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BB Patent taken tliroiiRh Muim k. Co. receive
BB Me(al no(c, without charge, la the
Scientific HmerKan.
H A handsomely lllntra!o1 woofcljr. Lnrgeat clr
BBs oulallori of anr eolontltlo Journal, Tornu, (3 a
BB reari four months, IL Bold by all newadnalora.
I Modern Sheep:
bV s This Ih a book that every
3BfBii?T l sheepman Hhould have.
B e&l ItiBuudoubtodlythobeat
B HP e book ovor writton oa
B BL --1 Bheop, as it is from the
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B Ikii 700 pagoH of Homo Bimllar
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H 1. 5 PrtH: niHtory and
B HI - BroodHj GonoralMan-
B In - affoment: Bhoop Man
B nJ. 00 BRcmontln thowontorn
M "S- Btntos; Flttln for Show;
M Tho Ralslnn of "HothoitHo" or Spring Lnmba;
B DroBHlnp Bhoop and Lambs for Jlnrkotj Pna
B tares, Forauo Crops, Etc; and Disease. No
B matter what booktt vou lmvo on Bhoop, your
B library la decidedly lucomploto without this
B ' splondld work.
B Secretary Wilson, Don't of Agriculture, Buys
B of tu, Uok: "I havo looked ovor 'Bhophord
B Boy's' book on modern Bheop, and bellovo it
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B teacher, editor, lecturer and fnrmor."
B It cau l)0 Hcoared through this ofllco at iUi
B published price of S1.50, postpaid.
H """ Samples Fr-oo"1 in r
1 Name and Address. Numbered if Desired.
LEO DANOS for Poultry, Plgeonn, Turkeys
SALT LAKE STAMP CO. Salt Lake, Utah.
MENT. . For many years past the Whites
and Blacks have reigned in peace in
the United States, but about thrcc
quartcis of a century ago the Red
Skins became noticeable, and today
they arc becoming very numerous
and their fame is fast spreading over
the .West, especially is our state
awakening to the fact that these
creatures merit all that is claimed for
These Red Skins arc the. famous
Duroc Jersey swine, which arc fast
becoming the butchers' favorite. Ever
since ioo.j, butchers have paid con
siderable more for this breed, or even
grades, than any other class of pork.
There are now five families of red
pigs; namely, Red Berkshire, Thm
worth, Duroc, Jersey Reds, and Duroc
Jerseys. The Duroc Jersey is a
cross upon the Duroc and the Jersey
The Durocs onigtmatcd in New York
State many years ago, and arc a fat,
blocky pig, while the Jersey Reds arc
more rangy and came from New Jer
sey about fifty years ago. In 1877
breeders cf Duroc and Jersey Reds
met and adopted! a standard for their
breeds and this standard is now used
by the National Duroc Jersey Record
Association, and is as follows:
Head. Head small in proportion to
size of body, wide between eyes; face
nicely dished ((about half way be
tween a Polnaid China and a Berk
shire) and tapering well down to the
nose, surface smooth and even.
Eyes. Lively, bright and promi
nent. Ears. Medium,, moderately thin,
pointing forward, downward and
slightly outward, carrying a slight
curve attached to head very neatly.
Neck. Short, thick, and very deep,
slightly arching.
Jowl. Broad, full and "cat, carry
ing fullness to point of shoulders and
on at line with 'breast bone.
Shoulders. Moderately broad, very
deep and full, carrying thickness well
down and extending above line of
Chest. Large, very deep, filled be
hind shouldors; breast bone extending
well forward so as to be readily seen,
.v. ,t
Back and Loin. Back medium in
breadth, straight or slightly arching,
carrying even width from shoulder to
ham; surface even mild snvooth.
Sides and Ribs. Sides very deep,
liucdiuin in length, level between
shoulders and hams and carrying out
full down to line of belly; ribs long,
strong, and sprung in proportion to
width of shoulders and hams.
Belly and Flank. Straight and full
and carrying well out to line of sides,
flank well down to lower line of
Hams and Rump. Broad, full and
well let down to the hock; buttock
full and! coming nearly down and fill
ing full between hocks; rump should
have a. round slope from, loin to roQt
of tail, same width as back, and well
.filled out around tail.
Legs and Feet. Medium size and
length, straight, nicely baipcrcd, wide
apart, and well -set under the body;
pastern short and strong, feet short
firm and tough.
Tail. Medium, large at base and
nicely tapering and rather foMshy at
Coat. Moderately thick and fine,
straight smooth, and covering the
body well.
Color. Cherry red without admix
tures. Size. Liwge for age and condition,
boars 2 years old and over should
weigh Coo pounds; sows same age and
condition, 500 pounds; boars 18
months, 475 pounds; sow 400 pounds;
boars 12 months, 350 pounds; sows
300 pounds; boar and sow pigs 6
months, 150 pounds. These figures
arc for animals in fair show condi
tion. Action and Style. Action vigorous
and animated; style free and easy.
Condition. Healthy skin free from
any scurf, scales, sores, or .mange;
flesh evenly laid over the entire body
and free from lumps.
Disposition. Very quiet and gc'-Me;
onsily handled or driven.
Among Utah's most prominent
breeders is Mr. Is R. Peart, Cornish,
Utah, who, upon request, kindly gives
some of his experience with the Dur
oc Jerseys.
"I have been breeding Duroj: Jer
sey swine for more than five years
and find themi to do better under my
treatment than any pthcr breed I
have tried. They excel all others as
mothers', farrowing not less than sev
en and up to sixteen, arc very kind !
and gentle generally saving all their
litter, and arc splendid foragers. They
arc very deep, good length, extra
good hams and shoulders, and for
quality of meat they have no equal
(so say the butchers.) Under good
care, my pigs haivc weighed at 6
iiuonths, 250 pounds-, at one year 400
pounds, at 18 months, 600 pounds."
We Durocs are the best,
For "in the show ring -wet beatific
rest, Akx
Wc arc kind and gentle and mild!,
Shifty, active, and, hayc the best
Wc have good faGcs and strong' feet,
And when in bacon can't Iskr beat.
Talk about ch"ops beefsteak and
try some oj our ham. u
Some hog s ham is very mean, .i
While ours is noted for the bcauti!-
r 1 1 m
ful lean.
Some hko the Polan4s, some like
But wc Durocs make the best
Wc love our pigs and care for them
well, r
And the way they grow no man. car.
tell. ' n
Oarc for us well, you'll find wc arc
sifters, '
And worthy the name of mortgage
liftcis. t
Blooded Stock.
FOR SALE. One Thoroughbred
Holstein-Frissian Bull, 3 years old,
Registered. Bread by Wm. O. Jack
son, South Bend, Indiana, For fur
ther particulars write to
Fillmore, Utah.
BIG BARGAINS in Registered
Duroc Jersey Swine. Remember I
am the State's Pioneer Breeder and
will pay express.
F. R. PEART. Cornish, Utak-r
Pigs For Sale
Joseph Barker,
Ogden - - - Utah
Has over 400 Pigi, and
offers a choice pair of
For $20.00

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