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Deseret farmer. (Provo, Utah) 1904-1912, September 26, 1908, Image 19

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iSATURpAY,,8EETEMBER a6 xgot . JTJHJB D B S E & X T T A RvM H R irt. I
pcr'lndb,"- providing ordinary f ounda
tfo'n and drainage. j
f We have aoout '8000 .miles ofjeounty
roads in the state, (adding some for
bounties. not reported) and the cqst
of permanently improving them would
be3 about .$32,000,000, All of our
roads, however, do not need improv
ing -to .that extent, some good, well
drained earth roads would do in some
. places. About half of our roads rirc
what may tic termed primary roads
and need a first-class improving, and
those-, arc the ones used most and
connecting from county to -county;
for a system of net work of well im
proved, roads throughout the state.
Suppose wc could (be persuaded: to
spend part of our annual loss for
good roads, say about $2,000,000 per
yearj it would require for 4000 miles
at $4000 per mile, eight years to do the
work. This wc cannot hope to do;
however, wc spend now upwards of
$200,000 in the various counties mostly
for patchwork. Turn this money into
permanent construction work.
Wc can co-operate and get more
money,, say $2000 per annum from the
state for each county Is $54ooo, add a
similar amount by special appropria
tion from the counties, some appro
priating more, some less, and wc have
$108,000; add a similar amount by
special taxation of -districts, and we
have $162,000; add the amount already
spent and wc have a neat sum of
$362,000 to spend in permanent work.
The average cost at $4000 per mile
would build over 90 miles per annum.
In 10 years double this and so on, and
in 25 years we can have the finest sys
tem of roads in the country, the
pride of all, but it requires a herculean
effort. Wc have the men, the money
resource and the material.
Note the amount of dependance
placed on our road supervisors and
also the very healthy tendency to
ward doing with that system and lac
ing the roads in the hands of trained
road builders. It is a business propo
sition, When we have the system of
roads, and the road system and cin
convince the people that they will
get ue received, the money is an
easy proposition, but not so under
our present methods. No money
should be spent until we change our
t meni the money, the material
and immedi scientific, systematic
action, is; , e only assurance of success,
"Efficiency" a applied to an automobile, meant, that
ability in a car which enable it to fo and come when
andvhere you want it. It means speed, economy, en
durance, hill climbing, and readability thoe things
the "Tourist" won in a string of forty-two brilliant
victories out of forty-five entries. Buy the car that has
proved its worth by winning all manner of tests in
competition with all f j f
types of cars. These jf y
contests prove con- 4st4Ct
clusively the superior- V 0En&2zmrrv3:t
ity of the " Tourist," S ' h'JtUqZ. k
the "Pacific Coast Car" over all others.
They prove positively that no car other than one
built here with the sole idea of meeting Coast road and
climatic conditions could have made the wonderful
" Tourist" record.
There are several models of Tourist Cars to meet the
various models of pocketbooks. There are several
styles of 2-cylinder and 4-cylinder cars from which to
choose. Better buy a Tourist than wish you had.
ALT LAKE CITY UTAH. - $ W. Ck Ayhk, S TimJ
1 i . . i-. 1 1 I. i.
,p M C 1 . will c t public auction, commenc-
I! Or OSLIC ing at ten o'clock A. M., Sept S,
- 1908, its entire herd of Jersey cattle,
,. . . . , consisting of Registered and Grade
Thoroughbred O. I. C. Swine, Jerseys of th Golden Lad, Diploma,
For Information, write PhylUs and other families. Entire
herd, including heifers, has an average
JAMES VERNON, record of better than 300 lb, per an-
...,,. num for each cow. For further infor-
Rockport, Utah. mation writc the
T- .. - "
;;;' iMlfiK BRONZE
... ShKL m mm
(PwUrI Lfct)
Rhode Ittend Redo,
Anderson, E. W., 334 S. iotk Esit;
Barnes, W. D., Kaysrille. V
Coulam, Geo., 751 E. and Swithi
Cramer, C, 15th South and 3rd Et.
