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B No doubt it can be truthfully said that there
H" Is no star in the Alms today who displays more
H earnestness in her work than does little Mao
H Marsh. A personality that might be called pe-
B culiar adds interest to everything she does. Mao
H Marsh is not a type there is none other like
M her. With a vivacity that is never tiring and a
H facial expression to fit any condition, one can
l imagine she is perfectly cast for the title role
Mj inv"The Marriage of Molly-O" which is the of-
H ferlng at the American Sunday and Monday. Rob-
H ert Herron plays the young Irish lad opposite
H the star. The reviewers give the picture wide
1 praise for its photographic beauty. On the same
H program is Fay Tincher as "Laundry Liz" in
H a Triangle comedy. The American Concert or-
B chestra will play the International Transcription
H of The Old Folks At Home on Sunday evening.
M Professor McClellan gives the usual organ re-
M cital at 9:15 on Monday evening. William Farnum
B comes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in
"A Soldier's Oath" along with Billie Burke in
fl the fifteenth episode of Gloria's Romance. "A
M Soldier's Oath" is a story of the struggle of na-
M tions and human hearts; a play of war, love and
B vengeance.
H One of the best bills seen during the year at
M the Pantages is that which started on Wednes-
M day. It is not a bill that would greatly appeal
M to those -who like the slap-sticks and rough stuff
M of vaudeville, but one in which every variety
i fan who craves the quieter and better things
V combined -with unusual cleverness can find some-
M thing to interest him. It is replete with head-
M liners and some others who assist materially.
M It starts and 'finishes with more or less aero
i' batics, Hanlon and Hanlon beginning the per-
B formance, which ends with the "Little Ergottis,"
H greatly assisted by father. The clever little
', chaps flash through the air -with amazing rap-
B 9 idity and the entire act is a high class perform-
H ance. Haviland Butler and Alice Thornton pre-
H sent some songs and chatter and a trick or two,
H and there is a quiet humor and finish about their
H "work that is- especially pleasing. One Adolph
B on the bill with a large accordion is another big
H winner and the sketch of the Sully family is
H . probably the most popular number on the pro-
' gram. Their act is rather familiar, but they have
H a lot of new stuff, some rapid fire interpolations,
H and their ragtime dancing and eccentricities are
H out of the ordinary. Harry Jolson, billed as an
H operatic coon, with new songs, that have become
H popular in the East, but have not been heard
H here, also scored, and the entire performance is
B as refreshing as the ibreeze that blows across the
H Ice in the proscenium boxes provided by Sir Fran-
H cis Newman. In fact, the audiences warm up so
well in manifesting their pleasure at the various
H numbers that upon their departure even the ice
H j is gone. It is a peach of- a bill every step of the
i way.
H .
i? il
H With a score of decorators working day and
H night transforming the Orpheum theatre that
M J house presents a veritable hive of industry. The
' opening of the season, always more or less of
jBj 1 an auspicious event in Salt Lake, will be Wcdnes-
tPJ1 day evening next. This year the Orpheum will
V I have vaudeville performances on Wednesday,
M ( Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and
M matinees on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The
m Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday performances,
from 1 to 11 p. m. will be devoted to the pre
sentation of feature photoplays.
The opening bill of the season will bo headed
by the Martin Beck presentation of "The River
of Souls," a Chinese drama which was originally
written for and shown in the Lambs club in New
York at one of the famous gambols of that
noted organization. It has met with a most
flattering reception wherever it has been shown.
The second headllner of the bill will be Claire
Rochester, the phenomenal soprano-baritone. A
beautiful woman, Miss Rochester has won renown
because of the remarkable qualities of her voice,
Miss Rochester is said to have one of the most
magnificent wardrobes of any artist in the coun
try. In the list of other acts tone notes the name
of Leipzig, yiiose Teal name is Nate Leiger
and whose family resides in Salt Lake. H. A.
Leipsiger is a brother of the artist who. is one of
the world renowned experts in card and coin
manipulation and in slight-of-hand performances.
Other acts are Counsel and His Adopted Daugh
ter, Betty, a pair of performing chimpanzees
with an astonishing gift of mimicry; James B.
Donovan and Marie Lee in their original comedy,
"Doing Well, Thank You;" the Werner and
Amoros company, musicians and jugglers of abili
ty, and The Gladiators, said to be the peer of all
Some airy devil hovers in the sky,
And pours down mischief.
King John, iii., 2.
Fierce fiery warriors fought upon the clouds,
In ranks and squadrons and right form of war.
The noise of battle hurtled in the air.
Julius Caesar, ii., 2.
Who ever knew the heavens menace so?
Julius Caesar, i., 3.
Our cannons' malice vainly shall be spent
Against the invulnerable clouds of heaven.
King John, ii., 1.
A winged messenger of heaven
Unto the white upturned wond'ring eyes
Of mortals that fall back to gaze on him
When he bestrides the lazy pacing clouds
And sails upon the bosom of the air.
Romeo and Juliet, ii., 2.
Imprison'd in the viewless winds,
And blown with restlefs violence round about
The pendant world.
Measure for Measure, ill., 1.
Yea, man and birds are fain of climbing high.
I thought as much; he'd be above tho clouds.
Henry VI., il., 1.
(Continued from page 7.)
patrons may be well informed as to favorable lo
calities wherein to pursue the day's work. i
For begging letter-writers Le Bon Guide pub-
lishes a list of the addresses, arrivals and de
partures of travelers known to be of a charitable
disposition. j
The beggars of London, too, have their organ,
but it is not so "classy" as the Parisian publica- I
tion. The English Beggars' Journal is a weekly,
and prides itself on the exclusive character of its '
information. It is unique in that it is written,
not printed, the paper employed being the coarse
brown variety commonly used by butchers and
grocers to wrap their wares.
There are lots of other papers for beggars
published in various foreign countries, as well as
in the United States, but the French and British
sheets are remarkable by reason of their big sub
scription lists and for the unquestionable influ
ence they exert.
A queer French journal which died some time
before the outbreak of the war, was La Bien Etre,
whose sole object for existence seemed to be an
old-age pension scheme. To subscribers who
should die at the expiration of forty years, Le
Bien Etre offered a free burial.
Le Courier des Baigneurs (Bathers Courier)
is the product of a well-known French seaside re
sort. It is printed on waterproof paper, the in- i
ducment to buy being predicated evidently on I
the idea that the bather may take his journal into 8
the ocean with him and so enjoy its perusal while
On the other side of the Pyrenees the Mad
rilenes have their freak paper in the shape of
the Luminaria, which, it is claimed, is printed
in ink containing an amount of phosphorus which
enables the reader to peruse it in the dark. Hart
ford Chronicle.
What's in a name? Commercial street.
3ooo A 1FFT? 1C A 1NJ 3000
seats xjL1V1J.Xv1vjxjL1I seats
"The Maniage of Molly-O"
A quaint drama with all the imagery; the fantasy and the characteristics of the Irish people, strongly
exemplified by the splendid work of popular Triangle Stars
Triangle Comedy
Sunday night American Concert Orchestra will play the International Transcription of The Old Folks
At Home, Walter Poulton, Leader. Organ recital by Prof. J. J. McClellan.

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