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1 I GlfjA'S-f EEKbY
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H States, Canada and Mexico, $2.00 por
H I ycir. $1,25 for sjx months Subscrlp-
H tions trf all foreign countries within
H ' tho Postal Union, $3 50 por year.
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E Entorcd at tho Pdsibftioo at' Salt
H Lake City. Utah, U. iW..,-asseiodiid-
j class matter. &""& . '
H $ O. Box 1253 IV -J
H Telephone: WasanifrV 2007. ' .
H 303 Felt BuIldineAjgalt .fcako City,
H The GoodvIn'a wfeqklPubllshlng
B Company. ivl
B BURL. ARMSTRONG iv 7? ' Edltor-
H - ? "
1 N nearly every Brateyln the Union
where the votertfpfheRepubHcan
h party wore pormfttedo f In a
H fre and untrammellp $ay' a majority .
H of tho Republicans svid-last Tuesday
H that they wore al&iijtet' Mr. Taft
H Three little states; , whose, electoral
H votes are lost in tho sliuffle of the
B electoral college contributed to the
H White House charity
Hj Notwithstanding tb&t Wilson carried
H most of tho normal Republican states,
H the Democratic voteyas by no means
H abnormally large, adcgln'g to incom-
H plete returns of the '.popular vote. The
H Republican vote waBspHtr tis expect
H ed,t but the reactionaiyvn'iid Progr3-
Hj slVa factions polled together more
H thqn tho Democratic strength In the
H notion. 1.-
H It seems to us tha Theodore- Roose-
H elt made his casef Not oven the
H most excited Progressive had any
H more than a faint hopethat he would
Hj be elected, but that ho" would poll a
H tremendous vote thrpTighout the coun
H try was a foregone cdnclusjonlpng be-
H fore the date of ellottqh 'ih ninety
H days a new organimfon ' sprang into
H the' national arena anOjv,ept front Its
H foundations a politic&Wntity that had
H prospered for fifty yeaYsV fattening its
H organization from MjjnlS '"jpaironage
HB and extending its powjjfthfough every
M Hnp of political p2p6; Colonel
Mj Roosevelt, leading thSoy movemenf ,
H merely proved to thoAnoncan people
H that tho Republican aiqfty Itself undid
H its work of half a ctury.
H The Progressive g&rfV made a re
H markable record in tafe nation, setting
H( a new standard of aJmok'in American
H politics and carryingSttough states
HH and electing enougl&stalte officers to
H make the new portfTa powerful in-
Ht strument for political good in the fu
H ture. The cause will survive; the
H prinoiples of Progroflvlsm will flour-
B ish under the new drder.
H President Taft is hardly the man to
jS talk of reviving the Republican party,
B that task must be iMtSn by a leader
H!- of strength and popnM'dt', 'by a man
H who combines Vjjm9'" following
t with national support anil not by a
9 man who is totally discredited I
i aides, it is a task for young men
B righteous puiposo whose faces are uoi
m toward tho rising sun and who are
immediately responsive to the de
mands of the new political order now
in process of evolution. The Republi
can party wrecked Itself. Without a
third party Wlilson would have been
elected; a third party merely made
that election doubly certain.
The Progressive party won a high
place in national politics. It Is, by vir
tue of winning second place, In jx bet
ter position politically than the Re
publican party and may now go into
subsequent contests forehanded and
with higher hopes and greater ambi
tions. Its principles eventually will
be Written into the laws of the states
and of the nation; its strength will
grow until it becomes even a greater
and more potent power.
The State Election.
TUB people of this state are to be
congratulated upon the re-election
of Governor Spiy and upon
the election of the state ticket, which,
With one notable exception, wa3 en
i titled to statewide recognition from
all parties The popularity of Gov
ernor Spry in Salt Lake county car
ried this state for Taft, and while in
tho succes3 of the latter there is no
cause for prMe among Republicans,
the general public Is Willing enough to
take It along with the splendid suc
cess rifahteved by tne governor
Salt Lake county was 'the battle
ground in Utah and In Ui6 stato cap
ital and surrounding territory the fatd
of the Republican ticket was decided.
