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Wc have received the article .pre
sented herewith from Superintendent
A. a Nelson- of the State Public
School System with the suggestion
that it be published in these columns.
The article is a portion of an address
by President Roosevelt, delivered at
Jordanvillc, New York, a few weeks
You know that .'old saying that
God made the country and man made
the town; well, it is said that the last
is not yet an improvement of the
first. I am glad to sec the cities
grow, but not at the expense of the
country. Their tendency to grow is
not bcoausc of the opportunity they
present to make great fortunes, but
because of their tendency to be more
interesting and attractive in them
selves. I hope, in the course of a few de
cades, to sec the farmers bend their
energies towards making life in the
country more interesting and more
attractive, and towards inducing our
people to understand how really at
tractive our country life is at pres
ent. I sometimes get impatient with
the individual who goes to the city
because he can find no attraction in
the country, but I am doubtful if the
fault lies with him so much as with
the fact that there is too much lone
liness and isolation and a failure to
take advantage of much that could
be used with the expenditure of little
I have done what I could to devel
op rural mail free delivery. I want
to see it developed still further, the
same as the telephone and bicycle,
have been developed. This is first
class country hereabouts, ibut hard, I
admit, for bicycling too much of it
stands upon end.
I welcome the development of cvci v
agency that tends to increase the at
tractiveness of country life and de
velop the social side of it. I believe
that i,. re m,nd more buildings like this
could be usetl to advantage, not only
because of the books, but because it
can be used as at place for social meet
ings, a place where you boys and girls
can meet socially.
The hardest worked individual on
the farm is apt to be the mother or
wife of the farmer. I believe in the
farmer cconpmizing, but on himself,
not on his wife. If you have got to
drop some one, (jrpp pnp hjrecj man
rather than the hired girl. I want to
iscc buildings like this one used for
mothers' meetings. It gives the wo
men a chance to meet each other so
cially, arid it puts them in better trim
for work.
Teach your boy to work, for he has
got to earn his own livelihood, to pull
his own weight. No one can pull it
for him. He will ibe a drone and a
drag if you do not let him do his own
part. My ideal of a boy is one who
will grow up and be able to support
himself and a wife and children. To
be fit to be an American citizen he. has
got to preserve his self-respect and
conduct himself so as to wrong no
one else.
I ill
Enthusiasm is the height of man;
it is the passing from the human to
the divine. Retail Grocers' Magazine.
"It is all wrong to leave the same
canned goods on display all summer.
Sameness in arrangement and in color
schemes arc monotonous. Fly-specked
goods arc synonomous with poor ad
vertising, and sameness of display
awakes no new interest in your store.
Keep clean, keep active, keep think
ing." Ex.
Single and Rose combed Brown Leghorn Cockerels for
sale at from $2 to $5 each. Remember we can sell you
Birds much cheaper now than In the spring.
White Orpingtons White Lcghoras
, BRED IN LINE Bred by Selection for Heaviest
Known Egg Production. A life devoted to the study
of Increased Egg Production is giving results that
will, please and amply repay you for investigation.
I J224 East 12 South Street SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH
WUIUIUl1 in in ii "ii ('L!11 '. "" " ii i ii ""1 'UUIJV'11
(Partial List)
Rhode Island Reds.
Anderson, E. W., 234 S. 10th East
Barnes, W. D., Kaysville.
Coulam, Geo., 751 E. 2nd South.
Cramer, G, 15th South and 3rd East.
Cox., J. H., 2140 S. oth East.
Duncan, L. C, 1075 8th East.
Druk, J. Wj. 1885 S. 7th East.
Farley, A. B., 1325 State.
Hewlett, O. H. 125 E. 7th South.
Home, J. L., 235 E. nth South.
Hyde, Frank, Kaysville.
Larscn, E., 346 18th St., Ogden.
Parsons, E. A., 79 N. 7th West
Poultcr, Geo. A., Ogden.
Simmons, A. K, 2456 Pine St.
Smith, Hugh W., 858 E. 1st South.
Sharman, Geo., 716 E. 1st South.
Thomas, M., 468 7th St.
Woodficld, Wm, Ogden, R. D. 3.
Vadncr, C. S., Forcstdalc.
Anderson, J. H., 665 5th Ave.
Bird J. W. & Sons, 2222 S. W. Temple
Crawford Bros., Manti. H
Carter F., Provo.
Cox, J. H., 2140 S. 9th East. I
Day, S. O., 725 7th Ave.
Erickson, C. E., 875 E. 5th South.
Gorlinc, C. S., 1224 E. 12th South.
Haslam, J. W., 544 W. 3rd North.-
Hagman, J. D., 226 N. 2nd West .
Hyde, Frank, Kaysville.
Maxson Hy., 2009 E. 12th South. H
Peterson, John, 1608 S. 3rd East.
Sheffield, Geo. B Kaysville.
Stewart, W. W., Kaysville.
Ward, Fred, 354 E. nth South.
Vawdrcy, Thos., Draper.
Plymouth Rocks.
Bird J. W. & Sons, 2222 S. W. Temple
Cramer, C, 15th South and 3rd East
Day, S. O., 725 7th Aye.
Duncan, D., 234 S. 7th East.
Linncll, W. H., 209 E. 12th South.
Maxson, Hy., 2009 E. 12th South.
Pinnock, H. H., 870 E. 4th South.
Spiers, Geo. A., 824 E. 6th South.
Trump. C. J., rear 451 S. 8th East
Adam Earl, 751 East Fifth South.
Wyandottes. H
Adams, J. M 357 S. 5th East.
Anderson, J. H., 665 5th Ave.
Aldrich, Ira R., Rupert, Ida. H
Bctts, A., Galder's Station.
Cartwright T. H., 29 N. West Temple
Kcndricks, J. H., rear 836 S. 5th East
Solomon, R. H., 1756 S. 5th East. :
Simmons, A. F., 2456 Pine St H
Sander. C. J., 906 Lincoln Ave. H
Sheffield, Geo. B., Kaysville. H
Stewart, W. W., Kaysville.
Stricklcy. Geo. F.. 711 6th Ave.
Young, H. J., 229 East nth South. H
White, Chas. T., 843 E. 3rd South.
Black Minorcas.
Haslam, J. W., 544 W. 3rd North.
Kcndricks, J. H., rear 836 S. 5th East
Solomon, R. H., 1756 S. 5th East.
Smith, Hugh W., 858 E. 1st South.
Vogeler, A. H., 74 Q. St.
Orpingtons. '
Plummer, Dr. C. G., 535 E. 1st South.
Cook, A. R., 1 129 E. 6th South.
Gorline, C. S., 1 ?. 12th South.
Vawdrey, Thos., Draper. A
Houdans. H
McGhie, R. L., 1464 State St. ,
Games. y
Bergen, F., Centerville. H
J. W. Smith, R. D. 4, Murray. ,
' H
Smith L. L., Calder's Sta.
Springer, S., .
Turpin, Geo. M Logan. jM
The "Deseret Farmer" needs the H
support and encouragement of every H
farmer every person interested in
agricultural pursuits in this inter- H
mountain country. Send us a dollar! H
Lt ns tend yoj the paper t ytar)
1 M
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