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War Clouds Temporarily
Upon Attitude of Mexican Government Will - De
pend Beginning of Hostilities-Mobilization
of National Guard of Southern States Prac
tically Complete and Plans for War Con
tinue TT roughout Country.
.. . (By Associated Press)
El Paso, June 28.-General Trevino has ordered that American
prisoners interned in Chihuahua City penitentiary be taken to Juarez
and released. This information was received tonight at the Juarez
Cumin andancia. Mexican authorities asserted; that General Bell had
been notified of Trevino's order and the prisoners are expected to
reach the border tomorrow. Bell did not deny the report, but refused*
jo discuss it. He said any report on Mexican advices would be made
public by FunSton. There are twenty-three negro troopers of the
.Tef?th cavalry held prisoners and Lem Spillbury, ? Mormon Scout.
? ,". . . .
. (By Associated Press.)
San Funston tonight received a re
port from General Bell at El Paso stating Bell had been notified by
Mexican Consul 'Gaffcia that th? troopers taken at Garlranzal.ar? :on
their way to Juarez and probably will, arrive tomorrow. Accord
ing to the reptfrt Garcia received trom General Trevino, the prison
ers are to be delivered tb the American-authorities at once.
[ . (By^ssociated Press.)
:June. 2?-Moblilaatloh ot Naiio->*l Guard of Southern SHate?
'^jiMs.virtually -empi?te- tonight/ according to army hendquartera hero. All
VJf?i^uTalta called Vivir?Jnia; South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida Mlaa
' lsslppl and Lc^lana are In i ?imp, while the last of tho' Georgia troops aro
fr--'.' expected tomorrow end North Carolina Saturday. . Approximately twenty
tlilusand are already lu camp and several thousand of these are expected to.
get away In a day or sp. \ Gen. Funst?n designAt?d; pel Rio, Texas, as tue
station- for; the Florida Troops, but lt was paid here the Florida regiment j
would-not move, yet because ct many raw recruits, ' '
. Erroneous. Report.
(By Associated,. Freso.)
' ' Columbus, Jabe - 28 *-Officers : hore
tonight said ..they.'.are ,convinced,, the
report that six. Mo* icnns- h re believ
ed to have been thu murderers of Wit
llamyFarker aud his. wife near Hachi
t?, waa erroneous. It Is believed'-tho
report' ls the^result of- a flot fight bc
.tWee'?^Aniertc.?n? arM*. : Mox 1 cana on a
train- between, Douglas ai\d Ilachita.
freedom of Mtovetnent
" (By Associated .Press.)
Washington? 4uhe negotla.
Uons .are. taken inp the United States
?ill Insist **pon the freedom of movei
mon?s for Pershing expedition dur.
lng ?ny period o? :delay.
Piepareauesa-Gees On:
- (By Associated Fresst)
gan Antonio,'ajine 281-There.-are
no ind!c*f lens. at army headquarters
that tXo liberation of tho prisoners
t, will affci-t -iu Hay way tho ' uibrement
el &uurds3>r-n V; tb lb?, hosier. First
contingents of eastern troops will cn,
ter Taxa? tomorrow or tlrt ^t aajf
It was annenneed thai
troopa win -?^?c^
. [0
Waten Ail Southern Porta.
Wiisbin?toiv Jnue ."?gr-Tae; Justice
department investigation bufeau-^has.
ordered a'.olpB?;watch; on- all southern,
pert's: ' to* prevent arms 7. from being; |
loaded for; <Mexh\o., Several, echoon
era;' In Florida- ports are underlWus
plcion, according to inf?rniatioc:
here.'- \? -- ..'.?' '?':'?''*'>?'. ...
Immediate Break With Mexico
Averted.by Release, of Prison
ers, But HoBliiitiea Yet Depend
On Attitude Carranza takes.
.(By Associated' Press.)
. Washington, Juno 2S.^-An immed
iate, break with Mexico bas been
averted by a compliance withthe
American demand tor thc release-.ot
tho twenty-three troopers.' captured
at Carrizal. Whether w?r IB pre^
vented or. merely postponed; norie
would attempt; tu say tonight.*' Offl-i
clal Information as to Carranza/n at
titude ls lacking. . , .. -i
Until Carranea's reply to Secretary
Lansing' notd sent Sunday is : re-i
to ved th'.'rb- will ho no decision os.
to .whether President Wilson^ wilt lay
tho - cris!.", before: congress. Press
dispalckei; announcing the release ol'
prisoners caused undisguised ' reli?e
here andris "'accepted 'ns true," ai*
though there was' no announcement |
though official sources.
