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Goodwin's Weekly. Ill
I if 4 ' 9
I i ' v
H Vol. I. SAIU LAKE CITY, UTAH, "OCTOBER 25, 1902. No. 24. I't i ' l
If c. C. GOODWIN, Editor.
I j. T. GOODWIN, - - - - Manager.
U subscription Price SFor Months ( in Advance.
H Address all communications to Goodwin's Weekly,
P. 0. Boxes 1074 and 1020. 'Phone 301.
217 233-231 Commercial Club Bldg., Salt Lake City
Young men and women of Utah of the domi
nant church, are you keeping watch of things
nowadays? Are you noting the fact that every
indication promises the election of Republican
candidates for the Legislature even in the Dem
ocratic strongholds of Cache and Utah counties?
You understand what that means, do you not?
An apostle is a candidate for election to the
United States Senate and all the laity must bow
down to ratify that ambition of his. Have you
not had about enough of this? Can you not see
that by the jugglery of the system which you are
attached to, the offices, the honors, the emolu
ments are to be reserved for a few families for all
time to come, and you are to be told that it is
God's sovereign will? Is that a square deal? "What
hopes have you for yourselves or the children
that may be given you after awhile? Is there any
reason why your children that are to be should
be branded by the red-hot iron of inferiority in
their cradles? At the late conference you heard
tho rantings of a Rich, a Taylor and a Woodruff,
one an apostle, the others in the line of promo
tion. Would either of them have been recipients
of high church honors- on their merits? Were not
their places given them because they were of the
royal line and for no other reason?
Look around you and note where from the first,
tho offices, the honors and the emoluments have
Suppose the original design had been to estab
lish a church aristocracy and make all other min
isters to this select few, could there have been a
shrewder device than the one fixed upon?
Have you not manhood and womanhood enough
to resent this imputation upon your right and com
petency to aspire to have a voice in your country's
government? You surely have the right, for
Statehood was given to Utah on the solemn prom
ise of those highest in church offices that thence
forth there should be no church interference with
tho political views or votes of the people.
The man who is president of the church today
was more pronounced in that declaration than any
other one man in the church. He will not deny
the promise that he made, henco you are by his
wrd absolved from any duty to "obey counsel"
to casting your vote.
There are other reasons why you should arouse
yourselves and not permit this proposed pro
gramme to be carried out. It is a duty which you
wo the Government which holds its protecting
aeis before and above you and opens all tho op
portunities of this free land to every one of you. If
you are coerced to vote a certain ticket you not
only degrade yourselves, but you dishonor the flag
above you, and the free ballot placed in your
There is still another reason. Look in any
country of the Old World, where the priesthood
has a controlling vote in the government and you
will see that the common people are degraded,
ignorant, and in the depths of poverty. Look a
little further and you will see all the coasts of
Asia strewn with the wrecks of nations which
were founded on the assumption that there was
an undefinable divinity that hedged Kings and
priests around. Do you desire to help anew an
experiment which so far has never failed to de
base men and women and to swiftly bring about
national decay?
Why did our own country from almost nothing,
in a single century, leap to the forefront of na
tions? It was because of the personal, religious
and political liberty vouchsafed to every citizen,
thereby kindling the delicious hope in each heart,
no matter how humble, that all the country's hon
ors were within his grasp if he had but the gen
ius to hope and the courage to try.
Have you not manhood and womanhood enough
to assert yourselves and to perform your political
duties without dictation?
Have you not the strength to say to Apostle
Reed Smoot, through your ballots: "If you are
worthy to be an apostle of a holy religion, then
your work in the past has unfitted you to under
take the duties of a United States Senator; if you
are not worthy as an apostle, then you are on the
same plane that we all are and wo will make our
own selection for Senator."
