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m 6 Goodwin's ae:e:kl.v.
H I Morris and Plummer will be fairly shown up for
m the benefit of the party lenders. "Whichever pulls
m f the strongest in the canvass gets the church vote
H To date the party lenders of either gang don't
H know where they stand, and this accounts for the
H lack of activity on their part registration day,
M j Tuesday.
fl Chairman Do vine of the Smoot Republican's
B and Chairman Snow of the church Democrats
B have held almobt daily conferences all week long
B t and once the returns are in from the canvass
B being made, the word will go out as to Lhe way
B - the church vote will be swung on Nov 5th.
H & & &
B There is no question as to fusion in the First
B i ward. The ticket will go up with Hodgson for
B the long term and Murdoch for the short term.
B It is stated on good authority that the reslgna-
B tion of H. L. Penrose is now in the hands of the
B steering committee of the First and that the
Hi fraens is ended the ticket to be put up as Jt
B stands.
B In the Second there is plenty of trouble. When
B ' Currle found that Hodgson, a Democrat, ha I
B drawn the long term in the First ho demanded
IB the long term in the Second. This meant the
H ousting of George Burbidgo an utlor Impossibll-
B ity, according to Burbidgo's friends and they
H threaten to make trouble a-plenty if it is at-
H tempted. If it went through it would look like
H Burbidgo and Davy in the second a thing that
H would never do, according to the party leaders.
H The fight in the Second will depend somewhat on
the outcome of the canvass being made on Plum-
H mer and Morris by the church disciples. It is re-
H ported that J. M. Hays, long term Republican in
B the Fifth, has resigned. The rumor is strenu-
Ht ously denied, but It is believed that there i a cry
H for fusion in this ward from the party leaders
H and that someone's head will liavo to come off.
B Thoso who know claim tliat the canvass or
' mayor among tho Democrats and Smoot sup-
H porters looks like a walkaway for Plummer, and
H if such is the case, Plummer will draw the entire
H church vote in the city and as many from out of
H town as can be gotten past the challengers on
HB election day by the brethren.
H t t
H, If ever a party organization jumped into the
H limelight of efficiency and thoroughness it was
H Tuesday. Chairman Darmer has perfected his
K machine to the highest point of activitv and uc-
H complishment, and the work went with a rush
H and thoroughness that speaks volumes for what
H is coming on Oct. 29 and Nov. 5.
H From Chairman Dnrmer to the block captains
H there is to be no let-up. The town is American
B Wild. Men are coming from long trips to vote
H their tickets. Scores of Americans who are going
B to California for the winter are staying for the
H chance to take a good swipe single-handed at the
H Profit on Brlgham street.
H It is the duty of every American who has not
H registered to do so Oct. 20.
H In the meantime Salt Lake is slowly working
B toward the vortex of the greatest political fight
B in its history a fight that is won already and a
B flght that spells a licking for the disgruntled ones
H that will prove the best they over received.
JH "Oh, der loafers; oh, der boomers such a
B business did you hear aboudt der mixing up vid
H Milton Choeeph?"
Br Opinions differ, but the general impression
H seems to be that his title of Frstic Pride of the
w Pit has been won away, and that no longer will
B he be looked upon with fear and trembling by
B the passive bulls and bears.
B Milton himself says there was nothing to It;
B that he didn't receive a single blow that counted,
and that there was only one encounter that in
which Brother Collin landed oft the most promi
nent place on Mr. Joseph's physiognomy and
Mr Joseph then remonstrated.
Tho report gained circulation that L. E. Bou
kofsky had twice collided with Milton to the com
plete discomfiture of tho latter, but Mr. Joseph
Is emphatic in the belief that nothing like this
Boukofsky also affirms the denial of his enemy,
and argues that the reason nothing like a light
was pulled off was because ho (Boukofsky)
wanted Joseph to lose his seat on the Exchange
for action unbecoming an officer and a gentle
man In reaching over tho rail and striking a spec
tator "beoause," declares Boukofsky, "Milton
doesn't care enough about a dollar to mind losing
his seat on the Exchange, and I wanted to see the
It is certain that Coffin didn't get licked; it is
equally well known that Boukofsky received no
punishment, and tho question of issuo now is
whether Mr. Joseph really did got hi, or whether
a couple of score of brokers with good eyesight
aro liars.
(By Elizabeth Waddell.)
Bo now tho truth with pain contest
Woman's or man's, which lovo is best?
O, speak not now in praise or blame;
O, spealc not now of Passion's zest
The passion of the flesh is tame!
It sinks and sobs itself to rest:
A woman in her faintest flame
Lqvos more than man who loves his bast.
Go provo the truth by any test
Though he must give his passion name
While hor's may smoulder all reprost,
A woman in her faintest flame
Loves more than man who loves his best.
Independent messengers, 3546 both phones.
Change ,;s his mistress, Chance his counsellor.
Love could not keep him, Duty forged no chain.
The wide seas and the mountains called to him,
And gray dawns saw his camp-flros in tho rain! f
'I I
Sweet hands must tremble! Ay, but he must go.
Revel might hold him for a little space,
But turning, past tho laughter and tho lamps,
His eyes must ever catch tho luring face.
Dear eyes might question! Yea, and melt again,
Rare lips, a-qulver, silently imploro,
But over ho must turn his furtive head
And hear the other summons at tho door.
I'M ' l J' i i ' .
Change was his mistress, Chance his counsellor.
Tho dark firs knew his whistle up tho trail.
Why tarries he today? And yesternight
Advonturo lit her stars without avail!
Theodore Roberts.
In a city, you got something difforent That's the
story of Wille's Louvre. There's music there
pleasant, cosy surroundings new suggestions of
good things to oat every day and night a service
peculiarly suited to exacting wants hot tilings
hot and cold things cold a place whore ladles
may go at all times tho place where tho best
people do go really the Rector's of Salt Lake,
and a long walk to a place as good the ren
dezvous of good livers one place in a hundred,
and no one to direct you to the other ninety-nine
the best of everything to eat and drink the
hoadllnors of the markets the finest cuts ot
moat a la carte most of the tlmo a fine lunch
for business mon botweon twelve and two a good
dlnnor always table d'hote, too, on Sunday and
after the theatre tho only place. You'll like tho
He's engaged to a widow."
"How did he meet her?"
"He did not meet her. She overtook him."
Philadelphia Inquirer.
Says the weather man $
"Raincoats" - !
Says the thoughtful man - j
"Richardson & Adams" j
Says the wise man .
"$15 to .$35" J.
Says the cothtng man , v x ,
17a Main Street

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