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Goodwin's weekly : a thinking paper for thinking people. [volume] (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1902-1929, June 21, 1913, Image 10

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H 'Reniarkable
H Range Sale!
BBa .4 Uuv.your Gas range now and get
H lfof&to(.8ewiee- pipe- within
BBj ?ur lo Frj.SK.- Ysotfr" motor in
BH " 'eSaJleaFrpyS! r Your 7 range"' con-
BBJ nected&SE. All 'gns, appliances
BB jft Tvholeraie price. Lo'hg time pay-
ments" without Interest.
BB $1 gives- ynu every convenience
BH rfcnge,' water henter, kitclien hent-
BH er. For sevoiijj months you pay
B $i; for two months. $; and for
H tfromontlwra.'-QiHy.fTG for, the
BJ Nvk8ll,fo?,the'r8ilS't of your" lih?
H ' ; " ' DON'T WAIT!
H I t South" Main Si" Phone I3.V. 705 J
B -
BjBJ (Gontmued from Page 9.) '
5 the other riny with -flnihame-White: -
H Artd-drdn'tr8liis just enjoy herself? So
BB much so, indeed, that she hopes to
R mt ke a long erdlflg-oountry- journey
H o n, artd then, mnybo, wo shall find
BB ho In possession of an-aeroplane all
BB he' vory own.
BB ' Miss .Levey was not at all nervous
BVI wlrew she made lvsr flight, for was-sho
BB not "wearing-her lucky mascot? That
H mafoofi is' a plliingb'lU band of Indian
H workmanship, which has adorned her
f . .. ' r f .
, ."JRox," the famous-hunting dog with Frank Stafford : Go.
Empress Theatre. - - L
shapely ankle for the last fifteen
Miss Levey has become a social, as
well as a public f&vorite on this side,
and Is -the recipient of many invita
tions from the-most prominent society
-people- to grace their -ontertninments
with her presence. So well pleased
with London Is she that she Is ln
ulined -to jmaloe her -permanent home
M -unice and Triorence Walton are
1crei .ng r -furore at the Alhambra
by iheir clever dancing in the new
revue,' ""JSighteonpence a Mile." Lon
'don.ihus -mover before soon anything
of the sort quite o good, and their
ctlorie is attractive enough to draw
ormvae"d midlonces at ,oryporf6rim--anee.
H so happens that at the present
mdtnent a heated cdntroversy is raging
over the subject of the taiigo dance
and1 its aultaliiUty for the ballrobtu,
Now, the two Waltons can do the
tango better tlfcnr any natlvr-borrt Ar
gentine they havo been demonstrat
ing to Alhambra audiences that the
dance, when performed In the correct
manner, is as free from vulgarity and
as graceful as the minuet.
Florence Walton thinks the tango
the most fascinating dance there is.
She says that last year she and Mau
rice danced it during the London sea
son before the Grand Duke Michael,
the Duchess of Marlborough, the
. Duchess of' Sutherland, the Duke and
Duchess of Manchester, the Duke of
Portland and the Maharajah of Kata
pala, and In Paris before Baroness
Honrl de Rothschild and other lead
ors of society.
' "If ltvhad the slightest not.3 of vul
garity wo could not havo dono that,"
she added, "nor could Maurice have
taught It, as ho did. to tho ladles of
New York, Baltimore, Washington,
Boston and Paris. He also danced at
H This is the Hermitage in beautiful Ogden canyon and the canyon is jnst nv at its best with
H its new spring coat. .. ...
M A number of added improement have been Trlade at thcrgrunds, such as baseball, free
H lancing an I band concerts afternoons and evenings, Sundays and holidaj's.
H Just the place to spend the hot nights ;day, wecjv.or month.
j The Hermitage club is now in operation. AnnuaJ, dues. for outside members anfiOne Dollar, a ' '
R AVlicii in OgltMi caiiytiii fry one of the Hermitage famous trout and .chicken dinners. Strictly . v
H i -fr&mjjf:0tK5knu Thei'e" is only one place iri the West to get. such cooking. ., . r. .
- M&W4& Cmtm t. r T " ', ...G'better; known as "Bifly" Proprietor.
H ' i " ""' 'I ii i ;.'. u i , Mi.iirjli Hi mi ii ji Htl i hi i .. fl ij
9 , j S --. "i rr-'js. .; '.......
Ice"Cn rn, 'Shecbets and
r punche-'are thei- 't
Try a Sunday Special Brick
Delivered for 50c. -. .r
Two 'Phones, ' 3223-3224. "' ''
260 So. State. ., . 1 .
"We Deliver Candy." :
'" r r ' h ;. .
Biarritz before King Edward," and Tie " .tf"-i
has- taught the tango to most of "the '0-
ambassador8' llttls children in Part's,' '?
as well as to the little children of the
grand dukes of Russia. Twice we
danced it together before Mr. Taft
when ho was president, and ho' sala
that it was onevof -the imost'beaiiUful r- 'f J
dances that ho has. ever seen." (' : .'' '-- -I Ji
MaurlcU says that It1 took him just " '' '?'"-
n year to introduce tho tango into '
American socloty. No doubt, he says,
It colild bo made vulgftr, and thon It- ' v
would not be the real tango; nor -' ,.
woul'J it be taken up in society. 1
Which shows how perfectly proper1 so- 1
ciety is in Maurice's opinion, any-
But you should just lisat4 what
Father Bernard Vaughan has to say
on tho subject of the turkey trot and
other dances of negroid origin. Ad
dressing1 n meeting of women the
other day he said:
"There Is not much need of my ex-
pressing any views about those dances
which havo of recent date been im-
ported from the zoological gardens
Into London drawing rooms. Their
vory animal names imply their animal
naturo. Not even the iwgro and ne- t
gross Jhink of breaking into such per
formances except when they are
' Stldkriey's cigars are' above criti
cism of most exacting connoisseurs.
For simon-pure economy she surely
sot the pace.
She mnde hor own cheap dress at
home and trimmed It with old
V u iftce; - v '3. ( ' V Ju .'
7 Andtlten to - match K the t. lace she 'Vh--
K--b(gJafQj:t!dQl , JrgKJm
And twyjntyjdolljir parasol to' har- ,--:"w - - -!
:.T monlze'-witlx that. '" " - -. ."
jTo give the . hat a.t junti'cast,' she .
.- ndthnlu7djf ew.lior, . , .
Andth.en hor.;glpveswejo6ut of tone, -V -
and so'sh'e got,a"paIr; ' " '-vi..
And next" she '"bough t"omo ; dainty V'y- '
shoes ten dollars mora or IosVt: -&
' And.-lust, a , sixty-dollar gownt'fieii .- . v
threw away the. dress! ,.?. '
v Walter G. Doty, -. :
The poet, was finod"Vlfh oxceodtnf : ,
And quoth he, " 'Tls oxcoodlnsrly
mean, oh!
I fiin would discourse on tho themo
of divo'-c:,
But T find "o words rhyming with
Open All Night. .Telephone 304
. .- S. D. EVANS .....
W B.iilfdlng. Afodoi'iii Kstab-
' "' ' ' llshihent " ' '"'' ''
4C 'uit&St. SAtF IjAtCIt Oi'fat '
- ' ii , '.u i t .1,1 ... ;. , ,. ..ii
, :. - .. ' -t

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