v^ae
way oliven vessels, i
tieship < Pp&mbrn.;
* ? * **4>.<fr******4
* ' ' \ ?'
*- *
* " Condon, Juno 8.-One war- ?
<. 'rant officer and cloven mon *
4* survivors of tho cruiser ?*?
+ Hampshire, which wont down
+ oft. Orkney. Islands with Kit- ?
* choncr und his staff, hnvo been 4?
* washed ashore on a raft, ac- ?
4* cording to.an admiralty au- O
+ liounecmeDt tonight. ?
* *
Resigns As Head of Big German |
(By Associated Press, i
Berlin, Juno 8.-It ls announced
that Prof. Vpn Behring, ' famous
throughout the world as discoverer
of the diphtheria >serum, ha3 resigned j
his position as.' professor at tho Uni
versity pf Marburg and from the' di
rectorship of tho Institute of ExperM
mental Therapy, which was founded
especially to give him an opportunl
ty'-' to carry on his scientific investi
gations. It was In this tnsttlito that
ho discovered and worked out sev
eral years, ogo a Berum against teta
nus or lockjaw, which, during the
present war^ has ?n.ablod the ?fTorma?,
m?dica! Staff to- combat-ih'at. dreaded,
disease with cqinpleto BUCCOSS. Re
did much of.Jifr, carly work as thc as
sistant of Prof. K?bort' Koch, th?
discovered of the- tubercle bacillus
and also that . of Bleeping sickness,
and it: was owing to his work at the
Koch Institute that vpn Behring-?ti|
fained twenty-one year's ago bia pro
fessorship at ; Marburg. His retiro
ment Is to broken health.
it Kino Bombardment.
London-; June 8.-Tho.allied ' air
un muiron bombarded successfully the
wharves et Hoboken, near Antwerp,
where it is reported that tho Ger
mans are building destroyers, ac
cording to an Exchange Telegraph
dispatch frmnV Maastricht.
J Rival Generals in Chicago
(By Associated Press.)
Having cnrtirred Lutsk, one of the
Velhynla trhwglo of fortB, the Hus
siana aro pressing Touton adversar
ios v/Chi of thc crossing of Ikwa and
Styr Hlvors. In tho region-ot Hovel
aud Uovno, southeast of\??tsk the
Russians also begun , actions. Ad
vances continuo along tho lower Siri
pa in Galicia whero tho- Bussians
havo taken il,000 . now " prisoners.
Tho Gormans in tho Dvinsk region
claim tfro papt.uro. of tho village of
Kiinawu, hilt P?trogrud donles ?his
. TVIth -the capture or Fort Vaux
Gormans were. rcpulspd in attacks
cant and west, of Thlaumont farm
London say? lijo recent operation
on Kl .indera front is to the ad van taco
of tho BrltlBb.
The Italians south and southoast
of Trent continue to' keen tho Aus
trians from ." furtho'.". advances north
west of 'Freut ih'tho "prtlcr region.
The italiano havo captured, several
important .positiona from Austrians
and r?pulsed Austrian attackB fur
Uicr south.
AU export coal to Greece, has heqn
prohibited ic Uno with tho allies
recent announcement to tojitrlct
Greek commerce to prevent; .supplies
peaching tho cuemy. Tho'Greek, cab
inet decided 'to.'demobilize - twelve
classes of . tho Greek army.
Davenport Caught ( ?n)PnSb?i
?tfdphla After Long Chase
Greenville, June. 8.-That money.-ia
no object of the government-, ls opeo
moro demonstrated' by tho relentless
search : which- has: borne fruit In tho
catie of John Davenport, pn. alleged
"moonshiner," who was pursued over
a number of states .along the Atlantic
seaboard and at last apprehended; in
Philadelphia. A warrant was insti
gated against Davonnport June 25,1
'10l4,,ttS a.result of the destruction of
an illicit distillery in "Anderson
county with Which he is said to; havo
been . implicated. In Greenwood last
November a true bill was roturned
charging Davenport with owning, op
erating Snd working in an. illicit dls
GUery. H6 ?was not to be found.