Cox., J. H., 2140 S. oth East ,
Duncan, L. C, xo7i; 8th East. ffl
Druk, J. W., x8Ss S. 7th East. g
Farley, A. B., 1325 State. i m
Hewlett, O. H.. 175 E. 7th SoHtk! ft
Home, J. L. 235 E. irth South. V
Hyde, Frank, KaysrlUe. i
Larscn, E., 346 18th St., Ogden. M
ParsonB, E. A., 79 N. 7th West
Poulter, Geo. A., Ogdcn. j M
Simmons, A. F., 2456 Pine St. J
Smith, HuRh W., 858 E. XBt Soutk.
Sharman, Geo., 716 E. rst South.,,,
Thomas, M., 468 7th St. Kw I
Woodfield, Wm, Ogden, R. D. 3.V
Vadncr, C. S., Forestdale. M
Leghorns. ffm H
Anderson. J. H., 665 sth Ave. , J
Bird J. W. & Sons, 2222 S. W. TcrnS
Crawford Bros., Manti. V
Carter F., Provo. y m H
Cox, J. H., 2140.S. 9th East. fl
Day, S. O., 725 7th Are. If
Erickson, C.JL., 875 E. sth South, f
GorlineG.'Sy 1224 E. 12th South.
Haslam, J. W., 544 W. 3rd North. .,,
Hagman, J. D., 226 N. 2nd West J H
Hyde, Frank, Kaysville. H
Maxson Hy., 2009 E. 12th South. ,
Peterson, John, 1608 S. 3rd East. Q
Sheffield, Geo. B., Kaysville. ' 1
Stewart, W. W., Kaysville. f,
Ward, Fred, 354 E. nth South.
Vawdrey, Thos., Draper. H
Plymouth Rocks. $
Bird J. W. & Sons, 2222 S. W. Temple
Cramer, C, 15th South and 3rd East.
Day, S. O.,- 725 7th Ave. ... .-,
Duncan, D., 234 S. 7th East ..
Linncll, W. H., 209 E. 12th South.
Maxson, Hy., 2009 E. 12th South. H
Pinnock. H. H 870 E. 4th South.
Spier, Gto. A., 824 E. 6th South. .
Trump. C J., rear 451 S. 8th Eat
Adtam Earl, 751 East Fifth South,
Wyandottes. I .
Adams, J. M 357 S. 5th East ,J
Anderson. J, H 665 5th Ave, ;
Aldrich, Ira R., Rupert, Ida. 1 :fl
Betts, A., Calder's Station. I JH
Cartwright T. H., 29 N. West Temple H
Kendricks, J. H., rear 836 S. 5th East H
Solomon, R. H 1756 S. 5th East,
Simmons. A. F., 2456 Pine St ; S
Sander. C. J., 906 Lincoln Ave. 5 JH
Sheffield, Geo. B., Kaysville. ;'H
Stewart, W. W., Kaysville. I '
Strickley, Geo. F 711 6th Ave. ,r' H
Young, H. J., 229 East nth South. '
White, Chas- T., 843 E. 3rd South;
Black Minorca.
Haskm, J. W., 544 W. 3rd Nortk.
Kndricks, J. H., rear 836 S. 5th East !
Solomon, R. H., 1756 S. 5th East.
Smith, Hugh W 858 E. 1st South. ;
Vogcler, A. H., 74 Q. St. !
Orpingtona. '
Plumteer, Dr. C. G., 535 E. 1st Sogtli, H
Cook, A. R., 1129 E. 6th SoudyJf- ;
Gorline, C. fe., 1224 E. 12th South? H
Turkeys. -t :
Vawdrey, Thos Draper. fl
Houdans. M
McGWe, R. L., 1464 State St.
Games. - yM
Bergen, F., Centerville. wM
Polish, M
J. W. Smith, R. D. 4, Murray. H
Smith L. L., Calder?s Sta.
Springer, d., - l
Turpin, Geo. M. Log g H
Th "Deseret Farmer" needanhe .H
support and encouragement of ejery H
SSSr- every person interested in
agricultural pursuits in tWs -inter- M
mountain country. Sn4 g .jj ,
. Let uSvsnd you tb. paper tqgrl

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