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Goodwin's weekly : a thinking paper for thinking people. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1902-1929, August 16, 1902, Image 9

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Who Got to Them the HardestAn After
math. "Soak 'em while they're here, for they'll he a
long time gone; good enough for Elks, and make
-em pay, pay, pay!"
That has heen the warwhoop of too many far
seeing business men the past week, and they have
done Salt Lake more harm than good, making car
nage out of their killings.
They have taken the money away from visiting
Elks and their friends faster than a house full of
brace games could have done it, scraped them
clean of every penny, and told them to kiss them
selves good-bye.
The "Welcome" sign has blazed from the front
door, the con smile has blazed from behind the
counters, and the schoop-shovel mit has been held
open for the jingle on the mahogany, for "Jolly
I Elks are good fellows"; we'll be wise as a tree full
of owls. Stick 'em from soup to nuts, and they'll
never know the difference."
But they did, and they hollered, and wherever
you go in the next few months you will see their
smoke which started in this little city. The hack
men first that is always expected but in all jus
tice, only a few cut in deep, and those grafters
were not among the ones who are reputable out
side of convention weeks. Of course, there were
a number who always are holdups, but there iBn't
half the fault to be found with such men as with
some others, who are supposed to be right. With
the hackmen it is the big rakeoff for the year, but
it isn't with such places as the Knutsford bar, the
Royal cafe, the Tavern, the Kenyon and Palace
barber shops and other places supposed to be in
the front rank of their respective businesses.
Three New Yorkers and a local man went into
the Knutsford Tuesday evening. They had an in
ward fever that was fierce, and a deep yearning
for something cool. They asked for four glasses
of sweet soda, common ordinary "pop." It was
served in small glasses full of ice and there were
probably two 5-cent bottles in the whole thing. A
dollar was thrown down and. no change. "All
drinks 25 cents, gentlemen," was the news the
informant gave them. This is only one incident.
The maximum wjiolesale rate for this is 30 cents
a dozen bottles. The new improvements at the
Knutsford bar are beautiful, but when the man
agement insists for paying for them in three days'
trade it's a little strong.
Any number of bars raised to 10 cents for beer,
but in comparison, beer was a cinch. One Mueller,
who runs the Royal cafe must not be overlooked.
Beginning Monday he had a list of prices that
would drive any one to bankruptcy in three meals.
Two regular customers walked in on that day,
took a look at the list of figures and roared like
the angry sea. Immediately a man rushed up and
whispered that regular customers would be served
at old prices; that he was stationed there to in
form them that, and that the printed figures were
for isiting Elks. If that isn't holdup in broad
dajlieht, what is?
The only difference at the Tavern was in the
fact that there was no discriminating; that is, the
prlcfH were raised to the robber scale, but it cost
local people the same as outsiders. If. the Tavern
Isn't out of debt after this week, why?
The Kenyon barber shop made no bones about
raising shaving prices to 25 cents, and the Palace
Bld imported" tonics made in the cellar and put
to Fiench bottles, and the smile on the barbers'
face, said "Good enough for Elks."
The grafts in small resorts around town cannot
ue i'fkoned, but they were legion and will be long
remembered by the antlered herd. If all business
men had been disposed to treat people as the ones
jentioned there'd be a lot of paved streets here
before another convention,
Love Letters of a Gossip.
Dearest: I hear that you were at a delightful
little affair given to all the Salt Lakers in San
Francisco a few days ago. If they were all there,
it must have been delightful, for some of them
are so congenial. You'd die if you could see Mrs.
toady to the crowd. You know
how she knocked them all winter well, she's
thicker with them now, and running her poor
old fat legs off, so she won't be left out of any
of their stunts. I want you to come home soon
so you can dance with the best dancer in the
army. We have him here, it is said, and he is
good for at least one weekly performance, when
he dances with his hand behind him and lets
the girl grab catch-as-catch-can in a frantic ef
fort to hold onto him.
There are a lot of funny things going on and
coming off here, and you'll enjoy them when you
return. Good night, dear. JIM.
Sweetheart: It is whispered that this is the
last month the young barrister you like so much
will wander through the world alone. It has
been announced for early in September, but he
won't admit it when you congratulate him.
They're all going, aren't they, dear; we ought to
take a chance ourselves, but you've got that fool
ish, unromantic idea that we must have enough
to eat, and until you get over it I don't see what
we can do.
There's a sweet visiting girl in town and she
with two of the village beaux are creating lots
of fun. They both have a bad case, and as it
is practically the first time one of them hasn't
had his own way, the situation is lovely. You'll
drop in a dead faint when you hear the pro
gramme of a certain clique to put in a leader this
winter. The fainting part will come when you'
hear the name of the kind old party. Devotedly, '
JIM. '
Dear Heart: The village spendthrift is once
more busy throwinff away his roll. The best
thing he's done in some time was to ask a lady
to go to a dinner an evening or two since, and
when he found out he had to get a carriage, back
up and pike. She went alone, and he met her
there, and still she treats him decently. Funny
how such lobsters can butt in right along and
then be asked again. The scarcity of men does
it I guess. Let's see, you were for him at one
time weren't you? JIM.
