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Roosevelt Gets Demon
stration from Gallery
That Lasts 41 Minutes
-Hughes Made fPK*
nommai Gain When
Second Vote Taken
(By Associated Press.)
Chicago, Juno 9>-Hughes led the
field on the first ballot tonight and
gained mdoh strength on the second
His ''followers,' confident" of his nomi?'
riatlon ou u third ballot, resisted. ad
journment, hilt : tho delegates; j worn
out, wore glndftO aditYUUTII rbro?rroW.'
This ls tho first Hmo since' 1880 that
the-republicans have takon;moro than.;
ono. ballot- in tito ) comlnaticn of a
. presJLajftetnt...:-- candidate. Hughes'
ttoosovelt" und; Fairbanks were
: -i- 'oniy candidates .tuuofcg the .18" who
traiuod .Votes .bu . the second -ballot.- ;
According- to r' reporta Fwas?.velt
took .persbi??l '?b?rge, ov?r the tele
phone frbra . Oyster Bay* tonight of
tho progressive situation, but hts
attjtudo'bn the possibility of his
' nomination,-tomorrow was hot mode
\ public. Tho. fact that tho confer
ence met tigaiii late, tonight led to tho
- boifef that kb. sanctioned.- another at
tempt nt harmony.
? demonstration' - for Roosevelt,
when his n?m? was put in nomina
tion, at the - republican convention to-'
day lasted forty-one minutos, a rec
ord for this convention, but the lead
er?'agreed it was largely a gallery
' demonstration.. (Fairbanks nnd Bur
j ton ?got prolonged ^cheering from
their followers.
The' republican'' convention moved
;. smoothly to balloting .tonight. Micbif
gan .turned thirty of Ford v?tea' over
to Hughes on the. second ballot and
two tb Roosevelt;' Lodge, Who hod
nominated' Weeks, tutted his vote to.
RobBeVclt. \W? Murray Grane, an
nounce* for Hughcr?. Missouri gave
Hugbe? tWbhly-two out of 3G.
Count of Votes: ;
- ' (By .Associated -Press.) .
Chicago, Juno - 9.The first dfflclat
ballot gave Hughes 253 1-2; Burion
77 i^; Cummins 85; Roosevelt , 05;
Weeka-105; Dupon"12; Sherman 66;
j Fairbanks 7?V1T2; LaFoJlettei 25;
Brumbaugh '20 ; Ford 32; Knoi 36;
Botnh 2; Yilila 'M McCall -XV- Taft
14; jiot voting 2 1-3; total l>87. Four
hundred and n?noty-?lvo. required for
a nomination.
The second ballot, official gaye
Hughes 328 1-2; ^oct 08 1-2;' Burton
10 1-3;.-. Weeks. Wf.imontJ&iSbe?^
pian 05;.FsU-banka?ag.-1-2; Cummins
85; Roosevelt 81;. Uvfolletfb 25; Mc
Call 1 ; Knox Sd; billie 1; Wood 1;
KfrV?^ng 1 ; Wan amaker 6; not vot
/total SS?. ..
Th? :xepuh.i|?an \ convention . ad
journed after. th? second ballot un
til eleven iopjpcrow; .:.'../ "?! ..
' .''H?^?i'J|?ar*ll W?Aii; -:'
: 'The New: York delcgutlotti?'.vote ba
t?ie ?fcond .^t?t- 'aft?p^/ ita^bjOS- 43;
?60}t- ?if and'-Rpos?velt 2.Pennsyl
ft?q^Sli-mi John ;Wftjjiadia^:r5^
Hughes ?>upcut S; Root t end A
?ot voting. ^ Brfote the wwood bal
lot waa
, .:'-*tt?ftre*^ .?&?a?a*
Mvli? Bons" remained thrown Vtka
:Me Wa? v&Hl.tov Major General Leo-'
^:,-.::lHaralngr-V,^^v .
T^tt?rrowri.Muga*wi; supportera .pre
dict, th?y will, continuo to draw
&wngth,i'am\ b?ml?ate th(^7^<?i>:
Aaf.?.. .- .. . . Y;
i mi ur i i
Only Poiitiial Miracle Can Prev?tY
?-Peace Conference Seems toil
Candidates Now Looked For. -.'
(By,. Associated Presg. )
Chicago. June 9.- -Nothing. * but a
political miracle such aa ..an agree
ment of the progressive and republi
can conferences, or Roosevelt's- reina
al of -nomination, can prevent tile
nomination ot Roosevelt by tho pro
gressives tomorrow.- Leaders'' who
think this fought today to hold the
progressives in check and had Eoose- j
volt's approval.-'of delay until the re? J
publlcahb balloted..
