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0 THE DESJERET FARMER Saturday, july s$, 1908. ;
I gm Gombault's h
I Caustic Balsam
H For fn A'i'ni Ino Perfoolly Safo
iH htftliuc lf r kit 1 4 nnH
' lUB Wound!, r.i m Rollablo Romody
BBb kttortof Lner$ Do li
I SSiSfS&'S'S Soro Throat
Body r i?;.:1..'!' Chost Co,d
H : Baokacho
H ve would siy to all Neuralgia
"SSSf who buy II Hut It does - .
1 not contain a particle Sprains
of poisonous substance Qtcntne
M and therefore no harm axrainsi
H can result frim Its ex- Lumbago
B tsrnaluse Persistent, .. , .. ,
h thorouoh use wi'l cure Diphtheria
n,Id,nB.Cch3r0K Soro Lungs
1 used on any case thai Rhoumatism
H requires in outward nntl
M JPPlicilion with ., c .V, -iM-M
perfect safety. all Stilt Joints
H Corn Mil T n I. ui Onuitlo Dlim did
iBSSSl tny iiunkl tin mi ixht tlun jooo iM in
iH doctor ib Hi OTTO A lit UK
SH 1' "1 00 rtrbotlU KoM b iniUl,or nut
LsiV JHUb Designs
H 'FMT Copyrights Ac.
B Anyone Rondlntr n nketrh nnd dencrlptlnn may
BBB quickly lucurtnln our opinion frou wlinthor nn
SS11M Imrontlnri ti protinbly pntonUtiln. Communion.
"BBM tlonantrlotlrcoiiUdonttnl. HANDBOOK on t'ntouu
BSBSB tout frco. cildofit nuonry for aooiirluir patent.
BBH rntoiitn tnken through JUunn A Co. rocolre
BBM tptelal notice, without clinro, In tho
Scientific American.
H A. hnndiomoly llltmtrnf oil weekly Tersest clr.
BBV eulntloti of tiny aolontllla Jotirnnl. Tartua, tfl n
BBH yoftri four month, SL Bold bynll riowadnnlorn.
ftlUNN & Co.3610""- New York
BBH rtjinb OTOo tt V UK. Wjhtnlou Si O
I Modern Sheep:
B --a a 'B n hook tt)Rfc ovory
m MkK Rheopmau uhould Liuvo.
B tSSSt ItiHumluubtcdly tho boat
BslV cp-S "' book ovor wrlttou on
M L Z aheop, aa it Ih from thu
BsllV T rtS35y J011 ' n practical Bhop-
BsllV fe. AtiS, uonl, -whrwo uxiorlonco
H iF ttf1 litmVHoinldoaiulvnrIixl.
kkl ift 0" It oontiilnH nearly USO
H fiiii imKOH of jinokod (not
H II) pnudod; mat tor, wlilulj
H IB I moaiiH nn uqulvalnnt to
B Kfl1 700 lmgorf of homo Hlmllnr
H In workH. It Ih iKHUitlfully
jif ilhiHtrntod with over 1(H)
H II y linlf-tottHH, nud it mib-
kkH 111 utVAtfi joots nra troatud in olght
kkl Hi ty jmrU- HiHtory and
H . BrooilH; General M n-
H ra p-" RKeinent, 8 hoop Alan-
kkH L -' anemont in the Western
H TT, . Btato. IMUiik for Show;
H Tho Raising of "IIothnuHo" or Bprlii' Laiuhn;
H DroH&luor Shoop and Lcmba for Alnrket: PnH-
B tures, Forngo Crojw, ICU- : and DUoiuh), No
it" tor whiit bookH von lmvo on Hbeep, your
H HL ry is deddodly ij -ouiploto without thhj
H Hplonuld work.
H Sooorotary Wilson, Dep't of Agrioultura, wiya
B of thi Uook: "I hare looked ovor 'Sltepliord
H Boy's book on modorn buoop, and believe it
H would be valuable for ready reforouoo to tho
H tcRoher, editor, lecturer and farmer." O
H Olt can bo weoursd through this oflloo at tte
H pulilhihed prico of St. 50, postpaid
H Namo and Addoss. Numbered If Desired.
H LUG HANDS for Poultry. Pigeons, Turkoya
H I SALT LAKE STAMP Co. Salt Lalte, Utah.
Descret'lrtrmcr, '.',il
Dear Sirs: 1 lmvo, a young colt
here In town tlmt scafli to b crippled
in his hind legs. The coll is now
three months old bift nbvar appeared
to be injured until it wns a month
ld It first started' to drug one hind
leg and appeared as if lit had the
Mring-hnlts. Scon it begun to drag
both hind legs and has kept it up
over since. Now ho strotuJifttt out tid
n-cts like he could liardly move his
legs. I would fed Very grateful if you
would kindly give mc through your
Deseret Fanner 'information pertain
ing to this.
IRA' MILES, St. George,
Answer by Dr. H. J. Frederick, Vet
erinarian, A. C. U.
Your colt possibly has a poor cir
dilation of the blood or o partial par
alysis of the spiuaL.oord. TJc young
auimaj should1 receive brisk rubbing
over the hind parts, the legs included;
this should be done often to stimulate
l he port so it will become functional.
If the animal will rjt grain feed it
. bout ' t dram of powdered nu.wom
ica on grain and give about 30 drops
of Digetalis on tongue daily to cause
the animal to become normal. Ifyom
your description I would lliiyk It -was
the above though it pouid be from
other causes, the aymplome an not
described fully.
m. i... iWi li lltfl Ml it
Editor Deseret. Farmer : Will you
please give me tire following in faring
lion through the columns of "SMiat
Big Farm Paper ,
1. When is the best time to sow
Brome Grass, in the fall or spring?
And if in the fall would you advise
sowing in August or September, or
late in tire fall. so. that it will come
up early the following spring?
j. Slould hill laud be plowdd be
fore sowing Bfome Grass Would
you advise sowing oats with the
v li IMPORTER, Morgan.
f s .- i ' .
Answer by J. C. Hogcnson, A. C. U.
TJtub lat time to uw Brome grass
eed is in the spring of the year as
soon ;i the land can be worked
Veiling is somel!ni6s1ion late in the I
fall or early in the spring on the I
snow, but this is not to be rccom- I
mendedv Seed with a drill if you h.'tVe '
one that will work well with tltis
' settl, if trot sow it brtm(lefit and hgr
row in very lightly. iS pounds ptfr
On hills' for range purposes Broilta
grass may bo seeded without plowing
by turning over a sod every hrce Or
four feet, witli a spade and then sow
Drome grass seed in these places. 'In
time the grass will spread and cover
the range if allowed to get well root
ed before pasturing.
Will "buy a good farm, all improved,
at Spanish Fork. This has a substan
tial three-room brick and frame house,
a large granary, good barn, two con
crete cellars, chicken coops, buggy
sheds, hay derrick. There is an or
chard on the land; 13 all fenced; in
fact you can move right on to the
place and find everything ready to
commence farming. For further par
ticulars write to
George Q.Gannon Association
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Mh.IIFR SFJ.I) & I'RODl 1 1 mH'N K. , , (,., ,1 l,.wWi. l'uul. sli I . kl
City, July 1 51 li See page 10
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