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i . THI DI8MIT TAEMER . Saturday, September 19, 1908 I
H "'Combined With "Rocky Mountain
H Farming," , w
H & Established ioc4
B ' '
H ' ;v" Official Organ of tlie
H v Utah State Poultry Association.
H Utah Horticultural Society.
H Utah State Dairymen's Association
H "Utalf State Bee Keepers' Association.
H Bcar River Valley Farmers' Protcc-
H tivc an"d Commercial Association.
H Utah Arid Farming Association.
B Issued tevcry Saturday by the Dss-
H crct Farmer Pub Co., Salt Lake Sc-
curity & Trust Building, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
H Entered as second class matter Dec.
H 27, 1905, at the Postoflficc at Salt I.akc
City, Utah.
H Subscription price $1.00 per year
(Strictly in Advance.)
H Discontinuances.
H The publisher must be notified in
H writing, at time of expiration, when
H discontinuance of subscription is de-
sired, and all arrears must be paid.
H Advertising rates made known upon
aoplication. The right is reserved to
H reject questionable advertising.
Hi All communications and remit-
H tanccs should be addressed to "The
H De3crct' Farmer," Salt Lake Sccuri-
ty & Trust Building, Salt Lake City,
M a .
H J Lewis A. Merrill Editor.
P. G. Peterson Asst. Editor.
J. H. Harper Business Mgr.
H Salt Lake City, Uta.h,
H Saturday, September 19, 1908.
H It has been claimed for the "Miracle
H Wheat" that it had seven heads. Why
H not .say it died of swelled head.
Hi Richard Palfreyman of Springville
M, will be on hand at the Fair, with a
H string of heavy horses. Would that
HI Utah County had more Palfrcymans.
H The " young chap contemplating
H matrimony should remember that it
H is not so much a question of what
i kind of a form the girl has? as what
H kind of a farm her father haV
H Send) your boy and girl, to sgIiooI.
H You ay be afraid of them getting
M some foolish ideas at College, but
B even that would probably be an im-
H ?rovcmcnt on what they have got.
H The writer saw & string of cars pull
f into the Logan Sugar Factory the
HL other day, all of them labeled "For
Hi Beets." A man would certainly have
H ,a right to ibcot his way on a train like
,!Elrcfc"'afd a few shorf cuts to edu
cation. A hobo fell under ai train the
other day at Thistle. He was rather
ignorant when he went under the
pilot, but from accounts he wa9 prct
ty well trained when he appeared at
tlie rear end of the caboose.
- 1
The State Fair is only a seance Jew
weeks off, and it" gives promise of
eclipsing last year's, which eclipsed
every other year. The State has jt's
eye on the fight for supremacy that
is being waged between the Northland
tfic South end of the state. Utah
County should figure prominently. It
remain for that , county and Allen
Bros, of Draper to retain the laurels
they already have. You can always
depend on Allen Bros. We have got,
judging from previous years, to pin
a question mark on Utah County.
They have a great Horse Fair there
every spring, bdt they have not for a
long time figured prominently in the
State Fair. Come on Utah County,
make good your word I You hang out
the sign down there "Greatest Horse
County in the State." Show!
j -
Editor Descrct Farmer: f
I notice some very glaring reports
published in some of the eastern
papers about a certain man named
Abraham Adams of Julictta, Idaho,
going to Alaska to hunt goldl and
instead of finding gold, the paper
states he found a single head of
wheat of wonderful dimension in a
little nook under a clid supposed to
have' been deposited there by "thet
fowls of hc air.