? Hughes: Incroaee of strength on i'd
second ballot tonight; .brought thc
Lasseriton :f rom . Governor j .-Whitman
I tbitt 'Hugues^ would ba nominated hy
th? republicans : tomorrow* ; ^Hb; f?f|o\
the' -peace conference, ' which V began
usnighV would bo futile. ;
I '. i'v;;" i >iWwftMiaaiTl'i'ii11?i?"i,'i '""
I Lasl Cabinet Meeting Before St.
Louis Convention Held
. ( By Associated Press. )
Washington; June p.--At the Jost
cabinet meeting before the Bt. Louis
convention, the members and Presi
dent wilson today discussed the .de
mocratic platform. President Wil
son's draft will be" finished tonior
row and while lt ls said they dre not
to bo forced on " tj&e convention, lt'4s
nssumed they wilt. be adopted aa
President Wibma wrote:'them. Cab
inet members -said they considered
th? republican platform "innocuous
aod tte democratic platform to . be
moro progressive. No selection of
a .successor'. to Chairman McComb bf
tho htf Uonal committee .'.'was. deter-'
rained on. -
i .Berlin, May 19. -Street ear lines
Jin many' parts of Germany hope in
the near future to bo ablo to Increase
their tariffs by about 50 per cent lb
.Ute near future tb be able to Increase
.their tariffs by about 50. per cent in
order. to meet; increased coats. At a
congress of street car mon held re
cently in BerWh resolutions were
unanimously adopted In which If'"?ta'
pointed out that.Jh? present univer
sal tariff v?f 40 oennins (2 X-2 cents)
?was adopted .In the nineties, wehcras
avon, beforb tho war ibo expense of
most companies had risen mby KO pe?
cent ana ^jobably iwill rise even more
after the war. A decided deteriora
! Sion of all Ines 'lu-.to he ^expected, the '
> resolutions .point but, unless they oro
j allowed to raise brices -lo vi 5 pf on- !
biogs (3 3-4 ?ents^) " '
IVfTV?iF S'trbe^" ? June ?~Rnll$a>l
Shares were ice .-dominant' feature of
Itradlng tojo mbraldg? ?Paul, Noir^ '
?rn Pacific* Reading, Southernwtj
^ghar^- ;;;?,;;- /' '
?in Ixjulslaoai, two .'fbl^fis&.fe;weight^ih
'Jjtawaehneetts,^^ i^t 4b Michigan, ?pur
to t?lssburl? two.-in 'Nebraska, '
vania..two- in. tetttttt?feufe??i i!yt?> la
Texas; ;b?i*. fe Utah',' three in yirgujiai
^hi^4n's^iii^?^i^l?;. onegin. Ha
waii;. He ic?t,one,,vote In Arkansas
and ono lb ^Jibwaii,; :Itoosbvott'-ffrit?
M in votes oh th? ?techad WloV, buo
or these came from Maine, one iron?
SSaStechuaetbs, twb'V trobV. Michfea ?,
J5 frb^;cPennayI"
Numi?i?tion Ert>greaoive Laader I
Nomination of Two
Dolentes Under Control.
(By. Associated Press.)
Auditorium, . -Chicago, -June .O.
Progrfesslve.-delegates . aro now. ap
pftrenily- ander tho control of lead
ers, who wish to- delay nomination
ttii.tlt.the republicans .act. - Rccefefl was,
taken late today until eight o'clock,
tonight, after spending the doy vot
ing on tho platform eviction by sec
, Tko prohibition plank wau defeated,
in a roll 'cull vote on a' motion to lay '
on the table. ' The vote was . titre j
hundred ..and' eighty-five to eighty-,
two.. Th? flatform, "was made . ufl
i'Uloaea business,.-' when recess was J
tak?n. . - ' ~'? % .:.-?'?'?? '.,..'-!
Death cf Blacksmith Mest Trag
V gk State Has Know?