It seems almost like a joke to those who know,
to see Mr. Bryan and Senator Clark come here
to expound the gospel of politics, as though the
whole business had not been fixed and the re
sult already recorded. To an insider it looks very
much like a simulated row that is sometimes
kicked up in a border barroom in order to scare
away the timid and put out the lights so that
the fighters can steal the only demijohn of fire
wator left and at their leisure drink each other's
It seems that the affairs of the San Pedro, Los
Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad Company have final
ly reached a tangib' basis. Work is slowly but
steadily progressing on the western terminus and
it is reasonably clear that Senator Clark has
made either a purchase or a lease, or a traffic ar
rangement by which, when he wants it, he will
take possession of the Short Line from this point
southward. With this arrangement consummated
there will be but a single road between this city
and Los Angeles but it will be an independent
road and of course it will be to the interest of the
chief owner to so conduct the management of the
road as to draw to it business and good will. Then
under tho arrangement half the -distance is cov
ered to begin with and there are no serious engi
neering difficulties to meet. Should it be decided
to build from both terminals the road ought to be
completed within the coming year, but we doubt
about this being: tho Intention, it being a long
haul for material. But building from one way the 1 1 m H
road should be completed year after next. Wheth- il.f ' !H
er any branches are still contemplated we have , fH
no means of ascertaining, but that the main line 1 M JH
will be pushed through there does not seem longer . 'ipy ' 1
to be any doubt. It will be a great boom to Los f ., ,''H
Angeles and Salt Lake, and its advantage as a II'' SH
financial proposition will be the wonder of rail- ' j jijH
road men when once it shall be completed. South- " ) i '9
ern Nevada is rapidly coming to the front as a V cji ill
mining region, Utah will keep up and add to her f j f 49
ancient reputation; the road would on local busi- '1 ( $49
ness pay a handsome return on the investment, but , . j !M
the through trade in passengers and freight will j t Hfl
be enormous. It will cut off one thousand miles In ut,9
from the journey from the Northern and Eastern iUl'MH,9
States to Los Angeles; then its coal and iron trade " 11 i.VM
will be very great and it will make possible the f' f ;9
shipment of Southern California fruit cheaply all , ? ' j 'H
over this interior. i f k 'ffl
When completed men will wonder why its con- j f JB
struction was so long postponed. Ml jtjiwH
i s art. " -w
When Senator W. A. Clark pushes his road 1 kii'JB
through to a connection in the desert; so that the 1 J jj. j t9
journey between this city and Los Angeles can 1 i Mj9
be made in from twenty to twenty-four hmrs, he I "I , 'fjM
will find that the people of Utah are not ungrate- I ifjjH
ful. He will have as many friends in Utah as he J f )' 9
has in Montana. If in the past he had taken the .1 ' '', j?9
people here a little more into his confidence, it . f ' I I' 9
would have saved a vast amount of misappre- ' , 'i '9
hension. It'1' ill-IB
One would imagine that the innate sense of J j J9
Irish humor would sometimes get the best of Sen- I , ? fJ9
ator Thomas Kearns as he rises to urge his au- 1 ? f iiiB
diences to cling fast to the Republican faith and J i ; J9
try to win a Republican victory next month; 1 pkah9
speaking as though he knew of no combination, ,,1 ' j fj9
no alliance, no "sure thing" game by which those jl j If f 9
who are not prophets and seers were able to fore- !l J 'I 19
tell what was to be months in advance. ;I i ! ( J9
What matter if the State is debauched? What l I !j ;f9
if free government is mocked? What if the ballot J 1 1 l!f9
is dishonored when those who are in control as- i T ' rafl
sume that public office is a private snap and make !l L ' '9
their preparations accordingly, and look upon a J fr ) 9
commission for a high office as valuable only as a m X I IJ9
certificate of character, a prima facie evidence of 11 '"l' H
respectability, even as is the certificate which is 9 1 1 fB
Issued when a squaw man finally exalts his squaw M ' H9
by marrying her. flllii m9
m M flH
A man is not a good thinking citizen who votes I ffo fjM
a straight ticket for city or county officials. il . ' 19
1 i:,i'kf9
Mr.-Bryan has not been very long in editorial m , J9
harness, but he has learned how impotent and mm in9
helpless a typographical error can make, for the filF 'ill
time being at least, even a candidate for the Pros- WW lH
idency of the United States. A circular was re- Blpj'llpl
cently sent out from the office of the Commoner BUh9
which read as follows: ffl9
"It is my intention to discuss through the IMSI9
Commoner, from a Democratic standpoint, all 8HiH9
questions of publio importance, and to use the Bfi9
Democratic party for mercenary purposes." I9l
It is said that when Mr. Bryan read the fore- B9

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