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VIII iUllb
. (By Associated PresB.)
Austrians southeast of Trent a
still retreating before tho Italian ad?
' vance. The Italians have retaken
the towns of tho Poslna and Arriero
while the entire region between Adige
and Brenta rivers abo mountain pos
itions haye been recaptured. FJomo
reporte that Austrians have vainly
tried hold the Italiana backS with
concentrated artillery fire.
A German infantry attack launch* I
ed against tho Villlago of Fleury, |
.'northwest of Verdun, ! ".8 been re*
pulsed hy tho French. The Ger-1
j roana also essayed a fruitless attack
against the British hear Ypres. Inj
patrol engagements the British on? |
tered the trenches, taking some pris
? oner a. .'.!"?.'-$ iV^'^'M-^' .'. ? %[
Four German aircraft.-? ii ave been I
ub?opght down by British machineb,
the British losing ono. ,
Petrograd reports that German]
bombardments and attacks on the|
v Northern, Russian . line aro without L
''"''fesuY:,. Prisoners" f?Vo"'nhy tho Ru's-j
siana total niora tha??'one hundred]
and ni nc! y-sight t li ou;; and.
-r,v >" -:-. ..'''
American Consul 'General. Says j
ant Distributing- Point. J
(By Associated Press.)
Copenhagen. ; June 'y 27.- Denmark
is., becoming r-an Increasingly imper
tant .dietribnting center for gooda
exported from .the United States 'and
the. > possibilities fir American . trade
with thia country aro great, accord
in? to Eklward ?. Wlns-lOw, the
American Consul general herc.
"It is a very significant fact," be
sail 'to The Assoc lated Press corre
spondent, "i >at American goods go
ing Vio Rus. .a,' Germany and'-' Aus?
irla are, passing' through; ?paataf?
ports. .' The 'Banes* ar-* ; how frankly
. claiming that. Copenhagen with ..its
.free ;h; tbdr\. the. only one in ' Scan
dinavia, has supplanted other poris
having free h aroora aa ? 'continental
distributing center.; t v believe thia
port will bo able to hold its advan?
: tage'when pence comes, to held -the,
hulk of tho forwnrdlhjx commerce''al^
rrfady-obtained. " 1
' "Goods. can ha transhipped . from
Itere , to >ll ports; of the world, 'ai
cheaply arid AB ' expeditiously, aa front
atty, other European port especially
If the final, dcstinaUori he NOrwiiy,
Sweden,,..'Finland and the Germanic
Saltia ports, v * ; .-j?.
"There are no hindrances teethe cs
^^iahm?nt;;oi iag>rici?s\ hy A??ori'-;
?aUBi In Denmark. Wtirohou?eg con
b? operated Ir^tho Free Port In -^rWch
tnoek can carried. . Ari anthoi-Is?d i
i&mti&irk has ?ln;; ita > ge?graphlctl
portion and tn listratjd, tori^j?jop; puf
?qtt? qnaliri?aiinafe for C,iho develop
ing ot important export and trina*
itr?radoa: Owlri?) t^jol?matic c?iiq?
tiori? ?oam?rk ; ?ta??sfc ; roipprt . fr?in
. estr?e*-'o*V?&Me^
feo; tobacco and colonial. goods
general, a?so cotton. Jaie arid ?hoi
an? from?;eottjto
dupn either], costf,. Iron V otate' min-.
John W. Davis, nt present solicitor]
general ot tho department ot Justice,
it ls believed In Washington will boj
appointed attorney general by Presi
dent Wilson if he should nominate |
Attorney General Gregory for tho
United States supremo court. Mr.;
Davis is regarded as* a vory attie' law
yer. Ho has the conduct of govern
ment cases before tho supremo court.
He is forty-three years old and wasj
born In. West Virginia.
'American Cavalry in Pursuit of
Bandits Following Murder
. of Americans..
(By Associated Press.)