.? 2_L?L -
Charlotte, N. C., Juno 9.-Ono of
tjie; most tragic deaths recorded inf
North Carolina in many months was
that- of Charles W. Furr, of tho little
town of . Mission, 14 miles from Con-!
cdrd yesterday, when the victim who
had the reputation ot being'the mose
powerful man In the south. left his,
wife ,*nd four little children in 4a,
adjoining room, tock a shotgun from
a icprner in his bedroom, and blew
off th?'top of, his head with a shot
gun. Ha toppled over In a heap a?
his' grief-stricken - wit e and children
horrified at the sc-eho which met
their eyes rushed out ot doors mid
called- for help from tho nearest
neighbors. . *
The' victim of his own - rash act
waa a giant in sle'e, steen gth and
height. - Ko was nearly 0 ifS ,,feej.
tall '. sod . weighed more' than ? 200.' -He
waa a blacksmith by trade and ii bad
ot ten .been'said of him thaVhe could
handle any til ree men in the county
together at the one time. Hts muscles
were like iron and his otvength'^^fe
notnonal. . . Tho, dead .man wa? '35
y ea", a of age,. a. respected . resident or
Stanly -. county, a'.'good- farmer'^ahft
citizen and one of the beat black--'
smithsin, tho state; ' : ' '
Furr lived oh ;the property..- of
rienry Creighton and lt was many
hours' before tho deputy coronet ar-j
rived -to. Investigate and give .permis--'
aion for tho disp'Osil' of the, body
Mrs:, ..Furr,. who. waaia 1 Misa .Halleys
previous to her -marrlago. can^iol un>
der^tand "uer husband's act any ra oro
than td say that ho had been In de
pressed splrifa bf late.a?d had wised
that be were dead, At sundown las?
night th? big"' plantation hell at Henry
?ref?hton's, tolled for a tong time, . a
Custom In thaCpart.\of the ata\e
wh eu any body in < the: comm unity; -is:,
ds?d,;' :
Aiacrfcin BSa?ors tn Russia.
Headquarters of tbu ', Russian Sev
enth Army, Juna 9;?~Am^ricaa,'ji?i
1 ibito's.-auto'trucks and mblorejr
siaa:front. At nu a
"B^tfte?vddsepa o? e
?.:Am'Brtc?a.^-Bteit?l?r?y. > ataron
oiat behind'thb front a profesi?n. o|
...rbduc'U'. ?f^ various* ,>?bria tea?j?y *to
the -activity.-.of Attierican -?naniifa?tur-'
era,j > % grasping trado oppo*tuhiU%
ojue> ;-?'to them by the-war. v-'fpj
. .^?eMi^a?i^:_,
a? ^l^o^at?m^jail
ie. InferptttkmaV
^?fc??t"'' '
Citarles. E.
.'(Wy Associated Vross. )
|- '-Whilst-tabCe /m au s bave ceas?d in
fantry ''attacks' Ir?-, the region" of ?.' the I
rhlaumont farm,! bombardments con}j
| tinao du1 Chaptrp -Wood, -Fumln Wood i
ind south o?-.Damionp, infantry at-, j
Itacks against HilJ J04?haye, boen
pplsed-by tho French.
Bom* .admits <itb? : Italians huvc j
Iwi?idraw? 'to .now positions cast oCi
Astagp: and Campemiuie. Valley. Aus-j
WAI Officiate at Funeral of Bish
op Northrop
''. ciuirlefitqn, June O.-r-ISla Eminence
Cardinal' Gibbons, . of ?alti
mof?; y/llt offlclate nt the ftmeral ser
vices of' tho iatft ;llfght, Revi riobry
^ipjSknoy Northrop, D. D.'. .Bishop ot
the Catholic diocese of Charlean.
Un '
ie senrion.. The. interment. imme?V
lately, after the services, . wilt take
mt*-lei jtho Bishop'sf>f plot on "tho1
Cathedral ground?, '
.Flour ifemin? !?. iloljand j
.Washington,' . June 9-^/Tha' depart-i
mont bf commerce b#s reb????^^iil
w>, M ^ Thompson at The Ht?Bub rtat-.
gojng' a wheitt arid flour famlno. Tli'e
teWHW?; > Sf th? ? >war- w&* hsia?iig bf>
whit? bread wa? ir6hjibited; ibn&??Xi
from <the ' : be^innM^' ?^|^9r?6' -until
mpiOl^' the 'danger.:was constru
ed' tb to have been- a?*rt*d[**n d tn
* jpluntlful. f. ,i ? y.,.. . : -
t is wftt?pg^relopm?nta da
?> -H? rj^i^ated today that * L
jr Paints To
\ Of Hughes
tri?ti malms to bava taken metre -than
twelve thousand 'italian prisoners
pince tho beginning of the- month'. \,
Kirfe Constiintlr.c of Greece signed
an o der, demobilizing twelve'' claar-ca
of tim Greek army, about one- hundred
end ?fifty thousand men. Paris con
siders thia the reuult of pressure hy
Itthe ailietfv Athen? --rei^^.Vjlt'.'/niny.
brjrig, downfall of t li o H h onie vd; ic- mi n
. ??,-^-?-~ry-~y-1 r-'---~-^M-'-,'-- - .