Whllo the/tension/ wai lessoned
somewhat the question of Carranza'?
at tit ado toward the Pershing ? exped?*|
tlori ts' still unsettled. It Carrabsa
stands upon' tho- orders to? General
Trevino to attack Pershing's - men
when,4he?;;.?move otheitwiso-,. than to- J
ward, the border, the situation Is Just
where it ?was before. However, there
ia' a possibility of settling thia. ques>
Hon* through negotiations which djd
not i exist while ; the Americans,. were
held-, prsooera; Preparations, of the
United States for war will go.steadi
ly, forward/
Governor .Hariris/ In Message to?
Legislature, Refere to Prompt
Mobili^t?oa of . Militia.
. lr ' ; ....' '
Atlanta, Ga., Juna 28.-''The sec
fond r?gul?t- sossion ot tho. ' pr?sent
legislature finds the country, improv-.
ed, iso ' far aa ' Its . general ' financial
??nditlbn ?B'.concerned?* declared Gbv
ernorvNst B.. Horrfa in his message
tb '<ue -'Georgia legislature ~ today.
"Buelrib?? ;has continued '..to; advanced
and; "the " recent lbw prices of bur
far n?- -products li ave become- things ot
the past. Tho merchants aire selling
Iu r higher profitai and' in greater i vol-;
time. - Tho 'banka aro. thriving; mont
ey ls easy, nnd tho people or .tte
commonwealth, generally, . ar? < id
mhchi better spirits? in every respect
than ? prevailed at your, last meet*
"While tho war still rages with .un
abated-'fury across.; Ute ocean yeti
our people Have ' escaped. Its ravages,
and 'our country, up to thin timo, han
been free, from attack; ?by outside
foes, save a few incursions on tho
borders, of Mexico.
& '^he-call.: for th? iNational, Gue?d,
Lieutenant Henry IX Adair or tlio
Tenth Regiment '^^v?ei?#-ilie-three
'American officers ' who waa kill
s'- -Jf
ed In,, Ute. treacherous Mcxl
cun attack on American troops at
(By / M stated Pre?a.) |
I In the I : ^nti?o '_ region tho Hal
tana continue, tho foreo -;. hack . Aus?
trl?ns along the en?ire front, makin*
progress in Lagaripa and A iv a Val
leys and between Adlge and Brouta
. Northeast i of ^Verdun the ..: French !
recaptured -more ground from Ger* !
mans north of Hill 321 and around
Thiaumont fortifications. Northwest I
bf -Verdun Gorman bombardments I
Eleven Cams Sent From Georgia
v Cfty to Border. k . \ vS
Augusta^ Cia., Juue 28.-The' Au
gusta Argnal i is i shipping Clef Bp
cars bf munitions and equipment to
near Brow&,*t?iitc oh the Tcxo3 bor
der. Five cars of triddl?bags, haver
sack*, soap, cantean?, etc., wore
loaded yesterday. caMr of ?rifle
ammunition, were, loaded, during: the
night,, and are ready to go forward
today. . ' - . \
y The shipment will move:over ., the'
Heorgla railroad. If is for the.use'ot
tbe: regalar army;, dot., for the'guards
men. U goes to Depot No.- 8; Just es
tablished t on the border, ^en. ot the
^rdlnnnee s o? il i ors at tho arsenal ac
company the shipment and^ are to'.'re
main at-tho depot-. Tb? detail IK. In
charge of Sergeant Ford /. Carpenter
Richard' P. ?Uzenbarg. employed at
the arsenal,., goos lo tho border, with '
the soldier*;^ ?fb??>?a^i?''it tm* newj
station, ' at leam .fo'r/;tu*y preschte Th?
p#> of> ?l earpenter/:?fs Mr. - Rizen
t?l^ ClsesUlcat?baV abd whert 5;lif
mentH. ' ' :'?'':*vi J
Including tow^?jTO^ta^^tn?W
caf ??^rof ama^p?ni?h
meai' h^? gond $dg$ta-.?rbm the
' .Nf^At?resi. ts'Jlea?. :
? Carrizal; captainTreytoip, shown
with bim,; acted as .in Ame-vic:.'n In
terpreter. Tho photograph v?afc t???u
Bom? months 'ago when the Amerbkn
troopB were on goad' terms;with the
continue. ' In "Champagne tho Ger
mans, occupied French positions nfc?r
Talune, but later wera driven out.
The tttitishoffensive hos not yet
begun, but bombardment a continua.
? The Corm nw; occupied the village
Linowka . In their counter-offensive
against Russians in Volhynl?.
Vienna reports - that further Rus
sian attacks near Kuty, Bukowina;
have beon repulsed,
jj Artillery flghllhg 'was resumefl cjtl
? the Greek-Serbian border.
I Thousands M Terminal Station
to Say
Atlanta, Qa ..June L'8. -Thou nando
of Attentions .this morning' aesem
bled at; the; TermloaVv statl?n and
said* goodbye to the boys of the |Wtit
regiment of tho Giorgia, ??jBoa?