Columbu?, Juno 27.-Will Parker,
owner of Packers Ranch, thlrty-flvo
miles southwest of Hachlta, New
M?xico, and his wife, .were murdered
presumably by Mexican bandits to
day, according to . information re
ceived hore by relatives. Vnetr bod*
les were said to havo been fourni- by
employees at the ranch house. Amer
ican cavalry started in, pursuit: of th4
bandit sand if necessary will cress
the border. At tho time ot the marr
'der tho bandits run ott twenty-five
hornes, which It ls believed will aid
tho cavalry tn'following, the trail;
Packer's ranch was visited by han?
dits a few days ago and many horses'
stolen. ,
Again Is
Report at Local Colton ?Osee Saya
1 > ": h VH?t&$?* Warfare Re? ? v.
'^..-/.' .'...rVv- newed.
-ItUmots '?that Gormau^b't?^sumed
9|^ptkbaiarliie campftip?n ? were ; v ro?
cm'ved in the city'laat; ?igUt: in a
teld?'r?m to Mr.'.Watter. Sterin, of tho
firm of Johnson, Storm & Co.? WUh
Onices in this cityo ! Whilo there waa
no verification! ot tho rumor, th?
; meengo,.. ns 'reobly?d. a)-?Uie..; local '?pw
ton office "redd aa: folio-sat . '
akMttW-' s'****jun? 27. >.
.?^r?t?r Storm, ' .
. "Anderson, H. C.
- "Uncourirmed^'; rumors -circulated
rjdany had resumed Submarine cam
paign, ?' -ni;? . :* ' <v ?
?t^^t?gtba'?^aV^^tatar-- -; de-i
?^S??exlct?^^ . to Ihvj
?*AeAn &nv .ftttnmbt ?t i?biUog by
^er?caS< Wepa?v flaWr^li?*** ] 04?
lighthouse .fcigoals on the ?b?at cl
estlng uieh?a 1 t?t? tho . last ; ser^rw
MgbtS. fci .S, .v:.,<r..-, ^.r ;.; ;;'--;'.-:
Hostilities I
Note Haft Been Deliverec
Has Been No Intimatit
Will take - San Ant
35,000 M?itiamei?.
Washington, June 27.-Un!
ly-thrce American troopers held
tomorrow night, Pres; Wilson wi]
'Thursday to ask for ?u?iirity ti
their release the United! States wi
alton, . i, -
The state department late t
Carranxa's reply ti the note ?
be expected or what the tenor o
livered yesterday ti special agent !
forecast the action of Carranza. ,
received ho intimation of the cc
own responsibility he protested
commerce between Mexico arid tl
several Mexican citizens in Caii?c
already sent his family to Canad.
Charles A. Doiigfas, legal ai
Counsellor Polk of the state ?Topar
suggested possible arbitration ur
He left the state department wi.?.
States would listen to no mediatit
Indications at the War dept
mMMmk *?y ame.. - Detail
Gen? ?onston^s hands and report,
San Antonio, June 2 7.~Pi
lHlarhehi expected to arrive for,* 1
here... Gen'-Funston also is arrang
hwtiic make possible the starting
the event of war. . R?ports herc
troop mov?menis are being mad?
paign. .
New York, dime $if$^ii
Wood tonight ordered the Penns;
umbl? Militia to entrain for the bi
sylvania m?(itiagoestoEl Paso and
tc Bisbee.
14,000 io Border.
Ydrk.. Jdne 2?;-General1 Wot*
In a report to tho' war department to
hight, ba\<l ;more than < fourteen thou
sand; troops 'from . Kew', York', " Nev
Jersey,,. Massachusetts, connecticut
?nd Vermont aro. now entrollte "to th
bordov'i; The '^?artormasters depart
meat' announced that supplies for a
?i'my/ofr?0?,0G0v1?r the next tkirt
days hate t; boen fronded along; th
border, lt was learned that tw
thousand.motor trucks at an ovor?fc
of > $-5,000 havb beoti contracted io
and fodr Lnndred passenger ma
chinos ordered,'
?..'?' - Pt'isoBors Weil Treatild.