Pair Pie at Deming And
Qlher Three RsspUod
' ' * ' / ' ;
m. ::? --- i
! .Deming, Now Mexico, -dune? 9.
Frauclsco Alvarez and Jutjh, S?Uchez,
Villa followers; captured' during /Ib?
raid pn Cblumnjts. March^flth, w?re
hanged thia morning. Tho , others
sentenced io h arid' at tho same Unie,
woro respited.
Beb?Ai?te? Interview.
Berlin, Juno v?--(By Wlrel??;)^.
American Ambassador Gerard h$s re
pudiated the. Interview recentlyat*
tributed tb ulm eu ' tho , subject of
saying ^that - fcount .FijcdfoJcil ^ VQ?
,We?urp, conservatlcvo'- leader'' of, Upi
reicliJtag,' desired Ot fard to ?/?>v> the
f-purioua interview pifflHigggtafer
-itS^but .tho ambassador decline
Pawliy end gclf. f .
Jone ^
r, killed bia wlf* ?nd ? four
. The bodied-w*rsvYoond
their home' todtiy. '-'.'
'firm S.'tittilvPOinWIn^adfl?ce^Vre
.acut tergd^ coj#?ln>?. njarkotj tu rn-,
nn???? yy.yyu
SND ira
(By. Aeso'alatoJ .P^psn.)
. ..Petrograd, Juno y.-rFivo days' ot
furious offensive by thc limsa?ms un?
dar General Brusslloff has broken
tho Teutonic' Hues' from Koyelsarny
railroad to Bukowina, driving them
back un average of fifteen miles. In
tho Lutfllc sector tho Russians have
broken completely through, turning,
the left flank of the Austrians and
the right flank of tho Gormans and
.capturing tito Lutsk connect lui; link
between tho uorthern. and southern
Victor lo.; uro attributed largely to
heavy gunfire. .In some places the
Russian barrier fire cut: off , large
bodies, of lite- enemy troops, who sur
lt is ofuciniiy announced that tho.
Russians havo captured thus ., far ?
r^pro ' then' v;- 4,1 x ty-f ? ve.thou jj a)fd" '. pris
. --.
Lieut, Sanfly, Holder of Many
fj^Recor?s, . Kilted in Fall on
Santo Rosa Island
.(By AaaoQiatedt Press.)
Pensacola, June .9.-Lieutenant R.
C. Caufly, ipavy aviator, wa? killed J
hera lato today, wheu .a machine inf
which ho ls ?o?d to havo broken sev
eral world's hydro-aqropluno rec-]
ords fell tKv.cn hundred;.feet,' landing
on . Sani>. ltos.-t Island ; Ono of tho j
mir pieces oj. tho machino ls toported
to havo hean "disarranged, causing the]
rV?y' was found by persons who
.Witnessed t&? fall 'end went lo tho.
Island in a motor boat. On March I
2Bta "Saufley aJscondod ?tote??, thous
and feet, auld to.lje theworld'srec
oud: ?Te was?yrty-two years . of i
age, front Kentucky "and leaves aw M
Larry WOson Get? 22^000 Volt*
JFfoi?L?vo VVire
H?rtwoll. Ga.. June O.-r-taf^M
son. or, -ilartwelL twenty-year-old ?od
..J no; 8." Wilson, commissioner ot
Boad? i&, Bridges;of, uart county, web
electrocuted lu Lnvpnia.on iionday
morning libout ten. o'clock". ..
Larry was ah employ? .. of The
PrankUn.Wght & Power Co? and had
gone to, LaVonla that\ morning ?wttfe
A . L. ,?ou?t>? manager ot tjilpi con*
p?ny, -\&ofe^ft&rt,w*H. lo do, A; some
special work in: tb> eali-slatirrt:.there.
In, some way IV.T.came lb contact witi J
o live wire ca)iryingv2'i,000 . volts of j
electricity and ;,was b^Ry : burned,
bia left stolider and#&tbO. face. noVr
Heer?t t'eaf?/!i. .
