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m ;:
Hi I ill I calls the editor of the Provo Enquirer "a liar" and
Hf .4 ! "an assinine bigot" and "servile imbecile," and
1 ill 1 more terrible still proves that he is telling the
f 'lll II truth. The immediate provocation was that Mr.
1 'ilji Lawrence and Mr. White in the Legislature op-
1 I'l i posed the election of Mr. Smoot in a manly, hon-
IL 111 ' est way, and the Enquirer referred to them as
B i "railing against the Churcn," and to White espe-
Bf ''ill ' cially "as rampant against the Cnurch," and as
1 'iii repeating "all the old fabrications and -mythologi-
B 11 cal yarns he has read against the Mormons." All
B ! this the Free Lance disproves by copying exactly
B " g what those gentlemen did say and then proceeds
B , i to analyze the character, or want of character, of
B ffl I . the Enquirer editor, and to establish beyond the
B 4 S I peradventure of a doubt that such editor is com-
Iljlj 1 posed oi quite 98 per cent base metal. It is amus-
j'ijf ' ing, if not instructive, to watch brother Gibbs
-' ft i as he dissects his Provo brother, il is particularly
1 1 . pleasant to the writer of this because in the past
l',i I he has been forced a few times to mildly expostu-
B hk I late with that same Provo editor, and for it has
B ilMl been advertised in turn as the special enemy of
H ' fiM "this people."
B i gli The only weak feature of the Marysville edi-
B fjl tor's arraignment is that he was "hunting snipe
B H i with a Howitzer," game which, if bagged, is worth
B jjf I lar less than was the ammunition fired to bring
B WSJ j it down, for the Enquirer editor has been both an
Hj li r imbecile and liar from his youth up.
B 1 Hi i He mortsaged his soul in the long ago to be a
H IPfi1 slave for life and he has been faitnful to his cove-
Hi r V I .' I nants.
il ill' I But tne Marysvale editor notices that Apostle
B l!jg 1 John Henry Smith's and John Booth's names are
B i ifc I at the head of the Provo paper and asks, wonder
s' J 'I i ingly, if tnose men endorse what the editorial im
B Jti il ' becile wres. No matter about Booth, but as to
I j'ljl B John Henry, if the Piute county editor thinks that
HI p il ' anything which the editor of the Enquirer could
HI 'ik. 'E publish, no matter how perverse, would be too
HSR Hi ' ItlB
HS 1 'I '
much for John Henry, he is mistaken in his diag
nosis of him. John Henry is an apostle, except
for his too earnest efforts to save his soul through
the most approved Latter-day formula, he would
have been in Apostle Smoot's place, and hence
anything like a reproach upon the politics of
Brother Smoot, is held in Apostle Smith's eyes
as an indirect reproach upon himself. For a pur
pose of its own the chiefs of the church pushed
the candidacy of Apostle famoot with the. result
, that any criticism of him is really an arraignment
of the First Presidency and the quorum of the
Twelve, ana in John Henry's estimation no abuse
of any such critic is half severe enough. Why
thirty years ago John Henry, while not advising
the blood-atoning of such a culprit, would have
thanked God if it had been done. Come to think
of it we believe John Henry feels the same way
(Special to Goodwin's Weekly.)
Washington, D. C. P. Heath and T. Kearns
wish the Associated Press to announce that if the
people don't like the way they are running the
country, they can lump it. ,
(See Critchlow on "Coal.")
While the legislature is considering hoped-for
improvements in the plan of governing this city,
why would it not be a good idea to adopt Judge
King's plan, which contemplates, substantially,
placing the entire government of the city in the
hands of a mayor and four councilmen, the mayor
to preside and have the casting vote in case of a
tie, each councilman and likewise the Mayor to
have his several departments to attend to, to
name appointments, to be confirmed by a majority
of the board ; to submit all contemplated contracts
or improvements to the board to pass upon; to be
HI vi , w
Hi il;
If F. AuerbacK . Bro.
iH I m I
I CHILD'S KID BUTTON SHOES, Spring: Heel, 65c value, 1 Qn
H M t sizes 5 to 8, Special price rUu
j MISSES KID LACE SHOES, Extra Value at $1.25, sizes QQ
H IHI 1 12t0 2 SPecial Price UUu
I BOY'S SATIN CALF SHOES, Heavy Extension Sole, (hi j
sizes 9 to 132, Special price OlilU
ill We Warrant evey Shoe we sell and Guarantee
nil .
ft i F. AuerbsccK (L Bro.
I j
paid salaries of ?3,500 for each of the councilmen
and ?1,000 to the Mayor, the present Mayor to
hold office during his elected term, the councilmen
to be appointed by the Governor and confirmed
by the Legislature, the Councilmen to serve dur.
ing the term for which the present council was
elected, the present council to be paid for their
full term and retired upon the law taking effect
and subsequent Mayors and Councilmen to be
elected as now or appointed as the Legislature
may determine.
Possibly, it is an injustice to Judge King to say
that the foregoing is substantially his plan, but his
idea runs through it and it points in the right di.
The difficulties now are manifold. There is
incompetency, there are petty ana unseemly
clashings; there are all the evidences of personal
and party spites and jealousies, and the work is
but a side issue with councilmen at best, as they
all have to make their livings and cannot devote
the needed time to the city's affairs.
How many bankers or merchants or manufac
turers would like to entrust their affairs to the
management of the entire board of present coun.
cilmen of Salt Lake City?
But suppose they were reduced to four, paid
salaries which would enable them to give all
their servie to the city, suppose the different de.
partments were allotted among them and each
should be forced once a week to make a full show,
ing of his week's work to the board, is it not
clear that the change in the handling of the city's
business would be most welcome to all classes in
the community? This is supposing, of course,
that men would be appointed who would be com.
petent to earn their salaries, and would earn
The best governed city in the Union is Wash,
ington, and that government is very much on the
To the
Big Horn.
That's the place to go to this spring The
Big Horn Basin of "Wyoming contains thous
ands of acres of land just opened for settlement.
Irrigation is successfully carried on, and splendid
crops assured.
A copy of our Big Horn Basin folder free
on application. .
IlinllllMlllI R F' NESLEN' General Agent,
HnflHEMH 7e West Second South Street,

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