Washington, June;2Ti~~Th? tir?tis
ipat?l '^t ? Chihuahua City, whp,!.,1
io?kittg!, ai?cr , American Jntoreni
there',, reported to tho stnto donar
"mont that tfcppa'r? .?j?pt?red at Cai
rizal, have bot?n intern od in the^Ch
fcMhnfc ^p?hlt?h??ry and - are" bein
weil treated ;. lYo gave the numb^t\i
i^ehry^three, t*0?d? ?S?m .B?tgfe?ni
abd ^e?ly-ane prlvat?s' of-the- etil
cavalry, also. - erie -whit* :oo?m^h?*
terpr?tar ., ;:Two trodp?rs were aHgh
V New York, June 27-Th* war d
faartmqht haa^tac^d H/xl Cross tnov
mepta, ?>dr>. ^ tl
^^"?kr?ny ^'d^minU'a^^^r?!
'^^>p^?g?n^t' cf ; Brooklyn m e
Hil Begin
s Outlook N?w
to Carranza, ?But There
m as to What Action He
anio ?reoaTe*-to Receive
ss C?jrr?.'?za aunrende?a thc tv/cn
p ria one rs at Chihuahua City by
i probably* .go .before .congress
rescue them) by turee.. Pending
1 not consider any offer of medi
night had no. intimation when
maading their release might
the reply might j-bV- It wa? oe
odgers, but he hns been unable to
Ambassador Arredondo ?aid he
irse of his government.. On his
oday at tiie embargo placed on
? United States and the arrest cf
nia and Arizona. . Arredondo has
mer to Carranza here, called on
nent to?ay. . It was understood lie
le? the Mexican treat? of 1848.
ele*^;^ United
i suggestion, ?j f&?:.'--V- ?
brieot are that thc military will
of the militia mobiUzation xs in
hesta en mobilization are fen from
0?i \ \m:- *
par?tiins for placing- 35,000 mi*
.rder duty shortly, are.under way
lg to transfer regulars ti piints
the big anny across the border in
indicate fii?t all r?cent Carranza
with a view Pf a fjfensive cam
gWgent request, if Funston Gen.
/ania -and the the District o* cil"
ler as soon as possible. The Penn
I^ Dstrict if Columba militia goes
>rmer President ^Wul Dine With
Republican Nominee.
?:>":.:. . - .?-'; . ? W
(Dy Associated Press.) y$im.
Ndw York. Jurt6v27.-William ft;
-Willcox, lawyer aud. former postmao
ttr. ct New York/iras HOlected today
aa the cbalri Jin ot tne rri.abllcan na
tional cjmmltlco. He 'la ?. cloie
?rlp.hd o? HuRhes and ho ls enid io ho
Hughes cholea, Rbotovelt tod*? ac
cented tho Invitation to dine with
Htghos tbrnbriow^ iiight. |*';>
\.: ' ' :V"" .
Qi*?nrllI?^?nno?.>27.-iflsB Irene
'??g*r,'-ot: Greenville;. y?storiiay attor
iitran won 'the^ri^eM:cna?hpl?n lu
'tani** cingles at tennis;-in tH> CAror
^a^ waeff she detested tffi.'John
?pto;'of^<?li?WlWi^-?tie. o^feh <wa?
t?e aetsi-neltiit danced each
Wrta malchi in vtiatesV'?iivl&s \ com*
pl ?tea the ?enut* totirdam^y V played
at San* souci coui*?iry club ior th?
Vi \:$??to?5t^ ? ? ? '
Wilson. o</.Nejr^yerJt:-r Js'??iJ?SsWt*?
chatrroaa jf the republican national
Mexican Emergency May Cause
Change in Revenue
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, June 27.-The ex~
penBe of mooting of tho Mexican
emergency ?nd ?thor military items
may result in important changea in
the administration's revenue pro
gram. House leaders today, after a|
conference wlih Secretary \McAdoo,
decided to-delay tho reveftuo meao?rd
prepared by the way and means com
mittee Thoro aro indications that
a chango in tho plans might contem
plate a bond Issue.