?Guard of this city who ?ert on spsc
ial trains for the mcMUzation^y^i^
at Macon.
f' ;The crowd ,waa> o no of ;,the largest
ever aroerabledytn the.; city, and was'
addressed ' hy prominent 'ohicials and)
citizens including Governor Harris of
Georgia Atoyor^ Woodward of AW
tanta, Asa G. Candler and others/; j
Fond parents were there to bid)
their/ sons farewell and to retain.
Hoghes Says Ho and T. R. ' in
"Perfect Accord."
New York. Juno 28.-Charles E.
Hughes. : after sn Interview with
Roosevelt tonight which .lasted more
than, two hours and a n pdf, announc
ed that, he. add; Roosevelt ?re in
"compl?te accord." It ls understood
Roosevelt told the' nominee that he
would, co-operate with .Hughes In any
pianB, even to the extent bf ? making
a speaking tour If Hughes so de
German Doctor Found Guilty of
High Treason.
(By Associated Fresa.)
Berlin, June 20.-Dr. Karl- LJeb?
knelcht, socialist leader, was sen
tenced today, to thirty months penal
servitude and dismissal from thu
army , for attempted high treason,
gross insubordination ' and , the resis
tance af authorities.. Tho court de
cided lUebknelcht was guided by
political fanaticism and not hy un
patriotic feeling, therefore,, Imposing
tho lowest ? penalty.J Llebhnslcht'i - js
entitled to an appeal. .
; lives ot 84 *0hjectorew 8psjred.^": -
London, June 23.--Harold J. Ten?
naut. upder. secretary for war, stated
in the house .ot-.'commonn today that
thlrty-fbur consclentlo'ji objectors to
military' service have, been sentenced
to denth.by military tribunals. All
the dcat!i sentences were, commuted,
ho said.
Hamer gad \ Crawford. Lieutenants. '
Columbia. June 28.-Hi H. Dlrch-j
moro and Ralph J. Hamer have been!
?ppolnted" first lieutenants1'First In-.i
fantry. Alfred M.' McLeod, T. B. ?
Duckett, J. T. Crawford and Hiram
Hutchinson have boen appointed ' see-j
ond lieutenants First Regimunt^i.v^!5
rpmmmm n i III II in H nw-j ' tm n[im?*i**mm*f
SENT ::-:mn&:m$
[Punishment?o? Comnmridbr and
In-ierrinity Asked for 'thepjpj
ctruction o? Tanker
" Pctrolito.
j (By Associated Press.)
- Washington, Jun? 2sWrh? Amati-"
can 'reply to -Austria regarding Uta,
Austrian submarine, attack, on-'prnm
American, tanker Petroiite< made pub?
Uo today, describes the. act es a
"deliberate Insult to the United
States tl?.;; and-.'tho invasion of the
rights nt American citl??nr^l.". ' It
requests - a prompt apology, ' punish
ment "of . the 'submarine cnnvaandslr
and un indemnity. ' ?
Communient lon? which v/?ro uoiit ?
wee* ago assert 4 tb?t the Untted;
States believes- tho - facts in ?'tho cano
ar?^ entirely; diff?rent '? ff osathoa.*
which th?' ^Austrian anbrnsrlha cbis
maudor reported them. W? ?ttstrlaa
cd?:,?nv that . the: PetrolHe's. captaba
voluntarily ?avtt tho cur. plier. tsUcti
from til? steamer <b"?,;tb.e. subroarino
fo contradicted;, aa .'are. clfU?ia >tl?s:
a warning shot was Ir'.rfcd over ^de;
vessels bow before ?bs w?s shan ?d.
Qua seaman afceard th* * t^t'tlts
was wounded in the :a?ellingi -Th? ?|i.
tack, on tho Petrolite wa* mads In tho
Med/??rreanan -Ssa^B<fr^baiv--. the:
6th. The . Petrol lie's expiate: on his
.arrival ia-* Asnttric*.SaSfcriedy'^$wm
vessel was shelled without, warning
and when l;e<come to .HOIUO of the
submarines crcw. cameveboard ; ' tbs
Petrolite and-toole.-off! hep uu?>pUoa.
(By AsBOcl?t?d^a^s.)''
Washington, ''S?i&???f-itijli? Atneri
can soldier : ?was killed and nether
wounded ? 1 nan en egmont repor tefl
today vby.; Admiral . Cap?rton /between
tb? United States marines and Ponto
Domingo robols? - ?leb^ls 4?toa:ware
not given, in an ?agaR?ment,which
were driven from Strohgiy entrench
ed position which, thoy held siite?tt
miles from 'Mont?crfitev ? - '-^f?B??!

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