Dearie: We sat through "Corianton" the
other evening, and heard Izzie. one of the char
acters, tell the old story about the lady who went
wrong and the man who escaped. Shades of
Camille, must every new, startling production
use this old argument? Even when we saw
"Zaza," it was in a different guise, and that was
guaranteed to be the last time It would be sprung
in public. It is a favorite story with young au
thors, though, and there seems no way out of it.
Apropos of this, there are rumors of a sensational
divorce to be filed here soon. Prominent in the
smart set yes, I'll tell you when I see you. It
may not come, and it may, and be hushed up.
Pretty definite, though, and good reading if it
comes. The parties we have talked of before.
More tomorrow, dear. JIM.
Tally Another For Calder's Park.
Calder's park, the rendezvous for young tough
and drunken children, was the scene of another
fiasco the other evening. A girl, whose name
could not be ascertained but who was known
to her friends as Miss Inez, in company with a
crowd of intoxicated boys and girls and a party
of soldiers, was thrown from the merry-go-'round
and sustained a fractured leg. She was brought
to 'town by her friends and carried to her room
at 24 West Third South and a doctor called in,
who set the bone and said the girl would regain
the use of the injured limb.
This is but one of the frequent unfortunate
resujts of the criminal practice of permitting
liquor to bo sold to minors, which has been prac- j . uj.tH
ticed at this resort throughout the season, and j Jm'Jgfl
in spite of the continued gross acts of immorality, ' J ' fl
vulgar language and insulting actions on the part ; : ,1 ' !l
of these young degenerates, liquor flows freely to !' 5 jfl
anyone, no matter of what age, so long as they i B. H
have the wherewithal to pay the bill. A con- I vi
ductor on one of the Calder park cars who left b f I
his car sidetracked for a moment to get a bill 14' fl
changed at the gate returned to find a mob (A $'
young hoboes in possession of the car, insulting j fl
the passengers and attempting to turn on the c 14 H
lights and start the car just as an up car was ' f' it fl
approaching. The street car company report hav- ' 'if jfl
ing their hands full in handling the regular crowd jfl
of young toughs who make Calder's park a loiter- n l jfl
ing place nightly and add to the filthy record of lr J jfl
what might, under efficient management, be one y "j v'f'fl
of Salt Lake's pleasantest pleasure resorts. g 'f Vi
The restraining order issued by Judge Morse L J M H
ought to be a reminder to the City Government of 4,. a $f jB
this city and to property-owners generally that the jf V ' fl
water question here will never be settled until 'lM'B
steps are taken to secure an ample supply, and a lj (-l
supply not contingent upon the whims of a few ( 3 js I
ranchers, or subject to the idiosincracies of the ; vtfl
mountain streams in a dry season. A great deal of ill J$fl
money has been expended upon the Parley canyon i
water, but it seems the only result is to make sure V ' ! '! fl
a certain amount of water to some ranchers in a ! 'l f H
season when all the water sources are running low. jt i j "rjlfl
The water of the Cottonwoods should be secured; mk 1sfl
11 1 T fwH
the water running to waste above Liberty park ft ulfl
should ba turned into the city mains; if necessary, gi i, jfl
a dam should cut off the shallow water of Utah iil'f fU
lake and stop the mighty evaporation going on 1$ !!rB
there. This will all cost a vast sum of money, but j f jfl
not so much as would be lost in one conflagration m IlllH
in this city, were a fire to break out in the right fc S'fl
place some night when there is no pressure on the i 4,.; ";H
mains. J" S
. fl
h . I vm
Judicial District of the State of Utah, County of K t H
Salt Lake. Nettle Agnus Fine, plaintiff, vs. Wil- , I fflfl
liam O. Fine, defendant. Summons. I ' liH
The State of Utah, to the Said Defendant: J PjfM
You are hereby summoned to appear within f i f H$H
twenty days after the service of this summons ' ?j!M
upon you, if served within the county in which ', jfH
this action is brought; otherwise, within thirty f '' ffH
days after service, and defend the above entitled d j B
action; and in case of your failure so to do, judg- j ijH
ment will be rendered against you according to the III f iij
demand of the complaint, which within ten days m jJH
after the service of this summons upon you will Wl fffl
be filed with the Clerk of this court. F' J, H
C. W. BURRIS, Plaintiff's Attorney. ! I J IH
P. 0. address, 214 D. F. Walker block, Salt Lake J t &
City, Utah. if. igfH
We are Now Ready f Jfl
To make and deliver In quantities H j jH
and dimensions to suit, our .... tin MM
For presHuro and durability, this pipe will successfully L ! W ''lil
compete with any cast or wrought Iron pipe manufactured, f ILmH
saving the purchaser from 15 to 60 per cent in first cost. It y ;! fSH
can bo laid and transported for less than half the cost of i ' IH
metal pipe. For prices and particulars address ' rfH
Inter-MoiintOLin Pipe Co., ij JH
P. 0. Box 1205. SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. j iJH
Factouv, 610 South Fifth West Stubkt. ;1H
A Change in ihe Weather ' ffH
toCPHoNgw May mean that you will i. jfH
xx A iX need some Coal. Wo are ox- IILrffll
H KIq elusive agents for the famous 3iIllflMI
I Fl lJUE j Wo also carry all the other filmnl
wtt' Citizens' Goal In
i" GO. 53W.2ISnflj 1SH

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