Home Guard
Meeting Held for that Purpose test
Nicht--Company Would be.<
v . . ---
4>-;*rentatiV? i>latut^Bpm^ta|
of a company of .H?m? ti u nid : wei
laid at a special meeting of young
men of this city hold in Smith, Car-f
rett St Barton's place pf : business on
South Main street last night, and
whllo tho results or *Ji? gathering
wera not given out, lt is understood1
[that a . coiuniittco wai appointed - td
(solicit members for the now organi
Mr. Portoy Cray ton, of The An
derdon Job Printing company, who
ranked as 2nd. Majorat Clemson ?pl
lCge last year, h; at tho. head of iib
movemeht. lt is planned by the
young men tc r.solicit mcmboro.wh'o
aro' vvilling to ' pay for thotr unitornt
'and'ether equipment. As rifles ar?
ex pen u Ivo and dimeult to obtain just
at this time tho now company would
uso o:iiy ptfctids.
. ?-.iothcr mooting will be held
r.hortly; it was said, and officers ap*
jointed. When this ia dono and the
company brought to a strength of al
or moro men, regular drills will be
hold and possibly target practice will
bo, arranged for. .
On the streets yesierdry thara waa
mttvh discussion of plana for a Homo
Guard and - many suggestions were
made. At thiB time, according io
many interested 1rt tho movemeht, ?h?
plans put forth, by tbeyonng ja?n for
a company- that wbttld bb Bolt-BUp
j parting ia ttie^moit iaaslble.'
!? Columbia, June 27.-W.,', Slokler
Manning, member, of-tho Staff bf the
Washington bureau, New York Timos,
, ft&iVed in ". Columbia yesterday. He
I will erin t tn tho Sumter company of
J the ,:'N?lif?ft,M Odard for^servic? r lu
Mexico. Hd is a. son of .Gov. Man
ning/ .> / -,. '.
.? Triieifc Aplenty; :;'
Now York,v June 27-^Antcm'oVNo
manorattn rora afb p re p ure cl to
9fflBB^^?|overnmerit on Bn?H^'sw?w
flOO" nieto*\trucks 'and 1000 posseti
jgsr--.s?i#ie^VJs.th^'/Beys 'Atfrfsd
F?s vas; gen M?? man ager ?of the.. Na
tions I : Atil^ni.bbile enamber : ot^???*.
ttwjto.; rteoy?sisayartuis Informa
UwtSwae given the ws^, .d?pannwwt
?t? a'vrec?jit; meetteg bf the advisory
Wrd,4o^ttie'gt5n?rai 'steff of ; the. air
: l|^^febr^t?>srs,are .teady, to>te?
' |h%f?'g>'?hy^6rn: to'ti^ m#w
^i|}^<^s,f'tt?Mfc: ;. v .' .- . ; ,_ !
Orppt on in* Wand.
S?w. %'lde he ??aye'SarSn *S
Well Informed persons .In Wssch
ington beltevo President Wilson , will
narao his nttornoy general, Thomas
Wiatt Gregory; for the placo on the
United States supremo court hench,
made vacant by the resignation of
J ur, tl co Hoghes. Mr. Gregory ts fif
ty-five years of a RC. . -Ho was borp
anti raised in Texas. When appointed
attorney genoral in placo of Justice
McRoynolds, thon In the cabinet,; he
was a special counsel? in the depart
ment of Justice for tho prosecution ot
tho Now Haven railroad.
Between 30 end 40 Mexican FWB
onere Taken to American j
Camp ot Colonia.
(By Associated Pren.')
El Paso, Juno 27.-Between thirty;
and forty Mexican prisoners . were!
taker; to an American-camp nt Colo
nia Dublan on motor trucks Mondsyi
according to a rancher who arrived
hero today. Ho rai d'th o .trucks carno
from the direction of Carrizal. T?o
believed a fight'has taken place', on
tho Santa Marla , river, about fifty
miles from Colonia Dublan. Military
authorities said they -heard' nothing
of such an engagement. It w?s
pointed out however, that the eleven
th cavalry ie scouring this territory
for aurvavors. bf the Carrizal tattle.