Cbiaccg," June i$ihf?W&pkfi^
?J?P^?Mms pn ii?o topic ot the con
veraatloa Justice I lushes .and former
?Attorney 'Oei??rjr^.vV^yieke'rab?w ;b?ad
^han .?ey. coufabbed y^t?rday. Mr.
.Wiokerehaw" it ?r?gibat'\ ftugtiip
maa. --MiAi;s!e$lai???a.dospdieV;da?i*?i/,
that they discute* <&? . CWcagb alf*
wallon. . .; ^.r-^-> .?;, ? - - ;
? , ?tteMsiat'-.fi'ViJ?oso.. '
Eil .Pa^, ?J?^
t?WU. hojjo - ?t?tH vf?HESh?r;r??t?ce, /w
ifWfotKWt?-^'??^d;?|?TtVthov;. ord
^bfel?^'waa ; Vre?*lYM ; pby-1.Us^eTe.
fronVrWashln;B^a.: w
nc MRp qv
;^|ROVE^O^piTIC^: '
(Hy Associated P?MB!)
Cincinnati. June it.-Iii a? address -Wf
before .tbq>'Auia4o?h\A'stfoc4atl?n pr
Medical Milk Inspector? today, Dr.:'^
Landis,/of Cincinnati, dlecues-h??
lng "Puro MUk-^lt3 Influence on ,a
Municipality's Qonoral Death Rate,"
devoted himself chiefly to presenting
feels tondlng to show that tho re
duction in the" death "rato or a muni
cipality hrought about by the purl-;
flcatlon of its milk supply, ls pr??fO ; .
t leal ly tim same as the caused by Ita
change from a polluted to a puro wa
tor supply. Tn Cincinnati, ho uah),
tho average yearly aavlng of liven by
-compelling. a purormllh-supply was
"Wholesale, assassination of cin
clnnatfn infant population,
.had been :.carried .an.?arvjft^
.'.tt??; mUk:indU4^^4^^1^rgely fri "the
bando of dairymen v/ho ?od . .liselr1, /
eo>yaNAlmost exclusively un. dh;tUiery
idoj}, Cow? were chained' with their
pMM?.'i in a blbr?. t roi ; -
time tl;. ' . th^-fjiTra
natif they pnVs^d Jato tho bunds'ot / .
tho5; butcher. Tao' dlllry vvorp-'^$?
dork und reeking with fitihtd man?rb,..'
;t^h? cows wer? plastered with tilla
material, as were many or the work- ;V>'
mon, OK*' tho finished product had; a,
generov-?;i>upply when '.lt, reaobed thj*^!]
consumg public.', .What I had. been..;'.
accomplished lu . changing those con
ditions : had been chief|y niade? pos
sible by employing on 'full-time . aa
JiealUi' olucer competent specialists
nuder a nou-partlsuu board ot,health.
Tho Cincinnati, . plan elimlnated^^
milk .inspection . by, a,,'physician- ow
part time and placed It i: the hasd?. ?
pf a graduate in veterinary medicine
on. full timo. R. D, Bimbo; D.' V,
'8., air employee of ;thb-United States .
ft?rern of Animal Industry, v,'ii8l??8?
r?osen, and tb, his : Industry, honesty, , ;
a^d cobrkge tliq resulta obtained aro .
largely d?o.
Right to Dump Milk,
Ono of tho. Cincinnati rogalallpna
glgea tho .health , ofll'ccr tho '..authority'
?t?/d?mp milk that ?hows...v!oiblo sed
' Imoht in f ho container. Thia . regu
lation was rigidly ..enforced against,
?hose who .persistently, fought all at?
tempts at '.Improvement, Milk per.
mba were revoked,. aaa: In numerous
I n i ?ta in;nr.i>ro.;.-?cu t lo a Idvpollco court
drow /imbs ranging : from twenty-five
to four hundred dollars. .Ip a fo\r
instances, porfectly respectable gen
tlemen had oppbrtuait?es. , fin v i the
quiet of thO-'-city'.'jjaii;' to'meditate on
the uncertainties of a milk pro
ducers career., fbntibr.ly .prpsecu
\tion'meant'a little temporary, ca???p
notoriety, with a ;tengb tot martyrdom ;
.thrown in ; how; if a man hs arrested
fdr somb other, gross yloiatIon .pt tho.
regulation a. ho loses', . paete .. in . h'a ?
community and Isvclaosifled . os a
cheap croifc ..or a plan "bonohead, "
Compelling prop?-?etb?a ' pf restau
rants, saloons.. hoteL?. Cte. / to servo
milk . to'custolne^
seal eil packagb met with the unaabll

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