Two years ago Hlowell (Republican
for Congress) received 10,416 votes In
this county; Erickson, Democrat, 5,
578, and Sanford, American, received
13,243. It has been figured by astute
politicians. In this state that at least
5,000 Democfats have' voted tho Re
publican ticket in this county in order
to defeat the Americans. There was
no American ticket this year, hence
speculation was rife, until election, aB
to how the American vote would be di
vided among the other parties The
election returns last Tuesday show the"
average Republican vote In this ,coun
ty to have been about 13,000; the Dem
ocratic vote 10,000 and the Bull
Moose vote 8,500. If the official re
turns do not show any more than,
this, the tolal vote certainly wa3 ex
ceedingly light. The result showsHhaT
the 5,000 Democrats went back to their
party, there being no American party
bugaboo, thus reducing the Republican
vote from 16,000 to 11,000. i
About 4,000 Republicans left the
party and voted for Roosevelt this
fall, which would reduce the Republi-
rB I By Howard Carletoa Tripp I WB
lI I T"" COME to the world at last, 1 9jM
&M'& 1 at last! I
?H H On wizard wings I travel jJB
jf 9 iciSt 1
rfB Out from the purple aid silent Past! !
IjjkW I bring New Thoughts to a world in rm
jP need' vl
jrt I I sin& tne jys f a grander creed, J
W X A Poem of Love and not of Creed. I jr
WW I I point to the path where all mankind I
mJffi Justice and Truth and the Right may I
H I find
11 1 Where the blind shall cease to lead
$S ! he blind- i
mm J I speak a language defiant, bold; 4
MM& That the Soul of Life is more than j
mWm gold t
Btf ! That a vision of Good my h art doth
KSlI hold- J
BkBI I put my soul into paper white, .
PtBI nd wse are le words I am to write, $
?! My message is one of pure delight. y'Vm
14$ B " cannot te f tne things I see JsS
llli So fair is the vision unto me Jfl
B3lKf Of the great events that are to be! M
mjfijM I I bold a Faith and a Love sublime. B
vlil or e onward sweep and growth of
5S& When the World shall cease its care I jM
Bpyfli and crime. B m
l&feBI And I forward go! I shall succeed, B ?
Bjl From the Cosmic All I drink and I wa
Ivl Since I'm the Riddle of Life indeed. J y
can vote still further to 706Tt
what of the Amerljjanlfeie? Six tttwS j
sand and m AOT&rlqMis t lj
voted theiepbllc1i tiqKet; rS-
sSnd probably went lEoEhe Bull M0030
and the balance either refraining frorn I
voting or being scattered between the
four parties in the field. It must be
conceded that tho greatest apathy in '
the present election was among that
cass or voters known as former Amer
icana. , (p
The RepulHl-ticket went out of
Salt L'akeNcoupty, then, with more
than 3,000 yofesUo the good and this t
advantage va t'oo groat for the Democrats-
to overcome. In many outlying
counties the Republicans were defeat
dd4 bUUthe-JIgliTllepubllcan vote was
offset by . the." big majority gained in
this county,
' ' TheXipeglslature. j
THE next legislature, convening In
January, 'Sylll be Republican in
, both housef,-? insuring co opera
tion with Governor Spry in the enact
ment of laws' that will undoubtedly
redound to tliebSneflt of tho state at
large. The .Republican leglBlator3-elect
from Salt Lake county and from
e'nough other colfntles In the state to
make a gbgd wbrklng majority, are
pledged to progressive legislation, al
thougli not to a program that is en
tirely progressive. The legislature
will be required Jo pass laws on rail
road regulation "and upon the election
of senators 'by .(Jfiject vote of the peo
ple, providing 'the elected candidates
keep their party pledges.
There, is an opportunity, at the com
ing session' ot the legislature for the
Republican party of Utah to snow a
spirit of progresslvism that will un
doubtedly pla'bato the Bull Moose of
the state, Ulfo demand for progres
sive legislation was manifested by
about '20,000 rosidents of tne state
through tho Progressive party; and by
a -niffrrority of 'the Republican party
which accented h,s a sort of compro
mise what' few., progressive measures
were written into the Republican coun
ty and stat 'aforms.
With a' strong leader like Governor
Spry, the ' Republican party in tills
state '-.has a fuuro the success of
which will depend entirely upon the
. facility Vlth-' which It grasps tho senti
ment oftha tLnfe.8.
- " .
The' Federal Bunch.
YHiaRTeft11 L Morris made a
yy taotjccil blunder during the
campaigntvas in his explana
tion to'-thp pabple of Utah that
tho federal'bungty should be destroyed
and that the Republican state admin
istralion," which l was hand in glove
with the buricbUjBhould also be anni
hilated. If thauBull Moose and Demo
crats combined liad worked as hard
as tho federal hunch to destroy Mr.
Spry and the'Reubllcan party in this
Btate, a different story may now be
told of the ejection For the shadow
of private ltfa'ihas crossed and re
crossed the" federal building 'in Salt
Lake bince last June In the moan
time the federal bunch has been busy
waiting for a Demociatic president to
make other appointments and, as a

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