It is believed hero the captives may
be stragglers from yarloo s Mexican
commanda picked up by the cavalry
; Atlanta,. Ga., June 27.- Seventy
years ago a.'little lfc-yearrold'; girl
stood .forth in front of a company ?f
Alabama bb's In the tb wu ofButiUir
?a .and presetted tlieni with an Amer
ican flag to take to the Mexican war?
? Today the. saine little girl, cow A
woma? eighty-two years cid stoo4 '*
the raliway elation inl Atlanta,'
saw tho fifth Tiegimeht of ' the ;
Uonal Guard ot this. city. ' leave,
mobilisation headquarters of
Georgia; Guard, at Macon, when .
they;, expect to be .disbaiched to Ma?
leo. VHitp'ln;.a" Very ?iibloTtitnn??
. She la Mrs, Prances ?Welborh Ho
combo of A'bany. Ga., bore oh ? vii
lt with relatives and frlendB, and fter
?ftwmnent of '? tho .*> p tc laclo o? hn'r ry
lng troops and- flushing ? swords. wa?
00/16*8' koe?, today than H. :wea oh
URE ?x>
(By Associated Proa?,.)
washington, June 87.-Hous? ano"
(.senate conferees on the Hay r?solu -
j tion to draft militiamen Into federat
service failed to agree today on the
question of incltidlng ? EgUlIob. dol
lar approprlklloh for,th? dependente
of guardsmen.
A disagreement, waa reported only
on that section. Tho failure ot the
conference leaves the president -with
out " authority tb UEO the National
C?ard outside tho tfnltod ^tea^ ter
ritory. , Vv hat finally v.-in be dime
With tho resolution in view of the de?.
termin?e! stand by th'o conferee:; on
both sides regarding the relief ?pro?
vision, members of the conference
wou?d-not predict.
< The house - naval ' committee today
i favorably replied Chairman Pad>
? sett's hill under which naval militia
could- be drafted into fed?fol'seryl?e'.
- \ fcilA'iimnniiiiW?.-- ..'
\4\Y?ot: King'W?.
' You" b Forant!? Placard'of
? Great Britain.
?> -'fVtBy^ Aasoolated^Pir?sai)'-^/
landon, Jnne 27-When tho Brit
ish government- at the beginning of
the war covered the bill-board? of the
country with* ita now famous appeal
for recruits, V?ourvKing;?od: Country
Need You," it -embarked; >??*^V*^^; vv
Using campaign ot suehi ar mature end
extent aa. bsa never ,bejforo baen ian
dertaben by$ny nation.
This first 'advertisement bas grown
Into, scores, dealing with: a wide flelfi
of subjects, from pleas for army vol
imteera and Ioj.na of moneyt to con
d?muhtion of .?xtrav?fianco La , 'fibe .
purchase of tim maa?-'-boote-.,ind..-.
stockinga by n?yUady. ;It is ;*'e.!? that
there is scarcely a heine in tho brit
ish isles that bas not been reached
by some of the display, adve^aein^S? '
which haye been Uopt ru?ping in fif
teen hundred newspapei^iM spread
myriads of billboards. After jjf
?two years rf expeHm?ut oalc?bTs
pbaticalty dellaro that it pay? for
?-government te adral*!?** :?ltfia?' es
timated by nomo that billions of dol
lar* h?ve been. df*wti tb th? color? 5>y ,
tho printed appeals,
v To one then ia eal&'.to j^on&-~&a...<
cr?dt of originating a^d earfli*B^?V .
this navel, and , elaborate* campaign.
He ; ls? - Slr Sedley ^Bftfc tiead^ot a .
lar?s.publishing 3?O?C?> - fsv,.-.t^ddn^.^.
who rec?fyed as-: a

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