After a season he returned to Idaho
vitl this head of wheat, rubbed, it out
and sowed it. From this single head
he raised seven pounds of wheat,
which he again sowed and raised
from it a wonderful crop amounting
' to several hundred pounds, and at
the rate of 223 bushels per acre. The
f report also states that he sent a
.sample of it to the Moscow Experi
ment Station, and after a test the re
port came vhat his wheat .would make
better flour than the blue stein and
would grade No. 1 hard. I therefore
being in doubt as to the wonderful
report, wrote a letter to A.' Adams
asking him to tell me about this
wheat; and if he had seed to sell to,
quote me his price per bushel by re
turn mail. 1 also wrote to the Di
rector of the Experiment Station at
.Moscow, enclosing postage for re
turn and asked him to kindly let me
know if these reports are true I
have now waited three weeks and
have received no answer from the
Experiment Station or Mr. Adams,
but in plaec of which I received a
circular from the Adams Seed &
Grain Company, Idaho, which quote
the wheat at twenty dollars per ibush
cl. It also states that this wheat has
one large head with several small
heads around it. I really believe
that this wheat is the old fashioned
seven-headed wheat that we used to
raise in Cache Valley forty-six and
forty-seven years ago. It was "the
poorest wheat for bread of any wc
raised and yielded no more per acre
than the old club and trousc. I there
fore warn all c farmers of Cache
Valley and the state of Utah to.be
very careful . about purchasing any
of this seed or they inuy get badly
taken in. It reminds me of a report
sent out by a certain man in New
York, slating that all young ladies
who would send him 20 cents in
stamps, enclosing a self addressed
stamped envelop, he would send
them .by return mail full particulars
of (how to make an impression).
The answer icamc according to agree
ment. (Sit down in a pan of dough).
That man was more generous than
Adams, as he wants $20 for one bush
el of wheat.
Very respectfully yours,
From the wearisome toil of the
city wc rush like released prisoners
to the restful enchantment of. the
country. What an 'Arcadia it is! How
wc drink in its bigness and. sweet
smelling freedom! , .
A field of golden grain, a meadow
of blue-blossomed lucerne, a grassy
lane lined with tall green trees, ia.n or
chard and the arbor this is the iscenc
of our ecstasy. The peach trees hang
low with ripening fruit; the sun kisses
to redness clusters of half hidden ap
ples; and the birds chirp incessantly
in response to Nature's inspiriting
loveliness. Even the chickens and
turkeys in the orchard clamour after
the fallen apple, eating wit) a relish
what man neglects to gatlier. How
it all rejoices the heart and invigor
ates the tired body!
No place in tlie world possesses & I
rural district more beautiful and yet I
more harsh than does Utah. The I
skies arc gorgeous in their coloration; I
and yet the sun burns to erispness I
the ripened products of the field. I
Summer nightime is wintcry in its I
coolness4, and the daytime sweltering I
with the heat. Only the populated I
port'ons of the lowlands arc pleasing; I
all else is forbidding and wild. In I
fact the country is a paradox giving I
at times micry where enchantment
appears, and joy where desolation ap
parently reigns.
After -months of drudgery in a
ibusy city, however, the country is the
most pleasurable place for relaxation
and repose, -The Merchant. ,itm . -
"He won more than a million dol
lars on the big decline in stocks la" :
year," says the account .of a rccen.
suicide; "but unfortunately he over- j
stayed his market and lost it all." In i
which experience he had a' great deal 1
of company.
And in the big decline of last year. I
the bull of 1906 lost his winnings, T
while the advance upon which the
bull won wiped out the gains' that the
bear had accumulated in the last pre
ceding slump. The speculator's win
nings arc mere stage money some
thing that he can look at and amuse
himself by handling for a little while
until the manager comes around and
takes it up for use in the next scene.
Wc should like to sec or credibly
hear of the books of that broker n
cither grain or stocks, doing a purely
speculative business of considerable
magnitude, and extending, say, over
twenty years, which will show a net
balance of real money secured and
taken away by his customers. The
Post. '
You say love is blind. If that be
true-then it is possible that God'is love j
may never find you. So you had bet- 1
tcr discover yourself to Him at once 1
and cease not calling until His love I
has found and saved you.
hundred and sixty acres of land in j
Emery County, Utah Good grazing
land, partly fenced. Fair house and
sheds. Address
' Salt Lake City, Utah.

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