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K Saunterings
HI Paris is agape over the latest navy scandal of
HjL the 'continent and this time one that is very near
HI ' home to them.
Hf There has been a constantly and mysteriously
Hf recurring rumor ever since the ill fated French
Hk submarine Pluviose was sunk recently, that a wo-
Hf man was on board and went down to her death
Hf with the crew and officers of the boat. The sub-
Hv marine, was, of course, the last place on earth
Hj where at the time the boat was sunk a woman
HI had either a right or place and despite the efforts
Hf that have been made to hush up the report it
HI has spread and revived so persistently that it is
HI probable that the French government will be
H forced to investigate the matter. Even the most
H! conservative of the French newspapers have giv;
i en much space to the affair. One journal declares
that ten corpses were recovered from the wrecked
boat and that only nine were officially reported
fc as having been found. It is stated, too, that the
H captain of the submarine went aboard before she
Hi sailed with "another person" who was in reality
HI a woman. Another report that lent authenticity
H : to the story, was the fact that a wrecker which
Hf located and got hold of the Pluviose was not al-
H I lowed to continue its work. It is also alleged
H ! that one of the men in the boat who evidently
H lived several hours after it sunk made many
H notes of conditions on board and that these notes
H j have since mysteriously disappeared.
H .
H ) Its the day of the big game and until it's over
H there is apt to be scarcely a corporal's guard at
H I any one of the three clubs.
H In honor of her guest, Miss Eva Larabie, Miss
H j Marguerite Richmond entertained at a large tea
H ( and bridge party Tuesday.
Hf Tuesday afternoon Mrs. It. M. Breeden enter-
H tained charmingly for Miss Raye Dryer of Minne-
Hj apolis, the guests being drawn largely from the
Hi younger crowd.
Hi Mrs. Wilford Moyle entertained the members
H of her card club Tuesday at a luncheon at her
Hf home on Third avenue. Her sister, Miss Hazel
i Dorlus assisted.
H One of the prettiest parties of the week was
H that given Tuesday by Miss Beverly Riley, when
H five tables were set for bridge, followed later by
B a luncheon.
H1 The week has witnessed -the return of dozens
H of the wanderers, most of them too tired to do
H- anything but try to recover.
H One of the prettiest parties at the Country
H club Wednesday was that given by Mrs. William
H IJ. Cuningham in compliment to Mrs. Avery, Mrs.
H A. C. Ewing's guest, and Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Terry's
H guest, Miss Pauline Terry.
H Those who braved the odors, heat and dirt of
H the circus Monday evening will know better than
H to do it again at least with that particular cir-
H cus. The motors whizzed most of the society
H folk away after the show to the cool of the clubs
H where something might be obtained to neutralize
H the effect of the choking atmosphere of the
H tent. The up-town cafes drew their quota and a
H larger one, at that, than has been the case for
H weeks. At the Louvro, Frank Knox, Thomas
H Kearns and a party of their friends entertained
H former Senator William A. Clark for an hour or
H two, and a lot of people who had just gotten back
H into town found their first opportunity of getting
H .about among their friends.
Town Talk of San Francisco vouches for the
following: If you examine the smart shop win
dows on Grant avenue you will find one in which
is displayed the very latest contrivance for giv
ing women who are not endowed with good fig
ures the perfect appearance of- voluptuous ma
turity. Admiring feminine throngs have gazed at
the contrivance in envy and wonderment x'ight
along and among them were not a few who have
since heard with evident relish the tragic ending
of what was to have been a smart little dinner
party at the St. Francis the other evening. As
Photo Underwood & lndtrivoody N. i,
Noted British artillerist and aviator who is to conduct
practical areoplane tests at the army manouvers
in England to show the use of areoplanes
as a means of attack on war vessels.
the escort of one of the fair diners-out met her
in "peacock alley" of the hotel, he noticed some
one had neglected to provide her with flowers
and he immediately suggested that they stop at
the flower stand on the way in to dinner and in
duce Miss Cohn to part with enough hot house
beauties to start the sighs as soon as they ap
peared on the scene at dinner.
The flowers were purchased of the young wo
man and she leaned over the counter to pin the
sweet peas to the lady fair's gown, using the
customary deadly weapon, which is about half as
long as a hatpin. How should Miss Cohn know
that the lady of exquisite figure was wearing one
of those new fankled affairs? She didn't, but she
learned it with startling suddenness, for there
was a noise like the explosion of a toy balloon,
the lady screamed, her escort gasped with sur
prise and the elevator boy stared when a wilted
figure dashed into the lift and demanded between
blushes and hysterics to be taken to the lady's
dressing room.
Among the hostesses who entertained delight
fully at luncheons at the Country club Wednes
day were Mrs. W. V. Rice, Mrs. F. E. McGurrin,
Mrs. Onderdonk and Mrs, Bidwell.
Mrs. L. O. Naylor and daughter returned from
Buffalo this week, where she visited with Cap
tain and Mrs. Howard R. Perry at Fort Porter,
stopping there on her way home from New York.
Mrs. D. C. Jackling has as her guest her sister,
Mrs. McCarty, of Los Angeles.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. McCune, Jr., are at home
in their apartments in the Covey flats.
Neil Pratt has returned after an extended trip
through the east.
Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Howard have returned af
ter their vacation.
Jack Thompson is home after an outing at
Mrs. P. J. Quealy of Rock Springs, Wyoming,
who has been 111 here at one of the hospitals for
some time, is convalescing and is at the Knutsford
until she is able to travel, when she will go
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fife have returned after
a delightful trip to Lake Tahoe and other western
points for two weeks.
Judge and Mrs. C. S. Varian are in southern
California for a trip of several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Murphy who have spent the
summer at Tahoe will return about September 1,
to their home on I street, which during their ab
sence has been occupied by Mr. and Mrs. John
Mrs. J. J. Paul is here for a visit with her
son, A. Vaughn Paul.
Judge and Mrs. O. W. Powers are on a month's
trip through the Pacific northwest. They will
probably go to California before returning.
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Moyle are at Brigh
ton. Miss Edgarda Wedgwood is in Ogden canyon
for a stay of several weeks.
Mrs. J. B. Cosgriff is entertaining her sisters,
Mrs. L. E. Hunt and Miss Stewart of Vermont.
Miss Josephine Weil is camping with friends
at Bear Lake.
Dinnerware Special
We find that 55 different shapes and decorations, In Open Stock Dinnerware is too
many. The coming week we Intend to reduce the number to 45. To start the ball rolling
we will sell
lOG-piece Syracuse China Dinner Set. Regular price $41.85 for $30.00
88-piece Austrian China Dinner Set. Regular price ?34.00, for $17.00
98-piece Semi-Porcelain Dinner Set. Regular price ?47.55, for $28.75
The above are only a fciw of the good things in Dinnerware.
Callaway, Hoock & Francis
The Dinnerware House 66 Main Street

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