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B ii
I U THE DESERET FARMER Saturday, july m, 1908. 1
B Wc arc in receipt of a letter from
H one of our old friends, who is now in
B Colorado. The letter is interesting,
B giving as it docs, the view point of
M one of our Utah boys. ITc says:
B "As you know the possibilities of
B fruit culture, and especially the profits
B of growing the Elbcrta peach, is
B more fully appreciated here by far
B than it is in Utah. I. regret to have
B to say it too, that the farmers o
B Colorado arc- much better organized,
B and therefore have more up-to-date
B methods than have the farmers of
B Utah. While there arc many indivi-
B dual farmers in Utah who arc abreast
B of the times, yet the fruit growers
B of Grand valley can show us many
B practical results from our co-opera-
B tive theories. For instance, on the
B question of frost fighting, hardly a
B fruit farmer in this valley can be
B found that docs not have a telephone,
B and when the weather bureau at
B Grand Junction predicts a frost, every
B phone in the valley is at once con-
B ncctcd, and a general frost alatm is
B given. The fruit growers at once get
B busy preparing the smudge material
B that by the smoke blanket thus
B caused, the temperature may be kept
B from falling lower, but when the thcr-
H momctcr begins to approach danger-
B ously near the freezing point, distress
H alarms arc given, every whistle in the
H whole valley shrieks its warning, and
H every bell citings out its urgent call
H for help. Such a din is made that no
H one can sleep; bon fires arc lighted,
H and everything available is made to
H smoulder. Those, who like the vir-
H gins of old have oil in their lamps
H (orchard heaters), apply the torch
H and soon a rising temperature is not-
H iceablc. When the temperature goco
H below 25 degrees F., only those, who
H arc prepared to heat their orchards,
H can hope for any crop at all.
H That these mothods arc effective is
H very evident to the most casual ob-
H server. I could present tables and
H statistics on this matter, but I am
H quite sure that it would be useless. ,
H Here at Palisade, situated for all
H the world, like the farms at the
H mouth of Provo Oanyon, the ther-
H momoter did not get below 33 tlc-
H greo$a during the night of the hardest
val"uc of orchard lands very material
ly in this vicinity. For instance,
three and one-half acres belonging to
Mr. Wm. Price, located right in the
mouth of the canyon, for which Mr.
Price last year paid $4900, recently
f sold for $6250. Interesting, in con
nection with this, however, is the
fact that last year he sold $4279.36
worth of fruit and he stiU has 537
boxes of apples in cold storage. I
had the privilege of examining his
accounts with the Fruit Growers As
sociation in proof of the above state
ment. It rccms very strange that in Utah
fluids that arc just as good as these,
can be bought for the tithing of their
value. In conclusion I want to say
that the more I travel, the more I
study, the more openings I see for
young men along agricultural lines.
The life of productive activity is to
be desired above all others."
o .
CHARDISTS. A prominent fruit grower of tlus
state recently called our attention to
the great need of competent foremen
for large orchards. This nuan toTd us
that he would gladly pay $1200 a year
and furnish house and garden to the
right kind of a man to take charge of
an orchard of 100 acres, and in ad
dition would allow him of course the
amount of money to pay for the nec
essary number of assistants. For a
positio'h of this kind it is essential
that the man should be honest and
industrious, and in addition have the
necessary knowledge of horticulture.
There arc thousands of men in this
state today who may have one or two
of these qualities, but who fail to com
bine all! three of them. Hundreds of
our farm boys, honest and industrious,
arc flocking to the cities and securing
positions on street cars, or as sales
men or bookkeepers, and wc can
safely say that these boys will never
Qwn a home of their own as long as
they hold to these positions, ' these
same boys would add to the qualifi
cations that they already possess,
that nf honesty and industry, the
'knowledge of horticulture, it would
not be ten years until they would be
independent and comfortable for life
that gives this training, and it seems
a pity that these positions should go
begging, when wc have the iboys, wc
have the institution properly -equipped
and manned, and it seems that the
only thing lacking is that they should
iconic to gcthcr in some way. TI1I3
business is growing in this state.
During the past week a caller at this
office, a man of some means, from
Wisconsin, came in to tell us that
he proposed investing in fruit lands
in Utah county. He wants a man,
a man who has been trained, to take
care of his orchard, and who is hon
est, sober, and industrious.
Young men of Utah, look to the
future, and it will require no strain
ing of eyes to sec the independence of
life for those who choose a career
that will keep them in close touch
with nature.
Late one afternoon a newly-made
doctor dashed into the room of his
legal friend, exclaiming: "Great luck,
old maul Congratulate mcl Got a
patient at lastl On my way to see
him nowl"
Whereupon the legal, light-to-bc
slapped his friend on the backt saying:
"Delighted, old chap,!" Then after a S
slight pause, he added, with a sly M
grin; "Sal, let mc go with you! Per-
haps he hasn't made his will I" B
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