About two weeks ago officials got I
wind of tho fact that Davenport was
in-Philadelphia. Certified copies of)
the indictment were sent, to tho Uni.t
od States. marshal Gier'o and Daven
port wof? placed ; under, arrest.
In custody of DeputyMarshal Kel
ly, Davonport'was'brought to Green- ,
villp Wednesday'night.. His case,will* ]
preb??bty homo up at tho next torm
ot.lhe fedstsLcb
?;'n*?Vfci??'' - ? ..'.-."
Succeeds Chinda Who WtU Traits- ?
'.fejtt??. io
(By /Associated Pt?ss.) , :? ?
? Wallington; Juno 8:-Amoro Sslu,
" i^oiBe/?roh?Bsador'i to ??tsirlu, has
-crt Selected. a&'-?mbass?dorYto -the
United Statoa to BucdeSd : Visn&w?t
i Chinda, whoso, transfer to London
was reo?ntty announced. ;Sak- is a
1 hrotbeWh-law.bf i?hitida H??? wtth
?tim- was a /stadobt -at'- J3^au>f,.. lidi- !
forsity, Indiana. . He bas pp^nt hitKii;
jf his timo t?!:An?erlca.
.frotes*** ivVi? &?y.
? ? ...i.?y/.A??iiiu^^PrSss?)
profest?r of V/apsfiess.-.^t '
has'boen dB?egat?d'bythe
o?, education io pfocebd';td
bd . Stated ibV study tn*: methods ; > or
5 ilteratbre -in American uni*
. - JWKt? ttttOTi?t??? - tbs.- v bwfc
' -,^.>.^rbP?^Sj
a V?n?y.of li^
'.H5?^4U;rre!isGob^tb ^.na>
.j.-t "i:
m i
Charles I>. lillico, chairman or tho
republican national committee, who
called to .order ?hv national. TopyblU
^Mj??^nv?P?on -l'a; Chicago Wed nc s
(By Associated Prosa.),
. British Headquarters .in Fran?e,
-Juno 8.-Ono of tho results of the
presence of tho British army in
Franco US that a good many British/
soldlora will-take French, wlvca homo
with thom. ' Tho dijf?ronc? in lang
uage,, far from .being, a. harrier^.ls,an
a???ssory. . Toinmlo Atkins teaches
Miss Franco hmgllsh. tand Miss
Franco teaches ?Toiumio Atkins
Tbefe ls plenty of lpls,urb tor tho
courtship to develop. Frequently
British -battalions rcmsiii in thc same
BecJL?On for months at a^tin?o. ^.TjVUen
the men have done' thqlr shift In the
trenches they return/ "in rest" a?
tho saying goos, to tho sumo villages
where Jthey , were ..before, . Usually
they have -quarters In .tho Frmch
houses, in a. sens?, they ' h?conio
manibor?, of tho comm??tty.
. With tho French: mon folk . away
tho British soldier lends a hand with
; Name?- J^br^rVor-Deca?a j
District of Columbia
...jp' .. '
.. . ' <Oy \Associated, jt'rcsa.)
l^mBj^ligl,?!!, June . 8.-President
??fmpQti today nomIhatofi John ;.F.
Cpstelio, d?mocratie: national com
mitteeman ot tho. Dibtr.lct of '?ol?ht
to recorder, of. deodfc for the dl?
tJoitctto will bo tito first white
f?j^^to hbld.tho nosltioh, nineo: 0Jor??,
?n) ?f.inaugurated the; custom ?titV ap
?ppUilihg. a^ negro fd?,- ?b.e?pjace.
n?them? r
^tUt??hvoeer. and/??mbiamin?^i?r
hcsnewfcrd se mtiett&htsk?y,'
?^?nj^t?t* the .mmm-. . ; . ?
day, Juno 7. . ll 111CM IB shown boro
in the act of dropping his gave!,
.which wno tho signal for tho fight
Xor presidential nomination to : br?
gin. -. ?. . .
nd Miss-French
They Learn
any heavy work which . requires a
man's ..strength. Only today tho
correspondent saw a British: soldier
drawing a harrow A feminine hand
docs some .sowing or cooking (or him
in return. . Tho romantic afanos ph oro
ls not . lacking. . When tho'Briton
pays "au revoir" to lils sweetheart an&
starts for tho trenches he may hcvor
como back; and /he ls going to fight
for. Franco.
