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' ' ' ' wT . ' I H
If - VOL'XXIi; Twelfth Year SALT" LAKE CITY, UTAH, JUNE 14, 1913 5 Cents the Copy No. 9 l
Including postage in tho United Stateg, Canada,
and Mexico, ?2.00 per year. $1.25 for six months.
Subscriptions to all foreign countries within the
Postal Union, $3.50 per year.
Single copies, 5 cents.
Payment should bo made by Check, Money Order
, or Registered Letter, payable to Goodwin's Weekly.
Addresel all communications to Goodwin's
Weekly. '
Entered at the Postofflce at So It Lake City,
U. S. A., as second-class matter.
P. O. Box 1253.
Telephone, Wasatch 2007.
513 Felt Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah.
Tho Ofootlwln's Weekly Publishing Company.
J. tf. ELDREDGE JR., Business Manager.
LeROY ARMSTRONG - - - ' - Editor
1 I want to say a word or two maybe more
about the bonk called "V. V.'s Eyes." It is a novel,
of course, filling all tho plans and specifications of
the modern-day romance. There is here and
heroine, inc Ident und adventure, eolor and light,
motive and circumstance. But all these are for
gotten by the thoughtful reader as the develop
ment f plan unfolds. You presently see that it lfa
i the awake-ing of a soul rather than the adjusting
rf characters that has occupied the author. You
t presently see that ou yourself are typified in tho
spirit and purpose, even the rising aspirations and
I higher realizations pf th- girl Carlyle. That la the
' important woi v. It is no light thing to so prison
i" the conscience of the reader. H is big. And as
the leaves rum In the hUtfrr JJalf of the book, you
are conscious of a wish that you mlrht be better.
. You see how less than pure gold is most of the coin
r . with which you have been paying tho Bills of Life.
; fc You want it to be better gold in future. You don't
Ipt want to give your God the dross of triviality, of in-
r difference, of selfishness. You want to see with
V. V.'s Eyes.
I Not often will a book of so much worth come
. within the reach of renders. It ought to be appro-
ty elated when it does come.
1 V And don't get tho impression from all of this
that the book is dull; that It sermonizes; that it
( dulls the Joy of life. 1 don't know another so keen-
. ly stimulating to thought, so Instinct with human-
; lty, or so pneked with those passing allusions which
' j show the author's wide reading and fan pride in
' your own. And If you go to this book as Satan
f told Tomllnson to go back to earth "with an open
it i
. eye" you will simply revel in tho satire, tho sin
cerity and the apUndor of Its pages.
i ,
Whom the gods would destroy they first
afflict with a craze for water meters.
; i .
,' In an enterprise like that e i "The World In
I Chicago," why was countenance and indorsement
1 'given to an "anti-Mormon" propaganda, any how?
1 '
Was It for the reason that But hero is the story:
A gifted young preacher sat with his official
board on the evening of his arrival in his Iowa
town, and Brother A. told him not to attack the
ilch men in his sermons. Brother B. told him to
leave the social evil alone. Brother C. reminded
him that many preachers had destroyed their use
fulness by attacking the saloon, and Brothers D., E.
nnd F., with the rest of the Initial family, completed
the prohibitive hedge about him.
"But In the name of goodness, what shall I
pi each about?" demanded the puzzled dominie.
"Well, ou can attack the Mormo-s. They hae
no friends here," said the spokesman.
There may have be i excuse for an antl-polyg-t
my crusade, though even that must have offended
the big non-Mormon polygamists of Chicago; but
there Is no more warrant for an anti-Mormon ef
fort than for an anti-Catholic effort on Dr. Pa den's
Look at It. The man's success could bo measured
only by tho number of prospective Utah residents
he could turn awny from Utah. For every good
man, every producer, added to the population of
Utah Is a benefit to the extent of his excellence
.o every other citizen of the stats. And Dr. Paden,
in his labors, can have no effect other than to pre
cnt desirable American citizens from becoming
c 'tizen of rtah
Surelv thfre Is en myh aluc. In the staie which
afforded lr. Paden ood home through many
jeais, to dter a i uocul man from seeking to harm
it. Surely there is no other state, east or west, In
.hich merit i.s so UKel to piospr.
No matter how mild Dr. Paden may now insist
Ms ciiticisms were, he has hurt Utah which never
did him any harm and which is the loved and
alued home of thousands who neer were and
ncer will be Mormons.
A neat little maid from Park City
Came down to see our fair city ;
She came for the ride
And, what's more, to get tied.
But the groom missed the train what a pity !
Here is a brief and suggestive clipping from the
Hood River, Oregon, Glncler:
For the first time In the history of the
local berry Industry, the strawberries are
this year being shipped by grades, the Ex
tra Fancy and the Standard. All fruit less
than five-tier will be considered as cuIIh
and will be sent to a cannery with which
the Apple Growers' association has made
arrangements. Field run berries will also
be sent to th cannery.
The Extra Fancy grade must be com
posed of brrio of four-tier or bettor,
faced with four-tier or three by four.
The Standards must be five-tier fruit,
faced with four by five or five by five fruit.
Some time we of Oregon will do that, too. For
tho present our strawbeiries are so good, the de
mand for them so great and the season so fortuitous
that we don't need to systematize so carefully. It
Is like the pioneer in the forest country. He cuts
dewn trees and rolls them In heaps and burns them
- though the knows the time Is coming when hi ,H
will need that timber for a score of uses. But in. H
time he comes nearer to the ultimate of utilization. H
'.hat's what Utah will do with , ben les, and with
fiult of all sorts. We will glo them a "pack" of
w'llch they are worthy. J
A near-sighted city detective
At Harper hurled an invective;
Said the Judge : "In sooth,
I must punish this sleuth."
And forthwith made the fine collective.
Oh, of course, a man can get past those newly- I
set posts in the public highway jtiBt above Berk's ,
Hot Springs. But it will always be In the nature i
of nn obstacle race.
The road has just been moved, or widened, or n
little of both. It has for many weeks been a dl.s
trrber of traffic, and a cause for multiplied bills at
the garages. One has a right to hope for a perfect
rotid when tha thing was completed. I
Who put those poles inside tho fence? Who la
sponsible for their location? Who could glvo
the orders for their removal and doesn't?
City, county, or soulless corporation, it Is all the
stme. The interest of the public has been ignored.
When we get through with the ideals of
the present the ideals of the past will look ,
pretty good to us.
Never for a moment permit the belief that the ,
world is growing worse; that there is more of dark
ness than of light; that men are weaker or wojhfn
worse. Never believe that your lines have fallen
on evil times, and that there is nothing chead but
the shadows increasing to a general dark.
Read these lines of Lowell:
Thoughts that great hearts once broke for j
Wo breathe cheaply In the common air.
The dust wo trample heedlessly
Throbbed once In saints and heroes rare,
Who perished opening for their race
New pathways to the commonplace.
There if more of good In the world than there
ever hns 1 een in all the ages of the past. Creation
Jias only begun. The race is getting better an
wiser and more kindly and more charitable Ln
both benefactions and In judgments of men for"
each other. ,
Progress, like the surface of the sea, walks In
waves. There Is an occasional trough in the waktf
of a billow, but tho tide is rising. And the ft I?
flood that followf will never recede. .
For God Is marching oa! i
A good poker player named Barr, j
Stacked up chips he had taken from Carr. i
"I wanted that pot,
And it counted a lot;
But I pay as you enter." Har ! Har !
Up in Calgary Tommy Burns promoted a prw
fight between the claimant of the white heavy '

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