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I Goodwin's weekly 41 m
Mrs, fioyle
THE best of wives, the best df mothers, one
of the truest of women, after a long life,
worn out under the burdens of the years,
Mrs. Royle on Saturday last passed on. In the
coma preceeding dissolution, it is a sorrowful joy
to think that in life's gloaming the light from the
other shore began to warm in the further east, and
that she saw waiting there the spirit of him
whose life was incorporated with hers afar back
when youth and first love made jubiliant their
hearts and filled earth and sky with a radiance in
effable. With her, life from the first was a sacred trust,
a trust to her family and to the world, and so she
undertook her work, and so carried it on that
with her it mattered not when her call might
come, her books were to perfectly balance. In joy,
sorrow, amid privations and hardships and in
ease and affluence, she was always the same.
The light of her own home, the friend to all the
world outside, she toiled on and on, at once an
inspiration and a benediction to all around her.
She toiled on until this life merged with the
higher life and so came her transition. Soft be
her sleep and loi comfort to those near her
who are left, may the memory be ever present
that before her translation every duty had been
performed, so, naturally, came the everlasting
peace which she had so abundantly earned.
Bobbie Burns
WHEN the anniversary of the birth of Bobbie
Burns comes next month, Scotchmen in all
countries will celebrate it. Not many of
them can tell why, except that he was the poet of
the people. But there was very much more to
him than that. He was an evangel of peace and
a higher civilization, for he wrote:
"Then let us pray, that come it may,
And come it will for a' that,
That mon to mon, the wild world o'er,
Shall brother be and a' that."
In his ode to the American war is this:
"No Spartan lute, no Attic shell,
No lyre eolian I awake;
'Tis liberty's bold note I swell;
Thy harp, Columbia, let me take."
During the American war ho was at dinner mk
and was called upon for a toast, and he gave Hf
it in these words: "May our success in the pres- 1
ont war be equal to the justice of our cause." B
Which gave great offense to the King George 5
men at the table. , vl
The year 1788 was the hundredth anniversary i
of the revolution in England by which the house i
of Stuart was pushed from the throne. In No- ft
vember of that year Burns wrote to a friend, in g!
which letter he used the-n words: "I will not, a
I cannot, enter into the nerits of the causes, g
but I dare say the the American congress, in
1776, will be allowed to be as able and as' enlight-
ened as the English convention was in 1688; and
that their posterity will celebrate their deliver- I
ance from us, as duly and sincerely as we do ,
ours from the oppressive measures of the house
of Stuart."
He died at 36. Suppose he had been promoted
where he could have revealed what was in him, I
to what heights he might have soared, for the I
little we have copied above shows how clever, ,
how almost prophetic, his brain was. Had ho
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' "' ! j R2 S i P r f f 'f U SI llC Tne heautiful new Kearns building, which is now rapidly reaching comple-
! 'fyJft ft m t t t B U IfM. tion, is one of the finest buildings in the entire west, and a great monument to
' ik SliP W& 1 Sj S cj 11 flp the man whose faith in the glorious future of this state and city prompted him
I- " X- (f f ((-'(" if !i EX lIj I M illlfil to invest the money which came from the mountains, in its greatest city. .
i ET FT" If U ft P P jf-n ) irlllffll There are few buildings in this part of the country which compare with the
2 t, LjttE JLlL itjt - r-j plfliyNliJ '"" Kearns building in the matter of construction. Absolutely fireproof, a modern
CJH F r f n FT EC w l onlllllll office structure in every respect, set up on a foundation of stone, concrete and
hh l Et fi t " w r'WHl " ' stee1, u ls most impoBin& '
t tJM it lit L JJ EJE Cfl nffl oH ?- Parkinson & Bergstrom were the architects of the building, but that it is not
"i- C 0 idt T r CU PC Pfl llll nlElnil ;x- necessary to go away from home to find a man who can build such a structure is
I "Ljvg Hrj 'r r - )H i n PI Mil " ' exemplified in the fact that George Curley, the local builder and contractor, was
idjp It t I If CP pT C U I ihillllltl given the contract, and the proof of his exceptional ability is shown in the build
i '" I iPil S& 8 "ftfii ffi 8 Effl 1 1 ll Iffll f y ln& as t stan(ls- Tlie building, both on the exterior and interior, is a work of art,
'I 1 fllT SlRHr 1 Rli-1 l-IFl H PhI 19 I ffl 1 illlttl ( but ln carryInS out the decorative scheme, it has been done with a sharp lookout ;
,IMMjyiUlllyDlLMrp , H IF pi InlllllPliHEBgM.i for the practical side, and the result is an office building which Avill meet the re-
I I EF-jv TJFfT quirements of the most exacting and particular business and professional man.
i ?JBlJ" $H"f T" ?SRM;fS ffll fe" Splendidly located, thoroughly fireproof, arranged so that all of the offices are per- j
Jo'l S V '" ' I BW IrMlraHWifnT S -V"' fectly lighted, hot and cold water, gas, compressed air, direct electric current, '
' --ii-aJlI-k JJ y-!!-FiiAtfy burglar proof vaults wtih separate combination for each, telephone and messenger ',
1 1 :'??&- win's all placed, commodious lavatories on every floor, and with perfect service
1 1 -.7 r- -rsr--- and reasonable rates, the Kearns building presents the embodiment of all of the
!; j.. I. .. most modern ideas in office building construction.
J. E. McGinty ,who is the manager of the building, has offices temporarily in
V- '" ll) the Herald building.
" ' I I
'Pencils Desks "
f"per (HSmM chairs
lL breedeh office M) supper cpMmml Co6in;;;
Everything VA1?vcy
Jor the JV if
Office Furniture
L 1 '

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