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evidince of Prince Giovanni di Russo, who states
that while deliverln' 'milk at the back door of the
paiazzy about 3:30 a. m., he saw the Count Guic
cicoli kickin' Byron down the shteps, the pote ap
parently bein' full as a tick at the time.'
"The thing that bothers me, Dooly, is the
thought of the sthrangle hold this innovation
gives publicity on a man an' his affairs. It's bad
enough to have a corpse of rayporthers from
the gr-reat dailies around with their dark lanterns,
scentin' skeletons in the cupboard durin' a man's
lifetime, but this gives him no chance at all for
rest in the hereafther. You may escape in this
life your picture may appear tonight in the local
pa-aper as a binnyfacther to humanity, an' two
thousand years from now a yalla magazine ull be
usin' your mumy for a fotball an' oallin' ye a
monsther of immorality because it has finally
leaked out that ye once missed the last thrain
from Saltair or took a lady with dimon's to a
Sunday school picnic."
"Well, annyhow," said Mr. Dooly, "the pin Ib
mightier than the soord."
"Yis," said Mr. Hinnissey, "an' I'd rather be
blown up be a powdher magazine than a tin-clot
By Harris Merton Lyon.
Here in the moonlit garden where I dream
The silver beams work sestines on the earth;
Out from the acacia drips the nightblrd's song;
All honey-sweet, the orchard's stir of bloom
Upwaifts a faint, lush scent, and I, the man,
The poet, weave a sestine to my love.
O, Salome, O, Salome, my love!
Gome down among the pomegranates and dream
Beside me while I make a song of Man.
For, though you are the Princess of the Earth
And though a king do homage to your bloom,
Yet is there something for you in my 'song.
Oh, you have eyes like emeralds and a song
Runs with a flute's note through your-words; and
Smokes from your lips; your shoulder's rosy bloom
Would call the gods down from the Hill of Dream,
O,- Salome, the jasmine of the earth!
Yet I would sing to you a song of Man.
.Beware of Man for you shall come to man;
Your body with Its beauty and its song.
Then you shall wish that you are born of earth
And that this maiden dream of faery love,
Of spirit, grace and soul is but a dream
That poets sing when orchards are in bloom.
Those tulips in your cheeks that hotly bloom
You soon shall find are blossoming for man,
And all those little arts which now you dream
You use to lure, your emerald eyes, your song,
Your cloud-like hair, your bosom full of love,
Do only lure the lily back to earth.
Earth is the end of all your passions Earth!
Is this too bitter, sweet? Tangle the bloom
About your splendid forehead; tremble with love;
Dream all your drowsy conquests over man!
You are too young to-night to heed my song,
Let down your incense-laden hair and dream.
I know, sweetheart, the earth is filled with bloom,
With man a glorious song and many a dream,
Why should I sing thus, love? I am a man.
' - " Mirror.
Ella There aren't many faces like mine.
Stella No, but I guess the supply will equal
the demand. Town Topics.
The .following from one of our readers, re
ceived during the week, is self explanatory:
Salt Lake City, Aug. 11, 1909.
Gentlemen: I read with some Interest the ar
ticle which appeared in your journal a week or
two ago regarding unnecessary noises, and simp
ly write to state that I endorse in every particu
lar what was said regarding the ringing of the
chapel bell at the Holy Cross hospital during the
sunrise hours.
Just a year ago. I was obliged to spend some
seven weeks at the hospital, where I received the
greatest care and attention, resulting In my ulti
mate recovery; but during four weeks of that
period I was In such pain that I rarely was able
to sleep until nearly daylight. With the ringing
of the bell summoning the able-bodied to their
matutlonal duties, I was harshly awakened, as
were many others, and for that reason can realize
the force of your argument. In an eastern state
there is a law by which those responsible for un
timely and unnecessary noises may be enjoined,
and merely as a suggestion it is my belief that
something of the kind could be done in this
Very truly yours,
Frank L. Kramer of East Orange, N. J., for th
last eight years the champion cyclist of America,
has become an autoist, and may try his hand in
various automobile contests.
The Smith Center (Kansas) Pioneer prints this JH
story, which has been floating around in the Kan- jm
sas papers for some time: A young man, being H
hard up, pawned his dress suit. When his
finances were in better shape, ho redeemed the H
suit. One day his mother was looking over the H
suit and found a ticket on the coat the pawn- H
broker's ticket. "My Bon," she said, "what is H
that?" Then the young man explained that he H
had attended a dance, and, the room being very
warm, the men took .off their coats. The ticket H
was placed on the coat in the cloak room to H
Identify it, he said. Then the mother found a H
similar tag on the pantaloons. "My son," she said,
gravely, "what sort of a dance was that?" H
"You don't seem to give Bykins credit for any H
originality whatever." "I don't. His memory is M
so wretched he can't quote correctly;, that's all." H
Washington Star. H
"You seem to have a great deal of faith in M
doctors." said a friend of the sick man. "I have," H
was the reply; "a doctor would bo foolish to let a H
good customer like me die." Boston Home Jour- H
nal. M
So far this year Peary has omitte ' . annual H
announcement that he intends to re:.v,a .he North H
Pole. This aeroplane business is putting a lot of B
professional advertisers in the background. H
Roosevelt must have seen it coming when ho M
broke for the jungle. H
My; includes every muslin- un- H
1t dergarment in the house the H
ijijSk season's very daintiest and choicest H
emMS designs finest lingerie fabrics I
1 largest variety -of designs and I
trimmings at a I
25 Per Cent Reduction I

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