On -Sunday afternoons th? girl are
out'?n their best frocks aa they, are
anywhere. olso In *ho ; world, and
walking with-them .oicng tho roads
and lanes aro -.njen lu ; khaki; their
conversations aro a' {mature of
French and English,
i < lilis hot romance alone that h
tho Briton - to marry in France.
Jru^^ learned^ td. admire the thrift and
cleverness'--bf- tho' French ;rwpjh.an
her Industry ; in toking tho Place
her ii; thors - and ; brothers . who are ,at
Wittier anti Spring Siarvest - Lera
(By AOsoct?t?'d tv?sB.)
Washington, June ft;-The depart
motit of agricultura.. I?dsy)forecast",:&
Wldter. .???at crop of tour hundred
and slxly-hlfio millionr bushels and M
a^yjfig/; wheat -cron of two/.buiid&?
;.-u'f J>.?U ?
(JJy Ac-^elated Preso.)
Colleslum, Cfljcagp, Juno s.-^P?e
publicans lato today adopted a. plat*
form submitted ' by tho resolutions
conimlttoo nnd read by Seuntoi
Lodge. ThP platform contains . t
I declaration to preserve Americat
{ri jdits. wherever they aro violated; t
l.dpolai?tlon urging strict neutrality
lu war, but insisting on tho proser
I vation of neutral righla "without teal
Ipr favor," this section referring t<
1'foreign relations attacks of tho pro
I sent administration,, which, the plat
I form Bays, ''has destroyed bur in
liluenccs ' abroad and humiliated u
lin our own ey?s," a declaration gu ar
I antceipg protection to Mexican hoi
I dor residents, and condemning th
administration for its Mexican poll
Icy. especially the recognition <
I Carranga.
I The platform further contains a rc
I affirmation of the Monroe Doc t r liv
land the continuance of rep?blica
I policies in Lat hi-Amer lea; thc i enc v
lal.of allegiance to thc Philippine po
j loy of McKinley, Taft and Ro?sove
with tho-assertion -that tho Unite
j Slates ap?itjld acefpt.:'?ttVT!?spVn*s,ll?l
I Hy oh islands as a duty tb a civil!
Jed nation; tho-democratic Philippi]
i ol ll co?dernnpd t' -advocacy Of .. -hif
["protective tariff, casing tho Undo
I wood tariff- a complet?' failurp;.'ero
j tfoh of tariff comral?Bloh promlBoi
la declaration favoring the regulath
I of railroads and industries, tur
{credit lawn, hat condemning-tho ?
mooratic rural credits bill, and tl
I extention of rural freo deliver;
I laws to Strengthen the merchant, m
I rino sro advocated, but tho dom ocr
{tic ship purchase bill scored; a d
derations for, a national budget sj
I tera,. and conservation civil servi
I reform law?, -Tho platform favc
j womans, suffrage but leaves tho mt
{ter for the-decision of tho state.
?An Aerial Bald.
{? London, June 8-An allied t
\ squadron bombarded successfully t
{wharves at Hoboken. Antwerp wh<
j it ls "reported the Gormans are bull
{lng dostroy?rs, according to an, <
{change telegraph dispatch from Maj
t'oUWbh on elevated
J Now York, June 8.--Two clovaf
trains on Third Avenuo Hue coll
{ed. Tboro.is fire in the .wrs.ckai
J It ls reported that several wcro k
_____ ,
, '?i t.' umi j 4: i luii i,| ii. N, .1 m i mit
?iiK.ii.v, ni. .^?wir.viiiiM.^^te;
vi.; - r
l-\ \ f ?
