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Goodwin's weekly : a thinking paper for thinking people. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1902-1929, August 16, 1902, Image 3

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nM !j eight out of ten Mormons in Utnh knew no more
H Iff j I '! - frm of government in the United tSates
Hffifjiii j than of any other foreign government, for ours
H& 'IhI j j! was a foreign overnment to them, and was so
HHil 31 I li held, from its highest officers down.
ffiMrh; '' The Godho episode was just about the time that
Hi ij '' Brigham Young stood up in tho Tabernacle (or
Ht&wt'sv ' Bowery) and denounced two Presidents of the
Hjg ! 'j United States and the statesmen of two or three
HI m ' '! States, consigning them finally to the bottomless
H 1 " pit. It was only a little before that time that he,
Hi I i from the same altars, declared that the North
Hffrfjfl " prayed for the destruction of the South, the South
Bx Hill l I for tlie destruction of tne North, and added: "We
Hw PI II sny amen to both prayers."
Kjl i'lif! Not eighteen years ago John Taylor, as presi-
Hli'!ftf dent of the church, declared that the Mormon the-
Bl;''iifi ocracy was the only legal government on earth;
Hj$J that all other governments were usurpations. Since
Hjji fM i ; then B. H. Roberts has in substance preached the
HP jilll i same thing in the Tabernacle.
Hi fill No Legislature of Utah dared to pass any
R! iV 8$ ' measure until it was approved by the heads of the
Hm i! ' church, or dared to refuse to pass any bill ordered
Rw if I y tnos0 chiefs.
Hsj it This is known by every old resident it is not
pSyjy ? " denied by honest Mormons.
Iff k W i But see tllis Siveaway by the News:
rslf tf ( i "There have been times when the welfare of the
Hifjlji'! people demanded the adoption of measures on
Hllsijll which they agreed themselves."
!! . Of course they agreed. Was there ever anything
i 'i
j proposed in the Tabernacle that they refused to
Hnr!iji agree to?'
JjHS hj j Was it not true, then, as said at the funeral of
HHy jj Mr. Godbe that at the time of his excommunication
iH there was a system here "the foundations of which
j were laid deep in fanaticism and cemented with
KB131P 1 1 fear," and it "was surrounded by sharp stakes of
Iff j If, T j intolerance and hate?" What more damning con-
mmi ih ; i
fession could a slave make than to admit that
when two or three quiet citizens of a Territory of
the United States advocated the rijrht of Ameri
cans to go upon the public domain in search of
mines, and, if they found them, the further right
to open and work them; that for this they were ar
raigned as criminals, prosecuted by wild fanatics,
found guilty and given a degrading sentence, and
yet, so saturated was the community by supersti
tion and so cowed by fear, that there was not one
brave soul that dared to raise his voice in protest
against the infamous usurpation, the infamous de
nial of the rights which attach to citizenship?
It is not stranjre that the News seeks to bury
this history under a mountain of falsehoods.
What was said above the body of Mr. Godbe
was the absolute truth and was said in no spirit of
reproach or anger or unfairness. The historical
part was as gentle a statement as could be made
of monstrous facts.
The denial of the News was but a revival of the
old resort of the cuttlefish tactics of that sheet.
It is by the same editor who presided over the
News when Brigham Young said: "We have the
greatest and smoothest liars in the world right
In the light of the present, it seems almost in
credible that such a reign ever existed here. But,
after all, how much is the spirit of Utah rule
changed? The last United States Senatorship on
the market in Utah was purchased, for money,
from the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints, without regard to the oaths of
members of the Legislature. The same power dom
inates the acts of a part of the present City Coun
cil of this city. The old cowardly superstitious fear
is still so upon them that in obedience to it they
violate their oaths and, like the man and woman
in the garden in their mental deformity, "they are
naked and are not ashamed."
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IHQh "-- 1 1 r-i "n uniiwhiwiiwii 11 laicjjujiii.,,,,!,,,! , , IM, M . ,.t.v,..,, ... - -, - ,, ,.,.,. ....
Yet so sensitive is this power that it cannot
hear to haye some kindly and truthful words pro.
nounced ahove the coffin of a brave, long-suffering
much-wronged tnit uncomplaining man without
launching anew at the speaker the old foul and
false anathemas.
We once more appeal to Young Utah. "Wt ask
Young Utah to investigate this matter, to re read
the history of Utah and see who tells the truth.
Once more we proclaim to them that it rests
with them to see Utah fully Americanized or to
have it drift for another generation in the shame
that comes of the contempt of free men.
There will be a large number of delightful stag
parties Monday evening in honor of Messrs. Root
and Gardner at the Salt Palace. Men in pink tea
circles will be scarce and ladies who wish to se
cure husbands for that evening had better male
arrangements in advance.
The New York Central Railroad company is pr
paring to substitute electric for its present stean I
power at all points and on all roads within a ra I
dius of thirty miles from its Grand Central depot 1
in New York City. No more whistles, no raonH
smoke. By and by the same change will be madsH
along all the lines of the great road. The Mo-H
hawk, the Genesee and Niagara will be called upoiUj
to supply the power, the drain on the coal fieldsll
will be greatly lessened; maybe, too, the passe-ngerll
and freight charges will be reduced. The woildiH
elements are doing more and mor.e of the work Oi'H
man. B
Professor McEwan, formerly of the Logan Agri-H
cultural college, has obtained a professorship in ail
Eastern college at a salary fourteen hundred don
lars more per annum than he received here. Pr
fessor McEwan was quietly but insidiously pusheM
out of his situation in Utah because he was a re
American. n
81 lilltf 1 1 1Y1 1 ill ill E
"Look Out I
for the I
Little Things I
and you needn't woiry about the big ones." H
That is the Burlington idea. H
Adherence to it has placed the Burlington in the H
front rank of American railroads absolutely with- H
out a rival in point of good service. H
The Chicago Special leaving Denver at 4 p m., the St. Louis H
Special leaving at 3 p m., and the Vcstibuled Flyer leaving at 10 p. H
m., are offerer as good examples of the Burlington idea. H
Tickets at offices of Connecting Lines. H
Ticket Office, - 79 West Second South St. H
R. F. Neslen, General Agent, Salt Lake City. H

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