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HI 10 THE-DESERET FARMER Saturday, july 25, 1908.
H J j
H Under the head of "Insect Pests, '
H Farmers' Bulletin 287, United Stated
H Department of Agriculture, entitle 1
H "Poultry Management," sayS:
H Two cLnsscs of external parasite?,
H popularly- known as lice and mitcj.
H' will be considered here. There arc
H several varieties of lice which attack
H ppultry. They subsist mainly on the
H font hers and perhaps otx the epidermic
H scales. They arc found largely oi tin
H head and neck, under the wings and
H about the vent, and when present in
H large numbers they cause the fowls
H much discomfort. Persian insoct(pow-
H dcr (pyrcthum), powdered sulphur,
H and some of the various preparations
H on the market, such as the louse
H powders, arc good in combating these
H pests. The hens can be dusted' with
1 one of these powders after they have
Ht' gone to roost. Have the powder in
Hi a box with a pcrfpratel coyer, grasp
H the fowl by the legs and shake the
powder well among the feathers
HjH Dust at least three times mt inter-
H vals of .about a week in order to
H catch the lice which hatch out after
H the first dusting.
H The miles subsist on the blood of
H the fowls and are not usually found
H on the bodies of lha1Uird except when
H t roost or on the nest. During the
day they inhabit cracks and crevices
of the walls, roosts -and nests. Sitting
hens are often so annoyed that they
arc compelled to leave the nests in
order to relieve themselves of these
parasites. The free use of kerosene
about the nests and perches is useful
in fighting mites. The walls of the
house may be sprayed with keroscn..
the opciation being repeated every
three or four days for two weeks.
Insect powders arc of little avail
The following method has proved
excellent in ridding houses of mites
and lice when the weather conditions
are such as to permit the birds being
kept outside the house for five or six
hours. Close all the doors and sec
that there arc 116 crocks or any other
openings to admit air. Get an iron
vessel and set it on the gravel Or fcand
near the center of the house; place- a
handful of shavings on these, sprinkle
sulphur at the rate of one pound to
every go to 100 square feet of Hdor
space. Instead of using the shavings
and kerosene the sulphur can be sat
urated with wood alcohol. When
everything else is in readiness ligfyt
the material and hastily loove the
house. In case any anxiety is felU
about fire, a glance through a win
dow will show whether everything Jh
all right. There is very little danger
of fire when proper precautious have
been taken to have plenty of soil be
neath the vessel. Allow the house to
remain closed for three or four hom
at the end of which time one can safe
ly conclude that there arc no living
beings inside. Now throw all the
doors and windows wide open so as
to drive out the sulphur fumes thor
oughly, and then the fowls may be
mllowud to enter. Let thenu in one
by one, and as uach enters catch It
and dust it well with insect powder
which will destroy the lice on the
birds. Tobacco dust is also good to
use instead of insect powder. The
birds and house have now been freed
from vermin for the present, but th:
eggs of the insects linvc not been de
stroyed, and in a week another swarm
will be hatched out. Therefoic, it
will be necessary to repeat the opcr-
ation once or twice before the pests
are exterminated. After this, care
should be used to see that no strange
fowl be admitted to the house or
yard without having been thoroughly
rid of lice, for one lousy hen will
contaminate all the rest.
C. S. Gorlinc.
In the poultry publications and in
the circulars and catalogues of breed
ers of particolored birds we find the
terms "double matings," "cockerel
dialings," "pnlUt matings," "compen-
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VOGELER SEED & PRODUCE COMPANY-Wagon in Commercial Travelers Parade, Salt Lake
City, July. 15th. See page C.

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