?.';>.?? -' \;-i0^:.r:A
ll K^'JI
%1?U?S^'W. : Will, ; n?^ for>y
*^;bu?der, Jam* 3. Xim^fM,
?**eg* the . ?'??>S?^b.
I fst?ef^^^ ?how ! io. ?Sanags.
(By Associated Press,) J'
Chicago. Jupo 8.-Tho ont?jjfndtng'
Incidents In today's BBBBIOU 1 of tho
republicans carbo whoh Senator
i-odgo announced tb? "Buf?r/,?flr'plank
Tho wemen started' a demonstration,
before iiodgc got io tko portion of his
plank' which said.: "But tho republi
cans recagn(so thc right of, each sta to
to settle the question for 'itself *.
Laughtor followed this qualifying'
phrase to what tho suffragists hat!
been cheering as a clean cut victory.
A demonstration for ' tho instant.
nomination of Roosevelt in the pro
gressive convention, .which was fin
ally controlled by tho leidere, that
forced the appointment of. a conter- ~
once committee '.-.was'featured*' by
?peaches by Vlotor Murdock and. Con- '..
grossman McDonald of Michigan.
Murdock declared tho only thoiog to
do was .to nominoto FJoosevelt before
the convention adjourned ''today.. . Mci
Donald, in finishing bis? address urg
ing Roosevelt's selection, said; "The
Wags to do is. to tell tho tepubllr.
caoftHo go to heU and'do ns they
Idamn- moeia;"-chairman d?teins scar
ed McPQUSld for his profanity.
_;_*? ? ?
WH1 Send & Perioswi? (Kti>rc?s?fc?
live ?o Si.
l&y., Awoclatod Presa, )
^Washington, June 8 --President
Wilson has decided to elect a man
for. chairman of the democratic : na
tional convention before the corrren-.
lion meets and send hlrh to 8t;. t?uls
as' his personal repr?sentative. Ho
Said (oday & final 'decision,on a man
had bot been made.' It is^ under
stood, however, the new national
chairman vdu not b? a government
official. This eliminates John W-.
I Davis,sol levor general of thodepart
ment of justice, and Senator Stone,
.who has been prominently atontloned
for. the position.
fa?.CajajetJ By P|**?^6?t Flood?
: ht ' Holland ^W^?M
.(By ,Associated \Vf??f, )
'. Amsterdam, Netheriand?, 1 ?uno 8.
Tho dralhago of the,Inland lake ': of
. 8?,??0.'aci$* -f?rjbtt'?d north of Atim?t-r
dam by tho disastrous- floods "of jan-\.
Uafy. last has boen c?nipleied, savo- .'
for oho ov tv/Qy???.\?&
era" or basins In the area in ques
tion, whisk are to be "free ?fvth? iih-*
vadlhg waters hy the end of the pre
sent month. Tho construction and
st?!lati?? ot * the glahV, pumping
.ant on the restored Siuyder Eco
Ikes wis carried out-ii*;four wesks,
irauaN-aciuil pumping.: took aneth
r-??iit, so that tho Vp&Ho'lom of ire-'
coving something Uko .^QO.000,090,
coblo; meters ?:.ofc->ator^ waa de?lM
" it ? fatter .of two months obi*.-/
ar--.'as ^ Dutch ; engineers x?'rer
-i,4ht? la an unerti^?^. |?ya-i
allier country ?#-Wf'??fr:
?iee made bys mw*rn hydrOgrs;-v :
?ike fact that\*tt?r.the:ildof#
. iB25? the
? ,aeya^t?a..??wths: '
?.?thing took
' ?;p*>rt?4
' i htfe v^U ta jCir^Me ^
- ?two ot his rriehds .inUn^'clty,.;?
?titf)Ml: only a short whUe?; ^wet?|??;

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